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What Is The NGR?
NGR(Neutral Grounding Resistor) is nothing but a high resistance grounding which in context of electrical power system means the grounding of the system. neutral through a resistance which limits ground-fault current to a value equal to , or slightly greater than the capacitive charging current of that system. A neutral grounding resistor systems can be inserted between the and ground in a power system to provide fault protection through resistance. Without the ngr current sensing ground fault protection does not operate on a neutral grounding resistor (ngr) is used to power systems by inserting between system and. Ngr typically limits the current to 200 400a, though most resistor manufacturers label any that 25a or greater as low resistance. Ngr(neutral ground resistor) which is connected at the star point of an alternator or a tranformer there two consideration to select ngr 1) plant capacity 2) current carrieng. Neutral through a resistance which limits ground fault current to value equal, or slightly greater than the capacitive charging of that system. Ngr is connected between ground and neutral of transformers, generators grounding transformers. What is the purpose of ngr? Allinterview. Although limited, the current is still high enough to require protective relays trip a breaker and remove power from faulted [pdf] resistance grounding system basicsneutral resistor neutral calculation info megaresistors. Googleusercontent search. Ngr reliable neutral grounding resistors, high current vishay. Neutral ground resistors) electrician talk professional grounding resistors at best price in india indiamart. Neutral grounding resistors hilkar. Lv ngr (neutral grounding resistor) panels. The suitable neutral grounding resistance (ngr) should be installed betwseen point (star point) and the ground to restrict earth fault current 50 amps. Neutral through a resistance which limits ground fault current to value equal, or slightly greater than the capacitive charging of that system answer vijay kumar. Problems associated with ngr monitoring are discussed and monitor design requirements 15 jun 2011 hi everyone. Ngr in a power transformer? Quora. This can be used to activate the earth fault relay. Monitoring neutral grounding resistors ieee conference publication. I was wondering if someone can explain to me exactly how an n. The basis of rating a ngr in electrical system gozuk. It also needs to be high enough sensed by the earth fault protection relays. What is the purpose of ngr? Allinterview allinterview what ngr. In the event that a ground fault condition exists. Types ngrs can be broadly classified into two typesngs's are used in industrial power systems for ressitance grounding of wye connected generators and transformers. Ngr? What is ngr? Allinterview. Ngr limits the faults current to value enough operate protective relays, thereby when a fault occurs, neutral grounding resistor (ngr) that can flow from ground back transformer. Ngr(neutral grounding
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How Long Do Finches Incubate Their Eggs?
After mating, a female finch can store sperm in her reproductive tract for up to 16 days. Female finches generally lay an egg every day, commencing between five and seven days after breeding. The average clutch consists of four to six eggs, although the overall number varies from three to eight. Add perches the finches will build their nest, start breeding, lay eggs and sit on them. Finch wikipedia how much should my pet finches be sitting on their eggs animals. Many ducks, shorebirds and gamebirds leave the nest 18 may 2016 likewise, zebra finches, as most if not all other bird species, also transfer preen gland secretions to their eggs during incubation, either directly hoopoes do or indirectly via body contact with preened plumage incubation. In some species if you do not have a male finch in with her then the eggs are no gooda female bird will lay but they fertile so never hatch. You can buy inexpensive bird nests at most any pet store. In such a case, the male parent does most of weaning during daytime, while hen spends her time you need to follow some tips see your zebra finch eggs hatch. The female bird and the male take turns sitting on eggs to keep them warm during this time they don't have mass hold temperature for a long period that larger do. All you have to do i threw some finch eggs in my bator for a friend of minei can't find out how long the incubation period egg is 20 apr 2009 time varies widely from species. How to incubate zebra finch eggs. Googleusercontent search. Roughly speaking, small songbirds take between 10 days and 2 weeks to hatch the same amount fledge. The average clutch consists of four to six eggs, although the overall number varies from three eight 3 oct 2017 incubation time. As you've seen, it can take a few days for bird to finish laying and many moms won't begin sitting on their eggs until they're finished. Larger birds such as woodpeckers may take 3 weeks to a month fledge. Html url? Q webcache. You will a spermatozoa only has very short window of time to fertilize the ova, as albumen ('egg white') be deposited soon, which blocks entry sperm hello there! it depends on whether your girl laid her entire clutch eggs. After mating, a female finch can store sperm in her reproductive tract for up to 16 days. Cm) long and 12 inches (30. How much should my pet finches be sitting on their eggs zebra finch breeding basics the spruce. Female finches generally lay an egg every day, commencing between five and seven days after breeding. Me much should pet finches sitting eggs 10918. Other birds, such as herons, cranes, cormorants, and raptors begin incubation soon the first egg is laid therefore their eggs may hatch on different days. Even if they finch eggs hatch in about 12 to 14 days after being laid. Sometimes she will continue until no more eggs fit parent finches normally begin incubating their clutch after the 3rd 4th egg is laid, although some pairs wait complete to incubation. Zebra finches first egg hatches!!
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What Is The Purpose Of A Neutral Grounding Resistor?
Powerohm Type NR Neutral Grounding Resistors are used in industrial power systems for resistance grounding of wye connected generators and transformers. A neutral grounding resistor limits the fault current to a value which is sufficient enough to operate protective relays, yet prevent unwanted fault damage. Neutral grounding systems take not have to trip and the loads continue function without interruption. What is a neutral earthing resistor? Captech. Neutral grounding resistor by national resistors, pune youtube. The fundamental purpose of a neutral grounding resistor (ngr) is to limit ground fault currents safe levels so that all the electrical ngrs or resistors are used current in generator transformer during earth faults. Learn more from littelfuse here ngr(neutral grounding resistor) is nothing but a high resistance which i the main purpose of neutral resistor to limit ground fault currents safe levels so that all electrical equipment in power system protected, at same time letting enough current flow operate protective (ngr) used systems by inserting between and. Neutral earthing resistor swedish neutral. In star connected 3 phase equipment such as a generator or transformer, the point is grounded. This lowers the prospective ground fault current to a predetermined value. Neutral ground resistors) electrician talk professional why grounding transformer is used for generator? . In solid grounding, the system is directly grounded and fault current limited only by soil resistance. Neutral grounding resistors post glover. In addition, factory test must be conducted at the conclusion of manufacture and before shipment each resistor assembly. Or variation in resistance value of ngr) as well the continuity neutral grounding connections. I was wondering if someone can explain to me exactly how an n. Rthanks again for the help 18 jan 2015 now, if you opt a single phase 6350v 240v, neutral grounding transformer, whose winding is connected in to ground path, can connect simple 0. Ners limit fault currents to a value that ners, sometimes called neutral grounding resistors, are used in an ac distribution networks transient overvoltages flow through the point of transformer or generator safe during event powerohm type nr resistors industrial power systems for resistance wye connected generators and transformers. What is the purpose of hrg? Why neutral grounding resistor (ngr) so important why monitor ngr? Code requirementscase studies resistors (ngrs) are used to limit fault current for safety equipment and personnel in industrial systems. However, when keep in mind, we are talking about shunt air core reactor the transformer neutral for current limiting purposeNeutral earthing resistors cressall. It trips the circuit breakers as and when any open (or variation in 28 nov 2011. Neutral grounding resistor powerohm resistors, inc resistance systems & techniques neutral ngr what is the main reason of using in a power transformer? Quora. A properly designed
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How Long Is A Click In Military Terms?
In military terms, a "klick" means a distance of one kilometer or .62 miles. So, if a Soldier radios, "Were 10 klicks south of your position," that means they are 10 kilometers away, or 6.2 miles away. When someone in the army says one click, what does it mean clicks military terms? Updated 2017 quoraclicks? Military unit of distance? [archive] straight dope jargon distance is a 'click'? Home theater forumwwii forums. Klick' in the military? The balance thebalance how far is a klick military 3357005 class "" url? Q webcache. There is a definition for the military term 'click' used in sighting rifle click, klick and klik may refer to contents. Klick' in the military? The balanceetymology why does klick mean kilometer us military slang army terminology, how far is a click? Lbc. Military]) using the online calculator for metric conversions and more. Military start using this term, instead of k which is what most other nato forces used? British troops would say, it's a 10k (ten kay) tabtroops 10 klick hump. Military] conversion of measurement in military terms, how far would 100 clicks be? Fun trivia quizzes. Klick' in the military? The balance. Origin of 'click' for 'km' please explain what click means? Military term convert miles to [u. Some claim that the term originated 15 mar 2006 big philly 1 327support bladeforums! paid memberships don't see ads! hello. Is it a unit of measurement and if so, how long is click granted im not in the military i watch too many movies but always hear that, ' we are half klick(or click, dont know) from base'. The use of 'click' i hear it in movies all the time. We assume you are converting a mile is any of several units distance, or, in physics terminology, length. If you're following a path, it may be more than 1km, depends if you mean 'click' or 'klick' klick is slang for kilometer. How far is that in lamen term? . The enemy is 5 clicks away'. It refers to one second of arc, or in american terms, inch distance at hundred yards, two inches etc; So click will move the point 4 aug 2011 is military argot for kilometer. So when a colleague gives me grid reference, i find where am and he is one click square. When moved 1 click would change the strike or impact meter at a distance of 1000 meters answer. Television4 other usesairlines[edit]. Also spelled klick or klik. Hide]2 art, entertainment, and media2. Click airways, a uae airlinemexicanaclick. Like im 1 click north of the lz, or 3 clicks west half a till were at meeting place could quickly convert miles into (miles to [u. It sure has a better ring than 11 sep 2006 alittle more detail u. How many miles in 1 click [u. That should be 'klick' if that is the definition you're looking for. Definitive name steve, epsom qualification ex military, old chap! answer maps are divided into a square grid and that is kilometre. About od theorderlyroom f faqklickdef. Klicks became common usage parlance for a in many military related movies and television shows, characters describe
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What Kind Of Precious Stones Are Found In Ohio?
Beautiful and colorful crystals of such minerals as calcite, celestite, pyrite, selenite gypsum, and sphalerite, among others, can be found along with small flakes of gold, colorful flint, and rare meteorites and diamonds. Minerals occur in a variety of areas in Ohio in association with sediments or sedimentary rocks. There are also plenty of fossils and arrowheads to be found. Some rough contains emeralds! mining ranges in weight from 3 to 5 pounds and costs range $5. Green gemstones star garnets are found in only a few locations worldwide seneca mining company located at caverns south of bellevue ohio is real operating sluice with flowing water where you pan for gemstones, minerals, crystals, arrowheads, and fossils! the fossils, minerals & sharks teeth from all over world!what kind precious stones ohio? Dr. Minerals of ohio history central. Topaz is a popular birthstone and the #8 mineral in mohs hardness scale. In the chart below, a year which is listed within parentheses in giftshop you may purchase bags of mining 'rough' that has been seeded with gemstones, minerals, fossils or arrowheads. Getz reflected in the kinds of tools and weapons they used how objects 27 jun 2008 welcome! flint is official gemstone ohio. Our gem rough material includes gems like sapphire, amethyst, peridot, obsidian, moonstone, emerald 1 jul 2016states in the u. Good luck! good tips on where to go for fossil collecting. Where to find gems, minerals, and fossils in ohio. Gemstones facts, photos, information for 100 gems geology. Gem mining fun at seneca caverns ohioheartland educational community. Adil wadia, associate professor of geology at the university akron wayne college, can tell you some surprising facts about precious stones in our areaprice $5. Custar quarry), custar, wood county, ohio. Ohio ohio history central. Ohio gem flint explore tina hall's board 'ohio rockhounding' See more ideas about fossils, gemstones and ohio river 16 apr 2012 alexandrite is renowned for its strange optical properties it can actually undergo dramatic shifts in color depending on what kind of light it's. Which have significant mineral deposits often create a state mineral, rock, stone or gemstone to promote interest in their natural resources, history, tourism, etc. Fossils 10 gemstones much rarer than diamond io9 gizmodoohio flint state symbols usa. Not every state has an official mineral, rock, stone and or gemstone, however. We supply all necessary equipment and supplies to make your mining detailed information photos for over 100 gemstone varieties from around the world! of different types opal world mars too! topaz. Ohio's largest gem stone collection hocking hills mine,, oh educational find it here mystery mineral found ohio arrowhead hunting rock in youtubestate minerals, rocks, stones and gemstones wikipediamining for gems & fossils. Visitors to ohio caverns may now purchase hand selected, cut and polished agate, amethyst, citrine, quartz many other rock types as show pie
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Who Is The Goddess Tiamat?
Tiamat is the Sumero-Babylonian Mother and Chaos Goddess. She is the elemental powerful force of chaos that was split in two to form the heavens and earth. She is often depicted as either as a serpent or a dragon. Tiamat is the personification of the primordial waters from which all life was formed. In order to do so, this lesson is going center on 3 sep 2010 the babylonians said marduk created heavens and earth by murdering tiamat (nammu's babylonian name) forming universe from her body. She is the elemental powerful force of chaos that was split in two to form heavens and earth. She is also the main adversary of marduk in en ma eli tt items 1 12 63 tiamat sumero babylonian mother and chaos goddess. However, ea who is wise, knows what apsu plans. She is often depicted as either a serpent or dragon. In the beginning, neither heaven nor earth had names. Ea then makes his home in the watery depth that apsu has become and here ea's wife gives birth to god babylonian epic of creation, tiamat is an angry goddess, who decides destroy other gods. Tiamat did not go out quietly. Wikipedia wiki tiamat url? Q webcache. Marduk agrees to kill tiamat if he is made supreme god. Ea then enlisted the help of. P567 8) a scene illustrating strikingly the double nature of monster, tutelary in one connection, malignant another babylonian creation story called enuma elish, tiamat was primeval goddess salt waters and chaos. At the beginning of universe, she and apsu, spirit fresh waters, gave birth to all gods. Googleusercontent search. Hubar, old babylonian [59], referred to in a passage as 'mother hubar' [35]. The other gods decide that tiamat should be killed, but they are all afraid. She is the symbol of chaos primordial creation tiamat (goddess) a personification sea from which gods were first created. There were no mountans, there was pasture land, 7 dec 2015 226, fig. In the babylonian creation story called enuma elish, tiamat was a primeval goddess of salt waters and chaos. She creates a vast army of demons. She created an army of monstrous creatures, which was to be led by her new consort kingu, who is also son. In the religion of ancient babylon, tiamat (akkadian ti. The tale of how tiamat, primordial sea goddess and source all things created demonic monsters to fight against the hero tiamat. Tiamat babylonian mother goddess tiamat wikipedia en. Gods and goddesses british museum mesopotamiamesopotamian goddess tiamat history & symbols in the beginning how nammu created world facts, information, pictures. Tiamat is the personification of primordial waters from which all life was formed tiamat flew into a rage when she learned about apsu's death and wanted to avenge her husband. Before the world as we know it was created, said babylonians, there only tiamat, dragon goddess of salt waters in another version this legend tiamat is depicted a primordial, creation sea being power ocean who begets eleven monsters. He draws a magic circle around them and recites spe
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Is Oceania A Continent In The World?
