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Admedus COO encouraged by initial results from Phase II herpes vaccine trial
Admedus Ltd's (ASX:AHZ) chief operating officer Julian Chick talks to Proactive Investors on the interim Herpes Simplex Virus Phase II clinical trial data. The blinded trial provided data from the first 20 patients to receive at least three vaccinations in the randomised, placebo–controlled HSV-2 vaccine Phase II study. Chick says he is “very encouraged” by the first set of results, which shows the study is “going in the right way and we are seeing what we want to see”.
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'The best is yet to come' for Phivida Holdings, says President Belfontaine
John Belfontaine, president and executive chairman of Phivida Holdings (CSE:VIDA), talks Proactive's Andrew Scott through the formation of the company and the management team which he describes as 'second-to-none'. First trading as a public company in December 2017 they've moved quickly, securing deals with WeedMD Inc. (TSX-V:WMD) and Namaste Technologies Inc. ("Namaste") (CSE:N). They've also just appointed Douglas Campbell as chief commercial officer. He brings with him extensive executive leadership, multi-channel marketing expertise and strong relationships with some ofthe largest food and beverage distributors and retailers in the world. ''Phivida has the brand, the product quality and standards necessary to cross over into the main stream'', Belfontaine says. ''We're excited about being in the pursuit of being that first crossover brand''.
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Cube Chain offering a 'faster, more secure' blockchain alternative
Suhyon Che explains to Proactive Investors the concept behind their Cube Chain platform. ''Blockchain creates only one data block at a time and each block has only one hash value'', he says. ''Cube Chain makes a cube consisting of 27 blocks at a time ... and each cube contains 4 hash values''. ''If we compare the chain to a road then Blockchain is like an old road with only one lane ..... Cube Chain is essentially a super highway with 24 lanes''
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Ades CEO breaks game-changing new Arabian Gulf rig news
Dr. Mohamed Farouk, CEO of Ades International Holding (LON:ADES) tells Proactive why the latest PSA for 3 operational off shore jack up rigs in the Arabian Gulf is significant for the company and how far progressed the new deal is. Ades is an oil/gas drilling and production services provider in the Middle East and Africa offering offshore and onshore contract drilling as well as workover and mobile offshore production unit services. From its base in Egypt, Ades sees it's growth strategy and performance going forward as serving Tier One clients and using the very latest innovative drilling technology to enhance both worker safety and shareholder satisfaction.
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Asiamet 'intensely active' at Beutong with drilling imminent
Steve Hughes, VP of exploration at Asiamet Resources Limited (LON:ARS) tells Proactive's Andrew Scott they're expecting to deliver a maiden resource estimate for its BKZ polymetallic prospect in May. Hughes says the asset, located in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia, has continued to yield near-surface base and precious metal-rich mineralisation. To date Asiamet has completed 27 of the 35 planned holes with the 3,500-metre infill programme expected to be completed by the middle of next month.
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Applied Graphene Materials' Jon Mabbitt on their 'protected, proven technology'
Jon Mabbitt, chief executive of Applied Graphene Materials (LON:AGM) tells Proactive's Andrew Scott they have their own proprietary manufacturing technique for making the raw material graphene but a lot of the company's expertise is in how to get that material to deliver on property enhancements which can be used in real applications. 'Where we've identified our graphene delivers best performance are in areas like paints and coatings and polymers and composites''. ''We have what is called a bottom-up method of manufacturing graphene which differentiates us from people who are splitting graphite down ... we synthesise, we make the graphene and that delivers some really interesting properties in the raw material''.
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Sativa Investments has "unique" market position for UK cannabis investors
Sativa Investments PLC's Geremy Thomas tells Proactive that the medicinal cannabis market has seen explosive growth all over the world, particularly in Vancouver, Canada. He adds that Sativa has a unique position in the UK market that allows UK investors to benefit from companies in regulated markets. Thomas says he has seen huge investment in medicinal cannabis businesses in the US and Canada, and expects a regulatory change around cannabis in the UK within the next 18 months to 2 years.
