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How to Survive in the Desert without Water
Watch more Disaster Survival & Worst-Case Scenarios videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/447721-How-to-Survive-in-the-Desert-without-Water Don’t trust mirages; if you need to survive in the desert without water, these tips could save your life. Step 1: Don’t eat Avoid eating as much as possible. You can survive longer without food than without water, and the digestive process uses water. Step 2: Try not to sweat Minimize perspiration by relegating physical activity to nighttime. And keep your clothing on -- it helps slow the evaporation of your sweat. Wrap a piece of fabric around your head if you don’t have a hat. Using your urine to dampen your clothes will further reduce sweating. Tip Don’t drink your urine; your body will use more water to remove the waste material than it will gain. Step 3: Dig for water If you spot any green plants or dry lake beds, dig there until the soil becomes moist, and wait for water to seep into the hole. It may provide enough water to survive in the desert until you get out or are rescued. Step 4: Forget about cactus Forget the myth about getting water from a cactus: You’ll probably lose more hydration from the ensuing vomiting than you'll gain from the few drops you manage to drink. Step 5: Follow bees Look for flies or mosquitoes, which means water is nearby. If you see a bee, follow it; bees fly in a straight line to and from water, so it will lead you right to a source. Did You Know? An Austrian teenager survived a record 18 days without food or water in 1979, when police forgot they'd put him in a holding cell.
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How to Get Started | Harmonica Lessons
Watch more Harmonica Lessons with Blues Traveler's John Popper videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/476403-How-to-Get-Started-Harmonica-Lessons Hi, I'm John Popper, lead singer of the band Blues Traveler. I also play harmonica, and am arguably one of the best in the world. But thank God, there really never can be an actual best, but I'm damn good. I'm gonna teach you a few things about the harmonica. My best advice to play the harmonica, and I say this because it's funny, it's a lot like life: Sometimes you blow, sometimes you suck. You... just do what sounds good to your ears. Just have fun going *plays harmonica notes*. Break up the pattern, breathe in, breathe out, breathe in twice, breathe out twice, breathe out twice, breathe in once, then breath out again. Bob Dylan, who is a poetic genius, is actually a pretty simplistic harmonica player, and he taught a generation is that all you have to do is *plays harmonica notes*. Now I'm not playing a melodies right there. Bob Dylan sort of played melodies, but you can kinda just ham it up and have fun. And as you do that you start to hear things, and really pay attention to what your ears are hearing. And find melodies that you like, and gradually, you start going *plays harmonica notes*. And people around you will be driven nuts by this. They will not be able to stand what you're doing, but in your mind, you'll go "Wow, I kind... la la la, la la la." It's like humming, but with these chords. And gradually over time you will start to feel your way around the harmonica. You'll know exactly where things are. When you start to go *plays harmonica notes*. And that's just making something up off the top of your head. And you can tell as I was playing, you get a little more focused on single notes. That again is just playing smoother, and calmer, purse your lips a little more, focus the air on one whole opposed to more chords. But again don't let that bother you, don't let it distract you. There's a saying that a saxophone player told me, "If it sounds good to you, it's right." And that's the great thing about the harmonica, there's no pressure. Enjoy the sounds, you're making. And screw what other people say, at least for the beginning. Eventually if you live in rent control or on someone's couch, you'll have to listen to what they say. No problems.
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How to Play the Blues | Harmonica Lessons
Watch more Harmonica Lessons with Blues Traveler's John Popper videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/476401-How-to-Play-the-Blues-Harmonica-Lessons Learn how to play the blues on a harmonica with this Howcast harmonica lesson taught by John Popper of Blues Traveler. Hi, I'm John Popper, lead singer of the band Blues Traveler. I also play harmonica, and am arguably one of the best in the world. But thank God, there really never can be an actual best, but I'm damn good. I'm gonna teach you a few things about the harmonica. There's several positions on a harmonica. Again, we'll start with a C harmonica, 'cause it's easiest to remember the transpositions. If I'm using the tonic, la la la la, la la la. La la la la la la la. That's melody, right? Tonic means "la" in that song I'm singing, the bottom, what feels like the bottom is the tonic. "La" becomes what they call the one. And that means 2 is, la la, 1, 2. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. So there's 8 notes to a scale. 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. This is just basic code for music. So if I'm playing in a major scale, in a C harmonica, I'm gonna use as C as a tonic, which sounds very major-y, and like a folk instrument. Now, if I wanna play blues, I'm gonna use the G as the tonic, so I can get that flat 7. And that's what blues harmonica players do, largely. And again, these are all relative, as far as, it's not the only thing blue players do, and it's not the only think folk players do. 'Cause you can be a folk player, and still play that second position. You can be a blues player, and still play that first position. There's even a third position, where, if you're playing with a C harmonica, you can be using a D Minor, and that means. And that's a very minor-y sounding thing. And there's even other positions you can do. Like, I always liked the Phrygian Mode. See, each mode or scale, the first, the major one, da da da da da da da da, is called an Ionian Mode. And the one with that bluesy one is called a Mixolydian Mode. And these are all named after islands in Greece, where the various tribes played songs that favored these modes or melodies. And that's really all this is, is just, different lingo for different scales that support different chords. So a Phrygian Mode would be. Now that's playing in a C harmonica, I'm playing in the Key of E. And then there's one for if I really want to be super minor-y. I use a C harmonica to play an A. You have to be really sensitive to use that one. The most popular tends to be the second position or first position, if you're a folk guy or a blues guy. Or a polka guy, I guess, for the first position. But don't let any of these things throw you. Again, if it sounds good, it's right. And these are just ways to communicate with other musicians. You wanna know what key the other guys is playing in, so you can pick the right harmonica to use.