New Zealand and Australia are both part of the wider regions known as Australasia and Oceania. The term Oceania is often used to denote the region encompassing the Australian continent and various islands in the Pacific Ocean that are not included in the seven-continent model. If you separate the world in geographical continents, yes, oceania is officially a continent on same ground as north and south america being wikipedia en. Experts are heavily studying this area of the world and definitions on countries areas that define it changing rapidly. Australia is also referred to as oceania and in conjunction with zealandia. The continent of australia includes the islands, tasmania and new guinea. Australia's capital is canberra, located in the southeast between larger and more important economic australasia, also called oceania or australasia oceania, world's smallest continent 8,112,000 km covering approximately 5. Oceania and australia are surrounded by the indian ocean pacific list of articles about countries world oceania. Geography for kids oceania and australia duckstersfacts information about the continent of australasia. It is surrounded by the indian ocean and south pacific. Briefly about the many of their cities, including capitals canberra and wellington, are ranked as best places to live in world. Oceania v australia which is the correct name for continent continents of world africa what oceania? Worldatlas. If australia is a continent, then what oceania? Quora. Googleusercontent search. The name 'oceania' is used, rather than 'australia,' because unlike the other continental groupings, it ocean sporcle 'standard' uses wider geographical term oceania. Continent, then what is oceania? Quora. However, in most english speaking countries, as well other nations around the world, 7 continent australia is smallest of seven continents. New zealand and australia are both part of the wider regions known as australasia oceania. Australia is the smallest continent by size and second in terms of population. It is located to the southeast of asia. There are several different ways of thinking about how many continents there are, with models ranging from 4 to 7. There are inconsistencies in this approach (e. The continent of australia was once a part antarctica about 96 million. Which continent is the world's smallest? Thoughtcois australia a or it oceania? Youtube. The seven continents australia. If australia is a continent, then what oceania? Quora quora if continent oceania similar new zealand and are both part of the wider regions known as australasia. Because of the vast number natural wonders, this continent is a very popular travel destinationcontinents world. The 7 continents of the world. Oceania is the smallest continental grouping in land area and second population after antarctica 4 jan 2012 encyclopedic entry. Continents of oceania and antarctica, language culture skills how many countries in australia? . This wider definition treats all no
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What Is The Maximum Length Of Coaxial Cable?
Coaxial cable can be cabled over longer distances than twisted-pair cable. For example, Ethernet can run approximately 100 meters (328 feet) using twisted-pair cabling. Using coaxial cable increases this distance to 500m (1640.4 feet). 10 jan 2012 interface or device, max speed mb s, cable type, max cable length. Cat 2, 4, twisted pair. You can amplify the signal, but running your broadband through an amplifier cause packet loss latency if you're not using it for gaming, then i wouldn't worry. What are the characteristics of coaxial cable? Transmission rate about 10 mbps. Cable, twisted pair and coax. Cat 3(minimum for data networks), 10, twisted pair, 300 ft. Cable lengths and transmission speeds national instruments ni product documentation 13724 en url? Q webcache. Cat 1(old telephone standard), obsolete, twisted pair. Article id 136, created july 14, 2009 at 1 43 pm, modified pm 18 aug 2005 what would be the maximum cable length of rg6 from lnb connector to receiver input before there significant problems? In line amplifiers powered coax can indeed used for longer lines, but remember that amplifying after signal is too weak does no good amplifier 23 jun 2013 my user want use tdr100 rock mass deformation application, expect distance 1500m. Feet) 10 apr 2011 hey, my dad wants to run a standard television cable, from our satellite and aerial another building on property but what is the maximum l selecting video cable. What's the maximum feasible length for a coax run from antenna max video cable length, rg59. Maximum cable length of 185 meters for thinnet, 500 thicknet. Cable lengths and transmission speeds national instruments. Make sure the connections are very tight, use a wrench. Is it possible? I love this icon. What'e the max length for coax? Cable users coaxial cable ccna network media types cisco press. Cat 4, 16, twisted pair, 300 ft. (185 meters just looked it up) i'd wager it's the same for the wan side of cable internetCoaxial cable ccna network media types cisco press. What is the maximum length of coaxial cable that can be used what for cable? Cctv core. Both are fitted with sma connectors. Maximum length of coax cable for sat tv understanding wilsonamplifiers. Coaxial cable ccna network media types cisco press. Flexible and easy to work with (thinnet) 31 mar 2005 i need go at least 25 30 ft. There are two factors that govern the selection of cable location runs, either indoor or outdoor, and maximum length individual runs. You loose 6db mv per 100' on rg 6 cable the forward and 1. Less expensive than fiber optics but more twisted pair. I'm trying to run a cable line our back house (not all that glamorous, it's more of shed) and not working. Video coaxial cable is designed to transmit maximum signaling energy from a 75 ohm source load with minimum signal loss 25 jul 2017. 28 sep 2000 how long can you have a coaxial cable before the quality of the signal degrades? Im trying to hook up a second tv, on another floor, with a connection
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What Is The True Shape Of The Earth?
Since the Earth is flattened at the poles and bulges at the equator, geodesy represents the shape of the Earth with an oblate spheroid. The oblate spheroid, or oblate ellipsoid, is an ellipsoid of revolution obtained by rotating an ellipse about its shorter axis. To emphasise this the earth is at real shape of. Ryan06 deleted 2 years ago. Yes, in principle, earth is spherical1 apr 2011 after two years orbit, the european space agency's (esa) gravity field and steady state ocean circulation explorer (goce) nearing end of its planned life span february, producing most accurate map ever so called geoid an encompassing spirit level global reference answer to what true shape earth, are three pieces evidence that prove shape? Answer best described as a aslightly oblate sphered 3 jun 2016 not round (but it's flat either). Comment is below threshold (show). True shape of earth youtube ''22 jan 2016. Figure of the earth wikipedia. This fundamental yet poorly known data will help determine the true shape of earth. Strange but true earth is not round scientific american. The shape and orientation of the orbit are constantly being altered by gravitational pull moon other planets. These types of geoid models are a helpful tool for climate scientists who want to understand how the ocean circulation and sea level change will affect. What is the true shape of earth's orbit? The real earth cnrs web site. True' shape of the earth news blog. So what is the true shape of our planet? And if it's not perfectly spherical, could there be anything else in universe that is? Watch one minute animation above to find out. The earth's orbit is approximately an ellipse. Question 1 answer the following questions briefly. A) what is the true shape of earth? (b) 23 jan 2017 earth is, in layman's terms a spheric one. The job of the goce mission,(1) just launched by european space agency (esa), is to measure earth's gravity field at every point and with unrivalled accuracy. The sun moves in a certain direction, straight line and at constant speed. Ncert solutions for class 6th social science geography chapter what is the real shape of earth? Image day earth's true revealed 1st time solved earth, and are three earth best described as a abbc future not round (but it's flat either). What is the true shape of earth? League legends boards. Based on your last thread i know you don't even what a mobius strip is so how could think the earth was one? It's only logical shape it be, do math govt's and nasa just want to be ignorant. Don't be fooled by a viral gif that claims earth is actually lumpy, not research question what the true shape of earth's orbit shaped like lumpy potato mind blowing video revealed at last. With this being said, the real shape of earth can be described in so many more ways. Globdablob (na) 2 years ago. True shape of earth youtube. Class 6 social science (geography) chapter 2 globe latitudes and longitudes ncert solution is given below. This is what we are being t
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Do You Need A Converter Box For A Digital TV?
If you have an old tube TV like the one shown on the right, or a flat screen that does not have a built-in digital tuner (made before 2006, when digital tuners were mandated), you will need a digital TV converter box (also called a tuner box) in order to get free TV using an antenna. Depending on what this 'converter box' actually is, it could make worse. Hdtv set but do i need a converter box digital tv streaming or antenna with does new cable box? Straight dope how to tell if my needs an hdtv? Youtube. The former i recommend you get the digital antenna and test it out before cancelling your direct smart tv 16 jun 2015 does my need a converter? To answer this to know if has tuner (also called receiver. If you live in the united states and use a regular antenna to get television signals over air, this is probably reason why can't see your old stations today no, most modern tvs are fully equipped receive free air broadcasts with just simple. After that date, those antennas would no longer work. Was still in standard definition. It normally does not refer to satellite tv, which has always required a set top box either operate the big dish, or be integrated receiver decoder (ird) in case of supplies you will need your analog antenna have been using (indoor outdoor), and coaxial wire that currently connects tv (as pictured on right). I thought all the new tvs are digital ready? Do i need a convert box with tv too? 0 kudos re flat screen, do converter. Im curious tho' if you by pass the box will still get local channels in hd? Or do they block it? . These cost less than a month of 17 jan 2011 hdtv or convert box? In my area on tv? Digital converter box has published great article regarding this question. Otherwise, the tv tuner is analog and you either need to buy a digital or dtv converter box get free with input signal may be over air terrestrial television signals received by antenna, from cable system. Do i really need a digital converter box for my tv? Do you dtv your hdtv? Lifewire. That were in hd while. Was wondering if i need a converter box for it to receive digital signals. If you decide on getting an hdtv, it is advisable that do considerable research to find out what exactly acquired the market and need discover more about hd are some features consider when buying a digital tv converter box? Some might affect your choice include ability use box record shows whether or not unit comes with remote control. Your new converter box will come with a second coaxial wire and remote control. These cost less than a month of hdtv or converter box? A blog by the tv digital boxes walmart. Solved digital converter for smart tv? Best buy support best old Use a box television adapter wikipedia. If you connect a digital converter box to your tv, will be able watch basic cable content 28 oct 2017 if have an old tube tv like the one shown below, or flat screen that does not built in tuner (made before 2006, when tuners were mandated), need (also called box)
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How Is A Seamount Made?
Seamounts are underwater mountains that rise hundreds or thousands of feet from the seafloor. They are generally extinct volcanoes that, while active, created piles of lava that sometimes break the ocean surface. Submarine volcanoes volcano world oregon state universitynational geographic youtubefrom seamount to surface sampling the deep! statistics in pacific ocean wiley online library. Wikipedia wiki seamount url? Q webcache. On this particular crossing, several seamount peaks illustrate the observation made earlier that foundation seamounts are not a single row of seamounts, but multiple chain. Seamounts '09 workshop organized by sbn eart. Some of the earliest reports on occurrence seamounts were made in late 18th century and first to be termed 28 jul 2016 over next two decades, discoveries continued. Seamounts woods hole oceanographic institutionseamounts institution. Additional seamounts were discovered in the new england seamount chain and named for vessels of whoi including balanus, asterias, mytilus, panulirus, bear. They are generally extinct volcanoes that, while active, created piles of lava that sometimes break the ocean surface seamount is an underwater mountain formed by volcanic activity seamount, large submarine rising at least 1,000 m (3,300 feet) above surrounding deep sea floor; Smaller called knolls, and flat topped seamounts guyots. Great meteor tablemount in the northeast atlantic, standing more than 4,000 m (13,120 feet) above seamounts are submarine mountains, often volcanic cones, that project 150 3,000 ft (50 1,000 m) or ocean floor. Seamount wikipedia en. We compare the seamount population statistics obtained by wide beam method with counts made from. As we review the progress seamount sciences has made, discover that gettysburg is fundamentally made of serpentinized peridotites and transversal cuts with doleritic dykes, at ormonde gabbros predominate, numerous both alkaline17gettysburg, possibility been put for ward its formation relates to three distinct phases, ranging seamounts are volcanic mountains which rise from seafloor. Googleusercontent search. Has a very identifiable central ridge and rugged flanks. Super slow mid ocean ridges move at rates of guyots and seamounts. Please make your own reservations by contacting the hotel and refer to seamounts '09 workshop at scripps institution of oceanography. Mountains in the sea ii hydro international. Life has been explored on barely 300 the crust is made of seamounts and fissure fed flows (area above magma chamber ). What is a seamount? Noaa's national ocean serviceseamounts ocean, volcanic, oceanic, and ridge jrank articles. Guyots are seamounts that have built above sea level. They are formed primarily by rapid undersea buildups of basalt, a dark, fine grained rock that is the main component ocean's crust. The solidified magma bodies make the lower oceanic crust. No academic exploration of the pacific was made until 1950 when scripps for seamounts '09 workshop we a
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Is Russia A Part Of The United Nations?
the membership of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in the United Nations, including the Security Council and all other organs and organizations of the United Nations system, is being continued by the Russian Federation (RSFSR) with the support of the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States. Resolution that would have renewed investigations into chemical weapons in syria on thursday. Why isn't russia part of the un? Updated 2017 quora. Trump's speech at the un what was said (and wasn't russia to united nations don't try stop us from building why and china watered down un's new north korea world leaders gather for opening of general assembly rfe rl. Member states of the united nations wikipediamembers security council. In a letter dated 24 december five permanent members china, france, russian federation, the united kingdom, and states,; And ten non elected for both of nations, if they are parties to dispute being considered by council, may be invited take part, without vote, in russia is member nations just like 192 other countries. Syria toxic gas inquiry to end after russia again blocks u. Russia as a permanent member of the un security council. Russia and china snub trump guterres meeting on un reform the ohchr. For instance, at one point trump called out countries for trading with north korea, a veiled reference aimed china and russia. With russia, this is not 17 sep 2017 among those scheduled to attend are russian president vladimir putin, who has only made rare visits the un, and german chancellor angela merkel. The union of soviet socialist republics was an original member the united nations from 24 october 1945. Ru en 136 east 67th street, new york, ny 10065. The 193 member general assembly on friday elected 14 members to the 47 nation council, un's how many countries are there in un? List of that un states. K views 28 oct 2016 human rights groups also campaigned against saudi arabia for the high civilian death toll of its bombing campaign in yemen, but kingdom won one four seats reserved asia pacific region. Wikipedia wiki russia_and_the_united_nations url? Q webcache. Russia and the united nations wikipedia. Current membership of the hrc. And the fate of latest minsk deal will be decided in kremlin, not security council chamber. Indeed, the decision to form a new international organization of community (former yugoslavia, afghanistan, iraq, libya, syria), but plays only limited part in providing personnel and financing for un peace operations, while investing more effort regional operations post soviet space during past two decades. Russia succeeded the soviet union's seat, including its permanent membership on security council in united nations after dissolution of union 1991 among original members, 49 are either still un members or had their memberships continued by a successor state (see table below); For example, was russian federation section former socialist federationrussiaun. And some analysts believe that mosc
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What Is The Biggest Asteroid In The World?
The largest asteroid is called Ceres. It is about one-quarter the size of the moon and orbits the sun between Mars and Jupiter in a region called the asteroid belt. Unlike most asteroids, Ceres is spherical in shape. But next month we're due for a close encounter with monster space rock measuring 4. Biggest asteroid impacts in earth's history world atlas. Googleusercontent search. Sep 2017 the largest asteroid ever recorded has passed earth at a distance of 145 million miles, giving scientists opportunity to learn more about its physical characteristics. Solar system's biggest asteroid is an ancient ocean world nature largest in the solar system universe today. Unlike most asteroids, ceres is spherical in shape the largest asteroids with an accurately measured mass, due to fact that they have been (and are being) studied by probe dawn, 1 a mass of 939. Mile wide astral body, called florence, will not approach the planet this close again until 2500 largest asteroid is ceres. 510 18 kg, and 4 vesta at 259. It's just oozing, says thomas prettyman, a nuclear engineer at the planetary science institute in tucson, arizona. Just discovered in australia the largest asteroid impact ever massive that could hit earth 2032 with force 50 times crash! 10 biggest craters on live science. The effects of 17 aug 2017 asteroids whizz past earth on a regular basis, usually only few meters wide. Here are some of the biggest space rocks ever to crash into us and survive. The crater in 18 oct 2013 ukrainian astronomers have discovered a large asteroid heading for earth which could strike our planet on august 26, 2032, impacting with force 50 times greater than the biggest ever 28 apr 2014 whether they're size of molehill or mountain, meteorite impacts are one most destructive forces solar system. Mi) across, making it the largest near earth object to come this close since nasa began tracking them almost 20 years ago. These are the 6 biggest meteorites to ever be found on earth. By mary beth griggs march 23, 2015the new discovery in australia dwarfs meteor crater arizona, one of the best preserved meteorite craters world. What is the largest asteroid? Biggest asteroid ever detected by nasa flies past earth. Largest asteroids list of the 15 largest ceres, vesta asteroid impacts 10 biggest known hits. What is the largest asteroid? Biggest asteroid ever detected by nasa flies past earth. The what is the largest asteroid? List of exceptional asteroids wikipedia. Ceres and vesta will be orbited studied by the dawn spacecraft. Here on earth, flying space debris triggered mass extinctions, but the same deadly asteroids might also have delivered seeds of life soon after earth was born. New biggest asteroid ever recorded is whizzing past the earth 10 impact on youtube. When exactly the massive rock hit earth remains a mystery. He led the team that built 17 jul 2008 [ caption]the largest asteroid in solar system is 4 vesta. Ceres is much more massive, but has been promoted to d
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What Is The Meaning Of CLS In Qbasic?
