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DJ Kay Slay - "60 Second Assassins" (Music Video)
http://VladTV.com - DJ Kay Slay f. Busta Rhymes, Layzie Bone, Twista & Jaz-O - "60 Second Assassins"
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Future: "I've Been Broke & I Don't Want to Go Back" (Hollywood Heavy)
http://www.hollywoodheavy.com/ The Southern rapper details how he's financially conscious after going through some eye opening situations early on in his career, and how he plans to save for years to come
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Flatbush Zombies - Thug Waffle (Prod. By Erick Arc Elliott)
http://VladTV.com - @MeechIsDEAD @ZombieJuicee @erickarcelliott (Produced by Erick Arc Elliott of The Flatbush Zombies) Directed by: Luke Monaghan (vimeo.com/lukemonaghan) DP: TONE (www.photobytone.com) Camera: Vinny Picone (www.vincentpicone.com) Producer: Phillip T. http://www.flatbushzombies.com/
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Trey Songz Impersonator Orders at Drive-Thru & Workers Go Crazy!
Trey Songz sound-a-like ordering food at a Wendy's drive-thru. impersonation done by JERMAINE TANDY(dj fresh) follow him on twitter and instagram @iamdjfresh
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Olivia "Walk Away" (Music Video)
http://VladTV.com - Olivia's official music video for "Walk Away."
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Beanie Sigel Recalls Coming to Kanye's Aid
http://www.vladtv.com/ - Philly rapper Sigel recounts a time when he showed up at a diner to help out his friend and Roc-A-Fella label mate Kanye West. He says a group of guys were getting a little too interested in 'Ye and the chain he was wearing around his neck, so Sigel had to flex a little muscle and put them in their place.
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Too Short Shares Personal Stories of Pimp C
http://VladTV.com - The Bay Area legend speaks on his close relationship with fallen rap star Pimp C. and shares personal stories on their time together. STAY CONNECTED WITH MONTREALITY The Urban Authority across Canada. http://TheMontreality.com http://Twitter.com/Montreality http://Facebook.com/Montreality514 http://YouTube.com/Montreality514
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Sean Price - "Haraam" (Music Video)
Fans can purchase the deluxe-edition of Mic Tyson at iTunes - http://bit.ly/mictyson Song produced by Team Demo @seanmandela | @duckdownmusic Off Sean Price's "Mic Tyson" album. Directed by Monstar Films' Last American B-Boy (@lasamericanbboy)
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Too $hort Talks Gays in Hip Hop
http://VladTV.com - Oakland legend Too $hort discusses the existence of a Gay Mafia in hip hop. The rapper also says he has no problem with gay marriage, and would collaborate with a gay person on a song -- as long as the subject wasn't "gay"
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Stevie Wonder Surprises Ahsan During Performance
http://www.vladtv.com/ - Interscope's newest R&B singer Ahsan got the shock of his life when Stevie Wonder popped into an in-studio session.
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Busta Rhymes on Canibus Battle & Battle Rapping
http://www.vladtv.com/ - The legendary Brooklyn rapper detailed his roots in battle rapping, which started when Leaders of the New School's Charlie Brown started battling him when he wasn't even into rhyming yet. Busta also shared his thoughts on battle rappers today, including Canibus, who he says "knew better than to pull out a notepad" during his now-infamous battle with Dizaster.
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Too Short on Discovering Lil B & The Pack
http://VladTV.com - The Bay Area legend discusses how Lil B changed since he first discovered him and his reaction to B's "I'm Gay" album.
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MGK Puts Rent-A-Cops In Their Place!
http://VladTV.com - Machine Gun Kelly comes down hard on some bicycle riding Rent-A-Cops who get on him for skating. A must watch!
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Busta Rhymes On Biggie: "God Bless The Dead, That is My Brother."
http://www.vladtv.com/ - Busta recounts the story of people lining up in front of Biggie's building to get a free copy of 'Ready to Die'. "That was like the most illest sh*t because it was his way of marketing himself", Busta says. He also explains why he would always go last on collaborative records.
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Flatbush Zombies - "Face - Off"  (Music Video) (Prod. By Erick Arc Elliott)
http://VladTV.com - WWW.FLATBUSHZOMBIES.COM @MeechIsDead aka L.S.Darko @ZombieJuicee @ErickArcElliott Camera: TONE & Vinny Picone Edited by: Vinny Picone
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What's In Derek Fisher's Bag?
http://www.sneakerwatch.com/ - Adidas takes a look at what's in Derek Fisher's gym bag.