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Mytrah Energy’s Smith explains potential for wind power in India
Bob Smith, executive vice president at Mytrah Energy (LON:MYT), says the new Indian government is very supportive of renewable energy, which plays into the wind power company’s hands. Smith says going forward the company should add around US$30mln a year to underlying earnings.
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Malvern International aiming to be a 'global learning and skills development partner'
Malvern International Plc's (LON:MLVN) CEO Sam Malafeh introduces the international training provider to Proactive Investors. As part of a new strategy at the group Malafeh came on board as chief executive nearly 18 months ago. ''We currently operate physically in three countries - Singapore, Malaysia and the UK, as well as online classes''. ''We started offering English language classes three months ago .. we currently have around 30 classes offering live English training with teachers sitting in London ... and they're interactive''.
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VinaCapital investment chief on Vietnam’s growth opportunity
Andy Ho, chief investment officer of VinaCapital, says Vietnam’s fast growing economy is increasingly providing attractive opportunities for foreign investors and believes the country is on the path towards long-term sustainable growth. VinaCapital manages three closed-end funds trading on AIM, including the Vinacapital Vietnam Opp Fund (LON:VOF) which is migrating onto the main market of the London Stock Exchange. The vehicle invests in all asset classes, including listed and private equities, real estate, and bonds. The company’s VinaLand fund makes investments in residential, retail, hospitality and office sectors while its infrastructure vehicle puts money into transport and logistics, power & telecommunications.
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ITM Power CEO on ‘massive’ hydrogen infrastructure market
Graham Cooley, the chief executive of hydrogen fuel specialist ITM Power (LON:ITM), speaks about the ‘massive’ markets in energy storage and refuelling. Cooley explains the advantages of hydrogen vehicles over traditional plug-in electric cars and why ITM’s product is unique.
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SenSen Networks deploying breakthrough technology on multiple fronts internationally
SenSen Networks Ltd (ASX:SNS) executive chairman and chief executive Subhash Challa introduces Proactive Investors to the company's breakthrough technology, which uses video cameras to solve real world business problems. Currently SenSen is targeting the gaming and smart cities sectors, with a varied client base paying licensing fees, but the potential functional and geographic applications for the technology are wide-ranging. "We do have great tech, but we also know how to make money out of it. We actually link the value that we charge to the customer; so the dollars we charge, to the value that we provide to the customer... it's a software-as-a-service model charged annually or monthly, depending on the value that we are creating, and we have been able to execute that business model very successfully across the diversity of the customers we have," says Challa.
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Arcimoto's 'fun utility vehicle' helps reduce environmental footprint
Arcimoto Inc (NASDAQ:FUV) CEO Mark Frohnmayer tells Proactive Investors people can reduce their environmental footprint by using smaller vehicles built using fewer materials. Arcimoto produces an FUV, or Fun Utility Vehicle. Frohnmayer says the clean, affordable, small electric vehicle is targeted to all drivers, adding that 76% of people commute alone. He says the base range of the vehicle is about 70 miles, or 112km. Longer-range batteries are also available. Frohnmayer says the company recently went public, and is currently building its factory in Eugene, Oregon.
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BOLT restructuring propels Columbus Energy into a 'different league'
Leo Koot, executive chairman of Columbus Energy PLC (LON:CERP), discusses with Proactive the restructuring of the Beach Oilfield Limited (BOLT) transaction in the South West Peninsula of Trinidad. ''Up until now we've been focused on Goudron and Goudron production ... this deal gives us the opportunity to allow Goudron to do what it does ... but the big growth is in this deal in the South West Peninsula. ''What we've now achieved in this new deal is that we've got contractual relationships with the landowners as opposed to a company which is between us and the landowners ... that gives us way more security and control over what we're going to do''.