CLS stands for Clear screen. It is a non executable QBASIC command. It is used when we want to clear the output screen assuming there is output for previous program. Has no effect for text mode. Print 'what is your name'; Input nm$n int(rnd 19) 1print nm$;', i'm thinking of a'. Print 'programming is fun. 89) absolute value of cls. X 47 make x stand for the number 389input, poke. ' 138 print means later. So, it will only flash momentarily. In the previous code example, we wrote your first basic program. Cls 0 clears the entire page of text and graphics. Your programs should start with three rems your name the of program date 10 rem sep 2017 cls clears active graphics or text viewport entire screen and refreshes bottom function key on line. Exe on dos, os 2 and microsoft windows operating systems to clear the screen or console window of commands any output generated by them 24 nov 2015. In it, you saw examples of print, cls, and end commands. Print print command is used to display the output on screen. Cls (command) wikipedia. The bluebook a uniform system of citation, nineteenth edition (2010), 27 mar 2015 qbasic commands. The remarks may be useful in a program to explain about different kinds of statements and user defined cls means abbreviation what does stand for? Definition explanation thecls full form short print 'welcome qbasic. The text 'hello jupiter' should line up with '2' under it. If you run a programme from qbasic, everything that was on the screen before started qbasic will show (i. Tutorial for qbasic quickbasic okay, where to begin programming the secret guide computers 1 pete's site. The first program we will do is to start, open up qbasic, either in a dos window, or itself, and type on the line cls hit enter, should go uppercase as. Qbasic's functions are explained on these pages function meaning value pagesimilar to. Width 40 on screen make each character twice as wide 382cls. Html version pete's qbasic sitecls dictionary definition commands keywords savvy gurua way to understand the basics in. Some possible names are x, y, z, area, radius, age, etc. Another handy 19 mar 2013 cls statement means clear screen. Cls 1 clears only the graphics view port. I guess i should tell you what the commands mean in order, so keep this thought your head while read next section only other restriction is that cannot choose as a variable name some word already has purpose basic, such of command like rem or cls end, for example. More than one comma can be used consecutively. Cls this command is used to clear the screen. Let us see how the print command works. Remember, click on run and then start in qbasic's menu. Rem statements are not executed by your program, they there for the programmer to read. Rem print cls and color iinserts a remark, or comment into your program. Basic programming beginning basic print, cls, and end statements in qbasic what does cls stand for? Full for kids ted felix. Notice that i assigned the variable x to 4 and y 2 us
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What Is The Siamese Cable?
RG59 Siamese cable is a heavily shielded cable which contains a COAX video and pair of 18 guage 2 conductor power in one jacket. The advantages to using RG59 cable is that its more durable and can be run in long distances without interference. You can also cut each security camera run the exact length that you need. Rg 59 cctv cables camera pros what is siamese cable? Sewelldirect sewelldirect learning cable url? Q webcache. Siamese cable is often used in closed circuit television (cctv) setups and surveillance cameras. We also sell packages for use with security cameras we prefer the of siamese cctv cable which carries both video and power signals, making camera cabling installation as simple possible. One type called coax cable or rg59 is a video only; This coaxial with solid copper core that will let you carry the 25 jul 2017. Siamese coaxial cable rg6, rg59 cables cablewholesale. The rg 59 siamese coax provides both video and power by combining the with 18 2 power, for a single cable pull. Item(s) here we have a list of all the siamese cable that offer for cctv security cameras. Sold & shipped by wholesalecables redcatracing toys darkmoon wholesale. Product cablewholesale 10x3 18222nf bulk rg59 get discounts and the lowest prices on siamese coaxial cables, including rg5 coax at learn about cables that combine video power in one jacket, for cctv, home security commercial surveillance systems cctv combo cable black 20awg 18 2 18awg online low price india amazon reviews, ratings, features, specifications browse more 5 star products newegg offers best computer products, laptop computers, led lcd tvs, digital cameras, electronics, unlocked phones, office supplies, with fast shipping top rated customer service. Siamese cable is often offered with rg59 coaxial siamese a heavily shielded which contains coax video and pair of 18 guage 2 conductor power in one jacket. This guide wil tell you how to start installing a siamese rg59 cable. You can also cut each security camera run the exact length that you need another cable option for video over coax type surveillance cameras is to use spools of rg59 siamese. Monoprice offers a wide range of products from standard pc products, network cables, and hdmi cables to custom cable 25 may 2011cable wholesale 10x3 18222tf bulk rg59 siamese coaxial power, black, solid core (copper) coax, 18 2 (18 awg conductor) stranded copper power, pullbox, 500 foot. Rg59 siamese cable, cctv plenum 500ft box. Monoprice ) specializes in the wholesale distribution of world class cable assemblies for home theater, pc, and high technology industries. Rg59 siamese coax cable wiring guide for analog cctv use with security cameras rg59 u coaxial pvc or plenum cableorganizer how to run installation. Siamese rg59 20 awg solid bare copper ffep (foamed fluorinated ethylene propylene) insulation with a 95 cable. Rg 59 siamese coax cable is the professional's choice for cctv systems. Cctv camera pros has 500 and 1000 foot spools available
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What Is 100 Watts RMS?
RMS. Literally "root mean square." A DC voltage that will produce the same heating effect (power output in Watts) as the AC voltage. For a sine wave, the RMS value is equal to 0.707 times the peak value of an AC voltage. Example: divide Peak-to-Peak by 2 (or in half) and multiple by 0.707 = RMS voltage. For a sine wave, the rms value is equal to 0. Rms power is expressed in watts. Since it's an rms rating, as a general rule of thumb, their peak power rating would be microcenter has the best deals on speakers, subwoofer, speaker system, computer altec lansing, all available at your local micro center store!. Surfing ebay you find a great deal on speakers that have 50 watt, 8 ohm impedance, rms rating. Most of the time amp isn't putting out a lot power but certain peaks can hit 200 watts or if speaker rating is clearly stated in rms average power, you compare it directly to amplifier. 707 times the peak value of an ac voltage. Less scrupulous (or more desperate) manufacturers quote ridiculous things like 200 watts pmpo from systems that probably put out less than for example, a subwoofer rated at 100 may be able to handle of power 80 hertz, but 25 hertz it might not nearly as much since such frequencies would, some drivers in enclosures, force the driver beyond its mechanical limits before reaching determining needed speakers. Back of just a bit and you'll be fine. Watts rms what does it actually mean forums cnet is the meaning of '100 watts rms' in terms speaker output? Quora 100 output similar essentially meaningless. However, if there is a possibility that it might be overdriven, (such as with lots of bass 130mm 5. 25') 100 watt rms chassis speakerblack metal chassisfrequency response 40 10,000 hz 14 may 2011 many people confuse these specifications, so i will try to give you a simplified, non technical explanation. Googleusercontent search. If you are buying an amplifier rated at 100 watts channel, a speaker rms is usually adequate. Published 12 20 1999 03 31 pm. '100 watts rms is essentially meaningless. A dc voltage that will produce the same heating effect (power output in watts) as ac. 25 inch diameter chassis speaker 100 watt rms high power wooferbuy it now. Watts rms what does it actually mean forums cnet. Understanding speaker power rating specifications. Speaker ratings basic car audio electronics. Updated 04 17 2012 10 48 am answer id #24. In general, speakers power we split by 2 (or3) and got amplifier, for example if hve 100 watts speaker, can plug it to amplifier with output abou 50watts the most honest way rate a speaker is give rating as continuous rms (ex 150 power). What does 75 watts rms mean youtube. Another potential area of confusion. Therefore, rms power is never calculated example you have a decent bookshelf stereo that rated at 100 watts per channel peak 8 ohm impedance. I've also seen amps rated for 25 watts that power specifications and impedance. Rms mean in wattage terms? What does rms terms of speaker output? 100
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What Is A RRH In Telecom?
A remote radio head (RRH), also called a remote radio unit (RRU) in wireless networks, is a remote radio transceiver that connects to an operator radio control panel via electrical or wireless interface. When used to describe aircraft radio cockpit radio systems, the control panel is often called the radio head. Axxcelera axxcelte remote radio head. Remote radio head (rrh) and their advantagesremote commscope definitions what is a remote head? . This eliminates the loss issues on feeders and base station to rru or rrh via optical fiber. The communication protocol used in this fiber watch short documentary about contractors and their tower climbers deploying ftta networks. Antenna integrated rrh one of the major players is deployment remote radio units (rru) also called heads (rrh). It is connected to the remaining baseband processing part (base band unit bbu) through a bidirectional 24 sep 2009 it also most sophisticated architecture used in telecom networks. Remote radio head wikipedia en. Hence, power is fed separately as this the best dc surge protection scenario for protecting equipment in telecom building or cabinet from potential remote radio head, rrh, 4g lte base station deployments with cpri and obsai interfaces fibre to antenna (ftta) operators solutions contractors who install maintain access networks (ran) know that fiber used medium of communication between baseband unit (bbu) at bottom tower (rrh rru) top. From 1997 to 2001, he was with china telecom as a research and leoni 14 jul 2017 the remote radio head (rrh) contains base station s rf circuitry plus analog digital or converters up down. This helps reduce the coaxial feed line losses, increase system efficiency, and provide a high level of flexibility in cell site construction. Googleusercontent search. A remote radio head (rrh), also called a unit (rru) in wireless networks, is transceiver that connects to an operator control panel via electrical or interface. When used to describe aircraft radio cockpit systems, the control panel is often called head 1 feb 2009 distributed base stations with remote (rrh) capability greatly help mobile operators resolve cost, performance, and efficiency challenges when deploying new on road fully developed 4g networks 3 aug 2016 (figure 1) typical cell site architecture, no rrh (left) application, (right). Repeater, rrh, automotive and mobile antmailing sk telecom the perfect balance of cutting edge innovation pragmatism getting out in front market because rrh architecture physically. Iq,sync, control and management. Different from the transmission networks, rrh fujitsu solutions with high efficiency and power in its compactness, customizable new technology plastic cover, dual band solution, so on telecommunication. Learn about the best practices when dealing with rrh, rru and base stations 19 jun 2017 what's more, at top of each those towers, close to antenna array is remote radio head (rrh) which contains actual equipment (re). In many ways,
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How Do I Pair My Samsung Sound Bar With The Subwoofer?
If the subwoofer does not link to the Sound bar repeat steps 1-4 above to retry the connection between the main unit and the wireless subwoofer. Be sure to press the ID Set button for 5 seconds until the link LED starts rapidly flashing and then quickly press the Mute button on the remote for exactly 5 seconds. Features simple setup using included optical cable; Slim profile (2. You'll enjoy dolby digital wireless connection to the tv. Wireless subwoofer setup and troubleshooting samsung product linking the wireless support network. You can add any wired powered subwoofer or wireless one if you get the matching using a with your sound bar limits amount of unsightly cords dangling around viewing room and creating tripping hazard. If the link led does not light when sound bar and subwoofer are turned on 20 mar 2015samsung hw k360 soundbarsamsung km36 soundbarview specstop 5. Lg help library connecting your wireless subwoofer soundbar reset samsung la carcasse. The bluetooth on the soundbars is for receiving audio rather than connecting a subwoofer. I've tried several times and sorry for my english. Vizio sells wireless subwoofers with some of its the klipsch rsb 3 all in one audio solution is designed to quickly connect your tv within minutes unboxing seamlessly transform television into an incredible home theater system for obtainable price. Sub powers on green,then quickly changes to red. Channel bluetooth sound bar with wireless connect amp samsung soundbar and sub hw m450 review 2. Connect your soundbar to select samsung tv with ease and without the clutter of wires via bluetooth. Learn about product installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting using our search options results 1 16 of 171 thank you for purchasing this samsung producthave tried looking reset buttons on each unit no good. Channel with wireless active subwoofer; Traditional straight design to match any tv; Tv sound connect wirelessly select samsung tvsbluetooth pairing for streaming; Dolby digital 2 audio; Includes bar, optical cable, remote control and wall hey folks, first of many posts come, i'm sure. Thanks 28 mar 2017 lg help library connecting your wireless subwoofer soundbar, sound plate, home theater. Samsung sound bar (hw j550) connecting the subwoofer [how samsung hw e450 soundbar wireless review youtube. Channel home theater sound bar with wireless. We have worked with customer service to attempt get it connect and now i just want know how repaired since is no longer under samsung warranty. Ensure that both devices have been plugged in and turned onensure the are about a foot apart facing each other for initial pairingensure 200 watts of clear sound; 2. Should you run into a problem, samsung provides the means to pair subwoofer manually 25 sep 2017 elevate your entertainment when add hw m360 soundbar with wireless home system. Continue holding until the standby indicator is turned off and link (blue led) blinks quickly 3 jul 2012 if subwoofer does not to sound bar rep
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What Are VHF And UHF Channels?
To receive DTV signals from all stations in the area, your antenna needs to be able to receive both VHF channels (channels 2-13) and UHF channels (channels 14-51). Some antennas only provide good reception of VHF or UHF channels, but not both. Tv signals are broadcast in waves referred to as wavelengths. Is there an advantage of a uhf wireless system over vhf other than frequency availability? . Vhf and uhf refers to the signal frequency in use by broadcasting tv station. To help simplify matters, the frequencies in broadcast spectrum are grouped into 23 dec 2014 right. The federal communications commission originally allocated twelve channels for television broadcasting. Googleusercontent search. It includes vhf and uhf frequencies from channel no69 tv antenna signals. The frequency assigned to the tv station determines size and shape of wavelength digital television chart radio (rf) channel list for vhf uhf bands 23 oct 2012the purpose this guide is provide information improving reception in home. Every tv channel is assigned a frequency. Vhf uhf tv antenna denny's. Of those stations, 12 are expected to simply go off the air, another 30 will shift lower frequency vhf channels, and rest shifting digitally sharing station's uhf spectrum this table is chart for us designated television channels. Uhf television broadcasting is the use of ultra high frequency (uhf) radio for over air transmission signals. What is the difference between uhf and vhf frequencies? Shureultra high frequency wikipediathe differences radio frequencies. Digital terrestrial television signals in australia are broadcast vhf band iii (vhf channels 6 12) and uhf iv v (uhf 28 51). In order to help better identify signals of interest from ambient that might already be in the area, we have included a table vhf, uhf, and fm frequencies, as companion our tds 536 tv dipole set, specifically designed for testing at these frequencies. Am, fm and tv frequencies ah systems. How to tell the difference between a uhf & vhf antenna do i have right system? Fcc auction prompts 1k tv stations change channels television frequency table csgnetwork rugged radios blog. Even antennas that are made to cover both vhf and uhf channels could be a problem low (2 6) digital broadcasts particularly prone interference often hard receive reliably, regardless of what model antenna is used. Frequencies (ota dtv)a guide to uhf television reception tv antenna selection channel master. Uhf channels are typically given higher channel numbers, like the us arrangement with vhf 2 to 13, and uhf numbered 14 83 since 1962, tuners (at time, 83) have been required in television receivers by all receiver act. This means that since the waves are longer with vhf, it's harder to disrupt wave, therefore it travels furtherUhf and vhf frequencies? Shure. Uhf and vhf frequencies? Shure. Uhf and vhf frequencies? Shure what is the difference between uhf Shure shure frequencies url? Q webcache. Common uses for vhf are fm radio b
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How Many Times A Year Do Cardinals Lay Eggs?
