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1000 Ways to Die - Neti Say Goodbye | SPIKETV |
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Hitler Finds Out He Did Not Book a Commercial
http://ericsatterberg.com Written by: Eric Satterberg When Adolf Hitler finds out he did NOT book a commercial; he throws a tantrum in front of his team.
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Facebook Introducing Paper | Commercial
Http://ericsatterberg.com Ad Agency: Wiedon-Kennedy Prod. B Reel Films Director Drake Doremus
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Rejected Tapatio Commercial/advertisment
http://ericsatterberg.com Directed by Eric Satterberg Sound by Sean St. Germain Sean's sound is crystal clear and does not distract in any way. Not bad for one morning or shooting. This Is the official rejected Tapatio Commercial. The company rejected it after deeming the contents unsavory to their product.
Просмотров: 3903 Eric Satterberg
MTVu Human Trafficking PSA
http://ericsatterberg.com This was an excellent cast and crew and was shot on the paramount Lot. I enjoy and prefer playing these types of characters immensely due to the fact that they expose such ugliness in the human psyche. I look forward to adding more desperate, ugly, soulless creatures to the body of my work :)) Directed by Sophia Cranshaw
Просмотров: 626657 Eric Satterberg
Microsoft AI  Amplifying Human Ingenuity
Http://ericsatterberg.com Client: Microsoft Ad Agency: Aysenberg Group Production: Humble Director: Sasha Levinson Casting Director: RMB Actor: Various, Eric Satterberg (Lead Designer)
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Walmart - Many Chairs. One Table.
Http://ericsatterberg.com Client: Walmart Ad Agency: Mono Production: Superprime Director: The Malloy's Casting Director: Dan Bell Casting Actors: Various, Eric Satterberg (Carpenter)
Просмотров: 1221 Eric Satterberg
Ricola Medicine Cabinet | Commercial
http://ericsatterberg.com http://mikeg.tv/ http://tongal.com/ Director: Mike Goubeaux Written by Mike Goubeaux & Chase Doyle Cast: Eric Satterberg Martha Cary Director of Photography: Dallas Sterling Prod. Design: Amelia Brooke Art Director: Gina Rogers Set Dresser: Megan Fenton This was shot for the competition Web site on Tongal. I am proud to say that we won 1st place which gave everyone involved a large cash prize. We shot for about 12 hours on a set in Sylmar. The bathroom was shot next to the beautiful set you see the Swiss Man in. We used a Green Screen to capture the product shot. Enjoy!!
Просмотров: 54352 Eric Satterberg
5 Hour Energy | Shopper Shootout | Commercial
Http://ericsatterberg.com Director Nick Hill Producer: Lucky Airlines - Rich Hansen Cast: Eric Satterberg Matt Musgrove Kevin Miles
Просмотров: 4707 Eric Satterberg
Engaged For Murder
http://ericsatterberg.com Directed by Justin Aguire I was called. I said Yes. We shot in one Night. and It was done the next day. The Result is very satisfying. I love this video because you just dont see many like it any more. The Style and the trick ending is done quite well when you consider how quickly it was produced. It won the Vimeo contest for short of the week. A Film Noir with all the trimmings A beautiful Femme Fatale, a shadow, and a gun.
