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How to Make a Whiskey Sour | Cocktail Recipes
Like these Cocktail Recipes !!! Check out the official app http://apple.co/1I00csa Watch more How to Make Cocktails videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/510365-How-to-Make-a-Whiskey-Sour-Cocktail-Recipes Recipe: 2 oz Rittenhouse Rye; Â_ oz lemon juice; Â_ oz simple syrup; 1 egg white. Shake and strain over fresh ice in a double rocks glass. Garnish with orange slice and cherry. Whiskey sour is a cocktail that does not have the greatest reputation. I think the reason for that is that sour makes people think of sour mix, which is this disgusting, processed fake ingredient. But you really shouldn't be afraid, because sour is actually just a style of cocktail. Back in the 19th century a sour just meant a drink that had a spirit, citrus and some sugar or simple syrup. That's really all a whiskey sour is, it's whiskey, lemon juice and simple syrup. One of my favorite things about this drink is it's a great way to still have whiskey, if you really like whiskey in hot weather in the summer, because it's a really refreshing drink. So we're going to start with our spirit. Two ounces of rye whiskey, you can also use bourbon. I just love rye whiskey, let's face it. But this is also a drink that bourbon works great in too. Now we'll do equal parts sugar and citrus. Three-quarters of an ounce of simple syrup. Again that's just one part sugar to one part water dissolved together. Three-quarters of an ounce of fresh-squeezed lemon juice, very important. You know that's the step that people decided they didn't want to do, and so instead they created sour mix, which then made people hate the whiskey sour. So this is the most important ingredient in your whiskey sour. Now I'm going to do something else that's a very classic touch to the whiskey sour. It might scare you a little bit, but just bear with me. I'm going to add a little bit of egg white. There's alcohol in there, so whatever fears you have of raw eggs, whatever could maybe be in there, the alcohol is going to kill, so don't worry about that. What it's going to do is not really add so much in the way of taste, but it's going to add a really nice frothy texture that's going to be great. So we're going to do the egg whites, so just separate the egg white. Here you go. Toss the rest. As always it is very handy to have a trash can nearby to make your life easier. Whenever there's a raw egg in the drink, we're going to do something called a dry shake, which means to shake it without ice first to emulsify the egg. Then we'll shake it again with ice to chill it. Just a few shakes to do that. You can see it's nice and frothy. Now we'll add our ice. Whiskey sour is a drink that you can serve on the rocks or up. I like it on the rocks, especially if you have those really nice ice cube trays that make the big 1 x 1 cubes, which I happen to have on hand. You'll see the results in a minute. Just so you can see, that ice cube is perfectly square. That means it won't melt as fast in the drink. There are only four ice cubes in there, so it won't water down your drink too fast. Okay, and now it's time to shake for real. Oh yeah, check this out. See how frothy that is? It gives it a really nice, silky texture. That's all from the egg white and again, it's not really going to add anything in the way of flavor. We're going to garnish the whiskey sour with an orange and cherry flag. it will really liven things up. See we have a toothpick, you kind of spear it like that and then grab your cherries. One right on top and then sort of get in there, so the top is poking out. And there you have it, so no need to be afraid anymore. That is how you make a classic whiskey sour.
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How to Make a Tom Collins | Cocktail Recipes
Like these Cocktail Recipes !!! Check out the official app http://apple.co/1I00csa Watch more How to Make Cocktails videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/510366-How-to-Make-a-Tom-Collins-Cocktail-Recipes Recipes: 2 oz London Dry Gin; .75 fresh lemon juice; .75 fresh simple syrup. Build in Collins glass. Top with soda. A Collins is a style of cocktail that is made in, as you might imagine, a Collin's glass. I'm going to show you how to make the king of all Collin's cocktails, Tom Collin's. The Tom Collins is basically a gin sour that is topped with soda water. So we're going to start with our gin. Two ounces, as you would a normal gin sour. You notice a lot of these classic cocktails have the same recipe's just different ingredients. And we're just going to build this right in the glass, because we're going to top it with soda water. So we don't need to shake it or stir it to add any extra dilution from the ice. Just make sure that your soda is nice and cold, because we're not going to get any extra chilling from the ice when we shake it. Now three-quarter ounce of simple syrup as our sweetener, again just one part sugar to one part water. And we need some lemon juice as our citrus to balance out that sweetener, we're just going to need three-quarters ounce of that, equal parts. And as always the fresher your juice is the better. I cannot condone store bought citrus. I just can't do it and I won't. All right, fresh lemon juice, three-quarters ounce of that. This drink is really great for hot weather, because of all that soda water it's really, really refreshing. And also, it makes it last a lot longer. And of course, you can use three-quarters lemon. The Tom Collin's is the most classic of the Collin's, but it's a great template for variation. You could make this with bourbon. You could make this with tequila, all that stuff works. Now I'm going to top it off with ice. I really like to fill it all the way up and our nice cold seltzer. Whoop, we're good. Like I said that'll serve as our dilution. So no shaking or stirring. I think the Tom Collins is a drink that deserves a good garnish. It's a long drink. You're going to be holding it for awhile, might as well make it pretty to look at, so okay I'm just going to cut a little wedge of orange. And if you have a toothpick or a little crystal pick like this you can make what they call a flag. And add a little cherry, with a cherry on top, naturally. And then jimmy that in there, and there you go, and that's how you make a classic Collins, the Tom Collins.
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How to Make a Daiquiri | Cocktail Recipes
Like these Cocktail Recipes !!! Check out the official app http://apple.co/1I00csa Watch more How to Make Cocktails videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/510361-How-to-Make-a-Daiquiri-Cocktail-Recipes Recipe: 2 oz White Rum; .75 lime juice; ,75 simple syrup. Shake and strain into frozen coupe glass. Unable to read transcription file
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How to Make a Margarita | Cocktail Recipes
Like these Cocktail Recipes !!! Check out the official app http://apple.co/1I00csa Watch more How to Make Cocktails videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/510359-How-to-Make-a-Margarita-Cocktail-Recipes Unable to read transcription file
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How to Make a Watermelon Margarita | Cocktail Recipes
Like these Cocktail Recipes !!! Check out the official app http://apple.co/1I00csa Watch more How to Make Cocktails videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/510360-How-to-Make-a-Watermelon-Margarita-Cocktail-Recipes Recipe: 2 oz Blanco Tequila; .75 lime juice; .75 Agave Nectar. Shake and strain into rocks glass over fresh ice. Top with 2 oz watermelon juice. When we think about cocktails in the summer, we often think about something with fruit, something really refreshing, delicious. Because really, what's better than sitting on the beach with your John Grisham novel and a delicious watermelon margarita. So that's what I'm going to show you how to make right now. The best way to make fruity variations on cocktails is just to take a classic cocktail and add that fruit into it. So I'm going to start the way we would with a regular margarita with 2 oz. of tequila, remember 100% agave, none of the cheap stuff. I mean this stuff isn't really that expensive, just none of the really cheap stuff, and three-quarters of an oz. of fresh-squeezed lime juice, fresh fruit, got to be fresh citrus and instead of Quantro or orange liquer, I'm going to use just agave nectar, because watermelon is so subtle that you don't really want that strong orange flavor in there. You really want the only fruit to be coming from the watermelon. So a little under three-quarter of an oz., because this is pretty thick stuff, just to keep the balance intact. Now here's the trick to making a watermelon drink, because I'm going to shake this without watermelon in it, I'm going to strain it into my glass and then I'm going t put watermelon juice on top of it. Because watermelon is so watery, when you add more ice to it, more water it just dilutes that flavor and you lose that trademark watermelon freshness. So we don't want to do that. We want that watermelon freshness. Give this a quick shake, not too much, because we're going to add the watermelon, which will dilute it further so just a few shakes. And I said I was going to strain it over ice, but I think I"m just going to pour it right in the glass, because it's summer, we don't spend too much time being too precious with it. We want to get back to John Grisham. All right so just 2 oz. of watermelon, I'm going to put it right on top. Oh, yeah, I can't resist. I really want that pink color in there and I think I'm going to put a nice little lime wedge on there and you are all set for the beach. And that's how you make a watermelon margarita.
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How to Make a Strawberry Daiquiri | Cocktail Recipes
Like these Cocktail Recipes !!! Check out the official app http://apple.co/1I00csa Watch more How to Make Cocktails videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/510362-How-to-Make-a-Strawberry-Daiquiri-Cocktail-Recipes Recipe: 2 oz White Rum; .75 lime juice; .75 simple syrup. Muddle strawberry in simple syrup. Shake and strain into frozen coupe glass. My friend likes to say that if we all were honest with ourselves and actually drank what we really wanted, we'd be drinking strawberry daiquiris all the time. It might be true. So let's learn how to make one. All this really is, is adding a strawberry to your daiquiri. You just going to muddle it into a regular daiquiri. Just one is going to do it, because strawberries are so potent and they emit so much flavor that it is almost overwhelming if you use more than one. So there's one strawberry, and we're just going to follow now the regular daiquiri formula, 3/4 of an ounce of simple syrup. Just made it. Now we're going to muddle that. It's really just one half, two half. And, of course, if you're going to do a bunch of these at once, you just want to have however much simple syrup you need, muddle a few strawberries in there, and then maybe let it sit for a while so it really gets that strawberry flavor, really soaks it up. So now we're going to put in our 3/4 ounce of freshly squeezed lime juice and 2 ounces of white rum. Just a nice quality white rum. It doesn't have to break the bank. Just make sure it's not the bottom of the shelf. Okay. We're ready to go. We're going to shake this. Man, that smells so good. I'm going to fine strain this just to get out those little strawberry bits and give it a nice silky texture, a clean texture. And for fun, let's throw a little strawberry on the edge. I think that my friend was right. I don't want anything else than this. Do you? No, you don't. That's how you make a strawberry daiquiri.
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How to Make a Mint Julep | Cocktail Recipes
Like these Cocktail Recipes !!! Check out the official app http://apple.co/1I00csa Watch more How to Make Cocktails videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/510364-How-to-Make-a-Mint-Julep-Cocktail-Recipes Muddle 8-10 mint leaves in .5 oz simple syrup. Add 2.5 oz bourbon. Top with ice. Stir. Garnsih lavishly with mint sprig. Your probably very well acquainted with the Mint Julep if you've ever been to a Kentucky Derby party, and if you've been to more than one Kentucky Derby party, you've probably noticed that those Mint Juleps tend to vary quite a great deal in terms of quality. I'm going to show you how to make an amazing Mint Julep and the key, as is with all things cocktail, is fresh ingredients. So that means fresh mint. None of this mint-flavored mix, none of that stuff. You want fresh, real mint, the fresher the better. So I already picked about I don't know, 10 to 12 leaves, a pinch, a bunch, a bunch of mint. We're going to put this into our silver plated Julep cup. This is a traditional Julep cup, back in the 19th century. I mean it wasn't made in the 19th century, but it's a replica of that. You can use a rocks glass or you know any short glass you have around, but if you happen to get your hands on one of these, do it. Okay, so we've got our mint. All we need to make a Mint Julep is sugar, bourbon and ice, that's it, no citrus. So since there's no citrus, we want to make sure that there's not too much sugar. So here's our simple syrup, one to one sugar water, and do about half an ounce on my small jigger. And now we're going to muddle the mint. Now muddling does not mean pulverizing, especially with mint. This stuff is really delicate. You don't have to go too hard. All you need to do is gently press the mint. You're not trying to crush it. You're just trying to extract the oils and you'll know that you've done your work when you can-- um, so good. I probably don't even need to tell you what it smells like. But when you can smell that fresh mint, you know you've muddled it enough. If it starts to smell kind of grassy, that means you've muddle it too hard, and released all those bitter tannin's, which you don't want. So gently muddle the mint and now we're going to do two ounces of bourbon. And since there are so few ingredients in this cocktail, I would go with a higher quality bourbon. You know this drink is really potent, I'm going to do two and a half ounces, I just decided that. You don't need to skimp on the booze. Again, quality ingredients make quality cocktails. The last thing we need is our ice, and ice is almost more important in a Mint Julep, than it is with other cocktails. Because if you've seen those Mint Julep's that kind of look like snow cones with the crushed ice, if you happen to be able to get your hands on one of these, this is a hand-crank, and old school hand-crank, ice crusher. It will make perfect little pellets of ice. I'm lucky enough to get my hands on one. You can get them for $30 on eBay, and it's totally worth it. A little extra effort, but you'll be relaxing in a minute, so you can afford to exercise those biceps a little bit. Okay, now if you don't have one of these, which I suspect that you don't, it's fine just to use smaller ice. You just don't want anything too big, because the smaller the ice is the faster it'll melt, the colder the drink will get, and the more dilution here you'll get. This drink is so potent that a little dilution is good, because it'll be too strong otherwise or you can always just use a spoon and crack the ice in your hand to make it small, but a little more effort. Ah, see that? Isn't that beautiful? Now I'm just going to take a bar spoon and gently mix this, so it gets all integrated and you see that frost developing on the glass there? That's what you want. That's all you need to do. There's no shaking or stirring, so it makes that extra effort worth it with the hand-crank juicer. Okay, now for the garnish. If you've got extra mint around or maybe a mint in the garden or something, you can't skimp on it. Get a nice two big sprigs and jam them in there and this drink definitely needs a straw. There you go, the perfect, Mint Julep.