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E-40 Ft. Kendrick Lamar & Droop-E "Catch A Fade" (Music Video)
http://VladTV.com - "I f*ck with the young G's. I network with y'all, I love y'all. As long as you respect me, I'ma respect you," is what E-40 told Hip-Hop Wired recently, and he stayed true to his word by recruiting young gunners Kendrick Lamar and Droop-E for his "Catch A Fade" video. Kendrick kicks off the track dropping non stop bars, then he's followed up by Droop-E and E-40, as they both do the same as Kendrick - drop bars. Aside from the quality lyrics, the video is hard-core. Throughout the video are scenes of a bunch of different guys throwing hands (fighting) one-on-one. Kendrick, Droop-E, and E-40 each throw a few punches in the video too. This track is off of E-40's three-disc, 60 song album, The Block Brochure: Welcome to the Soil 1, 2 & 3 which is currently available on iTunes.
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What's In Dwight Howard's Bag? (SneakerWatch)
http://www.sneakerwatch.com/ - Adidas gives you an inside look at Dwight Howard's bag
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Flatbush Zombies - "S.C.O.S.A." (Prod. By Erick Arc Elliott)
http://VladTV.com - FlatbushZombies.com | @MeechIsDEAD @ZombieJuicee @erickarcelliott Directed by: THE MADBURY CLUB Edited by: Vinny Picone Shot by: TONE, Vinny Picone, Eddie Pages
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Busta Rhymes Praises Vybz Kartel's Work Ethic
http://www.vladtv.com/ - The legendary rapper reveals that his collaboration with Vybz Kartel, "Wine Go Down," was the one feature that stood out he most to him on his new album. Busta explains that he was very inspired by Vybz's work ethic in the studio, and praises him for evolving into a true reggae artist of today.
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Lady of Rage Discusses Tupac's Impact
http://VladTV.com - Lady of Rage remembers Tupac's early days at Death Row and his impact on the world. Video Editor: Jai Nima Idowu
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Prodigy Explains How His Beef Started With Nas
http://VladTV.com - The Mobb Deep rapper details how his beef with Nas began, which wasn't directly related to the Queensbridge rapper. P also explains how he and Nas decided that their longstanding beef was "corny" after Prodigy was released from jail."
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Prodigy Tells Us Why He Doesnt Wear Jordans or Foamposites
http://VladTV.com - Prodigy tells us what's his favorite Jordan and why he doesn't like to wear Foamposites
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Too $hort Explains KMEL Summer Jam Incident
http://VladTV.com - Too $hort gives a detailed explanation of the events that unfolded at KMEL 106's Summer Jam and why they ultimately banned him.
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Mac Miller - "Thoughts From A Balcony"  (Music Video)
http://VladTV.com - Mac Miller drops a video for his song "Thoughts From A Balcony" Most Dope & Rostrum Records Proudly Present The 2nd Visual From Macadelic.
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Raekwon: "Our Solo Careers Hurt The Wu-Tang Clan"
http://VladTV.com - Raekwon reflects on his career with Wu-Tang and how branching out into solo careers took away from the group.
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Freekey Zekey Impersonates Cam'ron & Jim Jones
http://www.vladtv.com/ - The Dipset rapper rolls out his best impersonation of fellow group members Jim Jones and Cam'ron when talking about hilarious interactions he's had with them. First, Freekey talks about getting a new pair of sneakers that he showed to Jim, who told Freekey that he "got those already." Next, Freekey reveals how Cam'ron got the inspiration for wearing pink in hip-hop after watching a popular mobster movie.
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Lady of Rage on Why Dre Left Death Row
http://VladTV.com - Lady of Rage also was interested in smoking 2pac's ashes - http://www.vladtv.com/video/59217/the-outlawz-say-they-smoked-2pacs-ashes/ Video Editor: Jai Nima Idowu
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Charlamagne Details His Beef With Funkmaster Flex
http://VladTV.com - The famed radio personality explains his relationship with Hot 97's Funkmaster Flex and how their beef stemmed. Charlamagne also shares his thoughts on Young Money not performing at Hot 97's Summer Jam.
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T.I. Goes in About "Addresses" & Sends Out Warning
http://www.vladtv.com/ - Famed Atlanta rapper T.I. explains the meaning behind his new track "Addresses," revealing that it's about people who used him for leverage in his career. While many people are speculating that the track is about DTE's Alley Boy, he keeps the subject at hand unnamed and sends a personal message, telling him to do "one record without saying my name," and challenges him to be better rapper than him.
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E-40: "I Don't Like When Artists Steal My Funk"
http://VladTV.com - The Bay Area legend speaks out on artists using his slang in their songs without even giving him credit. He also explains where he developed his style, favorite slang word and current slang.
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Flatbush Zombies Detail the Meaning Behind Their Name
http://www.vladtv.com/ - The Brooklyn Trio explained the meaning behind their moniker, "Flatbush Zombies," which they attribute to psychedelic experiences that they've had, which have changed their lives. The group also shared several deep psychedelic experiences they've had, define the different effects of substances they've tried and what they like the best.