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What Are John Popper's 14 Harmonicas? | Harmonica Lessons
Watch more Harmonica Lessons with Blues Traveler's John Popper videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/474384-What-Are-John-Poppers-14-Harmonicas-Harmonica-Lessons Hi, I'm John Popper, lead singer of the band Blues Traveler. I also play harmonica, and am arguably one of the best in the world. But thank God, there really never can be an actual best, but I'm damn good. I'm gonna teach you a few things about the harmonica. Every diatonic or blues harmonica or folk harmonica, and the term diatonic means in the key of, that's all it means. Each harmonica, right here, has the tune that it's in. G harmonica. And this is an A-flat harmonica. As labeled here on the sides so that any tech can know which one will be gone. So when I want to play in a B blues, I use an E harmonica. A lot of blues harmonica players play that way and they call it cross harp. If I want to play a G blues, I use a C harmonica. That's a G there that I just played right there. So, you have all 12 keys. In western music there are 12 tones. A, A-flat, B, C, D, D-flat, E, E-flat, F, H. I have two little ones here that are special. This is the lowest harmonica they make and this is the highest harmonica that they make. You know, I have this G here that is the lowest on the scale while this is an octave higher. Same key, but an octave higher. It just lets you do really shrill things like hang up telephones and freak out dogs. And that's what that's for. And then this one here, this isn't the highest key, D1 which plays in A blues, but they made an extra low D1. And this is kind of a nice, low sex sound sort of like Lauren Bacall's voice, it's good for low blues or whatever. So basically, I travel with 12 harmonicas and an additional 2 for a whopping 14. And that's basically what you got. But here's the problem. These harmonicas go out of tune when you beat them up the way I do. And when they're out of tune, they're pretty much screwed. I mean, some people, Howard Levy, that great harmonica player I mentioned, you know, actually, he'd treat the reeds. The result is he'll have harmonicas that will last him for years. But they got spit all over them. Frankly, I, staining the metal with spit all over them and I break the reeds. I just get a new harmonica because they're pretty much screwed and I don't got time to heat treat things and you know, and what are they, like 30 bucks? I just throw them away. And then I started throwing them away to the crowd and then the crowd started expecting me to throw them and then I'm throwing perfectly good harmonicas into the crowd because they expect me to throw them. And that's why I got so freaking pre-eminent.
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Take Your Playing to the Next Level | Harmonica Lessons
Watch more Harmonica Lessons with Blues Traveler's John Popper videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/474388-Take-Your-Playing-to-the-Next-Level-Harmonica-Lessons Hi, I'm John Popper, lead singer of the band Blues Traveler. I also play harmonica, and am arguably one of the best in the world. But thank God, there really never can be an actual best, but I'm damn good. I'm gonna teach you a few things about the harmonica. What you've got to start doing to take your harmonica playing to the next level is start listening to harmonica players you like and then this gets really important, what I like to do is listen to saxophone players I listen to guitar players I like because Jimi Hendrix, the best guitar player in the world, again arguably because there is no best. I think he's the best, but then again I'd be in an argument with someone but Jimi Hendrix didn't care that he was playing things that a guitar didn't normally do. He would be like [harmonica playing] and it's like, that's not a guitar, that's an ambulance in Europe and see he was just getting any sound he could out of that thing, and that's really the epiphany I had was like, why can't I do that on a Harmonica, why do I have to sound like you know [harmonica playing] which is good, but that's like what Little Walter would do in the 1940's, and I was in the 1980's, this little white kid in the suburbs in New Jersey. Why do I have to sound like an African American gentleman in the post-depression era projects of Chicago. That's not natural, I'm pretending, I'm pretending to be a bluesy guy. This is something that someone said about the blues which is really wise, the blues is a sound a baby makes when it cries for the very first time when it's born because it doesn't know why it's crying, after that he knows he will be picked up and it's all show business. You want to cry that first cry, you want to like really just be impulsive, instinctual cries is what you're at. That means you can be from anywhere, you don't have to have a string tie like you're from the Mississippi levees in the late 1800's or something, that's not what the blues is. It's about playing honestly and so what you want to do is make sounds that mean something to you. One of the first things I was trying to play was [harmonica playing] and I just loved the flow of the violin, it let me practice, you know, hitting some notes heavier than others and that gives you a sort of touch about dynamics and when you're playing a [harmonica playing]. Now someone once told me that any line like that elaborate was supposed to be for a horn like a saxophone or a trumpet and why? There's no reason why not and other than that as far as technique goes, develop rudiments, you learn just a little pattern you want to play and just get good at doing it well. Enjoy the sounds you're making on the instrument even if it's repetitive and redundant. You're enjoying it. You're friends can't stand it, but eventually one day they turn around, "Wow I didn't know you played that well." And the thing is they were listening to you learn how to do that the whole time. They were just trying to block it out of their head when you sucked. Let everything be on the table, and I think that's a great way to sort of aesthetically anyway up your game on the harmonica.
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How to Play Harmonica like John Popper | Harmonica Lessons
Watch more Harmonica Lessons with Blues Traveler's John Popper videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/476407-How-to-Play-Harmonica-like-John-Popper-Harmonica-Lessons Learn how to play harmonica like John Popper of Blues Traveler with this harmonica lesson taught by John Popper himself. Hi, I'm John Popper, lead singer of the band Blues Traveler. I also play harmonica, and am arguably one of the best in the world. But thank God, there really never can be an actual best, but I'm damn good. I'm gonna teach you a few things about the harmonica. I'll tell you some of the tricks that I knew or made up. You know, I was a kid in the eighties, so of course I wanted to play like Eddie Van Halen. So I started going‚ "Simple 2 inhales and an exhale." I can already hear my Mom upstairs going, "Stop that!" because I would do it for hours. But then I learned, you move that up and down the harmonica, that same pattern, 2 inhales and an exhale, and at that time, I'm was like "Wooow, I'm like doing like that thing like Eddie Van Halen does." Then I started learning a sextuplet pattern. But again like I said, listen to sax players, listen to guitar players, listen to any to anything you hear. Don't let the fact that they talk about what you can't do on this thing, throw you, it's amazing what you can do. And there are harmonica players, Howard Levy for one, who can do a lot more than I can do. He can play full chromatic scales on this, which I can't. There are things that I can't do on this and I just try not to do them as much or I figure out a way to cheat them. And cheating works, cheat as much as you can.
