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Michael & Adam Essene Do the Song "Angels Everywhere"
Sing along with Adam in the chorus: "Tell me my friends - are there Angels Everywhere They spread their wings and Heal your Heart Can you Feel the Love Inside - Feel the Love Inside .... x 2"
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May 2nd Divine Couple Day for Adam and Elizabeth Essene
Adam and Elizabeth Essene, made a Divine couple, by the Order of Melchizedek, on this Day, 2nd May 2009, at Jena East Germany.
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Adam and Lars having video fun in Jena East Germany - we only found our what the video meant on 3.10.2008 (the 3 10 10) - exactly one year to the day that the New Website RAINBOW CHURCH OF GOD was opened for the first time. This is a complete coincidence. Also, when we made the video, neither Lars or myself knew what we were going to do - we just each moved independantly of the other. Then on 3.3.2008 I deleted the other two videos, edited this on and for some reason added the caption - asked what words I should put in and were given them. I then played the video and realised what God had meant and done with this video - it was then i changed the Caption from Lars and Adam having fun in Jena to DEATH AND REABIRTH of ADAM. Neat!
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Viagra - The Truth about the Soft Penis
Adam Eye of Light talking about why men get a soft penis, how it is completely natural and the reason for it, how and why science gets it completely wrong and tries, as usual, to fix some PROBLEM THAT DOES NOT EXIST - for EVERYTHING IS PERFECT and we do not need MOST MEDICINES. If you are AT ALL concerned about your soft penis you MUST watch this video - you will never be bothered by it ever again!
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Easter - 4th April 2009 - Adam and Majitas at Yoke Farm
Going through Initiation for the Divine Couple at Yoke Farm, Easter 2009. Adam built a new Rainbow Church - a hut of withies in the age-old manner of Joseph of Arimathea, in Hereforshire near Leominster in the Uk, location of an inportant Celtic centre of Original Christianity. The mysteries performed in the Temple were related to the creation of the new High Church of the Rainbow Church of God. Stones were taken from the high altar of the Abbey at Leominster amd are now in Jena, East Germany, returning to the Centre, as the monks of Iona did after their church was destroyed by the Romanic Christian Invaders, moving from iona to Perthshire, the centre of Scotland. Here we move from Glastonbury and Herefordshire to Jena and Rudolstadt - the centre of Europe, for now we are in the EU.
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