The northern cardinal is mainly granivorous, but also feeds on insects and fruit. The male behaves territorially, marking out his territory with song. During courtship, the male feeds seed to the female beak-to-beak. A clutch of three to four eggs is laid, and two to four clutches are produced each year. Cardinal bird facts the cardinal experiencewild profile drscardinal birds and nests petchaattracting & bloomsnorthern biokids university of michigan. They tend to inhabit woodland edges and grassland landscapes with thickets shrubbery they can hide nest in. A perennial favorite among people, the female generally incubates eggs, though, rarely, male will incubate for brief periods of time. Once hatched, both the male and female will feed young northern cardinal is found throughout eastern central regions of america year round, due to fact that they do not migrate. But survive these baby birds did! fifteen days after i discovered the northern cardinal nest, three almost fledglings teetered on rim of nest while they exercised and stretched their tiny wings american robins, for example, have as many broods in a year, with each nesting cycle lasting about month from egg laying to fledging babies. Pairs often stay mated until one dies at which time the surviving mate will look for another partner. Two to three, and even four, broods are raised each year 9 jul 2016 when the baby cardinals leave nest, they look almost 'prehistoric,' much too immature be thought of as a fledged birdever since that incident, we have kept our cats inside during breeding season only let them out on supervised excursions at other times do mate for life? Cardinal egg typically pairs remain together whole. Northern cardinal habits, what they eat, where nest, mating baby cardinals on the porch northern facts & information american expedition. With all the adversities they face, it's a wonder any young ever survive. We have seen many interesting and touching sights during the past four years such as cardinal parents in window sill feeder with nest had been made. They are often found in close proximity to human habitation due 27 aug 2011. Googleusercontent search. The female does all of the incubation and she doesn't start to sit until has finished laying. Html url? Q webcache. Northern cardinal fairfax county public schools. The eggs will hatch in 11 to 13 days after she starts sitting. What time of year do wild birds lay eggs? The nesting habits our cardinals. In flocks, males dominate she lays about 3 4 white to greenish eggs that average one inch in length. Halkin and linville northern cardinals often build nests on the branches of dense bushes shrubs. The female male cardinals often feed the females while courting and when they're nestingso said naturalist john burroughs many years ago. Twice they built the nest close to porch, but both times deserted it before eggs were laid. Young fledge 10 to 11 days after hatching. Halkin and linville she then lays 3 to 4 white greenish e
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What Planet Was The Asteroid Belt?
Bode in 1778. It lead Bode to predict the existence of another planet between Mars and Jupiter in what we now recognize as the asteroid belt.” “The asteroid belt is a region of the solar system falling roughly between the planets Mars and Jupiter where the greatest concentration of asteroid orbits can be found. It's the biggest thing in asteroid belt, with a diameter of 590 miles, surface area four times larger than texas, and mass about one fourteenth that pluto. Main asteroid belt no remnant of exploded planet forbes. Asteroids that pass close to earth are called near objects dwarf planet ceres is the largest object in asteroid belt between mars and jupiter only located inner solar system. Could you please forward any information may have on this subject. Jupiter how big would the asteroid belt planet be? Astronomy was a planet? Seti@home. Goode claims in yesterday's episode of cosmic disclosure that many the giants fled 12 may 2017 this case, team tested their hypothesis about mars' formation by running simplified computer scenarios terrestrial, or rocky, planets, and also looked at samples from earth, mars, moon, vesta, which is an asteroid. We looked for mars analogs that accreted material in a an asteroid is bit of rock. Asteroid belt facts & formation space. It is occupied by numerous irregularly shaped bodies called asteroids or minor planets phaeton (or phaton, less often phaethon) the hypothetical planet posited to have existed between orbits of mars and jupiter whose destruction supposedly led formation asteroid belt 9 jan 2016. We're about to visit a tiny planet in the asteroid belt for first research suggests mars formed extremetech. Asteroid belt once a planet? #askdnews youtube asteroid wikipedia en. Where several hundred thousand asteroids orbit the sun in one big belt. There are various opinions on what caused the asteroid belt; For instance, tom van flandern's most of them lived either earth or in space stations very close to both mars and maldek which is now your belt those ancient days there were really only three planets that could support physical life one was mars, maldek. Though it's technically an asteroid and a dwarf planet, some scientists regard ceres to be real planet the 16 may 2017 earth mars are very different planets right now, but they're both small, rocky in inner solar system. Wikipedia wiki asteroid_belt url? Q webcache. The rest of the mass is contained in countless smaller bodies. It is also where a mathematical formula known as bodes law says there should be planet. Planetary scientists 31 jan 2013 artist's concept of a narrow asteroid belt potentially around another sunlike star. Thank you for your time off and on 16 mar 2016 according to secret space program whistleblower corey goode, there was once a super earth in the asteroid belt with human looking giants who were involved devastating galactic war that destroyed their planet. The late great planet tiamat was the third rock from sun legend of maldek
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What Is The Accepted Value Of Earth Resistance?
However, the NFPA and IEEE have recom- mended a ground resistance value of 5.0 ohms or less. The NEC has stated to “Make sure that system impedance to ground is less than 25 ohms specified in NEC 250.56. A practical guide to earth resistance testing weschler instruments. The exact reason for first things. Universiti tun hussein onn malaysia. What should be the value of earth resistance? Youtube. To 1 ohms very good. Maximum allowable earth resistance of a large power station is 0. We installed a new grounding grid with 4 number of electrode for substation. Acceptable value for earth resistan electric power how to check the resistance value& what is minimum re. It was based on typical resistance values for transmission and distribution substations throughout the united states in 1950s, mainly determined by physical size of substation area. The nec has stated to make sure that system impedance ground is less than 25 ohms specified in 250. Large power station 0. For rocky areas it should be less than 8 ohms industrial earthing resistence very betwwen. However, the nfpa and ieee have recom mended a ground resistance value of 5. Principles and testing methods of earth ground resistance ee by rain bird academy. 56 2 oct 2013 unfortunately, there is not one standard ground resistance threshold recognized by all certifying agencies. There is not one standard ground resistance threshold that recognized by all agencies. Major power station 1. And we are using pvc insulated direct buried ground cables'sufficient grounding electrodes shall be installed to obtain a maximum electrode resistance. For lightning protection, the arrestors should be coupled with a maximum ground resistance of 1. However, nothing is mentioned pertaining to value for individual pits. Ltd soil resistivity and ground resistance for dry wet what should be the value of earthing diesel earth hobio centras. Fluke find sales 2633834_6115_eng_a_w. The goal in ground resistance is to achieve the lowest value possible that makes sense economically and physically 1 oct 2015 these values for wet dry soil sties were found be only 0. The desired value is usually lesser than 1 ohms1. For lightning protection the arrestor should be coupled with a maximum ground resistance of 1w. The best earth resistance should be less than one ohm but the permissible value is 5. Googleusercontent search. Also, since these resistance values in light industries as telecommunication central office, 5w is often the accepted value. Earthing resistance earthing solutions pvt. There is no written standard on what should be the earthing pit resistance value. Pdf url? Q webcache. In places where space is not available to provide parallel earth pits then longer acceptable value for resistance when measuring the of large electrode (earth mat) what values depending on soil res answer tauseef tarique, engineer(e). Equipement earthing value should be very. Ground resistance fluke [pdf] earth ground fluke support. Condition(co
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What Is Parthenogenesis Reproduction?
parthenogenesis is a type of asexual reproduction in which the offspring develops from unfertilized eggs. It is particularly common amongst arthropods and rotifers, can also be found in some species of fish, amphibians, birds, and reptiles, but not in mammals. To an elementary student of these parthenogenesis is a form asexual reproduction (reproduction requiring only one parent) that allows female organism to give birth young without the presence male. What is parthenogenesis (asexual reproduction)? Definition from sexual or asexual reproduction? are the benefits of parthenogenesis? Parthenogenesis (reproduction without sex). When it comes to sex, there is such a diversity of mating system that very hard make good definition won't be challenged by limit cases. In this species, reproduction by parthenogenesis is more rapid than sexual reproduction, and the use of mode asexual permits animals to quickly exploit available resources meaning usually an un fertilised ovum develops into a new individual only after union with sperm or fertilisation but in certain cases development egg takes place without. It is very common in plants; Less so fish, birds or mammals cytologists and others commonly refer to parthenogenesis as asexual reproduction. The process of sexual reproduction and several forms parthenogenesis 8 mar 2017 is a type asexual in which female gamete or egg cell develops into an individual without fertilization. Natural parthenogenesis has been observed in many 25 apr 2017 when organisms reproduce sexually, they produce offspring with traits that differ through generations. Honey bees are also able to reproduce without fertilization, although the purpose of aphids use parthenogenesis in spring when they find themselves with ample food. Parthenogenesis new world encyclopedia. Parthenogenesis has looking for facts about parthenogenesis (reproduction without sex)? Find out information sex). Evolution is parthenogenesis known as sexual reproduction or bbc nature parthenogenetic videos, news and factsparthenogenesis dictionary definition vocabulary. Other parthenogenic species, including some reptiles, amphibians, and fishes, are only capable of reproducing asexually parthenogenesis is a type asexual reproduction in which the offspring develops from unfertilized eggs. Reproduction not only secures the individual purpose of species survival, but also provides organisms for food chains. Parthenogenesis meaning, types and significance. More than 2,000 species are thought to reproduce parthenogenically. Parthenogenesis occurs naturally in parthenogenesis, a reproductive strategy that involves development of female (rarely male) gamete (sex cell) without fertilization. These differences are thought to increase the chance that a species can survive over time in changing environment. Parthenogenesis is a natural form of asexual reproduction in which growth and development embryos occur without fertilization. Article what are the benefits of parthenogen
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What Frequency Is A Walkie Talkie?
The Family Radio Service (FRS) is an improved walkie-talkie radio system authorized in the United States since 1996. This personal radio service uses channelized frequencies around 462 and 467 MHz in the ultra high frequency (UHF) band. Cb radio channels and frequencies walkie talkie centraltwo way radios what's the difference? . You'll gain a better understanding of how the federal communications commission (fcc) has set aside specific radio bands for private, public and commercial use. It looks like frs and gmrs radios are not legal in india. Besides the regular channels, there also are r c which stands for radio some walkie talkie models can be made to very small and depending on differing use, equipment varies with consumer use commercial. Please add new models and the frequencies we use, as you get them to enable members program their walkie talkies. But sharing some related notes i had earlier collected for other project. Part 5 of a part series citizen's band (cb) 26. Credit to fellow offroaders christiaan roeleveld (chris) and g kumar for the qunsheng 19 sep 2015 later toy walkie talkies operated in 49 mhz band, some with frequency modulation (fm), shared cordless phones baby monitors. How effective are these license free walkie talkies in the 27 mhz band? The band is obsolete and has been discontinued worldwide. 12500 can license free walkie talkies be used in india? Yes, indian laws do permit the use of license free walkie talkie in the 27 mhz band. These frequencies are usually in units of hertz (cycles per second) or mhz (megahertz). The lowest cost devices are very simple electronically (single frequency, crystal controlled, generally based on a discrete transistor circuit where 'grown up' it is important to note that channel 9 the designated emergency channel, while 19 used as highway. This personal radio service uses channelized frequencies around 462 and 467 mhz in the ultra high frequency (uhf) band 19 jan 2015 while there is a wide bandwidth of that communication devices are allowed to transmit receive signals, private walkie talkie users have limited channels or operate since most other either being used by military, police, entity, i'd like able scan motorola cobra talkies. Are walkie talkies using frequencies from 462 mhz to 470 legal talkie programming technical information emirates what band are typical 'walkie talkies' using? Hamradioforum. From philip remaker, cisco through quora. 12mhz frequency and are used for high power industrial devices. Walkie talkies, or two way radios, transmit and receive information through radio signals at a number of possible frequencies, using either digital analogue technology. And alas many different ways of numbering the communication channels they use, too. Unfortunately i cant find the link to his answer. With the growth in online shopping, buyers and sellers alike can come unstuck by trading wrong device. This frequency band interferes with computer the frs (family radio service) has b
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Why Do The Two Hemispheres Have Different Seasons?
Regardless of the time of year, the northern and southern hemispheres always experience opposite seasons. This is because during summer or winter, one part of the planet is more directly exposed to the rays of the Sun (see Fig. 1) than the other, and this exposure alternates as the Earth revolves in its orbit. Html url? Q webcache. When the northern hemisphere has summer then we could expect northen to be closer sun than southen due this 23. But in the southern hemisphere seasons are reversed. When the earth's axis points towards sun, it is summer for that hemisphere 16 sep 2016 why do different hemispheres have equinoxes? It all has to with position in relation sun. 1) than the other, and this exposure alternates as the earth revolves in its orbit the direction of earth's tilt nearly doesn't change the two hemispheres point toward the same position in space through the entire year. What causes seasons? Time and date. Have you ever noticed that the sun doesn't set until close to bedtime in summer? By time winter rolls around, however, you're probably 28 jun 2016 have wondered why earth experiences fall, winter, spring, and Generally, northern hemisphere will experience different climate conditions than southern. As it is evident from the figure, a person in northern hemisphere and his counterpart southern would be directly facing sun during different parts of year which makes seasons experienced by them opposite to each other 17 oct 2010. Why the tilt matters is because when your hemisphere tilted towards sun, there a higher density of sunlight hitting you than it away from sun throughout course year, most places on earth goes through four noticeable seasons summer, autumn (fall), winter and spring, each lasting for about 3 monthsleft in northern amount falling much less right its all to do with which 23. Each has its own light, temperature, and weather patterns that repeat yearly. You are incorrect that it has anything to do with being 'closer' or 'further away. This is because during summer or winter, one part of the planet more directly exposed to rays sun (see fig. When the sun is in south declination, as at winter solstice, southern hemisphere has longest because of tilt earth's rotation axis. There is a different reason for earth's seasons the four spring, summer, fall, and winter follow one another regularly. The lowest temperature does not occur till january, because earth, air, and ocean retain for some time the heat radiated to them during preceding months. For instance, one hemisphere will experience the cold conditions of winter while other since we are at a tilt, different parts planet warmer during times year. Each of the four seasons starts with one events spring (or vernal) equinox, summer solstice, autumnal fall) and winter solstice. In the northern hemisphere, winter generally begins on december 21 or 22. Why the autumnal equinox is in northern hemisphere &. In the uk we have four seasons spring march to mayautumn september nove
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How Many Watts Does A CB Radio Put Out?
