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Swagga Swagga Juice Juice (CHIPMUNKING)
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Otto Zimm @ Yuk Yuk's :"Hard"
a short standup comedy bit
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Holly Jolly Christmas FREEVERSE - Grimey Zimm - WATCH TAN CLAN
just a free verse contemplating making it into a full track let us know what you think!! please sub like and comment like us on Facebook! www.facebook.com/TheWatchTanClan
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THATS WHAT HES TALKIN BOUT - The Watch Tan Clan - Grimey Zimm + KAI JEE
Music video of snake eating live mouse Thats what he's talking bout - Watch Tan Clan Just a rough copy We do not own this beat One mouse was harmed during the making of this video may it rest peacefully
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COUGARS - Grimey Zimm - Watch Tan Clan
freeverse I do not own this beat follow us on Facebook!! https://www.facebook.com/TheWatchTanClan on twitter @grimeyzimm
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Grimey Zimm's Thoughts on Life.
Just some comical thoughts and jokes Please Comment, Like, And Subscribe I Know its Long but its worth it. dont forget to like our FB page www.facebook.com/TheWatchTanClan
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