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Simon Le Bon and Dolores O'Riordan - Linger (Live)
A really nice live version of the song done as a duet. I claim no copyright to this. I am only sharing it for those who may not have seen it before.
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Weird Al - You're Pitiful
Live @ the OC Fair. I love the different shirts he wears in this one.
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JoSi Waterbottle Incident
Better quality version. ;D
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Bow Wow Wow - Baby Oh No @ the Grove
Live in Anaheim 27 Oktober 2006.
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A Flock of Seagulls - Wishing (If I had a Photograph)
A little longer clip. Sorry the sound wasn't better. Again from the Grove 27 Oktober 2006.
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Weird Al - I'll Sue Ya
Grunge rock Al gets litigious.
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DEVO Performing Beautiful World @ the Grove in Anaheim
A short clip with Jihad Jerry out front singing this classic DEVO song! 27 Oktober 2006.
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Weird Al - Gold Digger Polka
Gotta love Weird Al! This is from the OC Fair 18 July 2007.
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DEVO Performing Satisfaction @ the Grove in Anaheim
A clip of their performance from 27 Oktober 2006. Fair sound, better video.
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DEVO Performing Whip It @ the Grove in Anaheim
Short clip of their most famous song. DEVO hats are tossed into the crowd.
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Weird Al - Pretty Fly for a Rabbi
Oy vey! Weird Al live @ the OC Fair 18 July 2007.
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Hungry Like the Wolf (Rubber Mix)
From an appearance on German TV. A raucous rendition of HLTW performed to a series of models wearing rubber gear. Simon looking thin and hot and obviously in a randy and playful mood.
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Sound of Thunder into Hold Back the Rain
Duran Duran again @ Morongo in January of 2006. I love these two classic songs and the crowd went crazy for them. I just want to say I wasn't AIMING @ Simon's package. It just sort of finds its way into the frame! @ least that's what I tell my hubby! ;P What????
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Weird Al - Amish Paradise
Weird Al goes OLD school. Amish style. Love the background video with it.
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Bow Wow Wow - Do You Want to Hold Me?
@ the Grove of Anaheim 27 Oktober 2006.
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A Flock of Seagulls - Telecommunication
My last clip from the Grove of AFOS. My only other clip is too large to upload. Everybody sing! Tele-com-MU-ni-ca-tion..tele-com-MU-ni-ca-tio-on....
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Doughboy Laughing
The Pillsbury Doughboy gets a little carried away laughin here!
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Sharon Stone Rocking Out to Joan Jett @ LA Pride
Ms. Stone enjoying Joan Jett's performance and showing off her Blondie tee to someone in the VIP area @ LA Pride June 2007.
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Screening Intro Video from Live From London Screening
During the screening of Duran Duran's Live from London DVD, I recorded this video of the intro.
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A Flock of Seagulls - Space Age Love Song live
A clip from the Grove of Anaheim. 27 Oktober 2006.
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The Reflex
I would just like to say, "Ta na na na, ta na na na, ta na na na, ta na na na!" Simon kicks up his heels in this one! Sexy beast!
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DEVO Performing Peek-A-Boo @ The Grove in Anaheim
This was 27 Oktober 2006. Watch for Osama Bin Laden strolling across the stage!
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Bow Wow Wow  - Another Clip @ the Grove
Another classic song performed in Anaheim. Shake it baby!
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Weird Al - End of Gump & Beginning of Eat It
A small clip of another Wierd Al medley. Classic!
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Weird Al - E-Bay
Small clip of Al's tribute to buying crap you don't need!
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Weird Al - Fat
His take on Michael Jackson's Bad video. Fun song to see live. PLEASE NOTE: This IS Weird Al. He is wearing a fat suit and makeup to appear fat. He is not actually fat. He is not a drug addict. He is a very talented live performer. I shot this myself in Costa Mesa in 2007. I hope this clears things up for those who seem confused.
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Power Station's Appearance on Miami Vice
I don't remember where I got this, and the quality isn't great, but here it is. I did a search and nobody else had put it on here, so I did.
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The Waterbottle Incident
Not great quality, but it is the only copy I have. And this one has no sound, sorry. Enjoy! (Edit - I have just added a second, better clip.)
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Weird Al - Ode to a Superhero
Wierd Al's loving tribute to Spiderman. ;D
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This is Why People Need to Drink After Work!
This guy has to have one of the worst jobs ever.
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Trailer from Live From London Screening in LA
This is the exclusive trailer shown before the Screening of Duran Duran's Live from London DVD @ Universal Citywalk
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Notorious / I Wanna Take You Higher Medley
Duran Duran live in their funky style. I LOVE this medley. I just wish the sound was better on this one. This clip is a good example of just how SMALL and intimate that stage was! Loved this show. Got some good shots of everyone in this one.
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Save a Prayer live @ Morongo
Duran Duran live @ the Key Club in January 2006. Some good shots of Nick in this one, and everyone else. Always a classic, always amazing.
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Beginning of Notorious live @ the Key Club Morongo
This is one of a few clips I took in January 2006. So small and close. Amazing place to see them! Now if they would just come BACK to the West Coast!! Grrrr!
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Talk About a Mix Up!!
Why you shouldn't leave your toys around for Gramma to find!!
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Cee Cee Penniston and Jai Rodriguez @ LA Pride 10 June 2006
Just a little vocal love fest @ LA Pride. Fiiiiiii-nallyyyy yeah yeah!!
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Duran Duran's Live from London - SAP Audience Participation
During the screening of Duran Duran's Live from London DVD, I had to catch the image of the audience participating with Save a Prayer. It was so cool and looked like a continuation of what was on the screen!
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Weird Al - Cell Phones
"The song I know you've all been waiting for..." Tee hee! Wave 'em people!
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DEVO Performing Uncontrollable Urge @ the Grove in Anaheim
This was quite possibly THE highlight of the show for me. Great song, great energy, loads of fun!
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Nice (Very end)
Duran Duran @ the Key Club @ Morongo. Just a short clip of Simon singing and John in he background.
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