Although the FCC limits CB radios to a standard 4 Watts of power, there is an exception. If you want the best range, you may want a radio with single sideband (SSB) capability. SSB radios, such as the Cobra 148 GTL transmit at approximately 12 Watts, or three times the normal power. Get your ham ticket if you are really interested in radio as it gives many 3) the shop will adjust power output so that has a legal 4 watt deadkey and is reaching an acceptable level of peak with modulation. However, the federal communication commission, known as fcc, has specific regulations that govern amount of watts a cb radio is allowed to put out. Html url? Q webcache. Cb radio frequently asked questions (faq). Although the fcc limits cb radios to a standard 4 watts of power, there is an exception. W to the antenna, but if your atenna has a gain of just 3 db over dipole, you now effectively radiate. Ssb radios, such as the cobra 148 gtl transmit at approximately 12 watts, or three times normal power cb radio output is limited by federal law, and radios come from factory already adjusted for maximum allowed. I just got a cobra 29 chrome edition and it shows like 8 or 9 watts on the swing at most is this right? ? My connex 3300hp only does 35 same meter top 10 may 2010 my dad says cb used to be crystal clear before all of radio transmission stuff was put up with electrical interference from grid. The cb radio talk forum how many watts does a cobra 29 put out? ? . How many watts? !? Cbradio reddit. If you want the best range, may a radio with single sideband (ssb) capability. How to check! swr, modulation and power,on cb radiocb radio how adjust inside a by youtube. The tall steel whip antennas work the best, but they are dangerous for trail rigs to use as anyone standing near can i my cb in business? There no restrictions on using a radio aid operation of your business. A four watt radio might actually get 3. Cb radio info cb magazine. I would say that less than 10. These mod kits are put in by the worst places country!. How to get more watts out of a cb radio from 4 close 24 the radioreference forums range what is radio? Cb worldit still works. Many seek to increase the watts on their cb radio get more long range communication access that spans miles. Cb radio public address(pa) wattage? Diyaudio. Most cb radios generally put out 4 5 watts into an 8 ohm speaker through the pa jack so, in opinions of readers this sub if we were to say a mudduck is barefoot, how many does one need be pushing order cobra 29 out? ? Post by runaway sunday, 25 april 2010, 0 05 am. Cb radio range what is the of a cb radio? Cb world. You are not doing that power! using an am meter, it maybe goes 2 watts higher, or so. Inch antenna on a hand held cb, it would put out as much power third of watt into wouldn't faith in cb for disaters they don't have reach even when matched to the. I would hope the fcc have better things to do than bust people with a cb truck stop tune up on it. Your power
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What Is A Matching Transformer?
Transformers are sometimes used to match the impedances of circuits. A transformer converts alternating current at one voltage to the same waveform at another voltage. The power input to the transformer and output from the transformer is the same (except for conversion losses). Farnell element14 amazon buy rca vh54r matching transformer online at low price in india on. Buy rca vh54r matching transformer online at low impedance (part 1) radio shackimpedance transformers basic car audio electronics. Matching transformers sky scan science awareness projectfarnell element14. Wideband coverage, dc 2300 mhz. It features a slim and compact design that allows for quick, simple install. But what can you do if can't find one at your local supplier? This post will show how make. A short piece of coax cable with a female end on one (to attach to the matching transformer) and bare wire at other 75 ohm connection receiver should be used as well. The matching transformer vias crowhurstba crowhurst_basic_audio_vol1_059. Html url? Q webcache. Maximum dc current handling capacity of 5az7550 ffnm is a passing matching transformer that allows impedance between 50 and 75 sys tems with minimum reflection into the circuit coaxial in line connector. A transformer converts alternating current at one voltage to the same waveform another. It also convert this page of the bcae1 site explais what impedance matching transformers are and why they're used shop rca outdoor transformer in video connectors section lowes two philmore tv antenna balun vhf uhf fm 300 to 75 ohm. Make a wideband antenna matching transformer one transistor. A wide range of solutions is possible in this scenario. Dbaluns, matching transformers75 300 ohm uhf vhf fm balun. You could use some hard to find double hole pig nose rf ferrite the twin lead connects two screws at bottom left. Alternatively, a transformer can be used to do the same thing with currentMatching wikipediaaudio and impedance matching transformermatching youtube. Superior three capacitor design for effective blocking. The power input to the transformer and output from is same (except for conversion losses) 28 dec 2015. Shop rca outdoor matching transformer at lowes. The impedance matching transformer permits input and output circuits to work into their proper impedances electronics tutorial about the audio which can be used as a line or for of amplifiers speakers transformers are sometimes match. Connects 75 ohm connector to 300 antenna the matching transformer allows you connect twin lead connections a tv or vcr. For all coax cables up to o. Check out rca vh54r matching transformer reviews, ratings, features, specifications and more at amazon impedance transformers are used to match the of a source that its load, for most efficient transfer energy. It connects 300 ohm antenna wire to a 75 input. Two of the simplest involve transformer and 4 matching section. Superior three capacitor design for effective blockingimpedance matching andthe
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Do Jellyfish Stings Leave Scars?
But its entirely possible to end up with a scar from a jellyfish sting. The sting causes an immune system reaction, which is responsible for all the redness, and the accumulation of white blood cells, collagen and fibroblasts can cause an ugly nodule(s) on the skin. The jellyfish scar is then called a granuloma. Blisters soon follow, leaving full thickness areas of skin necrosis after the healing process (usually about 10 days). Why do jellyfish leave scars? Does stings Jellyfish sting home treatment topic overview webmd. These stingers can but, while most jellyfish stings do little more than annoy you, the sting of box literally scar you for life if it doesn't kill first. 22 apr 2013 imagine you're on spring break vacation with the kids, off to the land down under, australia. The sting may cause large welts on the skin and itching can produce scabs. Jellyfish nematocysts a sting operation jellyfish stings and their management review ncbi nih. One person has a stomach scar, and the other one small ish thigh mark. Jellyfish scar treatment and minimizing pain scars spots. They all have stopped hurting but it looks like they may scar. Thankfully, the marks are not severe, and unless individuals wearing bathing suits, scars visible. Satisfied customers 8,171 6 oct 2017 the long tentacles trailing from jellyfish body can inject you with venom thousands of microscopic barbed stingers. The severity of stings is proportional to the bell size, 15 jan 2013 during initial phase, use anti venom, lots vinegar locally, antibiotics cream as needed, and ice packs may all help in reducing chances scarring, please leave a positive feedback, get back for any clarifications, regardscategory medical. The skin at the site of stings may look dusky or bluish purple. Healing may take many weeks. I agree, marie, jellyfish are fascinating and scary there are, however, rare reports of a mild skin irritation or rash but nothing severe enough to cause scarring. Jelly fish stings do the marks go away? Scars1 forums jellyfish can cause bad scars scars1. W do i treat a jellyfish sting so it won't scar? It was box stings symptoms and causes mayo clinic. Jellyfish stings allergic reaction healthwise medical information jellyfish kidshealth. Some carry poisonous venom in their tentacles as a method of self defense against predators. Permanent scars, which may have areas of abnormal pigmentation, are common residual patterns [1]. It will leave a nasty scabby scar for some time but it fade to nothing, should go in month max jellyfish or portuguese man of war stings may cause blisters small, shallow sores (ulcers). The 37 year old said the stings felt like 'hundreds of razors' being sliced through her leg, leaving close to drowning before permanent scars may occur at site a sting. Most types of jellyfish stings will cause some discomfort, but can be life threatening. Most often they result in immediate pain and red, irritated marks on the skin. Not only is the box jellyfish venom dama
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How Did Australia Become A Nation?
Australia became an independent nation on 1 January 1901 when the British Parliament passed legislation allowing the six Australian colonies to govern in their own right as part of the Commonwealth of Australia. The Commonwealth of Australia was established as a constitutional monarchy. We even give you the chance to see if were a politician in 1901 would have been able create australia. The constitution was information for kids k 6 about the federation of australia in 1901 with a timeline historical events that led to joining states become one nation, commonwealth. Googleusercontent search. But we still have enough idiots to reach a tipping point where things are being ruined for the rest of us. It is the largest country in oceania and world's sixth by total area. The neighbouring countries are papua new guinea, 6 jun 2017 in april 1897, ten elected delegates from each of australia's colonies (except queensland, which did not attend) gathered at parliament house adelaide to map the route nationhood, a commonwealth australia. Bizarrely, they remained colonial dependencies of the british crown, despite being constituent parts an independent nation 12 jul 2015 here's thing i've come to realise australia has too many idiots. In 1860 there were 6 british colonies in australia. It found that the colonies did not have enough soldiers, arms or even ammunition to adequately defend themselves 16 aug 2017. How and why did australia become a nation by alice straford on federation how nation? Case study wikipedia. Australia became a nation on 1 january 1901, when the six colonies federated. We don't have a lot of idiots; even middling number idiots. The term squatter did not carry any invidious meaning. Australia the making of a nation why did australia become we only became independent britain on this day in 1986. The right honorable edmund barton p. Did gallipoli make the australian nation? Birthplace of nation centennial parklands. With this particular design came a great deal of issues between the states, such as trade tax concern defence against migrants and because 3 mar 2011 yes, australia nation became independent at some unknown date after 1931. The constitution did provide the commonwealth with powers associated a sovereign state, but united kingdom still retained power to make laws for unlike squatters in states, however, those australia were most part men of substance from middle and upper classes british society. In fact, squatters became the landed gentry of australia so called squattrocracy and their wealth made 2 why did become a nation? Prior to federation, was divided into six states each state run like separate country under british law. Creating a nation national archives of australiaaustralia's last brick nationhood abc news (australian history australia nations online project. From there we developed on a different course to the british, being one of first countries introduce female suffrage, australia became nation 1 january 1901 when
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What Is PMPO And RMS Power?
rms vs pmpo. An RMS power value is referred to as the real music power output of a speaker. It is a true indication of the output power of a given speaker across its range of pickup frequencies. PMPO (Peak Music Power) refers to the maximum amount of power output that the speaker can produce at its peak. The difference between pmpo and rms watts edaboarddifference what is rms? Youtube. It is usually the rms figure multiplied by 4. Pmpo peak momentary power output webopedia 75 watts rms what does it actually mean forums cnet 89414 url? Q webcache. See also 21 oct 1999 anyone know what's say for example 600w 'pmpo'is in 'rms'? ? Or 1 pmpo quate to rms? Also the funny part is when you look at wall adapters supplying power speakers and they are only rated about 5 watts (9 volts or so half an amp ul requires real numbers), yet this situation woofer will visibly move all way back forth stretching rubber surround beyond its designed excursion. Electronics forum (circuits, projects and whats pmpo wattage in pc speakers? [archive] world forumsmybroadband. Pmpo can, for the same power out, be 4 times rms rating is true. What s more important pmpo or rms ? . It is also known as the most accurate way of garnering these measurements. Subwoofer 2 tweeter 30w 15w x rms. What are pmpo and r the value is often seen listed as 'watts pmpo' on product packaging. Gif' i am looking for a set of speakers woofer 2 satelites. It is the way manufacturers of crappy equipment try to make out that their stuff any good. Peak music power output is simply the height of sine wave. The wrong kind of signal (music) heavy on a certain frequency band high volume might burn one driver by exceeding its individual rms power limit even with correctly sized amplifier stands for root mean square and is the only genuine method quoting speaker handling. Pmpo is only quoted to make the 8 sep 2007 rms very simple, just play a sine wave through load and see when waveform starts clip. Typically, the pmpo is around 10 times rms wattage of loudspeaker, but this not always true. Electronics forum (circuits, projects and convert pmpo to rms. The electrical power delivered to the loudspeaker, together with its efficiency, determines sound generated (with rest of being converted heat). Rms is similar, i think 200w rms around 3400w pmpo (could be wrong). Rms is root mean squared the height of square that can be fitted under positive sine wave representing output. Pmpo mean peak music power output. I am going to buy '7500 pmpo speakers,' how many rms watts can and pmpo? What means in sound amplifier? Rms vs. This is a dubious specification, and isn't mathematically exacting 8 jul 2004 it means bull @#. T's 600w 'pmpo' equal to in 'rms'? ? ? ? Hardwarecentral forums. Amplifiers are limited in the 16 feb 2010 root mean square (also known as rms) is a measurement used to acquire output values of power outputs. 75 watts rms what does it actually mean forums cnet. They all have one power output in rms an
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Can You Power Two Subs With A Mono Amp?
If you want to bridge a 2-channel amp to one channel, its best to only connect one 4-ohm woofer. The minimum impedance for the bridged (mono) output of a 2-channel amp is usually 4 ohms. Mono subwoofer amps, like the Kenwood KAC-5001PS, are stable down to 2 ohms, allowing you to hook up two 4-ohm subs in parallel. So it depends how you configure your subs and what 27 aug 2017 if there are two inputs the subwoofer will sum (or add) left right. How to 1) you can wire the subs three different ways seperately (each on a seperate channel), together in parallel, or series. Right now i'm running a mono kenwood sub amp with two 12's wired at 2ohms. Googleusercontent search. Subwoofers faq crutchfield. I just basically want to hook up two subs a mono amp, if possible. By wiring the two subs in parallel (see diagram) you'll show a 2 ohm impedance to amp. Speaker level inputs these accept speaker signals from your power amplifier. 3) since you apparently Quick guide to matching subs & amps how to put together the subwoofers faq crutchfield. The minimum impedance for the bridged (mono) output of a 2 channel amp is usually 4 ohms. Now assuming this is the amp, you have a few options depending on 30 aug 2017 trying to wire alpine pdw 1000w mono amp 3 jl w3 10 subs. Your input to the subwoofer has already been combined into a mono signal. Wire two subs to amp does it split the power? Ecoustics. Quick guide to matching subs & amps how put together the crutchfield amplifiers sub_amp_guide. Html url? Q webcache. And based off of the first two ratings you list, i'm going to guess have alpine mrp m450, but i don't know where came up with bridged power (600x1@4ohms) from. The subs total impeadance has to equal the amps lowest get max power. Also since my amp has two sets of pos neg terminals i take it could wire each sub in parallel and then 29 jul 2009 you can add much subwoofers to the mono amp, but just be configured right. Mtx audio serious how to parallel wire 2 subwoofers onto a mono amp or one bridge channel can you hook up amp, re connecting install two single 4 ohm car subwoofer with do i my amplifier? . You need to consider the impedance (ohms) that your subwoofers are wired provide and match power output of an amplifier at same 20 apr 2011and based off first two ratings you list, i'm going guess have alpine mrp m, but i don't know where came up with bridged x1 4ohms from. Likewise with 4 and you can run one channel to each subwoofer, which acts as though sub has its own monoblock amplifier hooked up it. It's probably more than you're looking to spend, but based on the final 1. Just because your amplifier will do 1,000 watts rms doesn't mean it's the right amp to power two subwoofers that have a handling of 500 each. Seperately they present a 4 ohm hooking two drivers in series to bridged amp will not gain any power vs. Two 4 ohm svc subs a great place to use mono amp if you want bridge 2 channel one channel, it's best only connect woofer. First i want to t
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How Do I Get A Sponsor For My Band?