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How to Do Fook Sau aka Subduing Hand | Wing Chun
Watch more How to Do Wing Chun videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/509867-How-to-Do-Fook-Sau-aka-Subduing-Hand-Wing-Chun Fook sau is also another one of the basic techniques in Wing Chun. Along with tan sau and bong sau, it's actually one of the three seed techniques of Wing Chun. What we mean by seed techniques is, most of the hand techniques in wing chun that we use at the beginning level or at the advanced level, especially in chi sau practice, they either relate to bong sau, tan sau or fook sau. On the topic of fook sau, fook sau is actually basically an idea. It's a concept. The Chinese character itself basically means "to control" or "to cover", and the character is actually a pictogram of a man controlling a dog. Basically, the idea is to subdue or to control. That's basically an idea, so it's not a fixed technique in terms of what it's supposed to look like or what it's supposed to do. It's more of a concept. Fook sau, when it's practiced in the form, is done a little bit differently than the way we do it when we apply it. When we do the Siu Nim Tao form, one of the main functions is to bring the elbow as far as you can in, so that you stretch the shoulder, and to keep the hand and the wrist bent, and the fingers pointing towards you. Now, the reason why we do this in such an extreme way, especially with the thumb pressing down here to train this tendon here, is primarily for that. We're doing it for strength training in the form. Not that the Siu Nim Tao form is for training to become brute or powerful, but we need to train the tendons along the arm as long as the muscles on the inside of the forearm, which help to support the way that we punch. We do that primarily by really grinding out the fook sau in the Siu Nim Tao form. However, when you practice a double-arm chi sau or pun sau, it's not necessary to totally buckle down on this, because you don't want to be tense when you're practicing chi sau. While the form may look like this, when you start to practice chi sau, either single-arm chi sau or later pun sau, your arm and your hand should actually be in a much more relaxed state. If you see that my hand is actually much more relaxed so that I can stick more. One thing you don't want to do with fook sau is to press it down like this, because fook sau is an outside hand and it basically symbolizes the punch coming on the outside of the bridge here. Since we punch this way in wing chun with a vertical fist, it makes sense that our fook sau still falls in line with that here. If you do the fook sau this way, this actually takes your punch out of alignment, because we don't punch this way in our Wing Chun system. That's why you shouldn't practice fook sau this way here. When you practice in double-arm chi sau, the fook sau should be nice and relaxed on your partner's hands so that if they were to attack you, you can actually feel this one through the hands, either with jum sau or with other techniques, because you have more surface area touching your partner's arm. This is for chi sau, and then a very simple, practical fighting application is to turn your fook sau flat, this way here, so it's basically just a bridge arm or a covering hand. You can use it in lieu of using a lap sau or a jut sau. If somebody's just standing in front of me and I just want to go in and hit him like this, I only need to create a bridge and punch over here. It's not even necessary for me to grab sometimes. It's even faster to just go over like this. The basic fook sau technique with a punch in the air can look like that. You go here, set up a fook sau, punch over the bridge, drop down, punch, drop down, punch, drop down, punch. That's fook sau for application.
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How to Do Taan Sau aka Palm Up Hand | Wing Chun
Watch more How to Do Wing Chun videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/509865-How-to-Do-Taan-Sau-aka-Palm-Up-Hand-Wing-Chun Taan Sau or palm-up hand is one of the most common and most practical movements in the Wing Chun system. When you learn the the sin lum tao form you'll actually see there are three different types of taan sau in Wing Chun. The first one that you learn is in the very opening of the form, and this one is called the cross taan sau, because, obviously in the form, you're crossing both your hands. Now, in application, we don't use two hands like this, we only use one at a time. But in the form we train two hands together simply for saving time. That way we don't have to train once right, once left and just kill two birds with one stone. The cross taan sau is primarily for dealing with straight punches. So, if I'm standing and somebody launches a straight punch at me, I'm going to use the cross taan sau like this. This is the one from the beginning of the form. If you see here, this is right on my center line and I'm able to punch my opponent here. My fingers are pointing in the direction of my attack and also in the direction of my opponent. I don't want to push my taan sau in this direction here, because it can expose an elbow strike to me here. Rather, what I want to do is close up the center line and punch right down the center like this. So, that's one simple application of the cross taan. Another one would be, for example, if somebody grapples my arm down and tries to give me a punch and I need to use it in conjunction with a low bong sound, we call this quan sau. But again the taan sau that I'm using here is again the cross taan sau from the beginning of the form. So, that is the simple taan sau from the opening. The second one you learn is what we call the mid taan sau, where we bring our elbow more to the center and our fingers are point straight ahead of our body. This one at first we use only in Chi Sau training. For example, when the students are single arm Chi Sau, this is kind of the platform for it, but then later when the students progress into double arm Chi Sau, this is the main taan sau that you're using here, when you roll in double arm Chi Sau. In the advanced program, in wooden dummy, we actually do apply this one as a fighting technique, but for junior students it's primarily just for Chi Sau. The third taan sau we have is called the high taan sau, and this one we use against, for example, long types of attacks. For example, if somebody were to give me a big, wide swing, I could use the taan sau here to defend. Because this is high enough to protect me from this one here while I punch my opponent at the same time. Okay? The reason I can point out with this one is because his elbow doesn't bend in this direction. That's why it works for that one there. So, the high taan sau, we use against big, looping swings. Again, not to be confused with a hook, this is really, mainly for a swing, and it's the basic application of the three taan saus. In Cantonese, "pan" means to spread or to open up, for example, to spread a table cloth or to open your hand like this. So, simply it means palm-up hand or open hand.
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How to Do Jak Jeung aka Side Palm | Wing Chun
Watch more How to Do Wing Chun videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/509869-How-to-Do-Jak-Jeung-aka-Side-Palm-Wing-Chun Well the side palm or jak jeung in Cantonese, is another very common Wing Chun technique. And it's unfortunately, it's always a bit confused with pak sau. Pak sau means slapping hand, and it's also a very common technique in Wing Chung. However, the side palm is normally used in a slightly different situation. If somebody's standing in front of you, especially if they're just in a guard; maybe he gets too close to me, maybe he hasn't attacked me yet. Then normally, I will do a pak sau to come in, and kind of take care of him. But that's normally a preemptive movement, all right? If he were to give me a strong punch with the elbow out, which is very typical on the street, that nobody is going to punch you on the street like a Wing Chun person. They are always going to punch you like this. Sometimes pak sau can be problematic, especially for people who are a little bit smaller and weaker. If he gives me a strong punch, and I try to do pak sau, a lot of people get caught on the arm where they're not able to go up and punch. For that reason, we have the side palm, which is in the third set of the siu nim tau part. When he goes to fire a punch at me, I come underneath this way here, so I actually don't need to clear his arm out of the way to clear a space from my punch. I can let his punch ride by, and I hit him underneath with this one here. After I've hit him, then of course I have all the options to come in and chain punch, and do whatever. But the side palm is nice, because it follows the center line theory. Because, if a punch is really high, all right, then the shortest line between me and my opponent is not to go up and over to punch him here. The shortest line is right here. So, that's why this makes a much more effective defense, especially for someone who's smaller, or weaker, to go in and punch underneath the guy's arm, rather than trying to climb over the top. So, a side palm can be really useful. It can also be used, although it's a little bit risky, if he ends up punching with his back hand, and then he comes in here. I can use the side palm this way here, and punch him on the inside. Now, any time you go on the inside, it's very risky because you always have to worry about the other hand coming in. But you don't always have a choice in fighting. Somebody attacks you really quick, and you have to react. Of course, we would prefer to always be on the outside which is much safer. We have a lot more options here. But it's not always your choice. Your opponent doesn't attack you in the way you want to. So, a side palm can be done outside, can be done inside, and it's a great replacement for pak sau when you're a little bit late, or the guy has already launched the punch. You don't need to clear it, you can just slip it underneath.
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How to Play On-Ball Defense | Women's Lacrosse
Embrace your Inner Laxhead with these Lacrosse Products: Warrior Torch Lacrosse Head (High School Spec): http://amzn.to/1MpSaKo STX FiddleSTX: http://amzn.to/1F10HB0 NFHS Certified Lacrosse Ball: http://amzn.to/1QfKVm1 Field Hockey/Lacrosse Backpack: http://amzn.to/1NuYXBi Hi-Vis Scrimmage Vest: http://amzn.to/1Nv0p6x “I'm a Lacrosse Coach Badass” Funny T Shirt: http://amzn.to/1W0WP7h Watch more How to Play Women's Lacrosse videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/515354-How-to-Play-OnBall-Defense-Womens-Lacrosse Hi I'm Liz Kittleman Jackson, I'm the head lacrosse coach at Columbia University. I'm joined by Katie Crest Irvey, assistant lacrosse coach at Columbia, and Caitlin Jackson with Game Day Lacrosse. Today we're gonna give some basic principles of on-ball defense. As the on-ball defender, it's very important for you to assess the space between yourself and your attacker. One of the first things Caitlin wants to do is close the space between her and Katie. She doesn't want to give Katie a lot of room to make a dodge around her. When approaching the attacker, it's important that you don't run full speed at her. This can lead to overrunning the attacker and she can easily get by you. It can also affect your balance. Attackers are going to try to make a move, they're going to put on a lot of different dodges trying to put you off balance. Maintaining your balance by keeping your knees bent, making sure that you're not putting too much weight into either one of your feet, is going to allow you to successfully stop a dodge. Another key component to on-ball defense is making contact. This is an area where the referees are going to look for unsafe play so you have to understand how to do it. As Caitlyn approaches Katie, making sure that she stays balanced, the contact that she puts on Katie needs to maintain a certain level of safety. She cannot extend her elbows and knock Katie off balance. She needs to keep her elbows bent and she needs to keep her feet moving. One thing that a lot of coaches will tell you about defense is that you've got to have the attitude that you are dictating what the attacker does, versus the attacker dictating what you do. As you approach your attacker, you want to make sure that you are directing her path. That means that you've got to pick one side or the other and continue to force her down into that direction. So remembering some of the fundamentals with on-ball defense is a controlled approach, break down your feet, make safe legal contact with your attacker and direct her in the space that you want her to go in.