Просмотров: 648 Eric Satterberg
Wayne's World Parody for Net Suite (Suite World)
http://ericsatterberg.com http://c4mediatv.com "Suite World" is an Industrial for NetSuite. A company you may have interacted with but may not have known it due to being a system that operates in the background of the internet. This video was made for the company to inform them that they were moving to the "Cloud". I was so privileged and lucky to get to work with such an amazing cast and crew on this fun project. I have always been a huge fan of SNL, Mike Myers, Dana Carvey, and of course Wayne's World. When I saw this break down on Actors Access I knew I would be perfect for Garth because... "I like to Play..." I emailed my audition and made sure to have lots of fun at the Call Backs. We Shot for about 8 hrs on a Saturday in a beautiful Santa Monica Studio- http://www.dirtcheapsoundstage.com/ I believe we shot on the Sony FS100 slim model with Matt Daniels (DP). Enjoy my impersonation and the video. Credits: Wayne: Brian Ibsen Garth: Eric Satterberg Director/ Executive Producer: Marc Cahill Production manager: Christina Cahill Production Coordinator: John Antonio Director of Photography: Matt Daniels Assistant Director: Maura Corey Camera Operator: Michael Caradonna Sound Mixer: Bradford Craig Gaffer: Jason Benesh PA: Hanse Hernke PA: Mallory Newland
Просмотров: 1473 Eric Satterberg
The Incredible Hulk "Eric Parody"
Visit http://ericsatterberg.com for more hilarious videos. The Incredible Eric Sponsored by http://satterbergsoutdoorfurniture.com Directed by Eric Satterberg Edited by Adam Huebner Boom Operator Sean St. Germain Alli Kazemzadeh Location Mixer Sean St. Germain Alli Kazemzadeh Story by Eric Satterberg, Adam Huebner, Sean St Germain, Crew- Phil Fisher, Tiffany Rosales, Justin Aguire, Ally, Cast- Tim Dax, Javier Lezama, Kristen Hansen, Eric Satterberg, Lynda Jeffcoat, Eric Jeffcoat, Craig Jeffcoat, Alex Weitzman, Jimmy Roccio, Johnny Leu, joey Gabriel, Melissa Rodriguez, Rocky lane, Marco Sanchez, Alex Soto
Просмотров: 2952 Eric Satterberg
Cars.com Commercial | Minivan Muscle
Http://ericsatterberg.com Cast Eric Satterberg Lindsay Barrow Omar Deckhard Brian Cohen Dir: Eric Anderson Prod. Logan & Sons Ad Agency: Piston
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Castle | ABC | Carl
Просмотров: 763 Eric Satterberg
McDonald's McCafe TV Commercial, 'Nothing Comes Before Coffee: Rain'
http://ericsatterberg.com Client: Mcdonald's Ad Agency: We Are Unlimited Prod: O Positive Director: Brian Billow Casting Director: RMB Actors: JP Pitoc, Herve Clermont, Geoffrey Lower, Eric Satterberg
Просмотров: 22208 Eric Satterberg
LinClone | Tribeca Film Festival | Deleted scene
http://ericsatterberg Heineken & Wieden + Kennedy Dir: Eric Appel Producer: Ritu Paramesh Art Director: Cory Everrett Copy Writer: Mike Vitiello Cast: Robert Broski Eric Satterberg Paul Gregory
Просмотров: 387 Eric Satterberg
LinClone | Tribeca Film Festival | 15 Second Short Film
http://ericsatterberg OUT TAKES @ 2:19 | #15SecondPremiere Heineken & Wieden + Kennedy Dir: Eric Appel Producer: Ritu Paramesh Art Director: Cory Everrett Copy Writer: Mike Vitiello Cast: Robert Broski Eric Satterberg Paul Gregory
Просмотров: 1664 Eric Satterberg
Olympus OM D E M5 Mark II DSL ARM Documentary
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Super Awesome Reel 2019 - ALL NETWORK CLIPS
http://ericsatterberg.com Shameless Speechless Silicon Valley Awkward Scandal Ray Donovan
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Fight Club Audition
http://ericsatterberg.com DIrected by Eric Satterberg Casting Director: Adam Herro "I got It!!! " is an ongoing series about my life in the casting room and only in the casting room. They are the "lost" auditions as if they are Easter eggs on DVD Sets... My First in an initial series of ridiculousness. More coming soon.
Просмотров: 915 Eric Satterberg
http://ericsatterberg.com Directed by Eric B. Shanks I felt so Lucky to be picked for this. I submitted on AA and was called immediately. Asked to meet Eric at Warner Bros where he was editing Randy jacksons Americas Best Dance Crew. We met and he hired me on the spot. Him and his friends were so fun to shoot with. They were inspiring to be around. This video on Vimeo has over 20,000 hits. I love Zombies and hope to be on the Walking Dead one day. A fun advertisement for a Zombie Dating Website.