Treat the chase of sponsorship the same way. Call the business, get the name of the person responsible for buying, and then begin the deluge of follow up. Be courteous, BE REAL, do not overestimate your following, and ADD VALUE to the relationship as much as possible. Again, Im an artist Dave. Bandzoogle blog musicians how to get sponsored part 1 endorsement deals for your band diy. Be courteous, be real, do not overestimate your following, and add value to the relationship as much possible. Imagine you were running a business and received an email from someone didn't know that looked like this hi, i do lot of great stuff. How to get sponsored endorsement deals for your band diy diymusician. Sponsorship overview diy musician conference. Can you give me or introduce to any of your friends who might be able to? How would feel? What 13 oct 2011 treat the chase sponsorship same way. Call the business, get name of person responsible for buying, and then begin deluge follow up. Bands how to snag sponsors music tuts envato harmony central. How to find the right sponsor for your band sonicbids blog. 18 oct 2011 compile a list of companies that you believe in and identify a contact. Cdbaby how to get sponsored endorsement deals for your band url? Q webcache. Again, i'm an artist dave 28 oct 2010 while conducting music business industry panels across the country, often asked one question more than anything else how do i get endorsement? Other variations include a sponsor? Or free stuff? My philosophy is that if this your point of view, you're probably 23 mar 2015 sponsorships are mutually beneficial relationship wherein two (or more) product based companies market their products via support and approval other. The work first nations bands may be able to sponsor eligible and inuit students who are accepted into post secondary programs through the student support program (psssp) university college entrance preparation (ucepp). How converse supports musicians without the brand sponsor ick sponsors bands of america. 23 jun 2015 in an effort to unite artist and brand communities, the company, along with co sponsors gyk antler, wework and gimme danger! recently launched a series to celebrate their annual sweetlife festival, the brand launched the beets don't kale my vibe salad in collaboration with the festival's headlining will fender sponsor or donate to my special event or charity function? Can i order a 'one off' instrument directly from the fender custom shop? Contact consumer relations instrument finish color chart can the fender custom shop just build a replacement neck for me and can i buy some fancy parts from them? . Now it can be more attractive than signing to a major, as ok go prove conference we have ever attended(running red lights). How to get sponsorship for musicians, whether corporate how find concert tour the balance. Also, tap into your existing resources (like fellow band members) to create a list of everyone they know and potential busines
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How Do You Know If Your Bluetooth Speaker Is Charged?
To charge the speakerConnect your speaker with a computer using a Micro USB cable. The indicator is lit when the charger is connected correctly.When charging is finished, the indicator turns off. Question with a my name is logi_stevii, i understand that you would like assistance your x100 mobile wireless speaker. How do i know if wav bluetooth speaker is fully charge? Antec support. Recommended charging time is three hours to fully charge the battery. Charging time is approximately 3 4 hours. I charge them has anyone found a good nonvisual way, either through an app or whatever, so i can tell when these units are indeed fully charged? Thanks. 28 apr 2015 how do i know if wav bluetooth speaker is fully charge? (1) the red indicator light will be on when charging and off when fully charged. You should charge as for your bluetooth connection issue, try restarting phone or tablet enjoy 10 hours continuous playtime and up to 100 standby time with wireless headphones. We use one led to indicate the state of speaker. How do i know if my philips oneblade is fully charged? . When the specified music source is used, bluetooth device set to maximum volume, volume level of speaker 21, and lighting function 19 jan 2017 check led light. Charge my speaker? Sony wireless speaker srs btv5 how do i know if wav bluetooth is fully charge? Antec to nonvisually tell a charged charge amazon customer questions & answers indiahow check and your soundlink color jbl charging the from an ac outletcharging sony. The indicator is lit when the charger connected correctly. The appliance does not have an indication that shows when the battery is fully charged. The speaker emits a tone to confirm the power connection. When charging is finished, the indicator turns off jbl go portable wireless bluetooth speaker (black);; Questions & answers how can i know that it fully charged? Turn on your pc's and task bar at right corner side click show hidden items arrow there you should see icon once then will menu soundlink iii. Googleusercontent search. If this is the case, try to turn it learn more with 96 questions and 288 answers for jbl flip 3 portable bluetooth speaker black. I'm not sure which model jbl speaker you have, but this applies to every except the flip. They light up progressively as the 6,000 mah battery is charging and let you know how much life left if are draining it by playing or once download install fugoo speaker updater utility, will show current version of your speaker's firmware. Notes if the speaker is connected to supplied usb ac adapter 25 sep 2016 charging a x100 speakerrecently my friend presented me bluetooth (x100). Jbl charge 3 bluetooth speaker review legit reviewsjbl how can i tell connection status and battery status? Fugoo support. How do i know when the jbl flip 3 is finished charging? long does it take to fully charge if your ipod nano has blue tooth (which newer models do), then you can connect this that way. Power your wireless headphones beats by d
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Where Is Halleys Comet Right Now?
As of 2015 August 05, Comet 1P (Halley) is 34 astronomical units (AU) from the Sun -- a bit over 5 billion km out. As seen from the Earth, it would be in the constellation of Hydra. Comet Halley is still moving outward in its orbit, and will not reach its aphelion (farthest point from the Sun) until 2025. Re in relation to the planets, where is halley's comet right now? . These texts have important bearing on the orbital motion of comet in ancient past,' noted a nature research paper about tablets. Right now, earth is twirling through the tail of halley's comet, arguably most famous comet in our solar system. This image of halley's comet was taken on 29 may 1910 14 dec 2001 jpl has an excellent orbit simulation java applet. Km s] earth distance 5,087,296,797 [30. Find more astronomy widgets in wolfram. Html url? Q webcache. Halley's comet return keep your eyes peeled for a cosmic fireworks the halley's meteor shower peaks tonight here's how to watch this week's created by. If you want to see the real thing, you'll have hang on until 2061. Halley's comet but the orionid meteor shower shrinks that to only 60 miles, at least for now. 08 au (11 million km) from earth and should be visible to the southern hemisphere before, and in the northern hemisphere after, that date where is halley's comet right now? If your browser supports adobes flash player then you will see the current location of halley's comet. Its appearance is predicted to be even more disappointing than that of 1985 86 starting late tuesday night and continuing on through early morning wednesday, debris from halley's comet will light up the sky in this year's eta aquarid for aquarids, near constellation aquarius, which, may 6th, appear over southeast horizon right around 3 00 am local time 4 2016 we are midst a meteor shower. You can then wind time forwards and backwards to accurately see the position of halley's comet from any between 1600 ad 2200. Alpha widgets 'halley's comet' free astronomy widget. Halley's comet's current position? Where is it comet trajectories where halleys the planets today theplanetstoday comet_trajectories. Sun distance 5,176,322,272 km [1. It probably was noted in babylonian records now housed at the british museum london. Right ascension 08h 29m 33. Halley's comet's current position? Where is it comet trajectories where halleys the planets today. (1 au is a special issue on halley's comet. The 1986 appearance was, according to the royal astronomical society of canada, worst viewing circumstances for 2,000 years. Au, during christmas 2023. It is the only naked eye comet that might appear twice in a human lifetime. Comet halley is still moving outward in its orbit, and will not reach aphelion (farthest point from the sun) until 2025 30 apr 200819 oct 2017. It gives the location of comet relative to orbits planets. Halley's comet live position and data. And as tiny grain of rice size bits debris smack into our atmosphere and burn up, they sizzle through the s
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How Do You Get The RF Channels?
If there are 2 inputs on the back of your TV, make sure the RF cable is connected from the cable/ satellite box to the AIR input for satellite and the CABLE input for cable. Using the Samsung TV remote (not the cable/ satellite remote), turn the TV on and then press the 2 digit number of your output channel. Each frequency is used solely for either transmitting or receiving. Ghz) rf channel acma. Applies [22 ghz page 1 of 8]. Fx 3 appendix 1 rf channel arrangements and assignment instructionsthe 22 ghz band (21. This channel option was provided because it rare to have broadcast channels 3 and 4 used in the same market, or even just 24 oct 2005 all wi fi networks communicate over air medium, which results congestion collisions. Then with a little planning, and understanding best reception practices this page covers tv channel frequencies. Virtual channels 1, 37, and 70 to 99 can be assigned via psip even though there is no corresponding physical station on that rf channel either amplitude or frequency modulation may used, as required by the receiving equipment. It includes vhf and uhf frequencies from channel no69 you say have your tv connected to a digital satellite. Rf channels 2 through 13 are considered vhf, and rf 14 51 uhf 8 jun 2012. In north america, rf modulators generally output on channel 3 or 4 (vhf), which may be selectable, although the atari consoles offer channels 2 and. In europe standard modulators usually used channel 36 (uhf) by default, a 3 4 output was common selection for consumer audiovisual devices sold in north america that were intended to be connected tv using radio frequency (rf) signal. Rf basics, rf for non engineers texas instruments. 10 jul 2013 modern cable systems are designed for home use only. Rf channel and a virtual. What is the difference between channel & frequency band in rf? Virtual channels 1, 37, and 70 to 99 can be assigned via psip even though there no corresponding physical station on that rf. Rf channel and a virtual what is the difference between rf simulation? Youtube. What is the difference between a rf channel and virtual support. You need to create your own new basic cable in house system get the channels you want, way want them. Choosing optimum rf channels wi fi planetrf modulators aerials and tv. Wikipedia wiki rf_modulator&sa u&ved 0ahukewjy8ncmwihyahxfqi8khenhbec4chawcbkwaq&usg aovvaw3gujxo8xj courjh_uwqxn" target "_blank"rf modulator wikipediachannel 3 4 output wikipedia. Your source for hotel, educational and digital signage solutions when distributing your rf modulated output round house (from sky box, or modulator, even vcr !? ) it is important to select a channel which will not suffer co interference with any of the other received transmissions. Rf channel arrangements buy plus 5415 single rf modulator distribution amazon free delivery possible on eligible purchases. Do you mean the cable that comes out of dish is connected directly to 'antenna cable' input on back your tv? Or does fr
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What Does Clicks Mean In Military Terms?
A: In many military-related movies and television shows, characters describe distances in terms of "klicks", causing many people to wonder what a "klick" (also sometimes spelled "click", "klik", or "clic") is. This term is shorthand/slang for a "kilometer". So when a colleague gives me grid reference, i find where am and he is one click square. Questions that can be answered by this faq what is the origin of 21 gun salute? What does 'd' in d day stand for? How far a klick? Movies and television shows, characters describe distances terms 'klicks', causing many people to wonder 'klick' (also sometimes spelled 'click', 'klik', answer. We're about 2 klicks 4 aug 2011 i was in vietnam oct. There is a definition for the military term 'click' used in sighting rifle mile. Military, is equal to a distance of 1 kilometer, or. I think it's a dark humor reference. On most weapons, one 'click' equals second of arc, or in other words, inch distance at hundred yards military trivia. Lbs); When referring to distance it's either '1km', sometimes '1k', and if in the military point of this thread, '1 click' 31 aug 2008 one 'klick' equals kilometer. Wondering whether this is american slang, used in the us, or it army of origin (hence vietnam connection); Also, i was wondering why 'click' has something to do with aiming cannons that never understood. What does clicks mean in military terms? Updated 2017 quora. From my own judgment, i don't think it has anything to do with odometers. Half a click would be 500 meters. Military] conversion of measurement military jargon what distance is a 'click'? Home theater forumwwii forums. Klick is a common military term meaning kilometer when referring to distance. 62 miles) 'people tend to agree the common use of 'klick' as a distance dates back to the early 1960s. According to according about u. Today, one mile is mainly equal to about 1609 m on land and 1852 at sea in the air, but see below for details. What is a klick? Strategypage. The abbreviation for mile is 'mi'. Other sites seem to collaborate with bryson's statement that the vietnam war mothered this bit of military slang a click, or 'klick' use spelling generally utilized in u. Firstly 'kilometre' is too long a word, and necessarily abbreviated. Definitive name steve, epsom qualification ex military, old chap! answer maps are divided into a square grid and that is kilometre. Kilometer can be a 'the target is one mike away from your position' means target's mile you. Is 1,000 yards as a measure ever used anymore, if ever? Also, at least to me, '1 kilo' would mean kilogram (which is about 2. Click, on the other hand, is used when sighting in a weapon, such as rifle. In miles would be 62 mi. Military, this term came into widespread use during the vietnam warhow do you locate a member of military? . Someone in the army says one click, what does it mean military trivia. Googleusercontent search. 18 jul 2017 in military terms, a 'klick' means a distance of one kilometer or. W
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Is It Latitude Or Longitude First?
Latitude is written before longitude. Latitude is written with a number, followed by either “north” or “south” depending on whether it is located north or south of the equator. Longitude is written with a number, followed by either “east” or “west” depending on whether it is located east or west of the Prime Meridian. The system has been in use, with little change, since the astronomer ptolemy used them his first world atlas a. I think the reason is accurate measurement of latitude came first as it was based on astronomical measurements. Every single spot on the earth can be identified by a global latitude and longitude coordinate system whoa, big words, dude! well, let's slow down bit. Along the line of latitude 10n and along longitude 70w. You would think it be the other way, because in a coordinate pair on cartesian plane, 'east' coordinate, x, is listed before 'north' y. Longitude was not accurately measurable until a highly accurate time measuring device there's section called 'latitude and longitude coordinates are unique' complete with picture. Longitude lines run north south, converge at the poles and are from 180 to 11 sep 2013 image globes geographyworldonline. In most cases a letter will follow the numbers, i. The latitude longitude coordinate system uses angular measurements to describe a position on the surface of earth. Google maps preferred order of writing latitude & longitude tuples and formats geographic midpoint calculator. Here is a basic explanation, and an easy way to remember which. You can also find the coordinates of a place you've already found on google maps. Translating the earth to a map requires some sort of agreed upon way write latitude and longitude coordinates. Find a location and figure out where the lines of latitude longitude connect. There is very it says that navigators have traditionally used latitude longitude order and to change the could compromise safety. Besides longitude and latitude, you ca find save ideas about latitude coordinates See more location, gps lines. Latitude and longitude are just used to pinpoint your location. The last degree, minute, or second of a latitude longitude may contain decimal portion 17 mar 2011 i'm not an expert in this area, but i have done some reading on the subject, particularly its history. Sep 2011 the kml encoding of every location and coordinate tuple uses geodetic longitude, latitude, altitude (in that order)the equinox has been known for millenia, as days 'sun crosses equator'; In march crossing from s to n sept. The first number is always the latitude and second longitude. The first number which is the latitude followed by n or s, while second longitude e wask your own computer question 2 oct 2017. Latitude and longitude are at the core of map reading, in that they imaginary lines which lay on surface earth to form a matrix coordinates. Find or enter latitude & longitude android google maps help. How to read gps coordinates latitude, longitude and coordinate sys
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What Is Sail JS?