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How to Make a Balloon Swan | Balloon Animals
Watch more How to Make Balloon Animals videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/454076-How-to-Make-a-Balloon-Swan-Balloon-Animals Hi, I'm Jonas Cain, and I'm here at the Veritas Theater at the beautiful Elms College in Chickapea, Massachusetts. I am a magician and a balloon sculptor, having performed and provided entertainment solutions for many, many years. Visit my website at www.jonascain.com. And today, I'm going to be talking about making balloon animals. I'm going to show you how to make a swan. To make the swan you blow up the balloon leaving about a four inch tail at the end. At the end with the nozzle you'll make a three inch bubble, pinch and twist. Hold that in place. Now I'm going to make a bubble about double that size. So you can hold it against your body, measure a three inch bubble and a six inch, pinch and twist. Now you're going to make a bubble the exact same size, and a quick way to do that is to bring them together like this, pinch and twist where it meets. So now you've made the same size bubble and locked it in place. Now I'm going to make another bubble about that same size, pinch and twist. Now you're going to bring this bubble inside the space in between. To do that, very carefully bring it up and insert it here, and push it through very carefully. And that gives us the tail and the body of the swan. Now to make the head, this is kind of fun. You're going to take this tail part of the balloon and bring it down here. You're going to hold it in place with your thumb right here. Now you're going to squeeze gently. And when you do that, watch what happens. Re-position the head. That gives us the neck and the head of the balloon swan. ...And do the ear twist... Sometimes they pop! Let's try that again.
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How to Do Gang Sau aka Splitting Hand | Wing Chun
Watch more How to Do Wing Chun videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/509866-How-to-Do-Gang-Sau-aka-Splitting-Hand-Wing-Chun Gang sau, or splitting arm, is another very common technique in wing chun. It comes right in the opening part of most of the basic hand forms in wing chun. Gang sau is actually a movement we use to protect kind of the midsection here. Again, for example, a low punch or a body shot or a kick or sometimes, even more complex attacks. So basically, the idea is that gang sau falls along the vertical midline. Okay? So it doesn't sweep to the side like you see in a lot of very traditional martial arts when they do a low block. Ours actually chops straight down. So rather than it being a block used to stop a low punch, it's actually more of an attack. So when it's practiced, it's actually done with elastic force with the intention to attack or to injure the opponents attacking arm instead of just block it away. So it's very important that when it's practiced, it's done in a very relaxed manner. Your arm should be naturally straightened. What that means is it's not hyper-extended but it's not bent either. It's just naturally straightened just like when you walk. Your arm has a very slight bend to it and that's actually how we apply the gang sau here so, it shouldn't be straight or stiff or anything like that. And of course, like most movements in wing chun, it's always done in combination with some kind of attacking movement. Now, there's another very important idea, important concept when applying gang sau that you need to know. We never apply gang sau frontally, all right? If somebody were to give us a low attack and we go in completely frontally using the gang sau, unless you were much stronger than your opponent, you'll still probably get hit. So, your body, even when you're advancing forward, you have to do it with a slight turn in order to get your body out of the way because we have a saying in wing chun. It says [foreign language response] which means gang sau and quan sau, two very famous movements in wing chun, are never done frontally. They're always done with a slight turn, or either a full turn or a slight turn and gang sau's no exception. So if I'm standing at a distance and he gives me a low punch and I step in, you'll see that I have a slight body turn when I use this one here. Once I've gone in with my gang sau, I can, of course, follow up with chain punches or a number of different follow-ups after that. Gang sau can also be used in chi sau training at close range when somebody, for example, tries to take your side and attack you low like this, we can use the gang sau here to defend this kind of movement here and then, follow up with other things as well. So, gang sau's a very practical movement, a very basic but it's still extremely useful, even at the advanced levels.
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How to Do Paak Sau aka Slapping Hand | Wing Chun
Watch more How to Do Wing Chun videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/509870-How-to-Do-Paak-Sau-aka-Slapping-Hand-Wing-Chun Paak sau is perhaps one of the most commonly used wing chun techniques. It's so common that even other martial arts have actually adopted it into their system. Paak sau, like I mentioned in the video about the side palm, is actually much better when it's done as a preemptive attack or it's done as a close range attack. To use it as a defense against a straight punch, if somebody's coming at you with a very powerful punch, it's not easy to clear something with a paak sau. That's why the side palm is much more suited. But sometimes if somebody's just getting a little too close for you, they're about to launch their attack, you can use it as a preemptive attack to go in and kind of shut them down. Now pak in Cantonese means slap. Okay. Literally it just means slapping hand. So what we're trying to do is use our hand to slap our opponent's arm slightly out of the way. Now, it's not necessary to slap his arm really far away. All you need to do is create a little bit of space for the punch. So if somebody's standing in front of you it's not necessary for me to paak sau his arm all the way to his pockets just to fire a punch. In fact, I wouldn't even recommend this, because if you're too aggressive with your paak sau you actually open up the line for the second punch to come in. So all I want to do is imagine that his arm is right here in my way. I don't quite have a clear shot to go in and punch, so what I'm going to do is I'm going to go in and clear that space with a paak sau right here and go in. If you notice, all I did was clear enough space, all right, for me to go in with paak sau and nothing more. To practice this you should actually do it as a solo exercise first. Now, when we step in and we hit we're always going to hit with a low elbow. Because here's where we have our elbow force. Here's where we have power and protection. But in the air you can actually practice to extension just so you practice fully articulating your joints. A real simple paak sau exercise is actually to start in the basic man sau, wu sau guard, take your front hand, and paak sau like this. It shouldn't go past where your elbow is, all right, so it shouldn't go all the way back here. And it doesn't need to go down. It can just stay about here hovering a little bit below the elbow, and then you can turn it into a simultaneous exercise like this. And this is paak sau punch, very standard movement. If you want to generate a little bit more power for it a real quick tip is just to imagine that your partner has a fly on their arm and you need to squash that fly. If you try to use too much brute force it won't work. If he holds his arms really strong and I try to push his arm out of the way I am just going to bounce back almost like a reverb off of the force. But if I imagine he's got a small fly there all I want to do is kill that fly. And then go in, and it works much more effectively than using brute force.
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How to Cradle a Lacrosse Stick | Women's Lacrosse
Embrace your Inner Laxhead with these Lacrosse Products: Warrior Torch Lacrosse Head (High School Spec): http://amzn.to/1MpSaKo STX FiddleSTX: http://amzn.to/1F10HB0 NFHS Certified Lacrosse Ball: http://amzn.to/1QfKVm1 Field Hockey/Lacrosse Backpack: http://amzn.to/1NuYXBi Hi-Vis Scrimmage Vest: http://amzn.to/1Nv0p6x “I'm a Lacrosse Coach Badass” Funny T Shirt: http://amzn.to/1W0WP7h Watch more How to Play Women's Lacrosse videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/515350-How-to-Cradle-a-Lacrosse-Stick-Womens-Lacrosse Hi I'm Liz Kittleman Jackson, I'm the head lacrosse coach at Columbia. I'm joined by Katie Crest Irvey, assistant lacrosse coach at Columbia, and Caitlin Jackson at Game Day Lacrosse. Today we're going to talk about some of the basics of cradling. So in order to be the most dynamic player you can be ,you want to make sure that you understand how to cradle so you can keep possession of he ball. One thing that you want to remember: cradling is not just about using only your arms, and it's not just about using only your wrists, it's about really incorporating the two. Understanding how to cradle at different levels is gonna be really important in terms of having the most well-rounded game and being able to protect your stick at all times. When thinking about protecting your stick from your defender, you want to think about keeping it in front of you,. so one way to think about cradling is to keep it between your shoulders. But you'll'll notice that Katie and Caitlin are not just using their arms or just using their wrists, but they're using a combination of both along with movement in their body to keep their stick protected between their shoulders. So you also want to be able to cradle at different levels. If you slide your top hand down a bit, this is going to allow you to bring your stick below your hip and change the level of your cradle. You'll notice that Katie and Caitlin are still using their arms and their wrists along with body movement. One key to a good cradle is having soft hands. You don't want to put a really tight grip on your stick, that's gonna limit what you're able to do. You want to allow the shaft of your stick to roll and move freely within your fingertips. This is going to allow you a lot more control over the ball. A lot of sticks today have the ability to have a really great pocket. You don't really need to over-cradle. Sometimes that makes it really predictable where your stick is going to go, and the defender can get a check off. It also has the potential for you to lose the ball when your'e cradling too much, Just allowing the stick to move freely in your hands, changing the level, and understanding how to protect by keeping it between your shoulders -- those are some of the keys to being able to cradle properly.
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3 Dodging Drills | Women's Lacrosse
Embrace your Inner Laxhead with these Lacrosse Products: Warrior Torch Lacrosse Head (High School Spec): http://amzn.to/1MpSaKo STX FiddleSTX: http://amzn.to/1F10HB0 NFHS Certified Lacrosse Ball: http://amzn.to/1QfKVm1 Field Hockey/Lacrosse Backpack: http://amzn.to/1NuYXBi Hi-Vis Scrimmage Vest: http://amzn.to/1Nv0p6x “I'm a Lacrosse Coach Badass” Funny T Shirt: http://amzn.to/1W0WP7h Watch more How to Play Women's Lacrosse videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/515355-3-Dodging-Drills-Womens-Lacrosse Hi, I'm Caty Crust Ervy, assistant coach at Columbia University and I'm joined by Liz Kendelman Jackson head coach at Columbia University and of Katelyn Jackson game day lacrosse and today I'm going to give you three different ideas of dodging drills. So the first one that I'm going to give you will involve two people and Katelyn will be the attacker and Liz will be the defender. This is straight up one on one. So you can either... Katelyn can either start with the ball, or what we like to do is she can receive a pass then she has to get her body into position and then she would take on the defender trying to get to the cage. You could put a time limit on this because in a game, if Katelyn were to take this opportunity she would only have a few seconds to get by Liz before another defender would come to help. So you could say we're doing one on one's and you have to get your shot off within five seconds. So she would just go... She can go from the top of the 8, you could do them from the side you can do them from anywhere around the eight meter. The next drill I'm going to show you is Katelyn would do this drill to work on her and really this is a very basic drill where she can work on her spacing and also selling her dodge. Okay so what she would do is she would pass to Liz as a defender, Liz would pass back. Katelyn would approach her, really going full speed ahead, and then getting by Liz. You can do this starting with Liz playing just Dummy D so she would literally just be a post for Katelyn to use. Then you could step it up so that she's playing about 75% defense and then where she's palying full on defense so that if Katelyn didn't fake her out, she wouldn't allow her to go by her. The third drill that you can do, you can do this without defense actually, is Katelyn would do the three cone dodging drill. So we would set up cones in this formation, a little bit of a diamond inside the eight meter. And Katelyn would have to dodge at each of the three cones on either side. So she would start at the top, she would pick a dodge to do, move to the next one, pick another dodge and then finally dodge around the third one to get her shot off.  This allows for the attacker to be really creative and to work on the foot work of all of her dodges as if she were in a game and defese was sliding her then she could really adjust her positioning in order to get her shot off. So those are three different drills that you could implement in order to help your girls become better dodgers.