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'It's time for CanAlaska to shine and shareholders to make money' - President Dasler
Peter Dasler, president of CanAlaska Uranium Ltd (CVE:CVV) caught up with Andrew Scott while in London to present at the Proactive Mining Capital event . As part of a wide-ranging discussion, Dasler discusses recent results from Cameco drilling at the West McArthur project in the Athabasca basin as well as the decision to acquire a third nickel-cobalt project in the Thompson Nickel Belt.
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Asiamet Resources announces maiden resource for BKZ deposit
Steve Hughes, VP of exploration for Asiamet Resources Ltd (LON:ARS), discusses with Proactive's Andrew Scott the maiden mineral resource estimate for the BKZ polymetallic deposit in Kalimantan, Indonesia. The initial Mineral Resource Estimate for BKZ is subdivided into the BKZ upper polymetallic zone (BKZ-UPZ) and the BKZ lower copper zone (BKZ-LCZ). Hughes says mineralisation remains open in multiple directions and that many targets with potential to expand the resource base remain to be tested.
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Premier Oil PLC in a strong position to generate significant free cash flow
Tony Durrant, chief executive of Premier Oil PLC (LON:PMO), runs Proactive's Andrew Scott through their portfolio of production and exploration assets as well as plans for further acquisitions in the UK North Sea. ''We're at 85,000 barrels a day - most of that comes from the UK''. ''We've been investing significantly in the UK North Sea over the last few years ... of course the industry has gone through a difficult period with low oil prices, we've continued to invest in that period - specifically we've pushed ahead with our Catcher project in the North Sea''.
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AB Dynamics boss sees growth in China, Japan & Germany
AB Dynamics (LON:ABDP) CEO Tim Rogers tells Proactive Investors he sees regional growth coming from China and notes that traditional markets in Japan and Germany are increasing their market spend. "In fact R&D spending by the automotive companies is at an all time high" he said. Rogers said the firm's market is quite niche, operating inside the automotive testing market. "You wont find any of our products on a vehicle but will you will find our products used to test and develop vehicles" he said.
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Alba Minerals' boss delighted Horse Hill pre-conditions have been met
“That is a key component of us getting back and doing some test work,“ George Frangeskides told Proactive. The executive director of Alba Mineral Resources PLC (LON:ALBA) said the Horse Hill consortium is now just waiting for approval from the Oil and Gas Authority, before they can go in and do the extended testing they’ve been ‘keenly awaiting.” Alba has recently appointed in its own senior oil and gas team to assess the data and look for other opportunities. Elsewhere, a significant exploration programme is planned for the licences in Greenland, while mine mapping is underway at Clogau Gold in Wales. “We are on the cusp of some exciting times.”
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Mineworx Technologies tackles 'urban mining' as it helps recycle e-waste
Mineworx Technologies Ltd (CVE:MWX) CEO Greg Pendura tells Proactive Investors that the company, alongside its partner EnviroLeach Technologies Inc, is tackling 'urban mining' as it helps recycle e-waste material. Pendura says the company is focused on recycling IT materials. According to Pendura, e-waste recycling is a nearly $20 billion annual business but is projected to expand rapidly to as much as $49 billion by 2020. Pendura says e-waste is one of the most significant challenges for municipalities. Pendura says the mining technology company is commissioning its first production plant in Memphis, TN.
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Graphene set to change everything says Versarien boss
From 3-D printing to sport, ‘wonder material’ graphene is set to change how we live according to Versarien PLC (LON:VRS) boss and founder Neil Ricketts. This year alone Versarien has started to work with former Olympian Kristan Bromley to develop graphene-enhanced skeleton boards, CT Engineering on aero parts and print specialist Absolute Engineering for graphene-based inks. Ricketts though, tells Proactive this is just the start as the understanding of these new materials and their uses is still at its very formative stages. For Versarien, having completed its IPO, raised funds and on track to break even, it all adds to a great place to be currently he explains.
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All eyes on Kimmeridge flow rates as Horse Hill testing gets underway
Independent oil & gas analyst Barney Gray gives his views on the announcement that planned flow testing operations at the Horse Hill-1 well have started. UKOG, which is the largest London-listed stakeholder in the project with a 32% interest, said all key equipment necessary to carry out a 150-day long-term extended flow test campaign at HH-1 is now on site.