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How to Handle a Fart in Yoga Class
Watch more How to Do Yoga Poses videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/459415-How-to-Handle-a-Fart-in-Yoga-Class It happens to almost every yoga practitioner at some point: You're contorting yourself into a pose when you let one rip. Here's what to do next -- and how to help prevent future flatulence. Step 1: Pre-emptive farts Before yoga class, do a few pre-emptive farts by practicing poses that tend to stimulate them -- like extended knee to nose and locust. Step 2: Ignore it Didn't get all the gas out? If one escapes during class, simply ignore it. Passing gas is extremely common with yoga. In fact, odds are at least one other person will toot before the class is over -- and you can be assured most everyone else is trying to suppress one. Step 3: Cover it up If you react fast enough, try covering it up with a hacking cough, a vigorous sneeze, or a loud exhale. Step 4: Blame someone else Throw the person nearest you under the bus by pretending the fart came from them. This can easily be achieved by turning to them and saying loudly, "Don't worry about it! It happens to everyone." Tip Attend a yoga class that allows dogs so you can blame your fart on the nearest animal. Step 5: Practice wind-relieving pose If flatulence is a problem outside yoga class as well, practice the wind-relieving pose in private -- designed to do exactly what it says. Then, give some thought as to whether or not fitness classes in enclosed spaces are right for you. Did You Know? The average person farts about 14 times a day.
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How Did John Popper Start Playing? | Harmonica Lessons
Watch more Harmonica Lessons with Blues Traveler's John Popper videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/474390-How-Did-John-Popper-Start-Playing-Harmonica-Lessons Learn how John Popper started playing harmonica in this interview with John Popper himself. Hi, I'm John Popper, lead singer of the band Blues Traveler. I also play harmonica, and am arguably one of the best in the world. But thank God, there really never can be an actual best, but I'm damn good. I'm gonna teach you a few things about the harmonica. I was harmonizing in church when I was 3. You know, my parents realized I was sort of musically inclined, and we're distantly related to David Popper, this early 20th century cellist. Who was in the 1910s‚ he was a bohemian cellist. So they gave me a cello and gave me lessons and I was horrible at it, and I hated to practice. And when I was 8, they gave me piano lessons, and I hated to practice, hated learning to read, hated being told what to do. Tuba lessons later, give the fat kid a tuba. Sort of goes without saying I was a little pudgy, even at school. And guitar lessons and again hated learning to read. The great thing about the harmonica is there wasn't any literature for it, or lessons to be taught. You just kind of had to figure it out yourself. And that's really part of how I excelled at it, that and also the chord structure of the harmonica is very satisfying. When you exhale on a C harmonica you get a C major chord right away. Inhale you get a G dominant chord. All dominant means is that the 7th degree of that chord. La, la, la, la, la, la, la. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 of a major scale, is flattened and that lets you go, laa, laa, laa, laa, laa, laa‚ it lends itself to more of a bluesy thing. That is what a dominant chord transmits, so right away you're sort of, kind of playing music, something basically pleasing. So basically when I got my harmonica the first day I was going‚ I was sort of playing "Frère Jacques," kind of right out of the box. You start realizing how many songs are built on these 2 chords to some degree or another. A little fudging here and there. Its basically the structure of a lot of western music is, a major chord with some sort of a dominant chord.
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How to Make a Paper Balloon Water Bomb
Like these kid's activities? Check out the official app http://apple.co/1ThDIrx Watch more How to Do Origami videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/465903-How-to-Make-a-Paper-Balloon-Water-Bomb You don't need a latex balloon to make a water bomb -- just paper and this quick lesson in origami, the Japanese art of paper folding. Step 1: Take a square paper Take a square piece of paper, fold it over diagonally, and crease the edge, so you have a triangle. Open the paper flat again and cross over the other side diagonally, creasing the edge, so that when you spread the paper square you now have an "X" in the middle. Now fold the paper in half, from top to bottom, and crease the edge. Step 2: Fold the sides Take the top right corner and tuck inward, toward the center of the paper's bottom edge, and press. Do the same with the other side. You should now have a triangle. Step 3: Fold again Take the bottom right-hand corner of the top layer of paper and fold it up so that it meets the tip of the triangle; crease the bottom edge. Repeat with the other side. Now flip the paper and repeat on the reverse side. You're halfway through to making your paper balloon water bomb! Step 4: And fold some more Holding the paper like a diamond, fold the right tip of the top layer over to the crease in the middle of the diamond. Repeat with the left side. Then flip the diamond and repeat with the reverse side. Step 5: Tuck the wings Take the 2 wing flaps and tuck them into the pockets that have been formed. Press firmly and repeat on the other side. Step 6: Find the hole and blow Find the hole at the bottom, hold the paper loosely in your hands, and blow to inflate the paper balloon. Fill it with water and you've made a paper balloon water bomb. Now just be careful who or what you toss that water bomb at! Did You Know? Englishman Edgar Ellington accidentally invented the water balloon in 1950 while trying to create a waterproof sock.
