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Latest Trends in Curing Sleep Apnea - Watch The Doctors Show Coverage - Alvarado Hospital
What are the latest trends in treating sleep apnea? The nationally syndicated show, The Doctors, explores the latest advances including the use of a new PlasmaBlade. Watch how this outpatient treatment turned one woman's life around. Featured physician is Dr. Brian Weeks, an ENT from Alvarado Hospital in San Diego.
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Cool New Tool Helps Cure Sleep Apnea - As Featured on The Doctors TV Show
Obstructive sleep apnea can result in exhaustion, diabetes, high blood pressure, and even stroke or heart attack. A new procedure to treat sleep apnea uses a plasma blade to make incisions without burning the sensitive tissue. Find out more on this segment from The Doctors TV show, including lifestyle changes to ensure you sleep well each night.
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New Treatment for Sinusitis as Seen on "The Doctors" TV Show
A revolutionary outpatient procedure to treat chronic sinusitis is highlighted in this segment on Futuristic Medicine as seen on "The Doctors." Learn more about sinus stents from Alvarado Hospital's Dr. Brian Weeks, a pioneer in the field.
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From Roadie to Rock Doc: Blink-182 and Dr. Brian Weeks - Alvarado Hospital
Dr. Brian Weeks of Alvarado Hospital has gone from roadie to rock doc as he rejoins long-time friend, Tom DeLonge of Blink-182 as the band sets out on its reunion tour this summer. Dr. Weeks worked as a roadie before medical school and now will travel with the group to ensure they stay healthy on the road. Dr. Weeks is a successful ENT in San Diego.
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Skateboarder Explains Why Helmets are Cool - Alvarado Hospital
A young skateboarder encourges other skateboarders to wear helmets after he experienced a traumatic brain injury following a minor accident. Learn more about Jeremy's story.
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Improving Libido While on Anti-Depressant - Alvarado Hospital
Often anti-depressants have a negative impact on a woman's libido. The results of a clinical study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that women on anti-depressants who take small doses of testosterone had improved libido. Dr. Irwin Goldstein, editor in chief, discusses the study results.
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Bullets and Brains - Neurologist Explains Gunshot Wounds to the Head - Alvarado Hospital
When a San Diego police officer was shot in the head on duty, he was able to keep moving and talk. Why do some people survive gunshot wounds to the head and others do not. Neurologist Sean Evans, MD, from Alvarado Hospital in San Diego, provides an explanation.
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Pump Up the Volume - Vocal Cord Treatment Featured on "The Doctors"
Many people experience hoarseness combined with throat pain when speaking. A procedure to treat vocal cords is featured on The Doctors TV show with surgeon Dr. Brian Weeks, ENT, of Alvarado Hospital in San Diego.
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New Incision-less Weight-Loss Surgery as Seen on The Doctors TV Show - Alvarado Hospital
A new incision-less procedure is changing the lives of those who have undergone surgical weight loss, but regained the weight. This new procedure re-tightens the stomach pouch through an outpatient procedure. Watch this segment from the nationally broadcast show "The Doctors" featuring Dr. Julie Ellner of Alvarado Hospital.
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Meet Dr. Irwin Goldstein, Medical Director, Sexual Medicine
Meet Dr. Irwin Goldstein, who is a world-renowned expert in sexual medicine, editor in chief of the Journal of Sexual Medicine and medical director of Alvarado Hospital's Sexual Medicine Program in San Diego.
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Curing Vertigo with the "Dizzy Chair" - Alvarado Hospital
Are you suffering from dizziness? Dizziness is a very common ailment - but there are some unique solutions occurring at Alvarado Hospital. Check out a new chair at Alvarado Hospital that will help patients suffering from vertigo and get their lives back to normal.
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"Dizzy Chair" Helps Cure Vertigo - Alvarado Hospital
A unique medical device, which looks like an amusement park-like ride, is helping to cure vertigo in San Diego. Watch how it works.
