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Collected Works of Stephen King
Looking at the entire body of Stephen King publications and a few thoughts on each.
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Stephen King Book Collection
Here is a short look at my collection of Stephen King signed limited and first editions. I've been building this collection since 1979.
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The Wonders of GERITOL
I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV. I am in no way qualified to give any sort of medical or health advice and in this video I fail so to do. I will however say that I very much believe that I obtain personal benefit from GERITOL but I do not claim that any other person will have the same result. I do not know if anything I say in this video is true. I do not understand the universe. Eat or Drink Geritol Today. It's pretty damn yummy.
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John Saul Book Collection
Every book by my second favorite horror novelist, John Saul. While he has never written a book as good as Stephen King's he also has the distinction of never having written one as bad as a few of the King novels have been (BAG OF BONES springs to mind). He is pretty consistantly entertaining. If you have not read him, give CREATURE, SECOND CHILD or BLACKCREEK CROSSING a try. I think he is very good.
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Awful Books: The Worst I've Read
Looking at the worst books I've ever read. Link to Ryan Lmao: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCJ4-i5dWxUBofeFnJGs1iw/videos?shelf_id=0&view=0&sort=dd
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Hot Lather Machine by Conair Review
A review of the Conair shaving cream lather warmer.
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Folio Society Ancient Empires History Books
At last I have added these beautiful sets to my collection. I've been wanting them for a while but the society is not offering them right now so I had to find them on the secondary market for a reasonable price. Here they are!
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Barnes and Noble Edition of DUNE review
Looking at the beautiful new edition of DUNE published by Barnes and Noble.
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Stephen King Collection: IT 25th Anniversary Special Edition
Looking at the limited 25th Anniversary Edition of Stephen King's IT from Cemetary Dance. This limited edition exists in three states: 52 Copies Lettered A-ZZ, 750 Copies Numbered, 2750 Copies without numbers. It is very nice.
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Leatherbound Treasures Book Collection
Looking at the first half of my leatherbound book collection. Sorry about mistakently identifying WAR AND PEACE as WAR OF THE WORLDS.
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Book Collection:  Joe Hill
Looking at the fiction of Joe Hill: 20th Century Ghosts, Heart Shaped Box, Horns, NOS4A2, and The Fireman.
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Stephen King REVIVAL Review
My thoughts on REVIVAL by Stephen King.
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Stephen King Book Collection - Top Ten Request
I've had several comments and messages asking me to make a "Top Ten Stephen King" books video. My opinion is no better than anyone elses and I don't understand how this can be helpful but anyway, here are my picks. Not easy to do either. It is easier to select the SK books I didn't care for which are: BAG OF BONES, DREAMCATCHER, ROSEMADDER, INSOMNIA and to a certain extent LISEY'S STORY (although I do really appreciate that novel, I just didn't enjoy it so much). At any rate I've made this video. Sadly it ignores some of the other really great works like DIFFERENT SEASONS, GERALD'S GAME, FROM A BUICK 8, DUMA KEY and on and on and on....really impossible to select or rank just ten.
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More Horror Paperbacks
Looking at more horror paperbacks from the 70's, 80's (mostly published by Zebra).
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Tarot Card Collection Part One
Part one of four showing my tarot deck collection.
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Art Collection
Looking at my art collection of original paintings as well as reproductions.
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Book Collection: Aleister Crowley
Taking a look at my collection of works by Aleister Crowley.
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Dark Shadows Video Collection
Looking at the complete series of DARK SHADOWS on DVD from MPI Home Video. There are 32 volumes with 4 discs each.
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Zebra Horror Novels of the 1980's
Looking at a few examples of horror novels published by Kensington Publishing under the Zebra imprint.
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Stephen King Collection:  CARRIE first edition identification
Several booksellers are advertising "first" editions of CARRIE that are later printings. Here is how to identify the first edition, FIRST PRINTING - the collectible and desirable edition. Don't get fooled. If the price is too good to be true...