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How to Rock a Solo | Harmonica Lessons
Watch more Harmonica Lessons with Blues Traveler's John Popper videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/474386-How-to-Rock-a-Solo-Harmonica-Lessons Hi, I'm John Popper, lead singer of the band Blues Traveler. I also play harmonica, and am arguably one of the best in the world. But thank God, there really never can be an actual best, but I'm damn good. I'm gonna teach you a few things about the harmonica. Soloing is really about confidence and taking charge of a phrase. It's important to not see it as a harmonica thing. It's important to see it as a musical thing. People always see the difference between a harmonica and a saxophone. There isn't one. It's just different manipulations to make the same kind of sound. You want to make a statement. And, in fact, a good exercise that a lot of soloists do is sing your solo. If you can sing it, you can ultimately play it. Might take a little work to get there, but the important thing is to have the idea of the solo. You can learn all kinds of chops on this instrument, or any other instrument. But if you aren't thinking it, you won't say it. We had, again, that saxaphone teacher I was talking about. He had a great exercise for it. He would make us play a joke. And I don't mean we would play a joke on someone. We would actually musically tell a joke. It was the joke of the plumber and the parrot. Where the plumber's knocking on the door, and the lady was out. And the parrot goes, who is it? The guy goes, it's the plumber. And the parrot goes, who is it? And the guy goes, it's the plumber. And the parrot goes, who is it? And the guy goes, it's the plumber! And the parrot goes, who is it? And the guy goes, it's the plumber! And eventually he has a heart attack, and drops over dead right there. And the lady comes back from shopping, and goes, my God, who's that? And the parrot goes, it's the plumber. And that's, like an old joke. The trombone was the parrot, the saxophone got to be the plumber. And I got to be the lady going, my God, who's that? And, um, you would play the phrase of, iii. You play the frustration. You really try and look at the phrase of what you're saying. I think that's more important than any rudiment that you could learn. 'Cause if you learn the phrase, just like learning a language. That's really what music is. It's another language. If you learn to say what you're saying, you will figure out all kinds of interesting and unique ways to say it. You'll be instantly original that way. Try and have an idea to say, and you will always find a new way to say it. The way that I'm talking to the camera right now is just like playing a solo. I'm soloing right now. I'm be-boppin' my butt off, baby.
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How to Play Harmonica Fast | Harmonica Lessons
Watch more Harmonica Lessons with Blues Traveler's John Popper videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/476406-How-to-Play-Harmonica-Fast-Harmonica-Lessons Hi, I'm John Popper, lead singer of the band Blues Traveler. I also play harmonica, and am arguably one of the best in the world. But thank God, there really never can be an actual best, but I'm damn good. I'm gonna teach you a few things about the harmonica. Well, one way to play fast is, have a very trusting friend hold the harmonica. And then get a Lamborghini, stick your face out of the window and your gonna have to practice this a few times. You want to line your lips up to go right next to the harp, as you drive by. Now, you want to try this at about 10 miles an hour first,gradually increasing your speed to about 40 or 50 and then, I'd just like, go for it. Like, do about a 210 miles an hour just, and that's all you gotta do. My point is that, I can play really fast. Anyone can just go...What is it you want to say when your playing fast? That's the thing. You want to play as fast as you can play accurately. In that regard, harmonica playing is just like shooting something. You can just go, bang-bang-bang-bang-bang, but what is it your trying to hit? You actually want to shoot as fast as you can while hitting what your aiming at. And I think music is very similar to that. Speed should be incidental here. I think that it's a bi-product of knowing something really well and it's a nervous reflex perhaps. I've seen people who were faster than me, I've seen people who were slower than me but, the most important thing is to be saying something. To have a phrase. If you want to be a fast player and to have people noticing your fast, you're not really trying to do that. You're trying to have an elaborate phrase. So, be more elaborate than fast.
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How to Make a B Movie
Watch more Filmmaking 101 videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/462255-How-to-Make-a-B-Movie Revel in only the cheesiest, most absurd, so-bad-it's-good kind of movies? Then you, my friend, are a B movie fan! Here's how to make one. Step 1: Know what a B movie is Know what a B movie is: Once the second-billed movie of a double feature, today it means any super low-budget, formulaic film. So go ahead put that Oscar-worthy script away. Step 2: Choose a genre Decide what kind of B movie you want to make. Consider genres like horror, sci-fi, monster, exploitation, and kung fu, but don't be afraid to mix and match for some true B movie magic. Step 3: Write a script Pen your script, and don't you dare skimp on the corniness! Keep the plot paper-thin and the dialogue simple. Throw in some choice one-liners for your hero when the melodrama reaches a fever pitch. Step 4: Cast actors Cast the hammiest actors you can find. When making a B movie, looks definitely trump talent, so words like "overacting" and "over-the-top" only mean your movie will be overly awesome! Tip If your B movie calls for a damsel in distress, be sure she can shriek bloody murder and faint on cue -- often in that order. Step 5: Start filming! Once you've gathered low-budget props and jury-rigged a shoddy set, you're ready to start filming your B movie! Don't get caught up in trivial technicalities like the action going out of frame or a visible boom mike, but do keep 2 words in mind: Dramatic. Close-ups. Step 6: Hold a screening Once your film's in the can, hold a screening of your masterpiece. After all, half of the joy of B movies is having someone to watch -- and laugh -- with! Did You Know? The parasitic jewel wasp turns cockroaches into zombies by injecting venom into their brains and laying an egg in their abdomens, where its larvae then hatch… and eat.
