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DIY Denim Rope - Part 1 of the DI-YODS Cat Tower Experiment
A how-to video if you want to learn to make awesome pants denim rope. I am not responsible for anyone harming themselves while attempting this. Scissors are involved. Stick around to the end to check out some antics of my assistant. FYI: DI-YODS = Doin It Ya Own Damn Self
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Sims Medieval - Collecting Leeches
How else is the bloodletting gonna happen without leeches, amiright.
Просмотров: 320 Tira Titz
Sims Medieval - Apothecary Study
Besides leechings .. or whatever, there's bile and some other moon phase crap to learn in order to be a healer in Medieval times.
Просмотров: 29 Tira Titz
Cat Attack
Просмотров: 13 Tira Titz
Sims Medieval - Stalker
Even in Medieval times women had to worry about men hassling them. ... Or maybe they were just as paranoid...
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Freddie the Gladiator
Just a quick video of my goldfish. Looking to rehome them.
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Dog Toy for the Cat
Being the high energy dog-like cat that she is, I thought I'd give my cat a toy made for dogs. Initially she seemed to love it. Off camera she even picked it up and took off with it once. But she grew bored of it within a couple days, and unfortunately, it now sits in a corner, collecting dust. It will soon be donated to the local animal shelter, where hopefully the dogs will get a lot more enjoyment out of it! Perhaps Hyper Pet, the makers of this toy, could come up with something similar, but designed for more active cats in mind!
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Sims Medieval - Hot!
Why do people just have to get all up in your rooms all the time? Why! No cutlery was the only way to eat in Medieval times... apparently.
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