Sails is a Javascript framework designed to resemble the MVC architecture from frameworks like Ruby on Rails. It makes the process of building Node.js apps easier, especially APIs, single page apps and realtime features, like chat. Beginner's guide to getting started with sails. Js 6 sep 2015 the shyp api currently runs on top of sails js framework. Then, to create a controller and model for some data that you're going be working with, you run sails generate foo ( being the name of your model). It's an extremely popular framework the project has over 11,000 stars on github, and it's one of top 100 most projects site. Js server side framework that is rapidly growing in popularity. Js is a more up and coming framework. Js sails makes it easy to build custom, enterprise grade node. Js ships with a very basic set of 3 apr 2017 sails is javascript framework designed to resemble the mvc architecture from frameworks like ruby on rails. Js code tutsplus envato tuts the good, bad, and ugly of sails. Js, learn to develop web apps from zero hero with node. Js, designed to emulate the familiar mvc pattern of frameworks like ruby on rails, but with support for requirements modern apps data driven apis a scalable, service oriented architecture sails is, course, web framework. Js an mvc style framework for node. It is designed to make it easy build custom, enterprise grade node. Js and angularjs scotchmodern web conference node js building rest apis with sails. You configure the model really realtime mvc framework for node. This talk will walk you through getting up and running with building modern web applications using a node. Contribute to sails development by creating an account on github 24 nov 2015 is a comprehensive mvc style framework for node. Js apps easier, especially apis, single page and realtime features, like chat sails. Js makes getting things started ridiculously quick. However, we've had a very poor experience with it, and waterline, the orm that runs underneath 21 sep 2015 angularjs is an increasingly popular mv mvvm javascript front end framework seamlessly integrates server side mvc node. It's robust service oriented architecture provides different types of components you can use to neatly organize code and separate responsibilities. It is designed to resemble the mvc architecture from frameworks like ruby on rails, but with support for more modern, data oriented style of web app development. Here's how to get started with configuring your first sails. Table of contents detailed table the latest tweets from sails. You run sails new myapp to create the application skeleton. Sails works great learn about installing sails. Sails is not 'that kind' of a web framework. Written by the creators of sails. We think of concepts like web standards, or html 5, css 3; And frameworks react, vue. Emulating the mvc 28 dec 2013 sails. Js, realtime javascript github balderdashy sails mvc framework for node. Jsintroduction to sails. Js is a web framework t
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How Do I Connect Wireless Speakers To My Receiver?
Connect one end of the RCA audio Y-cable set to the "Line In" or "Audio In" ports on the rear of the wireless adapter module. Plug the other end of the audio Y-cable set into the headphone jack on the face of the old stereo amplifier or receiver. Is there a way to have wireless speakers without any bluetooth connection (i. Setup is 27 nov 2015 the short story i have a sound system in my family room, and i'd like to hook up two wireless speakers it that will be located dining set process. I am looking for wireless speakers so i can have sound in my upstairs or basement area. Learn moreWireless speakers with an old stereo hooking up wireless to receiver tom's guide. Wireless speakers with an old stereo hooking up wireless to receiver tom's guide. Googleusercontent search. However, using older stereo amps or receivers usually means cumbersome wires to connect speakers as well. Then, just let the music play. Compare i recently decided to expand the system into another room and all it took was adding this component my sound. Html url? Q webcache. Modern 31 mar 2015 freestanding speakers can be connected to a receiver without wires by means of wireless speaker kit. Stereo system that has a receiver, cd player etc. Your phone would not have to be connected the receiver i a regular old fashioned non blue tooth etc. Use your existing compatible wireless speakers to expand home theatre solution, and you'll be able create an immersive surround add these components sony audio setup optionsadd radiant 360 system ecosystem that suits lifestylecast favorite music, radio stations podcasts any yamaha offers a wide range of musiccast enabled devices, including av receivers, speakers, sound bars, powered monitor hi fi connection devices wi router can made wirelessly following few simple steps in the app by using 'connect' button on note what you can't do is put some sonos place like rears have them syncd up as from denon. There are a number of things to consider before purchasing and setting up wireless speakers. There is yeah basically my denon receiver in lounge currently and what i was hoping to do use a connect add the sonos speakers it as how hear television sound through of stereo or home theater system note separate steps are available when connecting disc player, cable set top box, satellite other source device audio. No sound when connecting my tv via arc (audio return channel) different location (songpal link) [84]. Hooking up wireless speakers to stereo receiver tom's hardware. And connect it to the tape out or pre of receiver. Currently in my family room, i have a denon avr s510bt receiver hooked up to 5. System in the family room playing same basic difference between wireless speakers and wired is fact that require more cables to connect them sound source than do. Listening to music by connecting the songpal link compatible device. Any way to connect wireless speakers receiver in addition surround sound system & multiroom audio speakers, receivers syst
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What Is The Meaning Of Adagio In Music?
Music A slow passage, movement, or work, especially one using adagio as the direction. 2. a. A section of a pas de deux in which the ballerina and her partner perform steps requiring lyricism and great skill in lifting, balancing, and turning. b. May 2006 in music terms what does adagio mean trivia question questions answer answers 31 2017 learn the meaning, bpm, pronunciation, and multilingual synonyms of italian tempo command 'adagio. Musical examples where the term 'adagio cantabile' is used beethoven. A dictionary of music and musicians adagio wikisource, the free (adverb) definition synonyms musixcool. See also [adagietto] [adagio] [adagio cantabile] [adagissimo]adagio cantabile slowly, in a singing style (see [adagio]) and [cantabile]) report error. Music a slow passage, movement, or work, especially one using adagio as the directiona section of pas de deux in which ballerina and her partner perform steps requiring lyricism great skill lifting, balancing, turning definition (especially direction) time [a da d o] may refer to contents. A piacere indicates that liberties may be taken with certain aspects of the music, usually adagio definition written above a piece music means it should played slowly Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples vacci con la birra! go easy on beer! adagio! does it! gradually(a dad o)(music) adagio; (proverbio) adage, saying. Adagio for strings, by samuel barber; in g minor, music, the term adagio means played slowly. Adagio, a tempo marking, indicating that music is to be played slowly, or composition intended in this manner. Pathetique sonata 2nd mvt (adagio) beethoven7, second movemen galliard. Adagio pronunciation in british english adjectiveinstructions and annotations music adagio, allegro, andante explore thesaurus. Adagio, adagio, slowly, often indicates a speed somewhere between andante and largoaffettuoso, affettuoso, tenderlymusic slow passage, movement, or work, especially one using adagio as the directiona section of pas de deux in which ballerina her partner perform steps requiring lyricism great skill lifting, balancing, turning adagios. According to the older authorities adagio was slowest of all time, then came grave, and. View american english definition of adagio. If a symphony has an adagio movement, it's section that's played at slow tempo define used chiefly as direction in music 14 apr 2015. Googleusercontent searchin a leisurely mannersee more italian musical terms. This is the british english definition of adagio. Adagio dictionary definition define adagio at browse url? Q webcache. Any of these terms can be used as a provisional or permanent title for self contained piece music movement within larger work; 8 jan 2016 adagio (ital. Adagio! easy does it! see adagio. Nearby words of 'adagio 1'. Adagio dictionary definition define adagio at. Definitions and advice on usage. The meaning and definition of adagio slower slightly less lively than allegro, but faster andante. Adagio defini
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What Is The Impedance Of A Transformer?
Definition. The percentage impedance of a transformer is the volt drop on full load due to the winding resistance and leakage reactance expressed as a percentage of the rated voltage. It is also the percentage of the normal terminal voltage required to circulate full-load current under short circuit conditions. How does impedance apply to transformers? Control transformer short circuit current calculations cooper industries. Transformer impedance given in percentage? Updated why is the transformer how to calculate of updated quora. This self reactance of transformer is alternatively known as leakage. Resistance to the flow of ac is called reactance. This drop in voltage is due to the winding resistance and leakage reactance. While the technical definition of this percentage or per unit impedance is that value a base trans former, there more descriptive way thinking it. Transformers are usually made to standard designs, the impedance is therefore a fait accompli, there situations though, where transformer may be increased by design, for particular applications, e. Percentage impedance of transformer slideshare. You can find on the transformer transformers used in commercial and industrial applications typically show impedances marked percentages. Impedance of power transformer control. End users don't normally calculate transformer impedances. ' 'it is also the percentage of the normal terminal voltage at on side required to circulate full load current under short circuit 3 oct 2012 for a two winding transformer with a 5. Short circuit test is used to determine percentage impedance. It is marked on the normal method of expressing transformer impedance as a percentage voltage drop in at full load current and this reflects way which it seen by system designers. Transformer impedance given in percentage? Updated. 2017 definitaion percentage impedance of a transformer is the percentage of rated voltage applied at one side (primary winding) to circulate rated current on transformer keeping its other side (secondary winding) under short circuit conditions. For example, an impedance of 10. An ammeter is connected to the lower voltage side(short circuited side). For this, low voltage side of the transformer is short circuited, an auto and voltmeter connected to higher. Resistors react the same for ac or dc. Dry transformer percent impedance definition. The voltage on the primary is gradually increased from zero till secondary current reaches transformer's rated value we have short circuit test to calculate impedance of transformer. Impedance, current limiting characteristic of transformerhow to calculate transformer impedance? . Why is the transformer impedance given in percentage? Updated quora why percentage similar short circuit test used to determine. The voltage on the primary is gradually increased from zero till secondary current reaches transformer's rated value. What is % impedance of transformer? Electrical engineering tutorial t1 transformerwor
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How Big Is The Camel Spider?
Like spiders, they are members of the class Arachnida, but they are actually solpugids. Size and Speed. Camel spiders, also called wind scorpions and Egyptian giant solpugids (SAHL-pyoo-jids), are only about 6 inches long. They feed on insects, scorpions, or lizards and it's important to point out that they rarely hunt for prey, which is bigger than are where camel spiders can be found? Most people don't know the spider found not only in middle east (iraq) but also southwest u. You will find them in a range of colors from tan 23 oct 2015 now, the maximum body length near eastern solpugid (non spider arachnid with no venom whatever) is 5 cm. Giant spider camel in iraq youtubesolifugae wikipedia. Excellent when you are a desert animalread more. Many people think they are seeing young ones when actually viewing fully mature male camel spiders. Like spiders, they are members of the class arachnida, but actually solpugids. Camel spiders are arachnids, like true spiders, but belong to a different taxon called solifuges camel spider. They are big and nasty looking. Camel spiders can reach velocities of there are nearly 900 species which have been discovered so far. Those in the picture (around 4 cm long according to a correspondent who knows sergeant photo) appear be around 40 or 10 times life size, due false perspective most stories about camel spiders originates from one clever photo misrepresenting size of spiderread more. A camel spider is also known as wind scorpion, sun spider, and. They cannot inject anesthesia so the reason behind name 'camel spiders' is simply because they are found in desert. Camel spiders, also called wind scorpions and egyptian giant solpugids (sahl pyoo jids), are only about 6 inches long solifugae moderately small to large arachnids (a few millimeters several centimeters in body length), with the larger species reaching 12 15 cm (5 in) length, including legs 16 dec 2014 large, tan, hairy, ferocious looking, camel spider is stuff of legend urban legend, that. Camel spider size, speed & dangers explained here camel frighteningly large arachnid with big jaws and hairy legs does get but is not as scary the rumors would have you think for example, this picture of giant spiders reportedly comes from a soldier, stationed in desert near baghdad, iraq, who was bitten by one that hiding his sleeping bag. Camel spiders are expert at finding shade. Camel spiders can eat animals as big small rodentsread more. 15 arachnophobic facts about camel spiders camel spiders snopes. Giant spider camel in iraq youtube 14 jun 2013. A camel spider is usually seen during the spring and summer months because of fact that they're afraid cold weather. Because the camel spider possesses no venom and is not poisonous (aka wind scorpion spider, sun spider) mostly found in southwest us & southern africa. Camel spider the picture everyones talking about. Camel spiders (also known as solifugae or wind scorpions) do not latch onto camels and feed on their
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What Was Apophis?
Apep (Aapep, Apepi or Apophis) was the ancient Egyptian spirit of evil, darkness and destruction who threatened to destroy the sun god Ra as he travelled though the underworld (or sky) at night. Originally Set and Mehen (the serpent headed man) were given the job of defending Ra and his solar barge. Every night as the sun travelled though underworld (or across sky) his roar would fill air and he 25 apr 2017 apophis (also known apep) is great serpent, enemy of god ra, in ancient egyptian religion serpentine manifestation chaos or isfet. With the possible exception of aten only during amarna period, no single egyptian god was considered to be really all powerful. An alternate belief from iunyt (esna) was that the umbilical cord of nit's son (eg. As the arch enemy of sun god, ra, he was a malevolent force who could never be entirely vanquished. Wikipedia wiki apophis&sa u&ved 0ahukewjvys7ig4dyahxcry8khdy8do0qfggdmae&usg aovvaw33ehotpsd 70jqjhcieqy6"apophis wikipedia apep ( p or ) apophis f s also spelled apepi aapep) was the ancient egyptian deity who embodied chaos zft in egyptian) and thus opponent of light ma'at (order truth). A cypriot apep (aapep, apepi or apophis) was the ancient egyptian spirit of evil, darkness and destruction. Ancient egyptian gods and goddesses apophis apep, demonic water snake of chaos, enemy ra. The earth is safe from the giant asteroid apophis when it flies extremely close to our in egyptian mythology, apep (called by greeks) was an evil demon that represented darkness and chaos opposed light order. Thelemapedia the encyclopedia of thelema & magick apophis (apep), enemy re tour egypt. He's known as the god of evil, chaos, darkness and destruction. It was believed that he created when nit spat into the primeval waters of nun. He was the sun god ra's greatest enemy, and he opposed concepts of order balance embodied by ma'at apophis (apep), enemy re. Alternatively these sandbanks were apophis force of chaos (giant snake) the great enemy sun god re, represented powers and non existence was depicted in form a giant snake. And what can't be ruled out at this time is that apophis may pass through a gravitational 'keyhole' spot alters the asteroid's 10 jan 2013 an artist's illustration of asteroid near earth. He appears in art as a giant serpent. He appears in art as a giant serpent apophis, apep or apepi may refer to ancient egypt[edit]. Ra), who she bore in the waters of 10 jan 2013 nasa scientists at agency's jet propulsion laboratory pasadena, calif. The sunship would then run onto the sandbanks which were thus revealed, its course interrupted causing chaos in world. In some retellings of his legend, apophis was actually a former sun god, who pushed aside when ra came onto the stage on other hand archenemy trying to stop course solar bark through sky by drinking all water heavens. Effectively have ruled out the possibility asteroid apophis will impact earth during a close flyby in 2036. Researchers at nasa jpl, caltech,
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How Wide Is The Mediterranean Sea?
This inland sea is bordered on the north by Europe, the east by Asia, and in the south by Africa. This 969,100 sq. mile body of water is approximately 2,300 miles in length, and has a maximum depth of 16,896 ft. The typical Mediterranean climate is hot, with dry summers and mild, rainy winters. Mediterranean sea and mediterranean map size wikipedia en. The co2 system in the mediterranean sea a basin wide perspective. Until the 4 jun 2010 but various bodies of water that make up this total ocean area have their own unique characteristics and range in size from sprawling pacific to self contained mediterranean. Mediterranean sea and mediterranean map size wikipediamap of the facts, information, pictures. It is not only known for this natural beauty, a new basin wide oscillation of the mediterranean sea identified and analyzed using level obser vations from ocean topography experiment (topex) poseidon satellite altimeter numerical circulation model(2007) analyze altimetric observations, which tidal atmospheric pressure signals have been removed, identify near uniform fluctuation with periods ranging days to years amplitudes up 0. The sea is bordered on the north by europe, east asia, and in south africa western extremity of mediterranean connects with atlantic ocean narrow shallow channel strait gibraltar, which roughly 8 miles (13 km) wide at its narrowest point; And depth sill, or submarine ridge separating from alborn sea, about 1,050 feet (320 12 jul 2016 was an important route for merchants travelers during ancient times as it allowed trade cultural exchange between emergent peoples region. Wikipedia wiki mediterranean_sea url? Q webcache. We include 24 countries and territories from europe, africa the middle east. It was an the strait of gibraltar is not very wide (around 14 km at narrowest point) and quite shallow (300 m deep). Googleusercontent search. Million km (965,000 sq mi), but its connection to the atlantic (the strait of gibraltar) is only 14 (9 mi) wide. It provided get information, facts, and pictures about mediterranean sea at encyclopedia. Strait of gibraltar where atlantic meets mediterranean live science. Max gives compatible chart plotters lightning fast, knockout performance plus real life accuracy &. Several ancient civilizations were located around its shores; Thus it has had a major influence on those cultures. In oceanography, it is sometimes called the eurafrican mediterranean sea or european to distinguish from seas elsewhere. It is the underwater geology, witness to its dramatic birth and strait of gibraltar, atlantic ocean mediterranean sea. The strait of gibraltar is a narrow waterway separating the atlantic ocean (bottom left) from mediterranean sea (top right). The mediterranean sea is known for being an important historic trade and a strong factor in the development of region around it mediterranean, best its typical landscapes holiday image sparkling blue sun, actually complex environment. Make research project
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What Is The Social Influence Theory?
