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Weird Al - You're Pitiful
Live @ the OC Fair. I love the different shirts he wears in this one.
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Simon Le Bon and Dolores O'Riordan - Linger (Live)
A really nice live version of the song done as a duet. I claim no copyright to this. I am only sharing it for those who may not have seen it before.
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Hazel O'Connor & Simon Le Bon - Suffragette City (Live @ Dominion Theatre 6 December 1980)
Please be gentle; this is my first video. I make no copyright claims on the music or images used in this video. In 1980, Duran Duran opened for Hazel O'Connor on tour. On the last date of her tour, Simon Le Bon joined her onstage for an encore performance of David Bowie's Suffragette City. I have not found any recording of this online anywhere and wanted to share this great song. Images used are of the Time 12" single, on which this track appears on the B-side, promotional posters from that tour, and images of Hazel and Simon. I tried to use images from that time period. The first image of Simon is taken from that tour specifically.
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DEVO Performing Whip It @ the Grove in Anaheim
Short clip of their most famous song. DEVO hats are tossed into the crowd.
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JoSi Waterbottle Incident
Better quality version. ;D
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Experience, Strength and Hope Award Presentation to John Taylor 2013
On 15 February 2013 Writers in Treatment held an event @ Skirball Cultural Center to present this year's award to John Taylor. The event was Hosted by Ed Bagley, with Robert Downey Jr. presenting. Special guests included Ione Skye, Divina Jasso, who performed beautifully on acoustic guitar and Bobcat Goldthwaite, who performed a comedy set and apparently only took the gig because his wife wanted to meet John Taylor! LOL! Guests @ the reception included Buzz Aldren, Kurtwood Smith, Joanna Cassidy, Michael Des Barres, Steve Jones, Gela Nash Taylor, Julie Anne Rhodes, and those previously mentioned. I claim no copyright to the products and organizations mentioned in this video. I only wish to share this great experience.
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Duran Jam Session 2005
John Taylor, Roger Taylor and Andy Hamilton jamming and talking before a show. From www.duranduran.no site.
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White Lines on Late Night 1995
Duran Duran with Melle Mel on David Letterman in 1995. A very skinny Simon in tight black clothes shakin what his mama gave him! Another gem from Lizard King.
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Cialis Has Side Effects
Read those caution labels closely!
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Annabella Lwin of Bow Wow Wow - Do You Wanna Hold Me? (Live 24 January 2013)
Live @ the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, CA. Opening for Midge Ure.
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Sound of Thunder into Hold Back the Rain
Duran Duran again @ Morongo in January of 2006. I love these two classic songs and the crowd went crazy for them. I just want to say I wasn't AIMING @ Simon's package. It just sort of finds its way into the frame! @ least that's what I tell my hubby! ;P What????
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Witness - Cyndi Lauper (Live on the She's So Unusual 30th Anniversary Tour)
Recorded @ Pechanga 21 June 2013 All rights belong to Cyndi Lauper and her record label. This song can be purchased from the album She's So Unusual.
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A hot, but quick JoSi moment during WHT. Don't blink or you'll miss it! I forgot where I got this clip from, but if you know who shot it, please let me know and I will credit them.
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Midge Ure - No Regrets (Live @ the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, CA)
After having a bad early experience performing on Top of the Pops with a song that he didn't really have any control over, Midge was inspired by this song and decided that he would never again do anything that someone else told him he had to do. He would make music on his own terms. This was how he introduced this performance of No Regrets @ the Coach House on 24 January 2013.
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DEVO Performing Beautiful World @ the Grove in Anaheim
A short clip with Jihad Jerry out front singing this classic DEVO song! 27 Oktober 2006.
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Adam Ant - Ants Invasion (Live @ the Grove in Anaheim)
Adam with the Good the Mad and the Lovely Posse live in Anaheim, CA Saturday 20 Oktober 2012 No claims on copyright intended. All rights belong to Adam Ant and the associated labels.
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Midge Ure - Fade to Grey (Live @ the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, CA)
Midge Ure wrote the song Fade to Grey, which was made popular by Visage. He performed this @ the Coach House on 24 January 2013
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This is Why People Need to Drink After Work!
This guy has to have one of the worst jobs ever.
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Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - Song Intro and "Make it Back" live @ PacAmp 25 July 2013
Joan introduces a new song coming out in Oktober and explains how the devastation of Sandy and the spirit of the people to rebuild inspired this song. Recorded @ Pacific Amphitheatre in Costa Mesa, CA.
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Warren Cuccurullo Playing with Azar Lawrence Quartet
Recorded @ the RG Club in Venice on 1 September 2013. Special guest drummer Marvin "Smitty" Smith formerly of the Tonight Show band.
