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Sonic The Kitten Meets His Big Brother
http://www.britethorn This is a video I shot when my wife and I introduced our new 9 week old Bengal kitten, Sonic, to our five year old Snow Bengal Mithril (who some of you may recognize from some of my other videos.) Our older cat, Silk, passed away from cancer a few months earlier, and Mithril had been very lonely since then. When the two meet you can hear the older cat making distinctly happy trilling noises when he meets the kitten. During the past two weeks since they met, there hasn't been a bit of hissing from either one of them, and they often sleep curled up together. The music used in the video is, of course, "Three Little Kittens." I played around with it a bit, and have admit to being more than a little pleased with the outcome. The Bengal is a medium to large domestic feline that originates from crossings of the small Asian Leopard Cat (ALC) to the domestic cat in an attempt to create a companion with an "exotic" look but a domestic temperament. After four to five generations of Bengal-to-Bengal breeding, the breed is recognized for championship competition by most international domestic cat associations including TICA, ACFA, GCCF, and AACE. p the background color of the Bengal, ranging from golden, rust, brown and orange, to sand, buff, or even ivory. Bengal spots also vary in color, from rust or cocoa and chocolate brown to charcoal or black. Some Bengal patterns have inherited striking rosettes or spots made up of more than one color, usually a secondary color forming a dark outlining to the spot. Brown and Snow Marbles The second Bengal pattern is called marble. This is created by the combination of rosettes from the Asian Leopard Cat and the domestic classic tabby pattern to produce a "marbleized" look, one or more colors swirled into the base colors. Ideally, both the spotted and marbled patterns should have a horizontal flow rather than a vertical appearance. Since the original purpose for breeding Bengal cats was to try to replicate the look of the exotic spotted Asian Leopard Cat, the dominant spotted pattern is most common. The Bengal Cat has a happy, active, interactive and extremely intelligent personality. Every domestic cat breed has its unique features, and the exotic heritage of the
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Second City Actress  Shelly Gossman on Auditioning for SNL
http://www.britethorn.com UPDATE: This interview was recorded last August as Second City Actress Shelly Gossman was waiting to hear if she had gotten the nod from SNL after her second audition for the show. While she didn't make the cut then, she went on to perform in the theater's 50th Anniversary Show and was eventually hired by Lorne Michaels after he saw her perform again in the summer of 2010. Congratulations Shelly! Ever wonder what it takes to get an audition for Saturday Night Live? Meet Shelly Gossman of Chicago's "Second City." She auditioned twice for Saturday Night Live in the space of a year and shares her experiences at those auditions at 30 Rock in New York, along with a lot of advice on how to make it in the world of Improvisational comedy. This interview was conducted by John Kramer in the Main Lobby of the Second City's Chicago theater at 1616 N. Wells in August of 2009, just before the theater celebrated its 50th anniversary. Ironically, Shelly's castmate, Michael Patrick O'Brien was actually scheduled to do the interview that day, but had to bow out when an acting engagement at Chicago's IO theater came into conflict with the timing. Later that week he was offered a writing position at SNL where he accepted. Shelly was gracious enough to fill in for him.
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Witless: The True Story of Christine O'Donnell & the Tea Party Women
http://www.britethorn.com Once upon a time there was a young Abstinence Advocate named Christine O'Donnell who ran for the GOP Senate nomination (to fill Vice President Biden's Senate Seat) in the tiny, magical state of Delaware. Much to the surprise of Mainstream Republican leaders Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, young Christine was taken up by a tornado of Tea Party Supporters, crashing her down upon their hope for re-gaining control of the senate away from the Democratic party in the November 2010 elections. As it turns out, even Sarah Palin's endorsement of Christine O'Donnell may not be enough to help the Delaware candidate from escaping Bill Maher's tape of her admitting that she used to pal around with witches. But then, who among us hasn't dated a witch or had a midnight date on a Satanic alter? It's Magical! Starring Christine O'Donnell as Dorothy. Dorothy: "I didn't mean to kill the GOP!" It's Electoral! With Sarah Palin as The Wicked Witch of the North. Sarah: "Of course I'll endorse you my Pretty, but not until the camera crews get here." With Carly Fiorina: "Are you a good witch or a bad witch?" Dorothy: I'm not a witch, I'm just an Abstinence Advocate!" And Rand Paul as The Scarecrow: "Oh I just hang around all day and scare people." Introducing Mitch McConnell and John Boehner. Lion: I don't believe in health care! Open Up Your Hearts! Tin Man: What does a Republican need with a heart? We represent the Moderate Wing, the Moderate Wing --BLAST!! Sarah Palin: How's that for a Stimulus. Open up your Hearts. Open up your wallets! To Witless: The True Story of the Tea Party Women.