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How to Play Harmonica with John Popper | Harmonica Lessons
Watch more Harmonica Lessons with Blues Traveler's John Popper videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/476400-How-to-Play-Harmonica-with-John-Popper-Harmonica-Lessons Blues Traveler was some friends of mine in high school, and we were all musically inclined and decided to become a band. We wrote our own songs and jammed out a lot in our drummer's parents' basement. Decided to sort of arrange the offer that all of our parents made to sort of fund us if we went to college, in a very lucrative way were we all sort of went to college one way or another in New York and really just kind of skipped class and rehearsed a lot and figured out how to support ourselves playing music, and once we did, we quit college and made a go of it as a band and just kept going. Eventually we were playing various places like the Nightingale Bar, which sort of led to us playing wetlands. And the people we went to college with would come and see us play, and we developed a following, and also friends from high school would come and see us play. It wasn't long before we were playing at Barnard Campus, where the son of Bill Graham (David Graham) saw us play and told his father about us. And he was about to graduate from Columbia University and get into the business with his dad, and his dad thought it would be good to manage us; and it was about that time that A&M Records was seeing the crowds we were drawing just on word of mouth and decided to sign us to a contract, and we've been going ever since. I think we are working on our twelfth album, eleventh album, something like that. I think we just totaled like thirteen million records. We've got six platinum records and maybe a gold or two in there, and it's been, it'll be twenty five years next year of us doing basically that.
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How to Write a Song | Harmonica Lessons
Watch more Harmonica Lessons with Blues Traveler's John Popper videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/474389-How-to-Write-a-Song-Harmonica-Lessons Hi, I'm John Popper, lead singer of the band Blues Traveler. I also play harmonica, and am arguably one of the best in the world. But thank God, there really never can be an actual best, but I'm damn good. I'm gonna teach you a few things about the harmonica. Songwriting is a conscious effort every step of the way. You have to have a feel for songwriting. And trying to have a decision making process that's fairly instinctual. Because you can't be second guessing yourself all the time. But ultimately, you are trying things and you are discovering things, and no song is written the same way. It could be a melody that leads you to a set of lyrics. It could be a lyrical idea that leads you to a set of lyrics, and a melody. It could be a set of lyrics that leads you to a lyrical idea. It could be a set of lyrics or a lyrical idea that leads you to a melody. So you're always trying to develop new ways and new conversations to have. And see, songwriting involves a dialogue you have. It's both. I wrote a song last night, because I thought this girl was really cool. And I had a moment with her. And it was nothing more than that, conversation with her on a bus. And basically fantasized about the conversation on the bus, and what that could mean, knowing full well that that's all it was. It was a fantasy of a conversation on a bus. But that projected in my head, several images that I thought were really cool. And that became a song. Whether or not it's a good song. Well, again, I will have to sing the song to people that I'm going to work with. And it'll inspire them, or it won't. And that's part of this process of elimination that the song has to survive. A good comedian will make the audience laugh by going, ""I know what he means,"" when they talk about something. If you, if you find yourself laughing at comedy, it's because you identify with what the guy is saying. Some part of you knows exactly the feeling of falling down the stairs, and the way the guy was talking about. Or, you know, bitches be shoppin'. You know, whatever it is that you're laughing about, it something that we can all identify with. Same exact thing with songwriting. When Alanis Morrissette screams that "You Oughta Know, it's not fair to remind me." We all know that feeling. We all want to scream at the top of our lungs, ""It's not fair."" And that's why it's such a great lyric. I think that everybody is looking for that connection. I think it makes everybody feel less alone, and I think that's what the best artistic stuff is. Is when everyone feels a common-ness, an understanding with everyone else. And the only way to do that is to mean what you say, 'cause they can spot a lie. You know, the crowd will always spot a lie. And no one is clever enough to predict what the next trend will be. You have to just be honest. And it's your only game.
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How to Make a Harry Potter Treacle Tart
Watch more How to Bake Pies videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/459418-How-to-Make-a-Harry-Potter-Treacle-Tart Harry Potter’s favorite dessert is a treacle tart, "treacle" being the British word for molasses. Here’s an easy recipe for this sweet treat. Step 1: Par-bake pie shell Preheat the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit and par-bake the pie shell from 15 to 20 minutes or until it has a light, golden color. Let the shell cool for 30 minutes. Tip Keep your crust smooth as it bakes with pie weights or uncooked beans. Step 2: Mix ingredients Hand or machine mix the golden syrup, breadcrumbs, egg yolks, heavy cream, and lemon juice; add a pinch of ground ginger if you like. Tip If you can’t find golden syrup, which is typically available in specialty food stores, use light corn syrup and molasses in a 2 to 1 ratio as a substitute. Step 3: Bake Spread the mixture into the pie shell, lower the oven to 350 degrees, and bake the treacle tart for 30 to 40 minutes or until the top is just set. Step 4: Cool and serve Allow the tart to cool, and serve with a dollop of whipped cream or a scoop of ice cream. Harry Potter would be proud! Did You Know? Steven Spielberg was considered for directing Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone -- he wanted to consolidate several of the books' plots and make it an animated feature.
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How to Make a Beer Can Cooler That Runs on Solar Power
Watch more How to Do Fun Tech & Science Projects videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/470062-How-to-Make-a-Beer-Can-Cooler-That-Runs-on-Solar-Power Warning Always take extra precautions when working with electricity and sharp objects. Step 1: Remove the solar panel Disassemble the garden lights with the screwdriver and carefully remove the solar panel, which will have 2 wires attached. Using the wire cutters, cut off the ends, and then remove 1/4 inch of the plastic coating with the wire stripper. Tip Don't cut the wires too short; it will make them more difficult to use. Step 2: Test the voltage With the solar panel in direct sunlight, touch the positive probe of the voltage meter to the solar panel’s positive wire and the negative probe to the negative wire. Check the voltage meter screen to see if the output is 5 volts. Step 3: Get 5 volts If your solar panel doesn't generate 5 volts, add another solar panel by soldering the positive wire of the first solar panel to the negative wire of the second one. Tip You can add a 5-volt regulator to ensure that the voltage doesn’t surpass 5 volts. Step 4: Add a diode To prevent any electricity from flowing back into the solar panel, solder a diode to the solar panel’s positive wire. Make sure the diode's stripe faces away from the panel. Step 5: Prepare USB drink cooler Cut off the flat end of the USB cord on the USB-powered drink cooler, exposing its wires. Strip about 1/4 inch of the coating on the red wire and the black wire, ignoring any other wire colors. Step 6: Attach the solar panel for solar power Solder the red wire of the USB cord to the positive wire of the solar panel and the black wire to the negative wire to attach the solar panel, and place the device in direct sunlight to make sure it powers up. Then, position the solar panel neatly onto the underside of the drink cooler and hot glue it into place. Step 7: Prepare the beer can cooler Place the drink cooler on the lid of the Styrofoam cooler so that the cooling element is facing down. Trace the outline of the drink cooler onto the Styrofoam lid and cut out the outline. Tip The smaller the Styrofoam cooler, the more effective the results will be. Step 8: Finish the beer can cooler With the solar panels facing up, fit the drink cooler into the lid until half of it protrudes through the bottom. Then hot glue it into place. Congratulations: You've got yourself a beer can cooler. Here's to solar power! Did You Know? On Norway's Svalbard Islands, the sun never sets from April to August.