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Leatherbound Treasures 2
Looking at the rest of my leather bound books.
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Book Collection Update: May 2016
Looking at recent purchases of books from Easton Press and Franklin Library.
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Ten Greatest Novels
My picks for favorite/best novels.
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Taking a look at the Ibis Press Edition of the Simon Necronomicon.
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Stephen King's MR. MERCEDES Review
A review of the novel MR. MERCEDES by Stephen King.
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Stephen King Movie Collection
Looking at film adaptations of Stephen King novels: CARRIE, SALEM'S LOT, THE SHINING, THE STAND, THE DEAD ZONE.
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E-CIG Reviews:  Looking at 3 popular brands
Looking at 3 different brands of e-cig: Mistic, Nicotec Metro and 21st Century, as well as my thoughts on Rachel Ray (a stupid bitch), e-cig effectivness and quiting smoking.
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Book Collection Update:  May 2017
New stuff from Easton Press, Folio Society, Ibis Press and a cool new work on John Dee and Enochian Magick.
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Gore Vidal Book Collection
Looking at some of the highlights of my collection of Gore Vidal first editions. He was a great man and author and will be missed by all who read his work and loved him so much.
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Tarot Card Collection Part 2
The next part of my Tarot Deck Collection. Please watch part 3 for the next part.
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THE GREAT GATSBY First Edition Library
Looking at F. Scott Fitzgerald's THE GREAT GATSBY with original Cugat Dust Jacket art from First Edition Library.
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Scientology Book Collection
Looking at my current reading project, books on Scientology by L. Ron Hubbard.
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Book Collection - Rare, signed, and fine press editions
Please excuse the sometimes bad camera work and lighting in this video. It briefly shows some of my rare signed first editions, antique books, collectible editions, fine press books and my general junk. Hope all you bibliophiles and bibliomaniacs enjoy it.
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Van Der Hagen Safety Razor and Shave Products Review
Review of Van Der Hagen Safety Razor, shaving bowls, brushes, soaps, butter and blades.
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Buying Leatherbound Books
Advice and information about buying Leatherbound books. Easton Press, Franklin Library, Barnes and Noble etc.
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L. Ron Hubbard MISSION EARTH review
My thoughts on the MISSION EARTH books.
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Best and Worst of 2014
The best books, music, movies, podcasts and people of 2014.
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Stephen King's DOCTOR SLEEP Book Review
Taking a look at the sequel to THE SHINING, DOCTOR SLEEP by Stephen King. A book review.
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Stephen King Collection Book by Book 15 DARK TOWER
The DARK TOWER first editions published by Donald M. Grant.
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Looking at the four NECRONOMICON books by Simon. Dead Names, Gates of the Necronomicon and the Spell Book.
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3000 Subscribers!  Thank You!
Thank you and shout outs to my 3000 subscribers. I forgot to thank Addison in this video so THANK YOU ADDISON.
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Book Collection Update: February 2014
Taking a look at some recent additions including Clive Barker, Franklin Library and Scientology.
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Book Collection: H.P. Lovecraft
Looking at editions of the fiction of H.P. Lovecraft.
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Stephen King Collection Book by Book 20
Looking at 11/22/63, and the Donald Grant edition of DESPERATION and the special edition of LISEY'S STORY
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Best and Worst of 2013
My favorites in books, music, movies, television, games, internet and people of 2013. The best and worst of the year!
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Book Collection: Clive Barker
Taking a look at my collection of Clive Barker signed first editions and limited editions.
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Pinaud Clubman Products Review
Looking at Pinaud Clubman products including after shaves, Virgin Island Bay Rum, Lilac Vegetal and Lime Sec.
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Stephen King's END OF WATCH Book Review
Book review of END OF WATCH by Stephen King
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Stephen King FINDERS KEEPERS Review
A review from a constant reader of FINDERS KEEPERS by Stephen King
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Hellraiser Complete Series Blu-ray and DVD Review
Looking at all nine Hellraiser films on Blu-ray and DVD
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