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How to Play Off-Ball Defense | Women's Lacrosse
Embrace your Inner Laxhead with these Lacrosse Products: Warrior Torch Lacrosse Head (High School Spec): http://amzn.to/1MpSaKo STX FiddleSTX: http://amzn.to/1F10HB0 NFHS Certified Lacrosse Ball: http://amzn.to/1QfKVm1 Field Hockey/Lacrosse Backpack: http://amzn.to/1NuYXBi Hi-Vis Scrimmage Vest: http://amzn.to/1Nv0p6x “I'm a Lacrosse Coach Badass” Funny T Shirt: http://amzn.to/1W0WP7h Watch more How to Play Women's Lacrosse videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/515351-How-to-Play-OffBall-Defense-Womens-Lacrosse Music Hi, I'm Liz Kiddleman Jackson and I'm the Head Lacrosse coach at Columbia University. Today I'm joined by Katie Crest Irvy assistant Lacrosse coach at Columbia and Katelyn Jackson will game day Lacrosse. Today I'm going to talk about some basic principals of off ball defense. One of the most important things you can do as a defender is talk. You've got to be able to communicate with your teammates so that everyone is on the same page. One thing that we talk about with defense is making sure that you are controlling the space within the eight meter not allow the attackers to dictate what you're going to do. In terms of communication the eight is oriented in terms of the way the defender is looking. So this is the right side and this is the left side. A good example of communication is when Katie playing on the attack and Katelyn and I are playing on the defense. Using the direction I just talked about, I am on Katelyn's right side. I'm here to help her understand that I am here to help her, should she get beat. I want to make sure that I'm getting my stick in the space that Katie maybe challenging into to make sure she doesn't have good vision of the goal. I am talking to Katelyn telling her "Katelyn I'm on your right". Some people will say "Katelyn I'm your help right". There's all different terms that various coaches use when it comes to communicating on the defensive end. What matter is that Katelyn knows that I'm here on her right side to offer her help, should she get beat by her attacker. Another extremely component of defense is vision. You want to make sure that you know what's going on around you and you don't want to get into a position of having tunnel vision. When Katelyn is marking Katie she is what we call the on ball defender. Therefore her job is to stop the player who has the ball. As the off ball defender I want to make sure that I know what's going on, which means that I have to have proper vision. With the player that I'm marking I cannot be just staring directly at her. If I am that means that I cannot help my teammate who is the on ball defender. Taking a little bit of a step away from your attacker and looking in between the ball carrier and your attacker will allow you to see what's going on and slide to help if necessary. If the ball is to move to your player you can easily recover to be the on ball attacker. Another very important aspect of having good vision is as an off ball defender when you're player is cutting away. So if I was marking a player who had the ball and Katie decided to cut away what Katelyn doesn't want to do, as Katie is turning away turn and chase her putting her back to me. The reason being she's not available to help me because she can no longer see the ball carrier. Instead when Katie is up top I'm marking the ball, Katelyn is helping me to my left. She wants to back up so that she can continue, so that she can continue to see the play. So those are some of the basic components to off ball defense.
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How to Practice Chakra Meditation | Meditation
Like these Meditation Lessons !!! Check out the official app http://apple.co/1MpyV0U Watch more How to Meditate videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/485116-How-to-Practice-Chakra-Meditation-Meditation Hi, I'm Lisa Dawn Angerame. I'm one of the founding partners of Nava NYC. A collective of nine yoga and meditation teachers in New York City. Our website is www.navanyc.com. Today, I will be talking to you about meditation. Chakra meditation is a very powerful meditation practice. It enables us to release blockages in different psychological areas of our life. The chakras are areas of nerveplexes that move up the spine from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. They represent different things. From the bottom, it's food, clothing, shelter, basic needs. Then it moves to our romantic and creative relationships. Then up to the ego. Then to our heart, to our throat, to our third eye, and then to our crown of the head which is the connection to the universe. When you sit to meditate on your chakras, begin at the base of your spine. So first when you close your eyes, bring your attention to that area. Then begin to acknowledge the representation that that chakra is. In the case of your base chakra, it is food clothing and shelter. If there are any issues in that area of your life, release it, and let it go. Then move up to your relationships with your partner or your creative relationships, your business relationships and acknowledge what's going on there and let it go. Then move up to your ego, are there any issues there? Acknowledge them and let them go. Up to your heart, are you feeling tight there, disconnected? Acknowledge it, and let it go. To your throat, is there any constriction there? Like you feel like you're not able to speak your mind. Acknowledge it, let it go. Move up to your third eye, right in between your eyebrows. This is your intuition, acknowledge it, let it go. Finally reach up to the crown of your head. This is your connection to the universe. If there are any issues there, acknowledge it, and let it go. And over time with this kind of focus, you'll begin to release yourself of anything that's holding you back from feeling comfortable and secure in those areas. You will be able to feel comfortable with the way you're living, how you're making your money, how your ego is in check in your life. Your heart is open, your voice is pure, you're following your intuition and you're connected to the universe. Chakra meditation can free you from all the blockages in these areas.
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How to Do Wu Sau aka Guarding Hand | Wing Chun
Watch more How to Do Wing Chun videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/509868-How-to-Do-Wu-Sau-aka-Guarding-Hand-Wing-Chun Okay, so wu sau is another fundamental technique in Wing Chun. In Cantonese, wu sau basically means "guarding hand" or "protecting hand." Generally in our pre-fighting position or our engarde position like I explained before, it' your backup hand. However, when you're using it in your engarde position, your wu sau is generally much more relaxed. So, like I explained before, it's in a ready position to punch forward. However when you use wu sau at close range in chi sau or with a partner, or certainly when you practice in the form, the wu sau is completely articulated and is standing totally upright like this. And the reason is that you need the complete surface area here in order to defend attacks at close range. When you're at distance, you opponent is far away from you, it is not critical or necessary for you to have your wu sau cranked all the way up, it can be much more relaxed, but when we're actually engaged with our opponent we need to do it a little bit differently. So this is how a wu sau would function for example in a chi sau. If I were to give, from whatever position I'm at, I want to give my opponent a pak sau punch, one of the most standard defenses is to use bong sau wu sau like this here. Okay? Now if his wu sau is upright like this and it's right in the center, he creates a wedge, whereas if I were to punch this way here, even if I try to go to him without using a lot of force, he can basically wedge my punch off. But if he just changes it a little bit where he doesn't fully articulate the wu sau, in other words he gives me a lazy wu sau, I can slip in like this, because there is an open space here for me to hit him. If he fully articulates the wu sau as I come in, now he has a better defensive angle. Of course, the warning is, you don't want to make your wu sau too stiff or too rigid, because if I run into it and he's just too strong, I'm going to change it and use that against him. So wu sau still needs to be elastic, it still needs to be relaxed, but you need to make sure that you have a fully articulated wu sau because this one simply won't work at close range to defend.
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How to Avoid Doubles | Grammar Lessons
Watch more Grammar Lessons videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/515775-How-to-Avoid-Doubles-Grammar-Lessons If there were seven deadly grammar sins, one of them would surely be the sin of doubles. What do I mean by that? Well oftentimes people will use double negatives in a sentence, double prepositions, or double subjects. And sometimes it can alter the meaning of their sentence or make their sentence really clunky. So we want to avoid doubles. I'll give you an example. The other night, I was watching "Saturday Night Live" with my husband, and Justin Timberlake came on. And I said, "That guy can't do no wrong." Well my husband turned to me, and he said, "First of all, you're married. Second of all, you just committed the sin of a double negative." Let me show you what it looks like. So if we say, "He can't do no wrong," we have two negatives in the sentence. One is the word can't. The positive would be to say, "He can do." The negative is to say, "He can't do." And the other negative in the sentence is to say no, no wrong, as opposed to just wrong. By doing this, by putting a double negative in the sentence, we actually change the meaning to the exact opposite of our intention. What this really mean is that he can't do anything right, and that's not what I intended to say. Now I'll show you what a double preposition looks like. In this sentence, we say, "He jumped off of the stage." Well here we have two prepositions. Prepositions indicate the location of words in relation to one another. Our two prepositions are "off of." In this case, they don't change the meaning, but they're unnecessary. It would mean the same thing if we just said, "He jumped off the stage." It gives us a more streamlined sentence to drop one of the prepositions. Finally, I'll show you what a double subject looks like. In this sentence, "Justin, he can sing," we have two subjects, Justin and he. The both mean the same thing, and therefore they're both unnecessary. Again, it's much crisper and clearer if we just say, "Justin can sing." So that's a little tip about avoiding the deadly sin of doubles in your writing.
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How to Make a Mojito | Cocktail Recipes
Like these Cocktail Recipes !!! Check out the official app http://apple.co/1I00csa Watch more How to Make Cocktails videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/510363-How-to-Make-a-Mojito-Cocktail-Recipes Recipe: 2 oz white rum; 1 oz simple syrup .75 lime juice. Muddle 8-10 mint leaves in simple syrup. Shake and strain over ice in a high ball glass. Top with soda. Garnish with mint sprig. A Mojito is a cocktail that everyone is familiar with. It's become on of the most popular drinks of the last 10-15 years. I think one of the main reasons for that is that a lot of bars have been using fresh mint when they're making their Mojito, imagine that. So people are having these drinks made with fresh ingredients and they're like, "Oh, my God, this is amazing." I kind of have to wonder if every drink was made that way if they'd feel the same way about every drink they have, the way they do about the Mojito. In case you don't know, here's how to make a proper one. So we're going to start with some fresh mint. Like I said, into your shaker and you'll notice this is essentially, a daiquiri made with a little bit of mint, and we're going to top it off with soda water. So just like a daiquiri we're going to do three-quarters of an ounce of simple syrup. Now that we have our simple syrup in there, we're going to muddle the mint. And just gently press the mint leaves in there, so they extract the really beautiful, aromatic oils, but it doesn't pulverize it and you get any of those really bitter tannin's. You don't want that. That's what I'm talking about. Okay, now we're going to do three-quarters of an ounce, same amount as the simple syrup, of fresh lime juice. Again, I cannot stress fresh juice enough. Once again, it's good to have our trash can nearby, because cocktails do produce their fair amount of waste. All right, three-quarters of an ounce of lime juice. The Mojito was originally invented in Cuba, and actually goes back to way back early 19th century. They've been drinking it over there for a while. It took some time to sort of sink in over here, but once it did, it really did. I really think that this is just the regular Mojito, the best way to have it. You see blueberry Mojito's and watermelon Mojito's and that's when you start to put processed, fake ingredients in there, and that's not what you want. You just want the bare essentials. The freshest ingredients you can find. If you want to put fresh watermelon in there, that's another story, but I don't think that's what those bars are doing. I don't believe it. So that was two ounces of white rum and now we are ready to shake. Let's prep our ice in our glass first. Mojito's a long drink, as you probably know, so we're going to use a Collins glass. I like to use a lot of ice, because it's a really refreshing drink, so we want it nice and cold. All right, now we're ready to shake. Here we go. Okay, now you'll see a lot of Mojito's that have the pieces of mint floating in them. I really think that gets in the way. I don't want to eat mint. It doesn't taste nearly as good as it smells. So I like to use a strainer and strain it out. There little bits of mint that will come through, I think are all the really, pieces you need. It still gives it that same, that nice texture, it looks great. It makes you think you're drinking something really fresh, but it doesn't really get in the way of actually drinking it. Now just a little bit of soda on top. And finally we're going to garnish it off with some beautifully, picturesque mint sprigs. I just put them in a little bit of water to keep them nice and sprightly. All right, and there we go, the ever popular Mojito.