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How to Hit a Difficult Note | Harmonica Lessons
Watch more Harmonica Lessons with Blues Traveler's John Popper videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/476404-How-to-Hit-a-Difficult-Note-Harmonica-Lessons Hi, I'm John Popper, lead singer of the band Blues Traveler. I also play harmonica, and am arguably one of the best in the world. But thank God, there really never can be an actual best, but I'm damn good. I'm gonna teach you a few things about the harmonica. The way to hit difficult notes on a harmonica is you can bend notes lower by inhaling more. And exhaling low notes is harder to bend. You don't bend as well but, exhaling notes higher that's easier but inhaling notes on a bend, higher is harder to do. Howard Levy, that harmonica player I told you about, showed me a trick where if you blow into a draw-hole, that note isn't there on a harmonica. That note doesn't exist. You're bending the draw-hole by blowing into it, which is a cool little thing.
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How to Improvise | Harmonica Lessons
Watch more Harmonica Lessons with Blues Traveler's John Popper videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/476405-How-to-Improvise-Harmonica-Lessons Learn how to improvise on the harmonica with this Howcast harmonica lesson taught by John Popper of Blues Traveler. Hi, I'm John Popper, lead singer of the band Blues Traveler. I also play harmonica, and am arguably one of the best in the world. But thank God, there really never can be an actual best, but I'm damn good. I'm gonna teach you a few things about the harmonica. What be-bop players do, is, they'll try and think about cramming 3 notes into every note. Think of a phrase, ba da da da da da da da da. Or da da da da DA, da da da da da da. Take the song, Mary had a Little Lamb. Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba. Ba da da doo, ba da da da da da. Ba da da da da da. Do-da da. Ba da da da da da. Ba da da da. Ba da da da da da. Ba da da da. And see, that's not really a harmonica thing. That's more of a music thing. And I think that if you start approaching songs that way, like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Ba ba ba ba, ba ba ba. Start going, ba da da da da. Ba da da da da. Ba doo da da, ba doo da da. Ba da da da da. Before you know it, you're improvising without even thinking about it. And I think that's a good approach for anybody that wants to improvise.
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How to Record a Solo Album | Harmonica Lessons
Watch more Harmonica Lessons with Blues Traveler's John Popper videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/474387-How-to-Record-a-Solo-Album-Harmonica-Lessons Hi, I'm John Popper, lead singer of the band Blues Traveler. I also play harmonica, and am arguably one of the best in the world. But thank God, there really never can be an actual best, but I'm damn good. I'm gonna teach you a few things about the harmonica. How do you make a solo album, well there are many ways to make a solo album. I guess the first way to make a solo album is to be in a band that's recognized enough that when you go and make an album on your own its called a solo album. Because in a sense, no album is truly solo as you're going to need to work with a producer. You're going to need to work with some sort of a studio, which means an engineer and eventually you're going to need to work with other musicians, unless your going to do all the instruments yourself like your Prince or Frank Zappa. Some people do that and there are madmen, they even do the engineering and all the production. But you can do a solo album pretty cheaply with today's technology. But it really comes down to, you got to find someone who is really interested and at every point that I'm mentioning every process here, you have got to get someone who thinks, ""Wow this is a good idea."" So it really comes down to relating to people and communicating with them that their effort are with you and you will be requiring their efforts and they are not going to be a waste of time and all to your mania and glory. My solo album was in collaboration with Jono Manson, who when Blues Traveler first came to New York City. He was kind of the king of the scene that we jumped in on that club scene, the nightingale's scene. But Jono was a very good friend of mine and we were always looking for an opportunity to do something other than the Blues Traveler, and so that made me doing a solo album a very tasty idea. We named the solo album John Popper and the Duskray Troubadours, which if you think about it, Blues Traveler is a color and a name for travelling performers and what is duskray and a Troubadours, but another color and a description of travelling performers? Not very imaginative if you think about it. I think my next album will be John Popper and the Red Minstrels.