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Copper grades at Asiamet's BKM deposit 'off the charts'
Steve Hughes, VP of exploration at Asiamet Resources Limited (LON:ARS), tells Proactive's Andrew Scott latest assay results from the BKM copper project in Indonesia have provided further encouragement for them. The results comprise part of the 2017/2018 geotechnical programme conducted on BKM and have delivered the highest grade of copper mineralisation from surface drilled at BKM to date.
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Lucara's blockchain platform Clara will modernise rough diamond market, says its new chief executive
Eira Thomas, chief executive and co-founder of Lucara Diamonds (TSE:LUC), tells Proactive that recent blockchain purchase Clara Diamonds will modernise the way that rough diamonds are sold. She explained: “Clara could be very lucrative for us in the longer term, and could be a significant revenue generator for us going out several years.” Clara should be selling rough diamonds on its platform by August of this year, Thomas said, adding Lucara is also committed to being a diamond miner and developing its mines. Lucara has forged a reputation for high-quality diamonds with 75% of value created so far coming from stones larger than 10.8 carats in size, while 154 have sold for more than US$1mln each.
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Canadian Overseas Petroleum Limited - 1 minute pitch
Arthur Millholland, president and chief executive of Canadian Overseas Petroleum Limited (LON:COPL, CVE:XOP), pitches the company to investors
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Focus Graphite has the highest grade graphite deposit
Gary Economo, President & CEO of Focus Graphite, talks about very low cost graphite from the Lac Knife graphite deposit in Quebec, the highest grade in the world, open in all directions, and an extremely low-cost environmentally-friendly way to make the strongest material known to man (June 12).
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Lithium miners and processors likely to enjoy a very strong market by 2027
Jose Lazuen and David Merriman from Roskill spoke to Proactive Investors following the publication of their 2018 Lithium market outlook report. ''We expect the market for refined lithium products, particularly those battery-grade products, to remain very tight and likely to enter a deficit towards the end of our ten year forecast''. ''An optimistic outlook for lithium miners … there's probably been a bit of an overreaction in the short to medium term.'' ''There's a lot of mine capacity expected to be built out but coming to the end of our 10 year forecast there's a great opportunity for lithium miners and processors in particular to have a very strong market''.
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Lexaria Bioscience's drug delivery technology helps products taste, smell and absorb better
Lexaria Bioscience Corp (CSE: LXX) CEO Chris Bunka says the drug-delivery technology company is poised for growth in the year ahead. "We help other companies deliver their drugs, or what we call API's, active pharmaceutical ingredients," says Bunka. The company is based in Kelowna, British Columbia. Bunka says the company helps other companies with drug delivery methods create products that "taste better, smell better and act more quickly." This includes items such as cannaboids, vitamins, NSAIDs, PDE5 inhibitors, nicotine and other molecules. Lexaria has multiple patents pending in over 40 countries and has patents granted in the USA and in Australia for applications of its DehydraTECHTM delivery technology Bunka says recent growth at the company has been brisk, however, says more and more jurisdictions are making cannabis edibles legal, which is good news for the company.
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'It was a bit controversial - it's bold', John Kearon on Brainjuicer's rebranding as System1 Group
John Kearon, chief executive of System1 Group (LON:SYS1) explains to Proactive the thinking behind their rebranding. The group is an integrated insights and creative agency incorporating System1 Research, which was formerly known as BrainJuicer and System1 Agency, their already established creative agency. ''It was a bit controversial ... it's bold'', Kearon says. ''We set out to change market research 16 years ago and Brainjuicer is the perfect name for squeezing brains and doing market research ... it gave us distinctiveness, quite a bit of fame and notoriety, but it's kind of done its work''. ''The industry has changed and is changing towards what we've been saying for a decade or more which is that people think much less than we think they think''.