Просмотров: 225 Eric Satterberg
TurboTax | David Ortiz | New Job
Просмотров: 71 Eric Satterberg
Shameless | Hassan | The Fugees | Season 8 Ep. 9
Http://ericsatterberg.com Director: Jeffrey Reiner Hassan: Eric Satterberg Carl: Ethan Cutkosky Liam: Christian Isaiah
Просмотров: 211 Eric Satterberg
Jurassic Park Audition
http://ericsatterberg.com I Got It !!!! Directed by Eric Satterberg Casting Director: Kristen Hansen "I got It!!! " is an ongoing series about my life in the casting room and only in the casting room. They are the "lost" auditions as if they are Easter eggs on DVD Sets... I enjoy doing these immensely. It highlights a process all actors go through which usually leaves us leaving the audition with the feeling of "what the fuck did I just do?!" I plan to do a lot more with all kinds of films and different Actors playing the Casting Director
Просмотров: 651 Eric Satterberg
The Kicks | Amazon | Vic
Просмотров: 1517 Eric Satterberg
Switched at Birth | FREEFROM | Rob
Просмотров: 162 Eric Satterberg
MTV tr3s - Quiero Mi Boda
http://ericsatterberg.com A Promotion for the hit show on MTV tr3s! This was such a special process. For the audition I was given the entire spot that you actually see and was told to play it real. ( as always :)). Spanish is not a language I know but My mother and a large portion of my family speak Spanish so I can fake my way pretty well. Directed by: Carlos Lopez Estrada The Shoot was so well organized. It was in a large church in Korea Town and they had several teams working at once to move things a long as fast as possible. All of the Actors and Actress looked beautiful and really sold the parts. THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITES!!!
Просмотров: 7866 Eric Satterberg
Dr. Pepper TEN
http://ericsatterberg.com Directed by Richard Reens The Best part of this commercial was shooting it. I had so much fun working with Mike Truesdale, Kevin linell, and Kevin Ging. The Set was this cool house that had all this cool guy stuff. pictures of Betty Page and other famous naked women were all over the place. and of course all the Dr Pepper we could drink. Unfortunately it only played on two dates last year.
Просмотров: 1668 Eric Satterberg
Honda CRV Commercial "Fabric Softener"
http://ericsatterberg.com Dir: Alison Maclean Prod: Parks Pictures Actors: Eric Satterberg & London Kim
Просмотров: 2745 Eric Satterberg
Daisy Cottage Cheese | Sweet , Savory or... PLAIN!!! | 30 Sec
http://ericsatterberg.com Vote for #Plain here! on.fb.me/1JrcS9h Cast: Eric Satterberg Alexandra Hensely Clayton Meeks Dir: Doug cox Production: Mis-fit.sf Ad Agency: Sterling Rice group Producer: Scott Wickman
Просмотров: 3381 Eric Satterberg
Dr Pepper TEN
http://ericsatterberg.com Directed by Richard Reens Here is the first part of my Dr. Pepper 10 Commercial.
Просмотров: 643 Eric Satterberg
http://ericsatterberg.com This was a very Beautiful Day. I am so grateful I was able to work on such a huge set with so many different moving parts with so many competent professionals. My Best memories, though, come from working with Mobin Khan and Lacey B (The Bride and Groom). We basically talked shop all day and Mobin charmingly told us he was the only Indian Actor in town. He was hysterical. The end product came out wonderfully and I am happy to be a part in it.... Don't blink or you'll miss me ;).
Просмотров: 3251 Eric Satterberg
About a Boy - About A Vasectomy | NBC |
Просмотров: 628 Eric Satterberg
Silicon Valley | Camper | HBO
Http://ericsatterberg.com HBO Dir: Alec Berg Cast: Eric Satterberg (Camper), Zach Woods, Kumail Nanjiani
Просмотров: 168 Eric Satterberg
SunnyD 2015 Rollerblade  Extended Version
Просмотров: 1295 Eric Satterberg
Nickelodeon OC IceAge
Просмотров: 101 Eric Satterberg
Corning and HTC Present Gin Wigmore as "Katelyn"
Http://ericsatterberg.com "Katelyn" Prod. Aero Films Dir. Jason Farrand I had so much fun shooting my moment with Gin Wigmore on this project. The cast and crew were so amazing. This was a wonderful day because we shot on my birthday. Best gift I could have received was the opportunity to perform with this amazing production.