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Netflix "House of Cards" Reviewed- Episode 1
Netflix is going after HBO with its Amazing New Political Drama Series, "House of Cards," starring Kevin Spacey. Subscribe here: http://www.youtube.com/user/britethorn If you love Politics the way I do you have give Netflix's new Original Series "House of Cards" a look, because just one look is all its going to take to addict you to this show. How good is it? Well, as a top executive at Netflix recently said, our goal is to become HBO faster than HBO can become us." Let the Online Streaming Wars Begin! And that's what this is, an HBO quality show on Netflix with one big difference: the whole original 13 episode series isn't being released an episode a week: its all on their site today. The show stars Kevin Spacey playing the House Majority Whip in a Democratically controlled congress who has just been screwed over by the newly elected Democratic President and he's now out for revenge. Everything about this show reminds me of Aaron Sorkin's, The West Wing -- but written by his evil twin. My favorite line in the first episode comes when Kevin Spacey turns to the camera to confess his love for his wife, played by Robin Wright: "I love that woman," he says. "I love her more than shark's love blood." And that's what he and most of the principle characters in the show are: shark's in the game of Washington politics. So watch that first episode -- I'm really curious to know what you think of the opening scene with the Dog, because I think its the best teaser to a new show I've ever seen. And for the next 14 days I'll be watching and reviewing the entire series, one episode a day, except for Superbowl Sunday, so why not watch that first episode today and share you thoughts on the series with me by commenting on the episode. See you tomorrow -- and don't forget to hit the subscribe button and give this video a thumbs up.
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The Political Scientist: Trump's Rug
http://www.britethorn.com What's up with Donald Trump and his hair? If he is going to be a serious candidate for the Republican Nomination he has a lot of questions to answer about his hair. What if he were to be jostled at the Republican National Convention as he was accepting their nomination to be President and his hair fell off? Chaos! that's what would happen. The GOP would blow up on television while the whole world was watching! And what is all the business about with Trump sending "investigators" to Hawaii to dig up the "truth" about President Obama's birth certificate? Is that supposed to be some kind of a joke? Obama's mother was a US Citizen born in Kansas! A million different news organizations and watchdog groups have checked into Obama's birth certificate. Trump really has no shame -- or hair.
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I Hate Sports: Pep Rallies Suck!
Remember sitting through BORING High School Pep Assemblies? Thanks for the Spotlight on this, YouTube! http://www.britethorn.com
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Netflix "House Of Cards" Reviewed: Episode 12
Chapter 12 of "House of Cards" from Netflix. Beware of spoilers if you haven't gotten this far in the series. Subscribe Here: www.youtube.com/user/britethorn The Netflix Original Political Drama "House of Cards" stars Kevin Spacey as Congressman Frank Underwood, the House Majority Whip. He is married to Clair Underwood, played by Robin Wright (best known as Princess Buttercup from "The Princess Bride." ) The two are a Washington D.C. power couple who are united in their quest for revenge on the newly elected democratic president who has broken his promise to make Frank his Secretary of State. Joining Frank Underwood on his quest for revenge are Congressman Peter Underwood (played by Corey Stoll), Zoe Barnes, and up and coming journalist (played by Kate Mara.) The show is based on a 1990 BBC series, "House of Cards," which was in turn based on a novel. The most unusual thing about the American 2013 version of "House of Cards" is that it was released by Netflix in its entirety on one day, Friday Feb. 1. This would be the first time that a drama of this size (13hrs), budget and quality has ever been released online on one day, which has lead to a lot of people "binge watching" the series in one day. A second season of "House of Cards," has already been ordered by Netflix.
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Is Hillary Clinton Abusing YouTube?
http://www.britethorn.com Respectfully, Britethorn would like to know if Sen. Clinton is using YouTube as a free advertising space or if she is actually paying attention to the responses to her videos. And if so, is it Cool to do so?
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Apple Mac/PC Political Parody: Bipartisan (Democrat/Republican X)
http://www.britethorn.com Tenth in a series of 12 Political Parodies of the Apple Mac/PC ads ("Get A Mac") originally starring John Hodgman as PC and Justin Long as Mac. These commercial parodies were created in 2006 during the mid-term Congressional Campaign which saw the US House of Representatives and the US Senate switch over from Republican control to Democratic majorities. They also continue into the beginnings of the US Presidential election of 2008 where we see the beginning of Sen. Barack Obama's rise to the top tier of Presidential candidates, alongside John Edwards and Hilary Clinton. http://www.britethorn.com Starring Aaron Sjoholm and Shawn Girvan. Directed by Jeff Hadick. Written and Produced by John T. Kramer. The Get a Mac (2006--2009[1]) campaign was a television advertising campaign created for Apple Inc. by TBWA\Media Arts Lab, the company's advertising agency. Shown in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Japan, the ads in the campaign have become easily recognizable because each ad follows a standard simple template: against a minimalist all-white background, a man dressed in casual clothes introduces himself as a Mac ("Hello, I'm a Mac."), while a man in a more formal suit-and-tie combination introduces himself as a Windows personal computer ("And I'm a PC."). The two then act out a brief vignette in which the capabilities and attributes of Mac and PC are compared, with PC—characterized as formal and somewhat polite, though stuffy and overly concerned with work—often being frustrated by the more laid-back Mac's abilities. The older ones shifted focus away from comparing features of the computer systems to a more general comparison. The even later ones, however, mainly concerned Windows 7. The original American ads star actor Justin Long as the Mac and author and humorist John Hodgman as the non-Mac PC, and are directed by Phil Morrison. The American ads also air on Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand television,[citation needed] and at least 24 of them were dubbed into Spanish, French, German, and Italian. The British campaign stars comedic duo Robert Webb as Mac and David Mitchell as PC while the Japanese campaign features the comedic duo Rahmens. Although several of the British and Japanese ads originated in the American campaign, they are generally slightly altered to suit local sensibilities. Both the British and Japanese campaigns also feature several original ads not seen in the American campaign. Now that he's THE MAN, Democrat shows Republican how it's done!! Directed by Jeff Hadick, Written by John T. Kramer, Starring Aaron Sjoholm as Democrat and Shawn Girvan as Republican.