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Ortac Resources buys into advanced stage Eritrean gold project
Ortac's chief executive Vassilios Carellas tells Proativeinvestors Ortac (LON:OTC) has been searching for some time for a project to complement its proven Šturec gold project in Slovakia, and he thinks it has found a corker through a strategic tie-up with a private exploration firm, Andiamo. Ortac will invest in Andiamo, which has a portfolio of high grade copper and gold projects in Eritrea that are at an advanced stage .
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PeopleFluent 'a significant addition' to the Learning Technologies group
Jonathan Satchell, chief executive of Learning Technologies PLC (LON:LTG) discusses with Proactive Investors their acquisition of digital human resources group PeopleFluent. A placing at 98p raised £85mln to help fund the deal. PeopleFluent works for 50 of Fortune’s list of top 100 US companies and generated sales of £83mln and underlying profits [EBIT] of £9.2mln in 2017.
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PEDEVCO Corp founder and chairman says he's come out of retirement to help company grow
Frank Ingriselli, of PEDEVCO Corp (NYSEAMERICAN: PED) tells Proactive Investors his reasons for coming out of retirement and back into the energy spotlight. The founder and chairman of PEDEVCO says he's eager to return to raise more capital, re-structure company debt and help the company thrive. PEDEVCO is a publicly listed, energy company that acquires and develops high-value energy projects, including shale oil and gas assets, in the United States. Ingriselli says the company is ready to grow, and will continue to benefit from the rise in oil prices. Ingriselli says the company's next goal will be to raise additional capital.
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Tharisa makes move into Zimbabwe with Salene Chrome acquisition
Phoevos Pouroulis, chief executive of Tharisa PLC (LON:THS) tells Proactive's Andrew Scott they've made a first move into Zimbabwe with the acquisition of 90% of Salene Chrome, located on the country’s Great Dyke platinum belt. Salene has three special grants covering an area of approximately 95sq km on the eastern side of the Great Dyke, which entitles it to mine illuvial chrome at surface.
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MariMed CEO says aim is to become the 'most successful publicly-traded cannabis company' in the US
MariMed Inc (OTCMKTS:MRMD) CEO Bob Fireman tells Proactive Investors the Boston-based company has developed cannabis facilities in six states on the east coast. MariMed’s team has developed and/or is developing state-of-the-art regulatory-compliant facilities in DE, IL, NV, MD, MA, and RI. According to Fireman, he believes the industry is becoming more mainstream. Fireman also says that cannabis can be helpful for those suffering from addiction, amongst a host of other health challenges. Fireman says a challenge with the US federal ban is that a lot of research is being conducted outside the US, and says he hopes federal legalization is coming.
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Horse Hill green light 'a good result for the industry'
The independent oil and gas analyst Barney Gray discusses the decision by Surrey County Council to give the green light to the new Horse Hill programme. ''I'm quite pleased with this announcement, it covers a lot of ground''. ''They obviously have the permission to do the extended flow test at Horse Hill which I think is going to be very important because the data which came out originally was very teasing and it will now be nice to see an extended flow test and see what this well can actually flow''.
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SDX Energy makes new gas discovery at South Disouq project
SDX Energy Inc's (LON:SDX) Paul Welch tells Proactive that the company has made a new gas discovery at the South Disouq Concession in Egypt. He adds that that with the two current wells and a third one planned, the project is expected to generate around 50mln cubic feet per day of gas production.
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Australia to become a 'very important lithium & cobalt producer' - SP Angel's John Meyer
John Meyer, mining analyst at SP Angel gives his take on the deal between electric car firm Tesla and energy company Neoen to install the world's largest lithium ion battery in Australia.
