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The Betty Crocker 100 Piece Decorating Kit
If you want to make your cakes look even more tasty, this could help out.
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The Night Birdie The Early Bird Came To McDonaldland
This 1986 McDonalds is preceded by a commercial bumper.
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The Buxton Organizer
This ad promotes an organizer with the bonus of a recorder for personal reminders.
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"Songs 4 Life" (The 2 Minute Version)
Well, give or take a second...
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A TV Spot For "Rocky III"
This ad for the hit sequel is preceded by a WFAA bumper.
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A TV Trailer For "April Fool's Day"
This is a rare promo for the 1986 horror favorite starring Deborah Foreman and Clayton Rohner.
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The Nickelodeon 2007 Year In Rewind
Sorry, I still don't have any 90s Nickelodeon material. Here's a promo from 5 years ago, a promo that shows even after only half-a-decade, programming can change a lot. There's also a Christmas joke-themed "SpongeBob Squarepants" promo at the end.
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Bissell Vacuums
With this ad themed around the birthday party of a dog named Buster, I begin uploading a bunch of 90s commercials.
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This ad for a Tomy board game is followed by a Kids WB bumper with Pinky And The Brain (Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche).
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The Monstervision Intro To "Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan"
Joe Bob Briggs talks about shoes on the highway and gives us the drive-in totals for this classic sequel.
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Be On The Lookout For The Wonderland Gang
This is a promo for the 90s Disney Channel program "Adventures In Wonderland".
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There's No Place Like HBO
Kenny Rogers makes an appearance in this ad.
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MTV-Randee Of The Redwoods And The Cameras
Randee is trying to run away from the cameras, dubbing MTV as "the one-eyed-snake".
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A KTVU Newsbrief And More
Anchors Dennis Richmond and Elaine Corral talk about news on New Years' Eve 1986, in a video that also features an ad for The Tournament Of Roses Parade and a Pak 'N' Save Ad.
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Paul Shaffer For Rolling Stone
This ad has Shaffer performing part of the jingle, and is followed by an art-based MTV I.D.
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The Monstervision Intro To "Night Of The Lepus"
Joe Bob Briggs introduces "Night Of The Lepus" and gives us the drive-in totals.
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Make It Jamaica Again
The jingle in this ad from the "Come Back To Jamaica" campaign sounds a little like "Merry Xmas (War Is Over)" by John Lennon and Yoko Ono. It's preceded by a WFAA bumper.
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13 Dead End Drive
We now return to 1995 for a new batch of old commercials. This board game is preceded by an "Animaniacs" bumper with Nikki Cox.
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Disney Channel's Toonin' Tuesdays
This was a 90s programming block featuring "The Charlie Brown And Snoopy Show" and assorted specials and movies.
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"Pure Reggae"
This was one of the many popular "Pure..." compilations of the late 90s and early 00s.
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Carefree Gum-It Tastes Too Good To Be Sugarless
Wilt Chamberlain makes an appearance in this ad.
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Giggles Cookies
"2 kinds of creme in each funny face"...
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Quaker Fruit And Cream Instant Oatmeals
Even with the taste of fruit, you still couldn't get me to eat this.
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A USA Intro For "Child's Play 3"
This is the intro for a 1995 USA airing of the film on their Saturday Night Movie.
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Cocoa Pebbles-The Photo Album
Barney Rubble makes Fred Flintstone flash back to the Flintstone Kid days in order steal a bowl of Cocoa Pebbles.
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WB Promos-"Pinky And The Brain" And "Freakazoid!"
The "Pinky And The Brain" promo came from the show's short-lived prime-time run. The 2 promos are preceded by a Kids' WB bumper with Shawn and Marlon Wayans.
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A 1986 Levi's Ad
This is another part live-action and part animated ad for Levi's Jeans and Cords.
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Keebler Pizzarias
The Pizza-flavored Doritos they had for a while recently seem like the logical extension of this snack.
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A TV Spot For "Howard The Duck"
This is a vintage TV spot for the infamous sci-fi comedy starring Lea Thompson, Tim Robbins and Jeffrey Jones.
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Sessions Presents: "The Greatest Hits Album"
This was an early 80s soft rock compilation.
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The Toys R Us Nickelodeon Super Toy Run
This contest was sponsored by Toys R Us and Cap'n Crunch.
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KarenEng performs "For Your Eyes Only"
KarenEng is one of my favorite YouTube personalities, known for both wonderful originals and great cover songs. This is one of my favorites by her. It's her rendition of Sheena Easton's classic James Bond theme "For Your Eyes Only". For her covers, originals and video blogs, visit http://www.youtube.com/user/KarenEng
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The Great American Steakhouse Onion Machine
If you want a Bloomin' Onion at home, this is the device for you. Of course, whether it stacks up to the restaurant is a variable.
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Vidal Sassoon-Make History
This ad from 1986 has a variety of colorful hairstyles.
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Is that Kenny Rogers at the end of this ad? The guy with the white beard, I mean.
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The Joe Bob's Last Call Intro To "Waxwork"
Joe Bob Briggs isn't as enthusiastic about "Waxwork" as he was about "Coma". I liked it more than he did...I've even told Deborah Foreman that. It's cut off at the end.
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Geico-Doing Dumb Things
Is there a reason why the people in this ad are fat?
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"I Believe In Eyewitness News"
This WABC promo comes from 1992.
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A 1992 Cool Whip Ad
This ad has their short-lived mascot Mr. Cool Whip.
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MTV's "Steal The Batmobile Contest"
Robert Wuhl is in character as Alexander Knox for this MTV contest tied in to the 1989 blockbuster. The contest was co-sponsored by Pepsi, which I find strange since there was a well-known Diet Coke commercial tied in to the movie.
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A TV Trailer For "Where The Boys Are '84"
In WMV format, this is another attempt to upload the TV trailer for this 80s beach comedy with Lisa Hartman, Wendy Schaal, Lorna Luft, Lynn-Holly Johnson and many others.
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Duracell-Freshness Dating
This ad came from 1988, as the others in this batch did, with the batteries expiring in 1988.
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The Talkboy FX Plus Recording Pen
This ad is preceded by a Kids' WB bumper with Pinky And The Brain (voiced by Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche).
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Nickelodeon's Hooping It Up With The Globetrotters Sweepstakes
This contest was tied-in with Fruit Roll-Ups and themed to the team's 60th Anniversary.
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New York's Numbers For May 6th, 1984
A woman named Jane Patterson announces the winning lottery numbers for May 6th, 1984. The numbers were 507 and 1995. Did anybody win with these numbers?
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Mouse Trap
This looked like it took a lot of preparation.
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A 1985 Trix Cereal Ad
The Trix Rabbit disguises himself a gymnast in an attempt to get the cereal.
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Massachusetts Tourism
"The spirit of Massachusetts is the spirit of America"...
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"Arista: Portrait Of A Decade"
It's back to 1985 for some more retro commercials, starting with this ad for a 3 record compilation celebrating Arista Records' 10th Anniversary.
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An HBO Promo For "Voyage Of The Damned"
This is basically the theatrical trailer cut down a little.
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