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How to Breathe to Prep for Meditation | Meditation
Like these Meditation Lessons !!! Check out the official app http://apple.co/1MpyV0U Watch more How to Meditate videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/485114-How-to-Breathe-to-Prep-for-Meditation-Meditation Hi. I'm Lisa Dawn Angerame. I'm one of the Founding Partners of Nava NYC, a collective of nine yoga and meditation teachers in New York City. Our website is www.navaNYC.com. Today I'll be talking to you about meditation. Breathing exercises are a great way to prepare for meditation. Most of the time we're not paying attention to our breath. The diaphragm muscle separates our belly, our stomach cavity from our upper body and it gets really shallow during the day. So when we take the time to pay attention to the breath, and we deepen it we get more exposure in our lungs to oxygen and we clear out our passages and we open ourselves up to meditation. There are three kinds of breathing practices that we're going to talk about today. The first one is called sama vritti pranayama. Sama means same, vritti means movement, so it's the same movement. So you;re inhaling at the same pace that you are exhaling. Like this. Inhale, two, three, four, exhale, two, three, four. Inhale two, three, four, exhale, two, three, four. Another breathing practice you can employ before meditation is nadi shodhana, it means alternate nostril breathing. You breath in through one nostril and breathe out through the other side. Then you breathe back in through the other side and back out through the first side and it balances out the sides of your brain and brings a sense of calm to the body. You close off one nostril with your thumb and the other nostril with your ring finger and it looks like this. The third kind of kaneyama practice is called kapalabhati. And kapalabhati in Sanskrit means skull shining breath. And you're actively pumping your diaphragm up against the bottom of your heart in order to bring more oxygen up there and to eliminate stale gases from the lungs. So it looks like this. Breathing practices are a great way to prepare for meditation. During the day most of us aren't paying attention to our breath and it gets really short and you can see by the way I'm talking, I'm not even breathing. But when I start to feel conscious of my breath, I start to slow down the way I'm speaking. I take some time to get some oxygen in, which calms me down and enables me to focus on what I'm doing. Same thing when you're practicing meditation. You want to be clear and open.
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How to Focus & Avoid Distraction | Meditation
Like these Meditation Lessons !!! Check out the official app http://apple.co/1MpyV0U Watch more How to Meditate videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/485117-How-to-Focus-and-Avoid-Distraction-Meditation Hi, I'm Lisa Dawn Angerame. I'm one of the founding partners of Nava NYC, a collective of nine yoga and meditation teachers in New York City. Our website is www.navanyc.com. Today I will be talking to you about meditation. How to focus and avoid distraction is a question about meditation that we get all the time. But focus and distraction is, in fact, the practice of meditation. It is to stay focused, even with the distraction that comes. At any time in your meditation practice, there could be any number of distractions; a sound of a door opening, a car honking outside, a sound of a child's voice in the background. So, all of these things can pull you out of your meditation practice. But the practice of meditation isn't about turning those sounds off, or forcing yourself not to hear them. It is about hearing those sounds, letting them enter into your system, and just acknowledge it and let it go. But not to make a story out of it. Not to say 'oh, I hear a child crying' or 'oh, I hear a door opening or closing'. The practice of meditation to focus, is to use a point of focus that is steady. So, for example, your breath. Your breath is always there. So you sit down on your cushion, or your block. You close your eyes. You begin to notice the breath, as it moves in and out of your body. You can count your breaths. So, on the inhale you can silently say 'inhale', and on the exhale say, 'exhale one'. 'Inhale', 'exhale two', and on like this. And when you notice that you're, all of the sudden, not counting, you lost your place, you just start again. 'Inhale', 'exhale one'. Another way to focus yourself, is to use a mantra, like, 'Let Go'. On your inhale silently say, 'Let', and on your exhale silently say, 'Go'. So, your breath is your point of focus, your mantra is your point of focus, and any distractions that come are a test. They're actually good. You almost want those distractions, to see if you can allow yourself not to be drawn out of your meditation, and find that sense of calm that comes with not being drawn away. And then focus and distraction, are just part of your meditation practice.
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How to Use "This" "That" "These" & "Those" | Grammar Lessons
Watch more Grammar Lessons videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/515773-How-to-Use-This-That-These-and-Those-Grammar-Lessons There are four very similar words that mean something kind of similar, this, that, these, and those, and all of these words indicate where something is located in relation to the speaker and whether it's singular or it's plural. So I'm going to show you a little chart that I use to help differentiate between these four words. You can see two of the words are singular, this and that. They're used to refer to just one item.  And you can see in this column these and those are plural. They're used to refer to more than one item. If you look across, you can see that this and these are words that indicate something is near and that and those are words that indicate something is far. So to give you an example, I might say this pen is purple, those pencils are yellow. Or I might say these markers are colorful, those pencils are not very colorful. Another example is that these books are heavy, but those pencils are not very heavy. So when you're using this, that, these, and those, just know that the word you choose is going to indicate how close something is to you and also how many of them there are.
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How to Do Juen Ma aka Turning Stance | Wing Chun
Watch more How to Do Wing Chun videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/509864-How-to-Do-Juen-Ma-aka-Turning-Stance-Wing-Chun So the wing chun turning stance, again, is one of those things, depending on what lineage of wing chun you do, depending on your particular Sifu's inclinations or whatever, it's always going to be a little bit different, all right. But this is pretty standard form in most WT schools throughout the world. So what we do first is we're going to set the frontal stance just like we did in the previous video. All right. And then, at least the focus in the way we do the turning stance, is to move our body out of the way. There are some wing chun styles that teach you basically to turn along the center here mainly for power generation with the hip. This is not the primary function of our turn in wing chun. The idea is that if we're caught off guard, if we're not able to go forward which is our primary MO in wing chun, we're going to turn. We're going to move out of the way. Assuming this is probably the most important target we want to move this completely out of the way of our opponent so we can dash out of the center and attack our opponent back. Now the way we do this, all right, in a very classical wing chun way, is you're going to shift your weight onto which ever leg, depending on which side you need to turn to, and as you shift your leg, through the knee pressure, the linkage force, your foot is going to turn like this. Then you're going to come back to the center, and then you're going to turn to the other side. Again, like when we're practicing the frontal stance, you always want to keep the knees pulling in together. Because we don't have a low stance in wing chun, we use an upright stance, our stability comes mostly through the abduction of the knees. And the same thing goes in the turning. When you turn to one side it's the abduction of the knees that maintains the stance together. So that's also why, when you watch me turn, you will only see one foot turning at a time. When I shift my weight, which is the first thing you do, you should never turn first because you're still in the line of sight, you should shift your weight so that you move out of the way. Once your weight is shifted it's very easy to turn like this. All right. My foot turns until they're both parallel. Now I come back, and then I turn to the other side. In the turning stance you should finish at about a 45 degree angle. Of course, depending on how much pressure, how deep your opponent comes in, that's going to adjust. It's not fixed. It's only a basic formula. But it's slightly different from the advancing stance which we'll cover in another video. The turning stance you basically just turn 45 degrees. All your weight is shifted on the back leg. You should be able to lift this leg without your upper body moving at all. That's one of the tests. Once you turn like this the upper body doesn't move at all, and then you know you've shifted all of your weight. Turning stance.
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When to Use "Of" vs. "Have" | Grammar Lessons
Watch more Grammar Lessons videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/515776-When-to-Use-Of-vs-Have-Grammar-Lessons A lot of us get tripped up by words that sound very similar, but they mean different things. And one example of that is the word have and the word "of". You might hear someone say, "I should of drank more coffee this morning." They're saying the word "of", but they mean to say the word "have". Let me explain to you the difference. Essentially, "have" is a verb; it expresses an action. "Of" is a preposition. It expresses a location of one word in relation to another word in a sentence.  So here's an example of how you would use each of them in a sentence the correct way. So for instance, let's look at the sentence, "I should have drank more coffee." In this case we use the word "have" because we need a verb to indicate that we should have drank more coffee. Although sometimes people use the contraction, and that's okay too as long as you write it the correct way. If you want to use the contraction for "should have" you write, "I should've drank more coffee." Now you can hear that "should've" sounds a lot like "should of", which is why often times people write the incorrect word. And the correct way to use the word "of" in a sentence is, "I ordered a cup of coffee." In this case, we need a preposition, and "of" is truly the correct word, so I hope this clears up the difference between "have" and "of" and why our ears can make it a little bit tricky.
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How to Make Your iPhone Read to You | Mac Basics
Watch more How to Use a Mac videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/515897-How-to-Make-Your-iPhone-Read-to-You-Mac-Basics Hi Lisa here, and I'm going to show you how to have your iPhone read a text to you. The first thing you have to do is actually enable this, so you are going to go to your settings, then you are going to scroll down and tap on general and then you are going to choose accessibility. From there underneath the heading of vision you are going to see an option that says speech selection, you'll tap on that and you'll go ahead and turn it on. From here you also have the option of making the speaking rate faster or slower depending on how quickly you want to hear the text. Now that we have done that we can press our home button and we can go to safari for example and we can just highlight some text that we see and now next to copy you are also going to see speak, so let's try that.  Once it's going you can say pause and then you can choose again to have it start. So we can say speak again. And that will pick up right where it left off. So that's it, that's how you can have your iPhone read a text to you.
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When to Use "Between" vs. "Among" | Grammar Lessons
Watch more Grammar Lessons videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/515777-When-to-Use-Between-vs-Among-Grammar-Lessons Have you ever wondered what the difference is between the words "between" or "among" and if you can use them interchangeably or if you need to choose one? Well, the answer is that they are different and that you use them in a different sentences. As a rule of thumb, between is used when you are talking about 2 people, or 2 things. You use among if you're talking about more than 2 people or more than 2 things, and I like to remember this by thinking of 2 cliches, actually. We tend to not like cliches in writing but sometimes they tend to be good memory devices. One is the phrase "Just between you and me." Well, "between" is correct here because we're taking about you and me, we're just 2 people so it's just between you and me. And that's just one way that you can remember that "between" is used for 2 people. On the other hand, we have a sentence like, "You are among friends." In this case, you might picture a large group of friends, more than 2. And that's why we use the word among to indicate that we're talking about a bigger group of people. So, again if you're wondering about the difference between "between" and "among," remember that between is used for 2 people and among is used for a larger group, more than 2 people.
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How to Do the Bird Dog Exercise | Abs Workout
Like these Ab Workout Tutorials !!! Check out the official app http://apple.co/1NFBXvP Watch more Best Ab Workout for Women videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/515815-How-to-Do-the-Bird-Dog-Exercise-Abs-Workout So I'm going to demonstrate how to do a bird dog for you. So you're going to start out in a quadruped position, which is basically what you see here. Your hands are under your shoulders and your knees are under your hips. So you're going to take one leg out high behind you. You're going to point your toe. You're going to reach your opposite arm out in front of you, and you're going to reach. You have a couple options here. You could stay here if this is challenging enough. If you want more of a challenge, you're going to take your elbow into your knee and extend it long. Extend it long. So I like to go about 5 to 15 reps on each side. So you're going to take your opposite leg and extend it high behind you, point your toe, reach out forward with your opposite arm, and take it in toward your belly button and extend. It's a great exercise for your abs and also a great tool to use as a warm up. And that's how you do a bird dog.
