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Counterfeit Viagra Sales Uncovered in London
Toby Clarke investigates the sale of counterfeit Viagra online and in shops in London. He speaks to the world's leading viagra analyst who reveals the shocking truth about what is inside the fake pills.
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Tuff Selector - Journey Into Dub (Mix)
TRACKLIST Mad Professor - Pirates of the Airwaves Mad Professor - Lord Ska-Man Sugar Minott - All Kinda Dub Augustus Pablo - Java Dub Bim Sherman - It Must Be a Dream (Jammys at the Controls - Dub Mix) A. Collins - Roach in a Dub Phase One - Leaving Babylon Alborosie - Dubbing Kingston I Life Players - Original Ragga Muffin Dub Fire House Crew - Lovers Race (Version) Da Grynch - Pass the Kouchie (Instrumental) The Revolutionaries - Kunta Kinte Please visit my blog for more music: tuffselector.tumblr.com Bless.
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RICHIE HAWTIN & MAGDA - M_nus - Contakt @ Brixton Academy TECHNO
Richie Hawtin & Magda - Minus - Contakt @ Brixton Academy. A Toby Clarke Film. Press the HD button to watch in HD. www.thebenjamins-thebenjamins.com/ @tobytweetz
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Council Cracks Down on Soho - Before London 2012 Olympics
Reporter Toby Clarke looks into Westminster Council's plans to turn off the red lights of Soho in the run up to the 2012 Olympics. He interviews everybody from the local priest to Peter Stringfellow.
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Pleasance Ahoy Features on BBC Radio 4
BBC Radio 4 catches up with The Pleasance Ahoy boat to talk comedy, canals and barges.
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Amish Farmers DUBSTEP dance off!
Some well mannered Amish kids get down and dirty to 5D's beats. These Amish farmers have the moves! Thanks to myhelmethat for original video and lots of effort. Music: 'Arcade Superstar' by 5D. soundcloud.com/5thdimension
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London Electronic Orchestra @ iTunes Festival
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A Peek at Bondi Beach
Life through the lenses at Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia. Stop motion animation - A Topcat Production.
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G20 Protest Riot - London
thechildrenoftherevolution.co.uk reporter Toby Clarke visits the G20 protest in London on April 1 2009. He interviews protesters from all walks of life asking them what they think is wrong with the world and how it's gone wrong. Toby witnessed police brutality and heavy handed police tactics can be seen in the video. Visit www.thechildrenoftherevolution.co.uk for more information on protests and social uprisings.
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MinuteBox.com: stop motion coin viral
Monetise your spare time: MinuteBox.com coming soon... Film: Toby Clarke
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Public Service Announcement - Hay Place Festival (2014)
The Public Service Announcement. Happy Birthday Oleg. Big ups to all Hay Place crew!
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Mad Hatter Gets Down to Some Dre
Working his moves, it's the hustler and pimp extraordinaire, 'The Mad Hatter'. Straight gangster business.
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Hay Place Festival 2012 - Official Teaser
Hay Place Festival 2012 - Coming soon...
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Chat Roulette Prank! 'Das is this!' - fake boobs (funny!)
Tried to make my hand look like some cleavage and this German fella got rather excited until he got a shock! http://www.thebenjamins-thebenjamins.com/ Follow on twitter: @tobytweetz and @thebenjamins77
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Drunk crazy guy dancing - BETTER RUN MAN!
I found this utter mentalist at a mini-festival in Somerset. What do you think of his dance moves?
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Chilli Peppa's Greasy Announcement
Chilli Corp will be taking over Hay Place for Chilli Peppa's greasy disco. #fireinthedisco #keepitgreasy
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MAIN EDIT v1 Inclusive Digital mov
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toby g20
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Westminster's Soho Crackdown (high quality vid)
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Art in Transit - 'Deconstructing the average'
Directed & Edited by Toby Clarke
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London through my eyes (on a fixed gear bike)
London through my eyes, riding dirty. Shot on a Kodak ZX1 strapped to my handlebars. The first in a series of short films dedicated to the city I live in. PRESS THE HQ BUTTON TO WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY.
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What's new pussycat? Meet Tigger the kitten!
A half Bengal / half Tabby cross. She likes carrier bags and whiskers milk. Nuff said.
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