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Jadakiss: "People Thought I Was Bald & Couldn't Grow Hair"
http://VladTV.com - The legendary New York rapper explains why he decided to grow his hair out as a sign of respect for his incarcerated friend, K. Rosewood. Jadakiss also details why he rocked the bald look for so long and who inspired him to do so.\
Просмотров: 135396 djvlad
Too $hort Explains His Stance During East/West Beef
http://VladTV.com - The legendary rapper explains where he stood during the height of the East coast/ West coast beef, along with his first-hand account of the situation. He also speaks about the ongoing beefs in hip-hop with different generations and regions.
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Childish Gambino Ft. Flynt Flossy & Yung Humma - "F**k Your Blog"
http://www.vladtv.com/ - New music from Childish Gambino Ft Flynt & Humma
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Young Jeezy Explains How He's Been Helping Out Boosie
http://VladTV.com - Young Jeezy talks about how he's been supporting Boosie while he's been locked up Videographer: Jai Nima Idowu Video Editor: Jai Nima Idowu
Просмотров: 102299 djvlad
Too $hort Weighs in on White People Using the N-Word
http://VladTV.com - The Bay Area rapper speaks from experience on non-black people saying the n-word and how he views the situation with Kreayshawn and V-Nasty saying it.
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Charlamagne Calls Out Funkmaster Flex for Beating Up Women
http://VladTV.com - Power 105.1 radio personality Charlamagne calls out Hot 97's Funkmaster Flex HARD for abusing women and failing to take his game to the next level.
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Busta Rhymes on Group Break-Up & Son's Death
http://www.vladtv.com/ - Legendary emcee Busta Rhymes speaks on a rough time in his life when his group, Leaders of the New School, was breaking up around the same time of his first son's death. Busta reveals that they finally "let the dumb stuff go," and moved on from their differences, but doesn't know if they'll ever record together again.
Просмотров: 1068307 djvlad
Charlamagne: "What if Funkmaster Flex Told the Truth?"
http://VladTV.com - Power 105.1 radio personality Charlamagne tha God imagines what it would be like "if Funkmaster Flex told the truth" about incidents in his past that he has been called out for, including allegedly beating his wife, dissing Tupac and fighting fellow NY radio personality Steph Lova."
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Prodigy: "50 Cent Can Do No Wrong in My Eyes"
http://VladTV.com - Legendary Mobb Deep rapper Prodigy explains how he linked up with 50 Cent and G-Unit while he was in jail. P also shares his thoughts on Young Buck's recent legal problems.
Просмотров: 368893 djvlad
Too $hort f. E-40 "Money On The Floor" (Music Video)
http://VladTV.com - Music Video from Too $hort Ft E-40
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Charlamagne Clarifies Asking Out Hot 97's Kay Foxx
http://VladTV.com - Power 105.1's Charlemagne Tha God confirms rumors that he asked out Hot 97's Kay Foxx, saying it was in no way a diss.
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Method Man: The Galaxy Foamposite Is The Ugliest Sneaker Ever Made (Sneaker Watch)
http://www.sneakerwatch.com/ Method Man runs down his favorite sneakers, his thoughts on the Galaxy Foamposite and explains how the Air Force 1 messed up his toes
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Chi Ali Talks Homicide Incident & Fleeing From Police
http://www.vladtv.com/ - Famed 90s rapper Chi Ali opens up about the murder he committed in 2000, and explains why he went on the run from New York after everything happened. Chi also speaks on his time on the run and explains how his actions affected the Raymond family.
Просмотров: 411825 djvlad
Beanie Sigel: My Battle With Jadakiss Wasn't Personal
http://www.vladtv.com/ - The legendary Philly rapper looks back on his career with Roc-A-Fella and Jay-Z, who said Beanie would go down as one of the greatest rappers of all time. Beans also details his famous rap beef with Jadakiss, and reveals that it wasn't anything personal against Jada, he was just looking to lay his "bones down in the game."
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Wiz Khalifa Gives the Rundown on How He Likes to Party
http://VladTV.com - The laid back rapper details the different ways he likes to have a good time and how he would react if he had a son that wanted to follow in his footsteps.
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JR Smith Doesn't Approve LeBron's $270 Sneaker (SneakerWatch)
http://www.sneakerwatch.com/ - New York Knicks Chris & JR Smith weigh in on the new LeBron 10 including the look, price and colorway.
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DMC on Why Run DMC Broke Up
http://VladTV.com - Darryl "DMC" McDaniels admits a Run DMC reunion will almost certainly never happen, because without Jam-Master Jay it would tarnish the legacy
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Flatbush Zombies Talk Worst Jobs of All Time
http://www.vladtv.com/ - The Brooklyn trio respond to people saying their "doing good" now in their career, which they reveal is a weird feeling, because they all instinctively foresaw their success early on. Zombie Juice (far right) also explains the idea behind his two-toned hair coloring, which he changes up on a regular basis.
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