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How to Do an Invert | Pole Dancing
Watch more How to Do Pole Dancing Exercises videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/509373-How-to-Do-an-Invert-Pole-Dancing How to do a basic invert. Today I'm going to talk to you about how to do just a basic bicep grip inverted straddle. In another video I am talking how to take this inversion and make it spin which makes it a lot more fun, but you're going to want to try to master the basic inversion first. Prior to learning any inversion, as I mentioned in my other video, you want to make sure you're properly warmed up and that you're working on your flexibility, and again, you can refer to Laura Michael's video when she talks about how to grease your straddle. It will be more safe, and your legs will look longer and leaner, and your lines look really pretty when you're inverting. You also want to make sure that you have a spot, probably, when you're first learning how to invert, and you have a crash mat to catch your fall in case your hands slip. Above all you want to make sure that you have the strength and the coordination and the flexibility mastered from just basic, regular pole dancing technique before you take it and you flip it upside down. So the proper grip for doing a bicep grip inverted straddle is called a bicep grip. You're going to reach your inside hand out to the side, parallel to the ground, so about 90 degrees. You're going to bring that arm around in front of your shoulder, and bend the elbow, so the upper arm bone is now parallel to the ground. A good way to make sure your hand is in the proper position is, if you release your pinky you could poke yourself in the eye, and so then you know you're in the proper position. Outside hand will come directly on top of that pushing your top of your bicep into the pole, and your oblique on the other side, so it's sort of sandwiched between your arm and the side of your body. Your going to drive the pole into the ground using the strength of your back. From there you'll drive your knees into your chest. Your bicep grip will slide now into a little bit of an elbow brace. You'll extend your legs into your straddle reaching you toes towards the opposite ends of the room, and from there you can either go into an upside down double knee brace and release that to the ground tucking your chin in to your chest, or you can also just come out of it, step out of it on your inside leg and then your outside leg.
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How to Apply Bronzer | Asian Makeup
Watch more How to Do Asian Makeup videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/504787-How-to-Apply-Bronzer-Asian-Makeup So, I'm going to show you how to apply bronzer to Asian skin. Asian skin tends to have a yellow undertone, so you want to just make sure that your bronzer is on the warmer side. Most bronzers are, but it's something to think about. So, I take a bronzer; it doesn't matter if there's shimmer in it or it's mat, that's a total person preference. I like to use a more narrow blush brush. I think it gives more control versus the big fluffy brushes that you sometimes see for bronzer. The trick to bronzer is placement. So I'm going to go ahead and dip a little of the brush into the bronzer, and then start kind of up near the ear, and I just bring it down along the cheekbone like this. You don't want to apply bronzer all over your face, and just make yourself one shade darker; that doesn't really make much sense. You want to sort of sculpt the face and hit the point that the sun would hit if you were sitting out in the sun. So I go up on the cheek. You think about starting on the ear, and kind of working your way down to your mouth, as that's typically where you want to go. I go a tiny bit on the jaw line, tiny bit on the temples of the forehead, a little bit across the nose, because, you know, we're cheating you being on the beach for the day. And then actually I like to go just a little bit on the eyes and swoop it up to the hairline, just like that. So a good place to find where you need to put the bronzer is right below the cheekbone. Asians are blessed with amazing cheekbones, so if you take your cheekbone and you go kind of under it, right there, that's a great way to find where you have to put it. So I just kind of carve it right into that cheekbone, right underneath it, and swirl it around. On the eyelid it doesn't matter if you have a mono eyelid or not; whatever your eye shape is you just kind of want to start up by the brow bone and push it up along the hairline. It just gives more of a natural bronzy look. Again, taking it up on her eyelid, underneath her cheekbone, and really working it in there, on her jaw line, and her chin, and a little bit across the nose, and a little bit on the temple of her forehead. So by placing the bronzer on her cheekbones, her nose, temple of her forehead, and up here on the lid bleeding into her hairline it creates a really natural sun-kissed look. That's the key with bronzer; you want it to be natural and sun-kissed--not two shades darker than you actually are.
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Are Frozen or Canned Fruits & Veggies OK? | Baby Food
Watch more How to Make Your Own Baby Food videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/515583-Are-Frozen-or-Canned-Fruits-and-Veggies-OK-Baby-Food Many people who are preparing their food for their babies at home want to know if it's okay to use frozen or canned fruits and vegetables when preparing food for their baby. And the answer is yes however there are a few things you'll want to keep in mind. People don't realize oftentimes that when fruits or vegetables are frozen like these strawberries, blueberries, and sweet peas that they're frozen at the height of their season so they really are as fresh as you can possibly get them. I'm a big fan of using frozen fruits and veggies during the winter months when you can't find big, beautiful, fresh strawberries like these. It is beneficial when possible to choose organic over conventional but at the end of the day there's no added preservatives or chemicals in frozen fruits or vegetables at all so they're a really, really great back up plan during busy weeks. When it comes to canned goods one thing you need to keep in mind is that all traditional cans are lined with BPA which is a chemical that has been linked to cancer development and is something you probably want to try and stay away from if possible. Using a dried bean is a great, great option. You just need to soak them overnight prior to cooking them. So they are a little more time consuming but definitely worth the effort. Another thing to keep in mind is that any canned fruit or vegetable is going to have added salts and sugars to aid in the shelf stability process which are things your children really don't need to have. So whenever possible try to avoid the canned goods but at the end of the day do the best that you can with what you have at your fingertips. Frozen is great and obviously going with the dried beans is even better than cans.
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How to Do the Dead Bug Exercise | Abs Workout
Like these Ab Workout Tutorials !!! Check out the official app http://apple.co/1NFBXvP Watch more Best Ab Workout for Women videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/515814-How-to-Do-the-Dead-Bug-Exercise-Abs-Workout I'm gonna demonstrate for you how to do the dead bug and in about two seconds you'll see why it's called the dead bug. So you're gonna lie back on your back, you're gonna leave, this is where I want you to start for now. Bring up your right arm and your left leg is gonna go up you're gonna reach your hand to your toe and extend them as low as you can without compromising anything going on your back so you want to keep your back flush against the ground, your abdominals are nice and engaged.You can stay to one side. So, for example you'd go ten reps here and then you can switch, you go ten reps on the other side. The most important thing here guys is that you're really staying flat and you're really engaging your core the entire time. Your breathing should be synchronized with the lifting. Now if that's too easy, you're gonna raise both legs up, raise your arms up, you're gonna extend the opposite arm and leg outward. And again only as low as you can without compensation of the lower back lifting. So that is a progression of the dead bug. This is a great ab exercise and it's also a good way to warm up the body before your workout. And that's how you do the dead bug.
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Can You End a Sentence w/ a Preposition? | Grammar Lessons
Watch more Grammar Lessons videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/515774-Can-You-End-a-Sentence-w-a-Preposition-Grammar-Lessons Once upon a time, a sixteenth century English dude decided that it was low-class and vulgar to end a sentence with a preposition.  So, ever since then, we've been trying to tuck our prepositions inside of our sentences so that we can be proper.  It's important to know that it is grammatically incorrect to end a sentence with a preposition.  However, I come from writer's workshops where I teach grammar classes.  We advocate for ending a sentence in a preposition if it would help you avoid creating a really awkward or overly stuffy sounding sentence.   Let me give you an example.  So, in this case, we have two sentences that mean the same thing.  One sounds very formal, and one sounds informal, and it's all because of where the preposition lands.  To whom did you address the letter?  Well, this is the grammatically correct way to phrase this sentence.  You'll see that the preposition to, comes at the beginning of the sentence, not the end.  Another way to phrase it is whom did you address the letter to.  In this case, our preposition to comes at the end, and technically it's incorrect, but it does sound a little less formal.   There are instances when obeying the rule about prepositions can create a truly disastrous sentence.  And Winston Churchill brilliantly illustrated that with a joke.  He said that is the sort of English up with which I will not put.  Well, you can see that our preposition up comes in the middle of the sentence.  So, technically it's correct, but it's a truly awful and awkward sentence.  So, in this case, it would definitely sound a lot better to put the preposition at the end and say that is the sort of English I won't put up with.  I hope that answers your question about whether or not you can end a sentence with a preposition.
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How to Do Kneeling Ab Wheel Rollouts | Abs Workout
Like these Ab Workout Tutorials !!! Check out the official app http://apple.co/1NFBXvP Watch more Best Ab Workout for Women videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/515825-How-to-Do-Kneeling-Ab-Wheel-Rollouts-Abs-Workout So, I'm going to demonstrate for you how to do the ab wheel. I'm going to do it on my knees to demonstrate. This is a very advanced ab exercise, so if you're not familiar with it, I would start out ... usually what I do is I put something in front of you so that you're stopping at something, a target, and you're rolling back in. If you're new to core exercises, if you're new to strength training, definitely progress after you've done planks, some side planks and other different variations because again, this is a very vulnerable position, it can be, for your lower back. So just be weary of that. So, I have a pretty big ab wheel here today for a demo, but these also come in different sizes. There are small ones. What I like to tell people is you want to make sure that the first thing that's moving forward are your hips. So, a lot of people go into this and just roll out like this. This is wrong. You're not getting any core with that. So you want to fall forward as if your hips and your glutes were falling first, and when you get to the point where you're shaking, you're going to come back in, almost like you're doing a reverse crunch engaging here. So again, falling forward with my hips and my glutes. Notice how my back, there's no rounding. We don't want to see rounding. So you're rolling out as far as you can without the compensation of your lower back rounding. So, I'm going to just show you what wrong would look like. I just ... Ow, lower back, not good. So, you want to make sure, again, your hips are coming forward. You're engaging here the whole time. If you feel like you lost the tightness in your stomach, then you went too far. Just it's a good idea to have a target in front of you to roll to and then come back at your own pace. But again, this is a very advanced movement, and I would start with basic exercises like planks and side planks, and then progress to the ab wheel.
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How to Apply Blush | Asian Makeup
Watch more How to Do Asian Makeup videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/504789-How-to-Apply-Blush-Asian-Makeup So I'm going to show you the best way to apply blush. With Asian skin it tends to have a yellow undertone. So what I like to do is go to the other end of the spectrum and pick something kind of bright and cool just to break up the monotony of the color palette. There are a million blushes out there. But don't be afraid of the really bright ones that you find at the makeup counter. For instance., look at this guy. This one is really scary bright pink. But I'm going to put it on Nicole right now. And you're going to see how wearable it can actually be. And it can make you look younger. So I'm going to take a small brush. Dip it into the blush. And starting on the apple of her cheek. The best way to find the apple of your cheek is right below your pupil and across from the tip of your nose. Right there where that meets is the apple of your cheek. I'm just going to kind of swirl it right on the apple of her cheek and blend out like cat whiskers. If your blush looks scary bright don't be afraid. You don't have to take it off. Take the foundation brush that you used earlier. It's got a tiny bit of product left on it. And just very gently go right over it. So what that's going to do is it's going to blend everything together so that the blush looks like it's coming from within versus sitting just on top of your skin. So by putting the blush right on the apples of the cheek it just gives a really natural flushed look. And don't be afraid to go bright. It really is a beautiful complement to yellow undertones of your skin.