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Bulls, Bears & Brokers: Alto Capital's Tony Locantro tips small biotechs as next big thing
Tony Locantro, stock market commentator and investment manager at Alto Capital, shares his insights of the week with Proactive Investors. Locantro has been in the financial services industry since 1998, finding a niche in identifying high-growth opportunities in the resource, biotech and industrial sectors. He has carried out a number of IPOs and capital raisings, and provides on-going support for companies and investors. "What I find is, if you're willing to look for the small caps before they're covered, you can get excellent returns... high risk, high reward, that's the way I look at it; I look at stocks which might have 30-40% downside, but you've got the multiple upside. I think humans are programmed to buy high and sell low, so I'm just trying to reprogram my clients into finding these stocks that you can make a lot of money of," says Locantro. "We came into 2018 with the craziest two weeks I've seen since dot com, and this was extended to milk powder, medical marijuana, lithium and cobalt... what's happening now is it's just going to become a normal small cap market, where you have to be able to pick stocks and be able to hold them... I recommend that people pick the quality small cap companies and start reading their quarterly reports," explains Locantro. Watch our video interview to discover the specific commodities and companies Locantro is currently recommending.
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Salamanca could become world's lowest cost Uranium mine, says Berkeley Energia boss
Paul Atherley, chief executive of Berkeley Energia (LON:BKY) says the firm’s Salamanca project could become the world’s lowest cost Uranium producer. The mine is being developed in an historic uranium mining area in western Spain about three hours west of Madrid. A high grade area, dubbed Zona 7, has transformed the economics of the project lifting the NPV to over £580.9mln and reducing operating costs from US$24.60 to US$15.60 per pound of uranium produced. “Add the approvals, infrastructure and deposit together and we have a first class project,” says Atherley. Construction is set to commence in June, 2016.
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Graphite demand 'about to enter a period of rapid growth and improving prices'
Roskill's Kerry Satterthwaite and Suzanne Shaw discuss with Proactive Investors their Natural & Synthetic Graphite Global Industry, Markets & Outlook 2018 report. They say rapid growth in demand for natural flake graphite and synthetic graphite in the lithium-ion battery industry is now forecast to underpin total graphite demand growth of 5–7% per year between 2017 and 2027.
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SDX Energy 'hitting its stride' & benefiting from operational success
SDX Energy Inc (LON:SDX, CVE:SDX) CEO Paul Welch caught up with Proactive's Andrew Scott to talk through their first quarter update and outlook for the year ahead. The results for the period confirmed SDX is benefiting from its operational successes in Egypt and Morocco. The months were punctuated by exploration and appraisal achievements, which add to the group’s growing production profile. Output for the three months, ended March 31, averaged 3,036 barrels of oil equivalent.
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Falcon Oil & Gas boss says fracking ‘green light’ is brilliant news for Australia
Falcon Oil & Gas Ltd (LON:FOG, CVE:FO) chief executive Philip O’Quigley says it is a big day for the company, but, also for the Northern Territory and Australia. The lifting of a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing has cleared Falcon and its operating partner Origin Energy - Falcon owns 30% of the shale project while Origin has the other 70%. It means a five well campaign can now be advanced “as soon as practical”. “It is brilliant news,” O’Quigely said in a Proactive Investors interview. He added: “It is a huge resource to go after, and the lifting of the moratorium means we can get back to work.”