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How to Dumpster Dive
Watch more How to Help Save the Environment videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/400088-How-to-Dumpster-Dive It's the ultimate in bargain hunting -- salvaging food and other items that businesses toss every day, much of it in excellent condition. See if you have what it takes to dumpster dive. Step 1: Check local laws Check with your local authorities to see if dumpster diving is legal in your area; laws vary from county to county. In many places it's legal as long as you're not trespassing. Step 2: Have the right gear Have the right gear: heavy-duty rubber gloves, a headlamp, a broom handle with a nail in it to hook bags, a stepladder or stool, duct tape to seal damaged bags, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, a basic first-aid kit in case you hurt yourself, and heavy-duty trash bags to cart off your haul. Step 3: Wear coveralls Wear a pair of coveralls over your clothes; when you're done for the night, strip them off, stuff them in a bag, and take them home for washing. Set aside an old pair of shoes for your dumpster dives. Tip It helps to have a partner to hold heavy lids open and stand outside the dumpster if you decide to climb in. Step 4: Time your dives Time your dumpster dives; the best time to hit food stores and restaurants is right after closing time, when they've thrown out what they don't think they'll be able to sell the next day. Step 5: Understand expiration dates Understand food expiration labels. "Sell by" items remain good for several days past that date. "Use by" indicates the date the item will begin to lose freshness; normally, food remains safe to eat a few days past then; it just might not taste as good. Of course, if it looks or smells bad don't eat it -- especially when it comes to meat and fish. Tip Canned foods stay good for years as long as the seal hasn't been broken. Step 6: Follow etiquette Follow the two rules of dumpster diving etiquette: Don't take more than you can use, unless you plan to share your bounty; and leave the area tidier than you found it. Did You Know? In 2010, dumpster-diving college students found a speaking-engagement contract for former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and leaked it to a state senator, who forwarded it to the press.
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How to Convince Your Parents Summer Camp Stinks
Watch more Summer Camp videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/465771-How-to-Convince-Your-Parents-Summer-Camp-Stinks Spare yourself the annual incarceration known as summer camp with these ploys. Step 1: Start a whisper campaign Start a whisper campaign about the camp your parents plan to send you to. Hint that supervision is sloppy, the food is unhealthy, and the facilities are dirty. Step 2: Offer alternatives Offer alternatives to summer camp. Are you old enough to get a job, like a paper route? What about music lessons or summer school? Step 3: Exhibit disturbing behavior Convince your parents that summer camp stinks by turning into the crude camper every counselor hates. When your folks ask what's gotten into you, say you're just getting ready for camp. Step 4: Try reverse psychology Suddenly act like you can't wait to get to camp. With any luck, your parents will be so worried about what you're up to that they'll cancel your stay. Tip Let them overhear you telling a friend that you plan to "push the envelope" at camp this year. Step 5: Plan an escape If you end up at summer camp, send your parents an alarming message about an outbreak that the counselors are supposedly trying to keep quiet. That should convince your parents that summer camp stinks and they need to break you out ASAP. Step 6: Show signs of PCSD If nothing works, display signs of PCSD -- post-camp stress disorder -- when you get home. If you're convincing, they just may let you off the hook next year. Did You Know? There are more than 12,000 day and resident camps in the U.S.
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How to Survive Comic-Con
Watch more How to Enjoy Concerts, Music Festivals & Shows videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/468081-How-to-Survive-ComicCon Navigating the ginormous annual convention Comic-Con isn't for the faint of heart. These tips from seasoned pros will help. Step 1: Plan ahead Decide in advance what you most want to see because there's no way to do it all. The complete schedule is posted on comic-con.org about 2 weeks prior to the convention. For the latest information, subscribe to the Comic-Con newsfeed, follow them on Twitter, "like" their Facebook page, or download their free mobile app. Step 2: Prepare for battle Dress comfortably to survive Comic-Con, especially when it comes to footwear: Almost every attraction requires standing in line, and waits can be several hours. And consider carbo-loading the night before: Comic-Con isn't a sprint; it's a marathon! Tip Pack water bottles and snacks so you're not at the mercy of the overpriced and underwhelming food court options. Step 3: Prepare to shop Bring cash; many vendors don't accept credit cards and the ATM lines can be long. Carry a bag for swag -- preferably one you can tote hands-free -- and an empty poster tube for artwork. Step 4: Head to your favorite spots Arrive early to browse the main floor, where the smaller booths are featured; that area gets unbearably crowded by midday. And no matter what the schedule says, stop by your favorite exhibitors in person; some signings and events aren't announced in advance. Step 5: Arrive early for popular panels If there's a popular panel you really want to see, consider attending the previous one to ensure a seat; except for VIP sections, rooms aren't cleared between panels. Step 6: Go with the flow Be flexible. Though it's smart to have a plan to survive Comic-Con, it's even smarter to take advantage of the surprises you'll inevitably encounter. Did You Know? Comic-Con is nicknamed the "Nerd Prom."
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How to View the Constellations of the Autumn Sky
Watch more Astronomy & Stargazing videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/421453-How-to-View-the-Constellations-of-the-Autumn-Sky The stars of the autumn sky represent a wealth of both intergalactic objects and mythological tales for everyone from astronomy buffs to the casual observer. Step 1: Prepare Choose a clear, starry autumn night to stargaze. For the best possible viewing, a telescope is ideal. But, if you don't have access to one, you can get a magnified view of the nighttime sky with a pair of binoculars. Tip Use a star chart specific to the current month to help guide and inform your search for constellations. Step 2: Find Find the constellation Cassiopeia at the top of the sky in mid-autumn. The mythological queen is represented by five bright stars making a W, or M, shape. Step 3: Locate Andromeda Locate the constellation Andromeda, daughter of King Cepheus and Queen Cassiopeia, directly to the south of Cassiopeia. Tip Look through your binoculars or telescope to get a better view of the Andromeda Galaxy, called M31, which is the closest large galaxy to our Milky Way. Step 4: Find the Great Square of Pegasus Find the Great Square of Pegasus by looking for a square formed by four bright stars with very little visible in its middle. Find the front legs and head by picturing the winged horse upside down. Enjoy the transitional season to enjoy the constellations. Did You Know? In Greek mythology, the winged horse, Pegasus, was born out of Medusa's body when Perseus cut her head off.