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Basic Rules | Women's Lacrosse
Embrace your Inner Laxhead with these Lacrosse Products: Warrior Torch Lacrosse Head (High School Spec): http://amzn.to/1MpSaKo STX FiddleSTX: http://amzn.to/1F10HB0 NFHS Certified Lacrosse Ball: http://amzn.to/1QfKVm1 Field Hockey/Lacrosse Backpack: http://amzn.to/1NuYXBi Hi-Vis Scrimmage Vest: http://amzn.to/1Nv0p6x “I'm a Lacrosse Coach Badass” Funny T Shirt: http://amzn.to/1W0WP7h Watch more How to Play Women's Lacrosse videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/515353-Basic-Rules-Womens-Lacrosse Hi, I'm Liz Kittleman Jackson. I'm the Head Lacrosse coach at Columbia Universityand I'm going to talk to you about a few basic rules of the game of Lacrosse. First, the field. Our game is played within a hundred yards with five yards behind each cage for play to happen behind the goal. Typically, the field is about 50 to 60 yards wide. There are twelve players on each team on the field at once, one goal keeper and eleven field players. The field players are a combination of attackers, midfielders, and defenders. In the game of Lacrosse we have what's called a restraining line that goes across the 30 yard line on either side of the field. When your inside the 30 yard line, the game is seven attackers versus seven defenders. Once the ball is moved above the 30 yard line any number of players can be on the field. But then again, when it goes below the 30 yard line it's seven attackers versus seven defenders. Different teams use different combinations of the field players. A typical setup is four defenders, three midfielders, and four attackers, plus the goal keeper, and you've got your twelve players on the field. So, those are the basic rules of woman's Lacrosse
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How to Make a Balloon Horse | Balloon Animals
Watch more How to Make Balloon Animals videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/454075-How-to-Make-a-Balloon-Horse-Balloon-Animals Hi, I'm Jonas Cain and I'm here at the Veritas Theatre at the beautiful Elms College in Chicopee, Massachusetts. I am a magician and a balloon sculptor having performed and provided entertainment solutions for many, many years. Visit my website at www.jonascain.com. And today I'm going to be talking about making balloon animals. And now I'm going to show you how to make a horse. To make the horse you blow up a bubble, the balloon leaving about a three inch tail at the end. Now at the end with the nozzle we will make about a three inch bubble. Pinch and twist. Now using two fingers we are going to make a small bubble. Pinch and twist. That looks like this. With this bubble we are going to make a special twist called the ear twist. To do that, you bring that bubble together and you pinch and twist it together giving the first ear of the horse. Now you do the same thing. Make a small bubble. Pinch and twist. Bring it together and pinch and twist. Be very careful as this is sometimes where the balloons like to pop. Be very careful. Giving us the nose and ears of the horse. Now, to do the neck we make the same sized bubble as the nose. Pinch and twist a three inch bubble. Now you are going to make the legs of the horse which is a little longer. Pinch and twist about a four inch bubble. Now you will make a bubble about-exactly the same size actually. The fast way to do that is to bring this right down here and pinch and twist giving us the front legs of the horse. The body will be about the same size as the neck. Pinch and twist a three inch bubble. Now you will make two more four inch bubbles. Pinch and twist. Remember the fast way just bring them together like this. Pinch and twist giving us the back legs. Now this looks a lot like the dog so what we do to add a little more to this is we need another balloon and this balloon can be a contrasting color. You can blow it up about half way it does not matter because we are going to cut off what we don;t need. Pinch and twist small bubbles. Bubble number one, two, three. Again hold it against the side of your body so that they don't come apart. And eight and we will stop there so now it looks like a string of pearls or a bunch of grapes. you bring it together and you are going to take this nozzle end and tie it around so that the air does not escape from the rest of the balloon. So now what we have made could be a bracelet, but what we are going to do instead it to take it and put two of the bubbles here up here on the ears, Insert it right around here, being very careful and gentle with the balloons so it looks like this. Now you are going to take the middle here and twist it around so that it locks up in place and bring this down here and take this extra balloon and wrap it around the neck and legs of the horse. Now we can take that pair of scissors that we just used and cut off the rest of the balloon because we won't need it. That gives us the balloon horse.
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Sushi Rolls for a Child's Bento Box | Bento Box
Watch more Japanese Bento Box Recipes videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/500522-Sushi-Rolls-for-a-Childs-Bento-Box-Bento-Box What we are going to show you today, it's a sushi roll for a kid's bento. We have this beautiful bento box with two compartments. One of them is going to be reheatable in the microwave. We have some brown rice, some steamed vegetables and a hardboiled egg. And this is the type of bento box that I like to do for kids because they are very healthy for school. The first tier of the first compartment of the bento box we have some beautiful fruits. They have to be very colorful so the kids are very happy to eat it. And Koshisan is going to serve them some very hot food and nice and healthy sushi roll for kids. He's having a bamboo mat to roll it up. He places the nori on top and after he wets the tip of his fingers so the rice isn't going to stick, he's placing the rice on top of the nori. Previously he made a nice julienne of carrots. And now he is rolling it up making sure that the rice or the carrot doesn't come out of the roll. Now as you see he's tidying up the roll. He's tidying it up. Can give you the nice shape that he's looking for. So now we let it sit up for 30 minutes so it sits and the nori sticks well so now Koshisan is going to cut it. It can be cut into 6 pieces, 8 pieces I believe for sushi kids because for sushi kits, I like to cut it very small so he doesn't have to chew that much. So you can see the beautiful color of the nori on the outside, the rice and the carrots. So, as you see, the sushi doesn't touch the fruits. We cut this little strip off of it so that they're not touching each other. And the way that we finish it, or we pack it, we put a color on top of this part which is going to be the one that is going to be reheatable in the microwave. It goes on top of the cold compartment. The color on top so it doesn't open. We have the beautiful bento part in this trap so it doesn't come out and as Koshi showed you that is a sushi for kid's bento box.
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How to Do an Inchworm | Abs Workout
Like these Ab Workout Tutorials !!! Check out the official app http://apple.co/1NFBXvP Watch more Best Ab Workout for Women videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/515818-How-to-Do-an-Inchworm-Abs-Workout So this exercise is called the inchworm. It's a great way to warm up your core and also it does get some shoulders and arms in it so it's a great exercise to use during your work out or even for your warm up. So you're going to start out actually on your feet, you're going to hinge from your hips and you're going to walk your hands out in front of you as much and as far as you can. You're going to stay here for a second, it's like an extended plank position. You're going to walk your hands back. You have the option of standing up, I'm not going to do that today. I'm just going to come back to my toes and again I'm going to walk my hands out in front of me, as much as I can, engage my abs here. Reset and then go back in. When you're here it's a good idea to try to straighten the legs and get that hamstring stretch. It's a great dynamic tool to use as warm up as well. So again walking your hands out and then coming back to either a standing position or just to your toes and that's how you do the inchworm.
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How to Do Scissor Lifts | Abs Workout
Like these Ab Workout Tutorials !!! Check out the official app http://apple.co/1NFBXvP Watch more Best Ab Workout for Women videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/515821-How-to-Do-Scissor-Lifts-Abs-Workout I'm going to demonstrate how to do scissor lifts now which are similar to leg drops. But I'm going to demonstrate on my back. You want to make sure your abs are engaged, your back is flat against the floor and your rib cage is down. Hands are going be be down by your side. Your legs are going to be bent at 90 degrees. So if you want to keep them bent you're more than welcome to. What you're going to do is you're going to alternate bringing your right and your left, up and down. Up and down. Now if you want to make this harder you have a couple options. You can straighten your legs and then scissor from here which is a lot more difficult. But you want to make sure your not getting so much hip flexor that it's interfering with your abs. So if you're feeling this here rather than here then just bring your legs up a little higher and scissor from there. If you're still not feeling like this is challenging enough go ahead and drop your legs and scissor from here. But again if it's going into your hip flexors then just make sure your legs are a little higher. You want to make sure your back is completely flat the whole time and your breathing is in sync with the scissoring. And that's how you do scissor lifts.
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Server vs. Graphics Programmer | Video Game Careers
Watch more How to Get a Job in the Video Game Industry videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/500617-Server-vs-Graphics-Programmer-Video-Game-Careers The difference between a server programmer and a graphics programmer is a good question because they're really on opposite ends of the spectrum on programming. A server programmer is someone who works on the logic and code in an online game that is in the server set, and controls everything that happens behind the scenes. Whereas, a graphics programmer is someone who works on the code that runs on your computer or on your console and displays all of the different graphics: controls the special effects, the animations, all the rendering that's going on. If you're looking to be a programmer in the game industry, you have to ask yourself, What you really want to be involved in? Are you really good at 3D math? Do you know what left hand versus right hand means when it comes to mathematical formulas, or do you really like Linux and distributive computing and you really want to be in that part of the business? If you're really thinking about getting in, and you have some aptitude for software programming, there are a wide variety of things that you can do. You should really play to your strengths. The good news is; the pay is really good on either side of the spectrum.
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How to Do a Hollow Rock Exercise | Abs Workout
Like these Ab Workout Tutorials !!! Check out the official app http://apple.co/1NFBXvP Watch more Best Ab Workout for Women videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/515823-How-to-Do-a-Hollow-Rock-Exercise-Abs-Workout So I'm going to demonstrate how to do one of my favorite exercises called the hollow rock. It's great for your core, it is an advanced move, so if you're kind of just starting out working out or you have you know a weaker core I would wait on this until you master things like the plank and the side plank and core stabilization exercises and then you could come on and try the hollow rock. So you're going to lie on your back. So you're going to brink your arms up by your ears and you're going to extend your legs out long. I'm going to show the basic hollow rock first, so you're going to really point your toes and your arms out. I'm very active in this pose already keeping my abdominal engaged, my ribcage down. I'm going to rock up to a seated position, lower my legs as I come back down. Up, lower the legs, come back down. So that is the hollow rock. I'm going to show you a regression from that, if that's too difficult, if you're feeling that in the lower back, you can also do it while bending your knees. Arms are going to come up, bend the knees, come up, slowly roll down. Come up, slowly roll down. So I want you to think about rolling down vertebrae by vertebrae very slowly, it's not a sit up. There's not a lot of lumbar flexion[sp] and extension. We do not want that. What I want you to think about is moving as one, you're whole body is moving as one instead of the lumbar flexing and extending and that's how you do a hollow rock.
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How to Make a Balloon Elephant | Balloon Animals
Watch more How to Make Balloon Animals videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/454083-How-to-Make-a-Balloon-Elephant-Balloon-Animals Hi, I'm Jonas Cain and I'm here at the Veritas Theatre at the beautiful Elms College in Chicopee, Massachusetts. I am a magician and a balloon sculptor having performed and provided entertainment solutions for many, many years. Visit my website at www.jonascain.com. And today I'm going to be talking about making balloon animals. I'm going to show you how to make an elephant. To make an elephant, you'll blow up the balloon, leaving about a two and a half or two inch tail at the end. Now first we're going to make the nose or the trunk. To do that, you're going to make about twice the nose as the nose of the dog. So you measure here and here, pinch and lock twist here. Now you're going to make the ears. To do that we're going to do a loop twist. It's going to be about the size of the trunk, but instead of the ears like the dog, what you're going to do is twist it here so it looks like this. Now you're going to twist it together to give us the first ear, twist it enough so it doesn't come apart. Now you're going to do the same thing, twist like so. Again, twisting enough to make sure it doesn't come apart. This gives us the trunk and the ears of the elephant. Now we're going to make the neck. The neck we're going to make nice and small. You can use about two finger, pinch and twist a bubble like so. Now the legs are going to be smaller, maybe about a two inch bubble. One, hold it against your body to keep it in place. And two. Now we'll do the lock twist. Take these two bubbles, bring them together, and lock them together, twisting enough so they don't come apart. Now the body, about a three inch bubble. Now you're going to do two, two inch bubbles. One. Again, holding them in place. And two. Now you're going to take these two bubbles, bring them together, lock and twist. And that gives us the tail, the legs, the body, and the ears and the trunk of the elephant. Now to get a little more creative with this what you can do is just fold the trunk in half and just give it a little squeeze. But not too much, we don't want to break the balloon. That gives the trunk a little bit of a curve, to add a little more character to your elephant.