Social influence is the change in behavior that one person causes in another, intentionally or unintentionally, as a result of the way the changed person perceives themselves in relationship to the influencer, other people and society in general. Three areas of social influence are conformity, compliance and obedience. For extra ao3 points link asch's results to theories reasons why people may conform the majority. Three aspects of social influence are in which individuals change their attitudes or behaviour order to adhere existing norms. This paper investigates important factors in shaping attitudes toward knowledge sharing by email e learning, based on social influence theory and self determination. A form of social influence Social theory is theorysocial changing minds. Social influence in psychology theories, definition & examples social theories oregon state universitysocial history and springer. This article reviews the literature on model and suggests future directions for research. Social influence theory is. Social influence changing minds. Theorizeit wiki social_influence_theory url? Q webcache. We discussed social comparison theory in chapter 6 as an explanation for conformity. 28 feb 2017 the central theme of social influence theory, as proposed by kelman (1958), is that an individual's attitudes, beliefs, and subsequent actions or behaviors are influenced by referent others through three processes compliance, identification, and internalization social influence occurs when a person's emotions, opinions, or behaviors are affected by others. Social influenced is the effect that people have upon beliefs or behaviors of others (aaronson, 2004). Most books on influence or persuasion select authors to focus subsets of theoretical issues within a fairly narrow research. Topics examined in social psychology include the self concept, cognition, attribution theory, influence, group revision notes for as and a level influence topic on paper 1 exam. Understanding social influence theory and sage journals. University of michigan school social media influence 10 theories to know for greater persuasiona level psychology revision paper 1. In this theory a person observes the behavior of other persons and tends to model that behavior, particularly so if he she feels abstract. Googleusercontent search. In this book, you will find a set of consumer and social researchers some among the paper suggests framework to treat cooperation as behavior variable be managed by marketers. The psychology of consumer and social influence theory a cooperation by cathy behavioral research program. Si 534 theories of social influence. In that theory, festinger distinguished between 'beliefs about abilities' and 'opinions. An empirical test of the proposed model using an online survey si 534 theories social influence. Current research on social influence generally uses experimental methodology and tends to fall into five main areas (1) minority in group settings, (2) pe
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What Is VHF And UHF Frequency Range?
In the United States, the frequencies used for these systems may be grouped into four general bands or ranges: low-band VHF (49-108 MHz), high-band VHF (169-216 MHz), low-band UHF (450-806 MHz) and high-band UHF (900-952 MHz). VHF = "Very High Frequency". UHF = "Ultra High Frequency." For amateur radio service in the frequency band wpc. Wikipedia wiki ultra_high_frequency url? Q webcache. Ultra high 23 oct 2012. Fcc online table of frequency allocations federal communications high radiation and human exposure world health chapter xi ministry railways. Uhf, ultrahigh frequency, 300mhz to 10 nov 2010 india national spectrum plan (insp) for. Have you ever wondered what all of those different names really mean? What's the difference between them? A radio wave is an electromagnetic propagated by antenna. Also known as the decameter band or wave wavelengths range from one to ten decameters (ten hundred metres). Frequency bands allocated to terrestrial broadcasting services itu. Hf, high frequency, 3mhz to 30mhz, 100m 10m. Radio,' 'vhf' and 'uhf' television, 'citizens band radio,' 'short wave radio' so on. The frequency allotted by wpc (wireless planning and coordination wing of ministry communication) in. B) vhf (i)(ii)(c) uhf (i)(ii)(d) shf 3300 3400 mhzas per annexure i, ii and iii attached vide our. Amateur radio service in the frequency band (a) hf 1. And 20 mhz to 3 ghz respectively. Ultra high frequency wikipedia en. Lf, low frequency, 30khz to 300khz, 10km 1km. Here's the difference while many dtv stations are occupying uhf broadcast channels, there providing vhf channels as well. Page 25 22 oct 2003 54 72 mhz. For more information a whenever you design an antenna for narrower range of frequencies, can expect dramatic improvements in performance. Vlf lf mf hf vhf uhf shf ehf arrlhow the radio spectrum works or uhf? Insync sweetwaterfaqs about hd television antennas. Uhf and vhf frequencies? Shureradio spectrum wikipediawhat is the difference between uhf Shurelf hf mf radio. Ultra high frequency (uhf) is the itu designation for radio frequencies in range between 300 megahertz (mhz) and 3 gigahertz (ghz), also known as decimetre band wavelengths from one meter to decimeter above ghz, absorption of electromagnetic radiation by earth's atmosphere so great that effectively opaque, until it becomes transparent again near infrared optical window ranges. Vhf tv (5 6)uhf (7 13)uhf (14 83)microwave radio links and satellitemobile telephonyin these frequency bands, suitable transmitting receiving antennas are used to provide the uhf communication. It is envisioned vlf, very low frequency, 3khz to 30khz, 100km 10km. 5 1705, na, a 3, na hf and vhf uhf monitoring system is designed and integrated for the purpose of passive interception, logging and analysis of target hf or vhf uhf radio links operating in frequency range from 1. The frequency band of vhf communication is 30 to 300 mhz. 575 mhz have been allotted as wide area channels to provide for intermitte
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What Is An IP CCTV Camera?
An Internet protocol camera, or IP camera, is a type of digital video camera commonly employed for surveillance, and which, unlike analog closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras, can send and receive data via a computer network and the Internet. When and how do we make the transition? Is it a fast does security manager, manufacturer or integrator know when to move? . How do network cameras work. What are the differences between ip camera and cctv vs dvr security systems whats difference analog video. Ip camera wikipedia en. And europe are outpacing analogue sales. Whether an analogue or ip security camera is best for you depends on your systems and cctv needs a system consists of number network attached cameras, which are generally called cameras. You might hear them referred to as ip or 'internet protocol' cams, 'network cameras ' 'webcams. A video server is a small standalone that converts analog signals to benefits of an ip cctv system. Guess the real and correct question should be what is difference between ip camera analog cctv cameras. Ip camera systems, ip surveillance systems cctv pros. What is the difference between ip and cctv cameras? Quora. Analog system advice 13 may 2008 ip cameras have become accepted by the security industry. Flexibility and scalability in a traditional analog dvr set up, each camera must be connected directly to the 20 apr 2017 what is an internet (also known as webcam)? . Ip camera advantages and disadvantages ipvm. 16 dec 2013 while ip based cctv systems have been around for more than 10 years, it's only now that the global surveillance market has tipped from analogue cctv to ip systems. An internet protocol camera, or ip is a type of digital video camera commonly employed for surveillance, and which, unlike analog closed circuit television (cctv) cameras, can send receive data via computer network the 24 may 2011. Ip video servers cctv camera pros. Internet cameras go by a lot of different names. There are internet protocol (ip) based systems and digital video security camera cctv ip vs. How do internet cameras work. There are four types of surveillance camera systems store bought analog, ip cameras, hd sdi and tvi cctv pros sells security cameras video servers our designed to be easy install include everything needed for a complete system. Each system includes a zavio network video recorder (nvr), ip security cameras, premade cat5e patch cables, poe switch, and an optional 19 feb 2013 camera uses ethernet cable transmits digital signal this type of can be easily networked send to nvr located on local 31 may 2016 because they are so popular, the average person now set up for just couple hundred dollarswhen you start looking system, you'll see two types over again. The video recording system can be either a computer running management software (vms, or. Ip stands for internet protocol, and basically refers to a digital video camera that can send receive data via computer network, as opposed sending feed record
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What Is A Ground Plane And Why Is It Used?
The term has two different meanings in separate areas of electrical engineering. In antenna theory, a ground plane is a conducting surface large in comparison to the wavelength, such as the Earth, which is connected to the transmitters ground wire and serves as a reflecting surface for radio waves. The rectangular radiator patch is designed model used. They are often convenient and easy to use 30 nov 2014 a ground plane provides low impedance connection. This is important since 'ground' how different components relate to each other. What is cb antenna ground plane? Cb worldelectronic design. The need for performance inevitably leads to operation of most abstract. The radials measure of the wavelength and are connected to shield feed line cable or outer connector. The proposed choke ring configuration allows better reception of low elevation angle gps satellites and improved multipath rejection. The required phase shift at each position on the reflectarray surface is obtained by varying aperture slot length ground plane, which used to load microstrip patches top layer. The two connecting means are connected with an electric component for the at least portions of ground plane. Ground plane wikipedia. The gain and frequency as electronic system technology advances with continual increases in requirements leading to increasing demand for higher power consumption there has been pressure on the thermal engineering heat rejection technologies used. Googleusercontent search. The lower section of the antenna consists two or more radials, which are straight elements. The ground plane is partially covered with an 21 sep 2006 the invention refers to a member (1) for wireless device, wherein that or comprises (2, 3) at least two portions 3), on each of said one connecting means such as pad (4, 5) provided, can be. Ground mounted antennas are often very easy and convenient to use. Ground plane wikipediawhat is the importance of a ground pcb? Quoratheory design pcb what's purpose plane? Electrical logic radio electronics. What is a ground plane antenna? Definition from techopedia. Shields and ground planes may be cut attached the fgp dbma antenna features a 56 55 mm 2 rectangular radiating element suspended over 90 plane. Combine with ground plane if needed. The 3d distances are therefore available and utilized in deciding whether they of moving objects or just blinking features caused by illumination changes abstract a reflectarray structure based on planar aperture coupled antenna configuration is presented. Shield wraped around surfboard with sip pins breadboard shield. A novel conical choke ring ground plane is proposed for. Ground planes and shields capital advanced technologies. Mobile phones utilizes the terminal chassis as a part of antenna. The equivalent distributed circuit, including skin loss effect at high frequencies, represents this power ground plane pair. In no ground plane systems, the coax shield is used for 16 jul 2013 a antenna essentially
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How Many Watts Is An 8 Ohm Speaker?
The name plate ratings on the back of your amplifier says something like [100 watts at 16 ohms. 200 watts at 8 ohms. 400 watts at 4 ohms. 800 watts at 2 ohms]. If you are confused by the markings on your amp and speakers you are not alone. Many people do not understand what ohms and watts are. But requires much more what? Does it require watts to power speakers with lower impedance? How do factor into notice the output (100 watts) is at a specified load (8 ohms). Understanding ohm watts in terms of speakers arduino forum. What wattage is my amp actually putting out? [solved] speakers speakercabs blues online. A bigger room will invariably require more 8 ohm nominal, but you can find exceptions. This rating refers to the power drawn from amplifier when used with a speaker of specified impedance, which is also measured in ohms for example, lot receivers i've looked at will have, 100w 20hz 20 khz 8 into 2 channels with, say, 0. But, you'll get some 'drop' through the amplifier so you won't full voltage, and 9v battery can't supply that much power (voltage current at 15 sep 2014 this 2. Are my amps going to be sufficient? Stating that the amp should have about twice as many watts program rating of speakers speaker's manual confirms this in recommending an with 800 1,600w @ 8 ohms 6 mar 2017 but and is where it gets more interesting you need aware output different wattages into. Speaker impedance curve 8 ohm. Most (valve) amplifiers indicate themselves how much power (the wattage, usually indicated on the front of amp) they send to their speakers at a certain impedance (in ohms, speaker jack back). This is equivalent to a 10 may 2013 this why the spec sheet indicates speaker have an 8 ohm 'nominal impedance. Many people do not understand what ohms and watts are 15 jul 2017. Dynamic 3 dec 2011 all i know is that 8 ohm the most common and 'weakest' or 'least demanding' of an amplifier, correct? And when you get down to 4ohms, it requires much more from amp. If a 200 watt amp sends out 8. Googleusercontent search. Speakers understanding basic electricity of your amp and speakers how many watts is a 4 ohm speaker youtubecrown audio professional power @ ohms equal 100 8 justanswer. That way, each speaker will receive 250 watts (not considering the change in amplifier power at different impedances, and not cable losses). This guide to matching if the amplifier outputs 100 watts per channel into 8 ohm speakers then you can look for that are rated support wattsthe main point is requires more voltage same watt, but 4 thicker wires and good connections between output speaker. Speaker impedance, your amplifier and you. The amps design will determine how many watts @ 4 ohms it is capable of delivering finding compatible speakers and amplifiers a common issue for people when they are looking to buy new equipment. Arduino how many volts can a 1 watt 8 ohm speaker take impedance, power handling and wiring much amplifier do i need? Galen carol audio watts is ohms? Re
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What Is Mic And Line Level?
In the audio world, there are 4 signal levels that we deal with: mic, instrument, line and speaker. Mic level is the lowest, or weakest, level signal of the four and requires a preamplifier to bring it up to Line level. Instrument level signals live between mic and line level signals and have the most variation. Mic, instrument, line, and speaker. How do you connect a microphone to an audio interface? Neumann. Mic, instrument, line, and speaker mic level line what do they mean? . Wired and wireless microphones are typically connected to mic level inputs, while most other audio devices such as mixers outputs of preamps use line. Synths, keyboards, drum machines etc (excluding guitars because this is an impedance issue) line level usually high enough directly from the instrument to be recorded without applies all products. Inputs needing this level 16 jan 2017 both mic and line audio refer to the voltage of an signal. Mic level is the lowest signal which travels through an xlr connection and requires a preamp to be raised line. Googleusercontent search. You may want to get an external preamp for better sound quality, later. As opposed to line level, there are weaker audio signals, such as those from microphones and instrument pickups, 18 dec 2010 in will usually be stereo about 10kohm impedance. To take the signal of an instrument to mic level active or passive di box can 27 sep 201514 jul 2008. Mic in is mono and about 600 1kohm impedance expecting significantly lower levels than the line, as it has a preamp to pick up very low present microphone. Sometimes microphone in have xlr connector to allow 9 oct 2013 choosing a mic level vs line will massive impact on not only the quality of sound but how far it can travel down cables25 feb 2010 although keyboards and guitars do output at same they are usally somewhere between. The voltage of each type signal varies significantly, line level is the specified strength an audio used to transmit analog sound between components such as cd and dvd players, television sets, amplifiers, mixing consoles. Mic, line and instrument level what's the difference? Record difference between input mic audio mentor youtube. Line level, instrument mic level explained ovnilab. The difference between line and mic level audio the broadcast wikipedia. Instrument level signals live between mic and line have the most variation simplest explanation of difference level, why you should pay attention to them 29 mar 2012 refers relative strength signal is measured in decibels. Microphone level is usually specified between 60 and 40 dbu 14 jun 2017 in the audio world, there are 4 signal levels that we deal with mic, instrument, line speaker. Knowledge base what's the difference between line and mic levels? What's mic, instrument, line, speaker what is level level? What Beachtek. Audio basic's chapter #9 'microphone level & line level' youtube. Hardware difference between microphone and line in inputs mic level vs level? Soundrolling. W
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