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The myspace song
Ha! This is funny.
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Bitch Has Cats
She's perfect. Well, except that the bitch has cats. The hot chick is Laura Coover. You can find more of her here: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2993395/
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Mustache Ride
Mustache + Wisconsin = Best summer ever.
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Two Pump Chump
Premature ejaculation is only awesome when you are paying by the minute.
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If you play softball more than twice a week, you have some serious issues. Maybe you should stay home with your kid and teach him how to read or take your fat wife to dinner.
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She Wears The Pants
A lot of women become bitches after they get married. Just ask my buddy Marc.
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Charles Barkley Calls Skip Bayless An Idiot
Following the Clippers' 142-94 ass beating of the Lakers, Sir Charles had this to say about turd "journalist" Skip Bayless...
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Don't Lick My Ass
If a woman sticks her tongue in your ass during foreplay, how long do you have to wait before you kiss her?
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I'm Not An Asshole (I'm Blind)
You would think that with all of his money Stevie Wonder would have eyes that work today.
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Midgets Are People, Too
If you think your life sucks, go out and get yourself some midget porn. That should cheer you right up. Or, just watch Danny DeVito run in the movie Twins.
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She's So Fat
If you were getting super fat, what would be your warning sign? 200 pounds? 250? 300? Jesus H. Stop eating.
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Huffing Some Jenkem
Probably the best jenkem song of all time.
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Just A Couple Of Turtles Humping Here
Here are a couple of turtles plowing each other. They sound like a couple at an old folks home. Of course, since this video was taken in California, both turtles are males.
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Tommy Gimler Stand-Up
A 10-minute set at the New York Comedy Club.
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Lazy Eye
My mom's favorite song.
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Christmas Time (Cheating Wife)
Imagine coming home early to surprise your wife on Christmas Eve only she isn't alone. In fact, she is having an interracial threesome.
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Tommy Gimler - Man On The Street
Clips from my best interviews during the Mitsubishi "What Are You Into?" Road Trip. Shot in Seattle, Boston, New York, Austin, San Antonio, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, and more!
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Mustache Ride
Goose Gossage, Tom Selleck, and Robert Goulet. Do you think they got laid because of their eight-inch hogs? Of course not. It's because of that piece of fur that rests under their noses.
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Dick Vitale Impression
I did this last year for an ESPN contest and got shafted. Not that I was the best, but the other 25 finalists sounded like Corky from Life Goes On.
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Pornstar Girlfriend
Part of a song I wrote about jerking off and getting caught by your old man.
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Dallas Keuchel Says Mike Fiers Is Getting Pussy Tonight After Throwing No-Hitter
New Astros pitcher Mike Fiers no-hits the Dodgers, and teammate Dallas Keuchel makes him aware of all the pussy he'll pull down because of it.
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She Only Likes Black Guys
What do Al Sharpton, Bo Jackson, Michael Jordan, Chris Brown, Jay-Z, and Al Roker all have in common? You guessed it. All white women love them.
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Cheating On My Tax Returns
It is amazing how much trouble you get into if you cheat on your taxes. Pacman Jones, R. Kelly, and MIchael Vick did some pretty messed up things and really only got a slap on the hand.
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All I Got For Christmas (Was The Clap)
Chlamydia really wouldn't be a fun Christmas present for me. For someone who thought that a girl gave him AIDS but it turned out to be the clap instead, it would be the Christmas present of a lifetime.
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Boner in Church
Maybe it's from being bored beyond belief or maybe what the priest has to say is so fucking hot!
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Large White Sox Fan Tries To Skip Out On Bill At Miller's Pub
Check the title.
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Northern Wisconsin Fat Guy And Homosexual Fishing Show
Hey, what you got on your pole?
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Hot Asian Broad Tries to Swallow Cinnamon
I figure that only someone from the Orient has the talent to swallow an entire tablespoon of cinnamon in one minute.
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Cheating On My Tax Returns
This is my 60th song in 60 days! If you want an album and you have seven bucks, go to www.tommygimler.com to get one.
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The Poor Man's View of the Obama Inauguration
After spending 90 minutes on the Metro and only hitting four stops, we decided to walk from Rosslyn to the inauguration. We were not allowed past the Washington Monument, and we found a jumbo TV screen nearby to watch the inauguration. It was definitely a very historical day and a very moving experience.
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I Saw Mommy (Christmas Whore)
About twelve Christmases ago, my mom slept with Wade Boggs. It's OK, though. He won the World Series that year.
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Your Dad Sucks
A song about how awesome my dad is and how much your dad blows like Joe Jackson. I tried to get Michael for this video, but he's dead now.
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My Truck
Alabama wrote a song about eighteen wheelers that was almost as good as this. I got four hours of sleep the night before this.
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Dos Equis Electroshock @ Avon Tough Mudder
10,000 volts of electricity doesn't seem to stun anybody too bad except the last chick.
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Baby Dick Man
Small hands, little feet, and expensive sports cars are a sure sign of one thing and one thing only.
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You know what they say: The older the berry, the more likely it is that something breaks while they plow you.
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I Don't Like
A song about things I don't like including fat chicks, Pee Wee Herman, Chris Berman, dry humping, and condoms. Things I left out of the song that I also do not like include AIDS, The Chicago Cubs, and hairy backs.
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Levitra, Baby!
If I ever had to take a male enhancement pill, it would definitely be Levitra over Cialis because I don't have two bathtubs in the field behind my house. I guess you need those for Cialis.
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I Like Techno
I think what makes techno music so bad is the lyrics.
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I still remember the first time a girl in a bikini asked me to be her friend on myspace. I was so happy until the next day when the same picture with a different name asked to be my friend and it ended up being a porn webcam site. Damn you, myspace!
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Vontae Davis Prepared For Tom Brady To Beat Peyton Manning
Pretty much just a fucking idiot...
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Bronson Koenig Sends Wisconsin To The Sweet Sixteen
On Wisconsin!
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Donnie Warts
Imagine the horniest man in the world telling the most graphic stories of the women and stuffed animals that he has nailed. Now imagine that this guy marries your sister. Basically, imagine a fat Charlie Sheen marrying your sister.
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Camo jackets, paper plates, and fatness. Those are NASCAR Girls.
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Looks Weird
Some people might think this song is gross, but not me. I love this song.
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Connie Chung
Seriously, what in the hell happened to Connie Chung? She should have been on Dancing With The Stars by now. Oh, and how in the hell does someone like Maury Povich stay on the air this long?
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Broken Ride
Oh fuck yeah! A song about the excuses girls come up with not to hump your brains out at the end of the night.
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40 and in College
I remember when I was in college that there were one or two people in my classes that were older than the professor. None of them were as cool at Thornton Melon.
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Tommy Gimler @ New York Comedy Club October 2013
Pretty nice little Saturday, really...
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Man Crush
John Madden's love for Brett Favre can happen to any two guys.
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