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Repair Gas Grill Low Flame
This really works and can save you a lot of headaches and $$$...
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Social Security 62 vs 66
Guys this is simple arithmetic and to me its a no brainer which way to go...
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Gas Grill Problem
Before you go spending money on a new regulator give this a shot. It is weird but it worked for me.
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Vicks VapoRub for Raw Butt
I would not tell you this if it wasn't true. It's just too serious a subject. Try it and you'll like it. It will help your raw butt.
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India Viagra Warnings?
This video was hard to do because it is personal. But I would appreciate your feedback on it. Thank you.
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God Bless Craig Baker
What do you do when Muslims tell you to get rid of your livestock or leave? Craig Baker did exactly what my dad would have done.
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Ambien Danger
If you take it, go to bed and stay there!
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Icthammol Ointment
This stuff is amazing for splinters and ingrown nails...
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Setting Brookstone Jimi Clock
This dang thing drove me nuts. Here's the key.
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EdenPure Heater Follow Up
This is a 3 year follow up concerning our EdenPure Heaters and I'm replying to those who disagree with me.
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Armadillos Carry Leprosy FACTS
Just be careful and don't cut yourself when gutting them. And fry them really done. You'll be fine...
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Rav-4 Dead Mouse
Removal of the dead mouse in the vent system is this easy.
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Stop Dog From Eating Feces
Changing Palin's food to grain free cured her of this nasty habit...
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EdenPURE Update
This is a follow up on the video I did last year. These little heaters are nothing short of amazing...
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This is not a joke. This card saves us a lot of $ on fuel...
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EdenPure Heaters Amaze
This is a follow up to EdenPure Works which has been viewed more than 20,000 times.
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UFO Hurley, WI
This is not a joke. This happened!
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Stormy Kromer Styling
I LOVE my Kromer Clothes
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Be Parents!
God bless the restaurant owner with the sign that reads "No Screaming Children". Simple gives this lady 2 thumbs up...
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Low Tire Pressure Light
This is so 'simple' it's almost stupid. But then again... Why didn't they mention this in the owners manual?
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Auto Flushing Toilets Suck
I hate these things!
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Low Pants Explained
This is where wearing pants hanging off your butt started.
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UFO Hurley vs. Christianity
This is why I believe there is no conflict between being Christian and believing in UFOs.
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Forgetful Woman
Women are seemingly always forgetting something...
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Food Stamp Millionaire
It's good to be Leroy Fick.
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Make Mexico a State
Why not offer Mexico statehood?
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Hard Water Stains GONE!
After trying everything on the market and failing I finally found a way to easily remove hard water stains from clear glass shower doors.
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Cats Are Worthless
This verifies what I've been saying for years.
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Regional Airlines Problems Explained
If you want to see what reginal airlines are really all about, go to PBS.org and watch "Frontline Flying Cheap".
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The Wolfen Remake
The Wolfen were not wolves in the book. Therefore the original movie was nothing like the book. If it were remade today, it could be GREAT.
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Best Monsters 1950s
As far as I'm concerned the greatest monster movies were made in the 50s when radiation was the new thing.
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Dangerous Burn Remedy
If you use flour on burns be very careful.
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Elderly Driving Test
This would save a lot of people from being injured or the heartache of accidentally injuring people.
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Toyota Navigation Flaw
Here's a "simple" fix for what I consider a major flaw in the Rav4 navigation system.
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Criminals Vote Liberal
Criminals naturally want gun control because it disarms their victims. Therefore they vote LIBERAL.
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Why EdenPure Works
MiamaCOIndia does a great job of explaining why the EdenPure heater does exactly what I said it does.
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Support Mel Gibson
I said it when it all went down and I say again I support Mel Gibson.
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Update From Denmark
My buddy Clausfarre wrote me again from Denmark and this is what he had to say about uncontrolled immigration and gun control.
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Unemployment To Disability
This is why the unemployment figures have dropped and and still there is no incentive for welfare leaches to get a job.
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Support Public Executions
This video refers to a comment I received from Denmark concerning the video I did a year ago on this subject.
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Fluorescent Lights Harm Us
Fluorescent lights cause headaches. This is why.
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Return public execution to U.S.
When people are sentenced to death they should not sit on death row for years. They should be executed timely and make it public.
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Airport Detonation Booths
Instead of just scanning everyone, have individuals enter a booth that will automatically detonate explosives. Instant justice!
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Stormy Kromer  Order One
You should go to Hobbywheel.com and order one. Or I'll be happy to send you one for a whole lot of money...
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Every Friday At The Pentagon
Check this out...
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Min-Pin Warning 2
Follow up to clarify my warning to future dog owners...
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Drunken Jane McGarry
This is a story about a non story concerning a drunken news anchor in Dallas, Texas.
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Toxic Cake Mix Warning
Can pancake mix become toxic?
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The Real Forrest Gump
This dude is really running 48 to 50 miles everday until he crosses America. He sold me.
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Caregiver Massage
This was an amazing experience that I want to share with you.
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