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How to Take Advantage of Your Boss Being on Vacation
Watch more Office Survival Guide videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/465900-How-to-Take-Advantage-of-Your-Boss-Being-on-Vacation When the boss is away, it's your time to play! You won't get caught if you follow these steps. Step 1: Forward your office calls If there's any chance your boss might check up on you by calling your work number, have office calls forwarded to your cellphone so you won't get caught AWOL. Step 2: Cover yourself Pretend-complain to office tattletales that your boss has you running personal errands while they're on vacation, so no one suspects that you're actually goofing off. Step 3: Enjoy double lunch hours Indulge in double lunch hours -- one that you take at your desk, indulging in online distractions, and one that you enjoy out of the office. Tip Have a drink at lunch, unless your job involves public safety. Step 4: Finish your to-do list Get caught up on your to-do list. Now's the time to take care of any personal business you can't address when the boss is around. Step 5: Tackle a project Tackle one project that isn’t too taxing but will make your boss really happy. With any luck, they won't notice that it was just about the only thing you accomplished while they were gone. Did You Know? Some studies have found that workers are more productive when their boss goes on vacation, because being micro-managed isn't slowing them down.
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How to Use a Percolator Camping Coffee Pot
Watch more Coffee Recipes & Tips videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/404261-How-to-Use-a-Percolator-Camping-Coffee-Pot Making coffee while camping using a percolator coffee pot will be a snap if you follow these directions. Step 1: Add water Add just enough water to the coffee pot to fill it just below the basket. Tip There is typically a mark on the pot indicating the proper water level. Step 2: Add coffee Place the basket and stem in the pot. Add your coffee to the basket. Tip Use 2 tablespoons of regular-grind coffee for each cup of water in the pot. Step 3: Remove the pot from the fire Wait until the water boils, and then move the pot to the edge of the fire. Allow the coffee to percolate slowly for five to 10 minutes. Step 4: Serve the coffee Remove the basket and discard the grounds. Now pour yourself a cup, and then another. Did You Know? About 15 billion pounds of coffee are shipped around the world each year.
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How to Pick a Tribal Tattoo Design | Tattoos
Watch more How to Get a Tattoo videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/471550-How-to-Pick-a-Tribal-Tattoo-Design-Tattoos Learn how to pick a tribal tattoo design from the experts at Area 51 tattoo studio in this Howcast tattoo video. Hi, my name is Chris 51. I specialize in what I like to call "Hyper Realism Tattooing". And my name is Joshua South. I'm the head instructor here at Area 51 in Springfield, Oregon. To find out more information, visit a51tats.com. Let's talk tattoos. The main thing to consider when you're getting a tribal tattoo done is the way your body is shaped. You want the lines of the tattoo to accent and flow with rhythm and movement of your structure. If the lines of the tattoo move with your body system and accent your physique well, they're gonna look good at a glance. When you're designing a tribal tattoo you should always consider the way it's gonna sit on your body. You want it to move well with your system. Flow with your muscle structures. Another thing you would like to consider when you get your tribal tattoo done is: do I want it to be really intricate? Or do I want it to be more simple? If it's really intricate, from a distance it will appear a little jumbled and hard to read. Generally, men will get tribal tattoos that are a little thicker with spike shapes to them. A little more jagged, a little more manly looking. Women tend to have swirly patterns done, thin lines; a little daintier.
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How to Have a Celebrity Meltdown
Watch more Celebrity Style videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/461901-How-to-Have-a-Celebrity-Meltdown The next time you have a hissy fit, do it in style -- star-style! Here's how. Step 1: Berate a minion Berate a minion, preferably in public. Stick to a profanity-laced verbal lashing, or include physical violence, like throwing a telephone at someone's head or attacking their car with an umbrella. Tip Take your temper tantrum to the next level with racism or misogyny. Step 2: Act psychotic Behave psychotically during your celebrity meltdown: Wander the streets babbling incoherently; break into a stranger's home to take a nap; hide in someone's bushes; or say you'll take everyone to heaven in a spaceship. Step 3: Display arrogance Display breathtaking arrogance by claiming to have superior knowledge or supernatural powers. Make it clear that you truly believe you are better than everyone else and -- gosh darn it -- you're no longer going to pretend otherwise. Step 4: Get caught in a sex scandal Become embroiled in a sex scandal in a way that has people scratching their heads and thinking, "Did they want to get caught?" Tip Offer a flimsy excuse, like you were just trying to counsel that transvestite. Step 5: Play the blame game Blame your celebrity meltdown on addiction or abuse. Or check yourself into the hospital for "exhaustion" -- a condition that seems to affect pampered stars disproportionately compared with the average working stiff. Step 6: Enjoy your comeback Enjoy your comeback! Because there's no celebrity meltdown so great that you can't rebound from it -- and be a bigger jackass than ever. Did You Know? 30 percent of Americans believe singing sensation Justin Bieber will be in celebrity rehab by the time he's 30.
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How to Survive a Tour Bus | Harmonica Lessons
Watch more Harmonica Lessons with Blues Traveler's John Popper videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/474385-How-to-Survive-a-Tour-Bus-Harmonica-Lessons Hi, I'm John Popper, lead singer of the band Blues Traveler. I also play harmonica, and am arguably one of the best in the world. But thank God, there really never can be an actual best, but I'm damn good. I'm gonna teach you a few things about the harmonica. The way to survive on a tour bus is to protect all of your video games like they are money, because they are. And protect your stuff, like hide it, get like a little locker box if you can and do not tell anyone about it. And then, act like you do not have all that stuff you are not willing to share with everyone, and then try to find their stuff. But they have hidden it, too. Get factions, play people against each other and find out who the asshole is and get them voted off the bus. And then eventually, you get everyone else voted off the bus and then it is all your bus. And then, you kill the driver while he is sleeping, usually when he is driving and then it is all your bus. And then you sell the bus for meat and move on to the next bus.
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Howcast Sports and Fitness YouTube Channel Promo
Check out this teaser for Howcast's Sports and Fitness Channel on YouTube, where you'll find how-to videos on tennis, golf, camping, hiking, fishing, and more.
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