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Hungry Like the Wolf (Rubber Mix)
From an appearance on German TV. A raucous rendition of HLTW performed to a series of models wearing rubber gear. Simon looking thin and hot and obviously in a randy and playful mood.
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Weird Al - Pretty Fly for a Rabbi
Oy vey! Weird Al live @ the OC Fair 18 July 2007.
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Duran Duran @ Agassi Grand Slam Oktober 2005
This is the live performance from the charity event. I shot this myself on my new camera. The quality is lost a little from the original, but not too bad. Especially since we were all in the nosebleed seats. All song rights belong to the artist and their label. This is for entertainment only.
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A Flock of Seagulls - Telecommunication
My last clip from the Grove of AFOS. My only other clip is too large to upload. Everybody sing! Tele-com-MU-ni-ca-tion..tele-com-MU-ni-ca-tio-on....
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DEVO Performing Peek-A-Boo @ The Grove in Anaheim
This was 27 Oktober 2006. Watch for Osama Bin Laden strolling across the stage!
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Weird Al - Amish Paradise
Weird Al goes OLD school. Amish style. Love the background video with it.
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Freakin Brothers Piano Recital
A different way to play the piano!
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Weird Al - Fat
His take on Michael Jackson's Bad video. Fun song to see live. PLEASE NOTE: This IS Weird Al. He is wearing a fat suit and makeup to appear fat. He is not actually fat. He is not a drug addict. He is a very talented live performer. I shot this myself in Costa Mesa in 2007. I hope this clears things up for those who seem confused.
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Success (Live)
This is from a French Canadian TV show. Check out Simon in those white pants! Spank it baby!! And that LOOK in his eyes! RAWR!!!!
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The Reflex
I would just like to say, "Ta na na na, ta na na na, ta na na na, ta na na na!" Simon kicks up his heels in this one! Sexy beast!
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Duran Duran's Live from London - SAP Audience Participation
During the screening of Duran Duran's Live from London DVD, I had to catch the image of the audience participating with Save a Prayer. It was so cool and looked like a continuation of what was on the screen!
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Newborn pigs feeding on mama @ the OC Fair
Adorable baby piggies born that day having a feeding time. Born on 17 July 2013.
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Doughboy Laughing
The Pillsbury Doughboy gets a little carried away laughin here!
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Weird Al - Cell Phones
"The song I know you've all been waiting for..." Tee hee! Wave 'em people!
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Bow Wow Wow - Do You Want to Hold Me?
@ the Grove of Anaheim 27 Oktober 2006.
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Screening Intro Video from Live From London Screening
During the screening of Duran Duran's Live from London DVD, I recorded this video of the intro.
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Adam Ant - Whip in My Valise (Live @ The Grove in Anaheim)
Adam with the Good the Mad and the Lovely Posse live in Anaheim, CA Saturday 20 Oktober 2012 No claims on copyright intended. All rights belong to Adam Ant and the associated labels.
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Weird Al - Gold Digger Polka
Gotta love Weird Al! This is from the OC Fair 18 July 2007.
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Sharon Stone Rocking Out to Joan Jett @ LA Pride
Ms. Stone enjoying Joan Jett's performance and showing off her Blondie tee to someone in the VIP area @ LA Pride June 2007.
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Cee Cee Penniston and Jai Rodriguez @ LA Pride 10 June 2006
Just a little vocal love fest @ LA Pride. Fiiiiiii-nallyyyy yeah yeah!!
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Bow Wow Wow  - Another Clip @ the Grove
Another classic song performed in Anaheim. Shake it baby!
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A Flock of Seagulls - Wishing (If I had a Photograph)
A little longer clip. Sorry the sound wasn't better. Again from the Grove 27 Oktober 2006.
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Weird Al - End of Gump & Beginning of Eat It
A small clip of another Wierd Al medley. Classic!
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Weird Al - E-Bay
Small clip of Al's tribute to buying crap you don't need!
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Bow Wow Wow - Baby Oh No @ the Grove
Live in Anaheim 27 Oktober 2006.
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DEVO Performing Uncontrollable Urge @ the Grove in Anaheim
This was quite possibly THE highlight of the show for me. Great song, great energy, loads of fun!
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Midge Ure - Dancing with Tears in My Eyes (Encore, Live @ the Coach House)
Well past midnight when Midge came out for this encore, his voice finally showing some signs of the strain he had been having. Still a fantastic performance and a great show. Recorded on 25 January 2013 in San Juan Capistrano, CA.
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Simon Le Bon Busted
Simon talking about Notorious cover and his "favourite model"! Nick points out she was his "second favourite model". Looks like someone slept on the couch for a while! LOL!
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DEVO Performing Satisfaction @ the Grove in Anaheim
A clip of their performance from 27 Oktober 2006. Fair sound, better video.
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Window Cleaner Reveal
This sexy window cleaner has a surprise for the ladies!
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