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Bannerman Resources' managing director shares expert insights on uranium market
Bannerman Resources Ltd (ASX:BMN; NSX:BMN) managing director Brandon Munro speaks to Proactive Investors about the company's Etango Uranium Project in Namibia, and also provides insights on the wider uranium market. The company completed a Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS) on the Etango Project in 2012, which it is currently in the process of updating. Several de-risking and optimisation initiatives have been completed in the meantime. "It will be a top-10 producing mine in the world once it's up and running, and its also very simple. Technically it's very simple, it's an open pit, low stripping ratio project, it enjoys all of the efficiencies of being a very large bulk mining operation. And we're quite unique in that we can process our ores through a low cost heap leaching operation.... arguably we're the most developed project in the world that isn't already in construction,” says Munro. Earlier this month, Bannerman Resources raised $8 million in a heavily oversubscribed placement at 4.6 cents. Munro explains, "in undertaking the raise we really had two objectives. One was to try and improve the quality of our register, try and ascertain if there was institutional interest out there, and if so try and build our register with that, and we certainly achieved that and we're extremely happy with how that went. But secondly, with $8 million, because of all the advanced study work that we've done over the years on our project, what that means is we're now fully funded all the way to an investment decision." Speaking about the global uranium market in general, Munro says, “it’s a very interesting position that we’re in in the market. Yes, the spot price has ticked up a little, but I would still describe it as being in a situation of inertia. The spot price certainly hasn’t responded to the market fundamentals that we’re seeing unfolding… We’re moving from surplus into deficit, and that inflection point in itself is very insignificant for a commodity, but when you start to look at what’s coming literally around the corner, developments that are happening in days and weeks at the moment, you start to realise that not only are we inflecting from surplus to deficit, we’re moving into a very deep deficit over the next few years… From a prospective producer who is very well advanced, who has an excellent technical basis to their project, that optionality is boosted enormously by the volatility that we would expect from this pricing inertia.”
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ImmuPharma chairman more optimistic on results from Lupuzor trial
Tim McCarthy, chairman of ImmuPharma PLC (LON:IMM) tells Proactive that there is a strong indication that in certain populations of lupus patients its Lupuzor drug works very effectively. McCarthy was talking after a deeper dive into the data generated by its phase III clinical trial of the company's flagship drug candidate
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Europa Oil & Gas sees immediate interest in South Porcupine farmout
Hugh Mackay, chief executive of Europa Oil & Gas Holdings Plc (LON:EOG), tells Proactive that on the same day they opened up the data room and launched a farmout process for three of their licences in the South Porcupine Basin they've seen immediate interest from potential partners. ''We already have the target market in our virtual data room looking at the data ... this isn't our first rodeo but that has never happened before''. Mackay also talks through the updated prospect inventory for the Frontier Exploration Licences 1/17 and 2/13 as well as the recent Wressle planning application submission.
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Social Reality Inc to launch beta of blockchain identification graph technology platform soon
Social Reality Inc (NASDAQ:SRAX) CEO Chris Miglino tells Proactive Investors about how the advertising and tech company is providing marketers, content owners and consumers tools to unlock the value of data. Miglino says one of the company's platforms is its blockchain identification graph technology platform, BIG. Miglino says SRAX is developing a consumer-powered data marketplace where people will own and sell access to their data. The beta of the product is launching in about a month.
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CityFibre rockets on news of Vodafone deal
Proactive Investors correspondent John Harrington reports on the 'transformational' tie-up between telecoms giant Vodafone PLC (LON:VOD) and AIM-listed CityFibre (LON:CHFL). The two are joining forces to build a new ultra-fast broadband network for 5mln homes and businesses in the UK.
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Taptica's in the 'right place, at the right time, with the right technology' says CEO
Hagai Tal, chief executive of the mobile marketing group Taptica International Ltd (LON:TAP) speaks to Proactive about the firm's trading for the year to the end of December. ''2016 was exciting. It was exciting - not just for us, but for whole sector. There's a lot of companies that traditionally used to be offline companies that moved to more online or mobile activity'', Tal says.
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Scoping study highlights 'outstanding appeal' for Savannah Resources' Lithium project
David Archer, chief executive of Savannah Resources Plc (LON:SAV), discusses with Proactive's Andrew Scott the results of the scoping study on their Mina do Barroso lithium project in Portugal. Archer says the cost of building the mine will be around US$109mln. That would be recouped in under two years with production of 175,000 tonnes of spodumene concentrate, a source ore for lithium.
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President Energy kicks off workover programme at Puesto Flores in Argentina
President Energy PLC's (LON:PPC) finance director Rob Shepherd chats to Proactive Investors about their seven well workover programme which has commenced at Puesto Flores. Shepherd also looks ahead to the accelerated three well drilling programme which has been slated to begin in September. Plus he discusses what's in store for the group's other assets in Paraguay and Louisiana.
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