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Why You Should Make Your Own Baby Food | Baby Food
Watch more How to Make Your Own Baby Food videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/515590-Why-You-Should-Make-Your-Own-Baby-Food-Baby-Food Many people think it's very convenient to buy baby food off the store shelves but now I'm going to talk about the value of making your own at home for your child. So, first and foremost, it's actually much more cost-effective to make your own food at home. It's on average, about 45% less expensive per serving of food to make it at home than to buy it pre-packaged in the store in a single serving. Also, you have the added benefit of the food being more nutrient dense. When you're buying a jar of shelf stable baby food that's been sitting on store shelves for 2 plus years, the FDA requires a certain amount of bacteria is eliminated from the food in order for it to be shelf stable. But unfortunately, at the same time, the beneficial vitamins and minerals are also eliminated so you end up with empty calories and about 5% of the nutritional benefit of the food. If you're cooking it lightly at home then your retaining close to 90% of the nutritional value of the food. Also, people don't realize how many added salts, sugars, chemicals, stabilizers are in pre-packaged foods like these. You can definitely avoid those by making your own food at home and you also can avoid BPA. A lot of people see glass baby food jars and they assume that it's more eco-friendly and safe as oppose to a regular can but the truth is there is not a glass jar lid that is BPA free. So you will definitely be avoiding those risks by making your own food at home. Last, you can also find value in making your own baby food at home by being able to tailor the texture of the food itself to your baby's preferences. Some babies are finicky about textures and flavors and when your making it by yourself at home you can actually tailor it to your child's needs. So, those are the top reasons why it's more valuable to make your baby food at home.
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What Is Rye Whiskey? | Whiskey Guide
Shop Our Barware Essentials: Beer Glasses: http://amzn.to/1H1A2yu Professional Bottle Opener: http://amzn.to/1RAeBgc 3 Piece Shaker Set: http://amzn.to/1JFncsI Liquor Bottle Pour Spouts: http://amzn.to/1EAAKBl Bar Gigger: http://amzn.to/1EAAKBl Muddler: http://amzn.to/1Fiss7B Cocktail Strainer: http://amzn.to/1F51ltJ Bar Spoon: http://amzn.to/1JFndgi Lemon/Lime Juicer: http://amzn.to/1E3Zb9y Beautiful & Cool Bar Toys: Round Ice Ball Molds:http://amzn.to/1Iz559a Elegant martini glasses:http://amzn.to/1K4vlKt Cool Bartending Book:http://amzn.to/1H1AGw2 Crystal Tumblers: http://amzn.to/1JFntvI Crystal Mixing Pitcher:http://amzn.to/1zY8r4f Whiskey Stones: http://amzn.to/1E4bKSt Whiskey Glasses: http://amzn.to/1PFiOeO Cognac Glasses: http://amzn.to/1Hflsc8 Watch more Complete Guide to Whiskey videos: http://bit.ly/1JaxaEk Rye whiskey is whiskey made from rye. Americans do it as well as pretty much anybody, but the Canadians are well known for it to. Rye is a very hardy crop that grows better in cold climates. While it's difficult to distill because there are proteins in the mash that will make it stick together and turn what will be delicious liquor into oatmeal. It's a little harder to work with, but it's a very delicious grain. It's light, spicy. You have producers that will do very high proof, very oily and very aggressive. You have producers that will do lighter and softer rye whiskeys almost drinks more like a bourbon. So there is a wide variety in your styles of rye. You can even have your white whiskey say this is an un-aged whiskey directly from the still. It smells a little bit like gasoline, it smells a lot like gasoline, but corn will do that in your mash bill. Rye whiskeys are 51% rye in the mash bill at the least to be called straight rye whiskey. They'll add other grains barley, wheat, corn to make it softer or sweeter or a little more rounded, but it means it's at least 51% rye. Those are some facts about rye whiskey.
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How to Put Your Hair in a French Twist | Wedding Hair
Watch more How to Do Wedding Day Hairstyles videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/504831-How-to-Put-Your-Hair-in-a-French-Twist-Wedding-Hair We're going to show you how to do a French twist. So what you're going to want to do, even though this is a smoother style, is you still want to start with a curly set just because it gives the hair a lot of movement. And, it will help it to hold and stay in place. I'm actually just going to take a smoothing brush and brush a little bit of that wave out, smoothing it out, lightly detangling it. I'm going to leave the pieces out around the face, because we always want a little softness around the face. This is going to be a French twist but a very modern take on it. It's going to be smooth in the back and then have soft curls in the front. You're going to start by draping the hair back into a low ponytail. Then a good trick, if you don't want any bagginess at the neck, would be to just tilt your head back slightly. Perfect. We are going to start twisting the hair up. As we twist we're kind of rouging it up with my fingers. The biggest thing with the French twist is you want to keep it centered and straight as you go. Once you get your French twist to the height that you want to see it then you're going to go ahead and start pinning. What I do is I just hold that twist tight. You're going to start on the sides, and you're just going to stick your pin in pushing it into the bulk of the French twist. I'm kind of evenly spacing them as I go. All you're going to do is you're going to take them and you're going to pin them, push them to the side, and push them up. Push them to the side, and push them up. You're going to definitely want to go in and kind of crisscross some bobby pins in there. Try to find the other pin inside and cross over the side of it. That's why I started evenly spacing my pins, because I can easily remember where they are even though I can't necessarily see them. Now, you have a couple of options with the top section. You can continue the twist up and kind of tuck it in, and you'll get a very smooth silhouette. You could leave the edges out for a nice modern look. Just kind of circle it around and toss it up. You could even, if you made this much higher, have the top portion come in and almost create like a fringe. We're going to actually twist this up. I'm going to put my finger in it, and we're going to wrap it around my finger. We've left these pieces on the side out so we can softly drape them back and add them to the shape. I think what keeps this look modern is the softness that you're able to keep. The softer you can keep it the better. So I'm draping in sections. I'm not draping the whole thing back at one time. That way I can create different movement throughout the hairstyle. Now, you'll see as I come to this side I have a curl for my draping. You can choose to do a couple of things. You can use that and create a very interesting kind of texture next to it. Or, you can smooth it underneath and tuck it inside. There you have your finished French twist.
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How to Sit | Meditation
Like these Meditation Lessons !!! Check out the official app http://apple.co/1MpyV0U Watch more How to Meditate videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/485120-How-to-Sit-Meditation Hi, I'm Lisa Dawn Angerame. I'm one of the founding partners of Nava NYC, a collective of nine yoga and meditation teachers in New York City. Our website is www.navanyc.com. Today, I will be talking to you about meditation. How you sit for your meditation practice is very important. You want to find a comfortable seat, one that will allow you to sit for a lengthy period of time. You want to be able to have a tall spine. You don't want to sit hunched over like this. This isn't very comfortable. It also does not allow the energy to flow openly; so you have your shoulders over your hips. And right now, I'm going to show you a bunch of different ways that you can sit. A seat that we use in meditation often is called virasana. It means "hero's pose." You can sit up on a block to do it. It's good to have your hips up over your knees, so that your feet don't fall asleep, and your spine can be tall. So you take the block; you put it underneath you. You bring your knees together, your feet on either side of you. Place your hands in your lap, and close your eyes. Another comfortable seat for meditation practice is lotus position. It's sort of that classic yoga position that you see in the old photos of yogis sitting and meditating. A good way to do it is to sit up on a blanket. Take a blanket; fold it in half, so you have a wedge. Put it underneath your seat. Then bring your right foot into your left hip crease; your left foot up into your right hip crease. Find your sitting bones resting on the edge of the blanket. Rest your hands on your knees; and close your eyes. When you choose your seat for meditation, it should be comfortable. One option is to sit on a chair. Sit your seat down into the chair. Place your feet firmly on the ground. Rest your hands in your lap. Another way to sit in meditation is to sit against the wall, so that your back has some support. You sit down. Cross your legs in any comfortable seat. Rest your hands on your lap.
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What Comes with the PS4? | PS4 FAQs
Watch more PlayStation 4 FAQs videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/515551-What-Comes-with-the-PS4-PS4-FAQs Lets take a quick look at what comes with the PlayStation4 when you get out and buy it. Uh, now the first foremost most important part of it is the actual PlayStation4 console. It's a s smaller than the PlayStation3, definitely smaller than the XBox One. Its a nice little console here. Um, its got a bunch of ports on the back so first up you've got your power port, which is kind of important since this requires electricity. Uh, it has an HDMI out which is the only form of video out that the PlayStation4 has, so previous consoles use to have component and compost, thats sort of gone away of the past. Uh, you have a Ethernet port here if you wana connect to the internet fro PlayStation network. It does support WiFi but in case you just want the extra speed or the reliability if a wired connection you've got that option. It has this proprietary port here which is used for the PlayStation camera. As of now that's pretty much its only use but I wouldn't be surprised if you saw some other PlayStation peripherals use this port in the future. Uh, and then you have an optical audio out which you can use if you wana use a, you know optical audio for your stereo system of anything like that. It also with a duelshock 4 controller which also has its own set of options and features. It comes with one power cable which is gona change depending on what region you live in. This is the one for North America because it fits our North American outlets. It does come with an HDMI cable. These are relatively cheap, so if you find the one that's provided is too short, Um, you need something longer for your setup their pretty easy to pick up and go get and any HDMI cable will really do. There's nothing proprietary about that. It also comes with a Micro USB cable which is used to charge the controller. Now its important to note here that Micro USB and Mini USB, while they look similar, are two different plugs. So your Mini USB plugs are not gona work with charging the controller. Luckily micro USB is also not proprietary. Also not that expensive, so if you wana get something a little bit longer, Uh, for whatever your setup is at home you can do that as well. It also comes with this little headset. Every PlayStation4 comes with this little mono headset. Its just one little ear-bud and attached here is a microphone, and its got a little clip here. Its not the greatest headset to be one hundred percent honest, but it gets the job done and there's  an important president that is set by including one in every PlayStation4. It ensures that no matter what, no matter who's playing, they have the ability to communicate over the PlayStation network. Ans that sort of really helps with building an on line community. And then the last thing that's, Uh, included that's not pictured here is that depending on the region you may get a voucher, and on that voucher you will get one free month of PlayStation Plus, you'll get one free month of music unlimited which is Sony's pay music service. And you will get a voucher for ten dollars, good on PlayStation Network. Uh, again that depends on the region your in. You might wana look into that a little more to find out weather of not That comes with the PlayStation4 your looking to buy, but its a great incentive to get into PlayStation Plus and its a great way to jump into downloading some PSN games. So that's just a quick look at what comes in the box when yo buy a PlayStation4.
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How to Do the Glute Bridge March | Abs Workout
Like these Ab Workout Tutorials !!! Check out the official app http://apple.co/1NFBXvP Watch more Best Ab Workout for Women videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/515822-How-to-Do-the-Glute-Bridge-March-Abs-Workout So I'm going to demonstrate now how to do a glut bridge march. You'll see why it's called a "march" in a second. So you're going to lie back. So you're going to get into a glut bridge. I like to lift my toes, just because it takes the quads out of it. You can keep them down if you feel more stable or if you're having back problems, but I like to get as much hip extension as I can just by making sure it's coming from my hamstrings and my gluts. By lifting my toes, I'm ensuring that that's happening. So, what you're going to do from here is you're just going to bend one knee in toward your stomach and alternate. It kind of looks like I'm marching. Glut bridge march. So, the most important thing here is that you want to keep your hips up in full extension. So if you're feeling like you're dropping a little bit, just by getting this march in, then I want you to just focus on holding a glut bridge. But the march, you're alternating and your hips are up in full extension. You could reps. You know, 15 to 20 reps. You go 3 sets and that should be enough to get your gluts and your hamstrings activated. And that's how you do a glut bridge march.
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