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New Incisionless Weight-Loss Procedure Featured on "The Doctors" TV Show
Julie Ellner, MD, bariatric surgeon at Alvarado Hospital reveals on national TV a brand new incisionless bariatric procedure called StomaphyX. This is a potential solution for those who have regained weight after gastric bypass surgery. To see the results of a patient who has undergone the StomapX surgery and learn if this procedure is right for you.
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Golf Therapy:  Stroke Survivors Get Back on Course - Alvarado Hospital
Survivors of traumatic accidents, stroke and other neurological injuries make great strides in recovery by learning to play golf. PGA professional John Klein and Alvarado Hospital are leaders in using adaptive golf for rehabilitation.
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What is Male Menopause? Alvarado Hospital
We are all aware of female menopause, but what about male menopause? Male menopause, also known as andropause, is a condition that occurs in males during their 50s and can greatly effect their mood. Larry Emdur, MD, who specializes in anti-aging, discusses the signs and symptoms and how to treat it.
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Can Yoga Relieve Back Pain? Alvarado Hospital Expert
Can yoga help relieve back pain? Alvarado Hospital's Dr. Ramin Raiszadeh, spine specialist at the Advanced Spine Institute in San Diego, talks about how yoga can help to strengthen your back and core, which can decrease back pain.
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Can Bicycle Seats Cause Sexual Dysfunction? CDC Study - Alvarado Hospital
Can bicycle seats cause sexual dysfunction? A study by the CDC reveals that bike seats can cause sexual dysfunction and ED. Alvarado Hospital's Dr. Irwin Goldstein, sexual medicine, discusses how saddle seats press on the nerves and cause sexual problems, as well as how noseless seats may be the solution.
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Skateboarding Helmets are Cool - Injured Teen Advocate - Alvarado Hosptial
A San DIego teen almost died from a minor skateboarding incident because he wasn't wearing a helmet. After learning to walk again, he hopes his scars acts as a deterrent for other skateboarders who think it is uncool to wear a helmet.
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New Medicine to Cure Peyronie's Disease - Alvarado Hospital
Irwin Goldstein, MD, editor of the Journal of Sexual Medicine, reveals a new treatment for Peyronie's Disease, as well as how the treatment impacts the female partner. Dr. Goldstein is on the medical staff of Alvarado Hospital in San Diego.
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Surfer's Ear vs. Swimmer's Ear - Alvarado Hospital
In a city like San Diego, surfing and swimming become a daily activity amongst locals and visitors, especially in the summertime. Unfortunately water activities can cause serious ear infections. Ear, nose and throat specialist, Dr. Michael O'Leary, talks about ways to prevent surfer and swimmer's ears and treatments.
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The Right Backpack Can Save Your Child's Back - Alvarado Hospital
Are those backpacks your children lug around harmful or harmless? Find out what impact a backpack can have on your child's back health. Alvarado Hospital's Dr. Ramin Raiszadeh offers some good tips, as well as demonstrates the proper way a child should wear a back pack.
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Creative Hand-washing Video Goes Viral through ABC News - Paradise Valley Hospital
Diane Sawyer discusses on ABC World News the nationally award-winning video "Clean Hands Save Lives," created by Paradise Valley Hospital (National City, CA). The video, created by the hospital staff teaches the national community about the important of hygiene in saving patients' lives.
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Tips on How to Communicate with your Physician
There are some simple tips you can use to better communicate with your physician.
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Stroke: Lessons Learn from the Deadliest Catch's Captain - Alvarado Hospital
Capt. Phil Harris of the Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch recently passed away from complications of a stroke. What lessons can be learned from his experience and what are exciting new discoveries in stroke diagnosis and treatment.
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3-D Technology Revolutionary Spine Surgery - Alvarado Hospital
It looks like something out of a sci-fi movie, but the 3-D O-Arm technology is revolutionizing minimally invasive spine surgery. Available in only a few U.S. hospitals, this navigation provides a 3-D roadmap for complex surgery.
