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Erectile dysfunction South Park
Typical South Park humour concerning Stan and Kyle's dads problem with erectile dysfunction. A funny look at a real problem for millions of men.
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pharmaceutical industry in the UK
In this instalment of Going Underground, the maker of the documentaruy A Beautiful Pharma Mind exposes the unholy alliance between the pharmaceutical industry and the medical profession.
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generic Viagra
The difference between Viagra (c) and generic Viagra explained.
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Generic Viagra Back In Time
This pretty much sums up how I experience Viagra and other ED pills I experiment with ;)
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Viagra power
This a completely ridiculous over-the-top take on 'the little blue pil'. It's only saving grace is that it's funny :D .
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Viagra misinformation
This is NOT hoe ED pills like Viagra really work. To find out if they would work for you see my post: http://www.genericpills247.co/mainstream-misinformation-about-ed-pills/
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It's only fair that you know this information so you are not taken advantage of when shopping for medications such as ED pills in the UK.
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Viagra Amser Fy Mywyd
When you know you can perform it gets you in the mood!
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In the Uk the patent on Viagra expired in June 2013 which means that now cheap generic Viagra can be legally purchased in the UK.
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Viagra Desert Getaway
Part of the fun viva Viagra series.
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Pharma fraud
Do you trust Big Pharma? It's a business to make money bottom line.
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Erectile Dysfunction Cures
This is a good example of how ED pills don't work. To see why you can take Viagra or Cialis or whatever and still not get hard, see my post: http://www.genericpills247.co/erectile-dysfunction-pills-truth-and-lies/
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Big Pharma price fixing
The inside story of a price fixing buy an American drug company Valeant.
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The age of Viagra
I know this is just a commercial but I like it - why? Because it helps overcome the ridiculous stigma attached to erectile dysfunction medications, stemming from our stigma towards sex in general and the 'real men don't need ED pills' nonsense.
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Viagra Vacation
A nice little promo clip from the Viva Viagra series.
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Womenra for women - right. Very funny tho :D
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