Просмотров: 431 Eric Satterberg
Awkward - The New Sex Deal | MTV |
Просмотров: 4897 Eric Satterberg
iCarly - iPawn Stars | Nickelodeon |
Просмотров: 12555 Eric Satterberg
Police Drinking Bavaria 0 0%
http://ericsatterberg.com Cast: Eric Satterberg, Joe Bays, Johnnie Graves
Просмотров: 811 Eric Satterberg
Hosting Reel
http://ericsatterberg.com edited by Adam Huebner As part of my career as an actor I hope to do some level of hosting. If I got to choose it would be for the Daily Show. I plan to add to this reel as soon as someone hires me to more. This was shot at CSUN for Phil Fishcer, a good friend and colleague. My Co-Star is Jason Fraze not an actor but a very funny guy. Jake Ruele is also in this as a walking Jewish Stereotype. I love working with Phil a lot. He is one of the most competent people I have ever met.
Просмотров: 155 Eric Satterberg
Daisy Cottage Cheese | Sweet , Savory or... PLAIN!!! | 15 sec | Piano
http://ericsatterberg.com Vote for #Plain here! on.fb.me/1JrcS9h Cast: Eric Satterberg Alexandra Hensely Clayton Meeks Dir: Doug cox Production: Mis-fit.sf Ad Agency: Sterling Rice group Producer: Scott Wickman
Просмотров: 442 Eric Satterberg
Daisy Cottage Cheese | Sweet , Savory or... PLAIN!!! | 15 sec
http://ericsatterberg.com Vote for #Plain here! on.fb.me/1JrcS9h Cast: Eric Satterberg Alexandra Hensely Clayton Meeks Dir: Doug cox Production: Mis-fit.sf Ad Agency: Sterling Rice group Producer: Scott Wickman
Просмотров: 256 Eric Satterberg
Steve Jobs Sells Doritos
http://ericsatterberg.com http://c4mediatv.com I love the people that made this Commercial. Thank you so much Marc, Christina, and Maura!!
Просмотров: 290 Eric Satterberg
I Was Abducted By Aliens!!!
http://ericsatterberg.com This is a clip from a Sizzle reel I did for You Too Channel. The Shoot was really fun because I got to Improvise in a really nice home with great people. DIrected by James F. Robinson
Просмотров: 264 Eric Satterberg
Met King & Kong op vakantie
http://ericsatterberg.com Dir: Nicolas Osborne and Sune Maroni Cast: Eric Satterberg, Matthew Downs, Lola Kelly, Heather kelly
Просмотров: 404 Eric Satterberg
Ray Donovan  | SHOWTIME | Evan
http://ericsatterberg.com Season 2 Ep. 1 Yo Soy Capitan Bunchy Monologue - Snap Members Prod: Showtime Dir: Tucker Gates Cast: Dash Mihok Eric Satterberg Alexander Chance
Просмотров: 1066 Eric Satterberg
Http://ericsatterberg.com www.duofilms.net/ I am so grateful to have played the "British Pub" Guy with my fellow Actors left to right: Craig Michaelson, Aaron Pressburg, Spero Chumas, Rob Locke(Bartender) Kristel Kovner(waitress). Duo Films really created something special with this one. Congrats!!
Просмотров: 619 Eric Satterberg
Eric Satterberg Mountain Bike Demo
http://ericsatterberg.com Cinematography by Phil Fischer C.A. and Editor Jake Ruehle This trail is somewhere in West Covina. It is a very challenging trail with long narrow down hills and winding turns with severe consequences if you are not careful. Luckily, I had 2 of the best team members capturing the ride. Phil and Jake completely executed this production from beginning to end. I am very proud of this clip. Enjoy. Eric Satterbrg
Просмотров: 263 Eric Satterberg
Scandal | ABC | John
Просмотров: 468 Eric Satterberg