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Making castle Winterfell, Maya Tutorial
I took forever to build. I need to research more about spec maps, had so much problem with it. Rendertime on the intro was about 10 hours with a i7 2600K. I just rendered over night. The rendering settings are low. I think I just needed 2K textures for this project. I can render very close and have detail with the 4K textures.
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Tutorial for making low poly assets, Photoshop, Maya, Unity. Episode 1
For beginners. A very basic guide to make some 3D graphics for games.
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Tutorial for making low poly assets, Photoshop, Maya, Unity. Episode 2
Making a basic low poly chair. Audio is a little low, sorry about that.
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Tutorial for making medium poly assets, Photoshop, Maya, Unity. Episode 3.
Hopefully the audio is better now. Using a Blue Snowball microphone. Maybe I was to close to the microphone, cant be perfect yet :P I will make another medium polygon tutorial next. I will make sure to be more careful with the uv-map in the future :)
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Crossbow Medium Poly
My website: http://www.oysteinha.net Had fun building this. I used the same work-flow as in my tutorials. Modeling with cubes, add some edge loops, smoothing, uv-mapping with automatic mapping then fixing the uv's, texturing with bump, spec and color map. Used mia material in Mental Ray for the shader. Used two shaders, one for the metal, one for the rest. There is a lot of settings in Mental Ray that has to be set for it to look this nice. And a lot of work is done in Photoshop. It's never easy.
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Tutorial for making medium poly assets, Photoshop, Maya. Episode 4.
My website: http://www.oysteinha.net I had 512X512 res textures on it in the final render. I learned that bump and spec work really good together for faking details. I spent most of the time in Photoshop, checking the texture in Maya. If you want to learn rendering then check out the Gnomon Workshop tutorials for Mental Ray. For texturing there is a Gnomon Workshop tutorial that's called: Texture Painting: Weathered Surfaces. It's really worth the money. The address is: http://www.thegnomonworkshop.com
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Valyrian steel greatsword Ice, Maya tutorial.
My website: oysteinha.net Video info: Render time on intro: 5 hours with a i7 2600K (1 min per frame). Rendered in Mental Ray. Used low settings to keep the renderingtime short. The MIA shaders was really hard to use for this, so I ended up using a blinn after trying for 2 days to get it to work. I need to learn more about shaders. So the result on the textures was not the best this time. Please like and subscribe to watch more videoes from me :)
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The flying chair
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