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Head Injuries: When it Means Life or Death - Alvarado Hospital
The recent unexpected death of actress Natasha Richardson illustrates that head injuries should not be taken lightly. Find out the signs and symptoms of serious head injuries.
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Children and Treadmills: Deadly Combination - Alvarado Hospital
With the recent treatmill-related accidental death of Mike Tyson's daughter, the issue of children's safety around exercise equipment has grabbed healdlines. Alvarado Hospital's Jennifer Avila, MD, emergency medicine, discussees how to ensure your children are not injured by certain exercise equipment.
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Conception After Chemo? One Woman's Inspiring Fertility Story - Alvarado Hospital
So many women are affected by cancer every year. But is it possible to get pregnant after having gone through chemotherapy? Cancer survivor Magda Espelien talks about her success story of being able to have children after surviving ovarian cancer with the help of Alvarado Hospital's Lila Schmidt, MD, ob/gyn.
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Dangers of Binge Drinking: Medical Realities - Alvarado Hospital
Teen drinking can have tragic results, according to Alvarado Hospital's Dr. Ted Mazer. He reminds parents of the warning signs and how to avoid your teen getting into trouble.
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Prime Healthcare: Saving Hospitals, Saving Jobs, Saving Lives
Prime Healthcare is an award-winning hospital system with more than 30 acute care hospitals in nine states. It is one of the nation's leading healthcare service providers with more than 30,000 employees and staff dedicated to providing the highest quality healthcare and contributing to the communities they serve. Founded in 2001, California-based Prime Healthcare is committed to preserving access to healthcare and turning hospitals into thriving, community assets. Prime Healthcare continues to save hospitals, save jobs and save lives.
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Iron-deficiency Anemia May Impact Sexual Health in Women - Alvarado Hospital
Iron-deficiency anemia, a common problem, may negatively impact a woman's sex life, according to a clinical study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. Dr. Irwin Goldstein, journal editor, said the good news is that anemia easily diagnosed and treated.
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Restoring Intimacy After Menopause - Alvarado Hospital
Many women experience pain during intercourse from peri-menopause through post-menopause. Once diagnosed correctly, there are many options for women to restore intimacy. Dr. Irwin Goldstein, editor in chief of the Journal of Sexual Medicine, shares the latest options.
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Spring Allergies: Solutions to Breathing and Wheezing Problems - Alvarado Hospital
Hot days, cooler nights can wreak havoc on your nose's aiblity to function properly. Find out what types of treatment - from over the the counter to surgery - options are available for you. Also, find out the signs and symptoms of sinusitis.
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How GPS is Guiding Spine Surgery - Alvarado Hospital
A type of GPS technology is now being used in the operating room for patients with chronic or severe back problems. One of the international leaders in minimally invasive spine surgery, Alvarado Hospital's Dr. Choll Kim, illustrates how this GPS-like technology works and how it helped a young mother and school teacher get her life back!
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Can an Energy Drink Help You Sleep? Is it Safe? - Alvarado Hospital
A new energy drink containing melatonin claims to help you relax and fall asleep. But is it safe? Alvarado Hospital's Larry Emdur, MD, anti-aging specialist, talks about how taking melatonin is unsafe and the effects it can have on your body.
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SpineZone: Latest Trend in Back Pain Solutions - Alvarado Hospital
Want to relieve neck and back pain without having to resort to surgery? Dr. Ramin Raiszadeh, orthopedics, talks about the new SpineZone facility at Alvarado Hospital and what they are doing to help patients get better with non-operative methods
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Steroids and HGH:  the Good, the Bad and the Reality - Alvarado Hospital
As more professional athletes, including Mark McGwire, admit to using steriods and human growth hormones. What do they really do to your body? Dr. explains that the short-term benefits for performance-enhancing drugs cause long-term damage to your body. Are there any benefits to taking these drugs? Dr. Stephen Rohrer explains the pros and cons.
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Science Says... The Things Men Love - ALVARADO HOSPITAL
Dr. Rose Hartzell of Alvarado Hospital's sexual medicine program discusses the results of new studies with San Diego FOX 5 that show what men "love" best: including the color red, cuddling, marriage, "showing off," pumpkin pie, and brunettes. Turn offs? Women's tears.
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Trends in Outpatient Surgery - Alvarado Hospital
Outpatient surgery has become more common today. Patients can get various procedures done without having to stay in the hospital overnight. Dr. Ted Mazer talks about the new high-tech, patient-friendly surgery center opening on the Alvarado Hospital campus in San Diego.
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Your Sex Questions Answered from Physician and Therapist Viewpoints - Alvarado Hospital
Your sex questions answered by internationally recognized sexual medicine physician Dr. Irwin Goldstein of Alvarado Hospital in San Diego. Different topics include lack of sexual desire, how conflict avoidance impacts passion and relationship-building tips.
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How Stress Plays a Role in Suicide and Recognizing a Call for Help
Dr. Heywood Zeidman, a psychiatrist with Alvarado Hospital, discusses how stressors compound suicidal thoughts and how to recognize a call for help.
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Latest Trends in Curing Sleep Apnea - As Seen on "The Doctors" - Alvarado Hospital
What are the latest trends in treating sleep apnea? The nationally syndicated show, "The Doctors," explores the latest advances. Watch how this outpatient treatment turned one woman's life around. Featured physician is Dr. Brian Weeks, an ENT from Alvarado Hospital Medical Center in San Diego.
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Hidden Dangers: Counterfeit Viagra - ALVARADO HOSPITAL
Is it safe to buy Viagra online - the answer may be no. Counterfeit Viagra, mental health programs and physical ailment can impact your sex life. See what real Viagra pills look like versus counterfeit - plus what ED may mean for your overall health.
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FDA Lowers Weight Requirements for Bariatric Surgery - Alvarado Hospital
In February 2011, the FDA lowered the weight requirements to be eligible for Lap-Band surgery. Now, those only 50 pounds overweight (or BMI as low as 30) may be eligible if they have weight-related medical conditions. This means more than 11 million Americans may be eligible. Find out what this means from nationally renowned bariatric surgeon Dr. Julie Ellner in San Diego.
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Preventing Surf Injuries - Alvarado Hospital
Summer is a prime-time for surfing. Thile surfing can be fun, people must be prepared before going out into the waters. Dr. Scott Leary from Alavarado Hospital provides some key tips on how to be safe while surfing and preventing serious injuries.
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BREAKTHROUGH STUDY: Cholesterol Lowering Drugs and Low LIbido
Cholesterol-lowering drugs can cause low libido in men and even erectile dysfunction, according to a new clinical study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine. International sexual medicine expert, Dr. Irwin Goldstein of Alvarado Hospital in San Diego, explains why.
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Propecia - Potential Side Effects
PBS report on potential side effects of Propecia, including depression, loss of libido and erectile dysfunction.
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Tanning 101 - Alvarado Hospital
Are you trying to get the perfect tan? Alvarado Hospital's Dr. Barry Handler discusses the recent research on tanning beds, skin damage and skin cancer.
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Viagra Alternative - Sexual Medicine Program at Alvarado Hospital
Stendra, the first new drug to enter the erectile dysfunction market in more than 10 years, may be a faster-acting Viagra alternative after receiving approval from the FDA. It may act as fast as 15 minutes and be on the market by the summer of 2012.
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Keeping Senior Drivers Safe - Alvarado Hospital
When is it time to hand over the keys? What are the biggest problems with elderly drivers? Dr. Flora Danque from Alvarado Hospital discusses the health issues that impact safe driving for seniors.
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