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Obama Endorsed By The KKK???
You can't make this stuff up . . . http://www.britethorn.com
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Australian Shepherd Puppy vs Alien Invasion
One cute and adorable puppy fights off an Alien Invasion! His name is Paladin,and he's my 5 month old Australian Shepherd. He's a tricolor who's as cute as a button and full of joy. The alien he's fighting is a laser toy meant for cats to play with, but which he found very intriguing.
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Rick Perry Talks Evolution: GOP Story #2
Gov. Rick Perry (Republican of Texas) and his Science Adviser explain the truth behind evolution, science and Jesus. http://www.britethorn.com My apologies to Woody and the rest of the Toy Story Gang from Pixar!
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Netflix "House Of Cards" Reviewed: Episode 13
Season One, "House of Cards", Episode 13 Finale Reviewed! Subscribe Here: http://www.youtube.com/user/britethorn Now earlier in these reviews I made the point that House of Cards could have been written by West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin's evil twin, because the Washington of Sorkin could not be more different than that of House of Cards. There's a fantastic scene in the West Wing where President Bartlett argues with God in the National Cathedral. He's in pain because of the death of a close friend, and looks to God for answers. But Franks visit to church -- wow! "I pray to myself for myself?" And then lighting a candle to himself and blowing out all the others. Reaching out to Satin while kneeling at an alter? There's a man who's completely without fear -- or he would never have attempted to attack Raymund Tusk's Nuclear Power interests which, as we now know, are the root of all Frank's problems - and which are what ultimately bind Tusk and Frank together -- with the President completely in the dark. (I guess he's turning out to be less smart than I was giving him credit for.) And so with the VP nomination secure, Frank should have smooth sailing ahead on his voyage of revenge. Clair has returned to him -- and she fixes their sink which , I suppose, is some sort of a symbol for their marriage and her work. He has defeated his hated rowing machine, and as the season ends, dresses in dark, running off into the night with his wife, ninja like, at his side-- Frank has no idea of exactly how close the three reporters, lead by Zoe, are on their heals. Which isn't a bad little cliffhanger to end the season, which overall I've liked quite a bit -- but have found more and more difficult to believe as the season has stretched on. And the best example of this would be the ease with which the reporters are putting together the pieces of Frank's plan. There are just too many people who know too much about too many rotten things Frank has done over the past few months -- any one of which could possibly bring him down. And while its true that he's surrounded himself with lots of loyal people, you have no farther to look than Peter Russo to know that you can't trust people to keep secrets of this magnitude, even if they're doing so out of fear. People talk, and Frank should know this better than anyone. And as for Frank and Clair's future, I'm going to take a stab at looking to what might lie ahead in season two of House of Cards -- which is being written right now by series creator Beau Willimon. So hit the subscribe button, leave a comments, give this video a big thumbs up and check back tomorrow for my predictions about Season Two of House of Cards. The Netflix Original Political Drama "House of Cards" stars Kevin Spacey as Congressman Frank Underwood, the House Majority Whip. He is married to Clair Underwood, played by Robin Wright (best known as Princess Buttercup from "The Princess Bride." ) The two are a Washington D.C. power couple who are united in their quest for revenge on the newly elected democratic president who has broken his promise to make Frank his Secretary of State. Joining Frank Underwood on his quest for revenge are Congressman Peter Underwood (played by Corey Stoll), Zoe Barnes, and up and coming journalist (played by Kate Mara.) The show is based on a 1990 BBC series, "House of Cards," which was in turn based on a novel. The most unusual thing about the American 2013 version of "House of Cards" is that it was released by Netflix in its entirety on one day, Friday Feb. 1. This would be the first time that a drama of this size (13hrs), budget and quality has ever been released online on one day, which has lead to a lot of people "binge watching" the series in one day. A second season of "House of Cards," has already been ordered by Netflix.
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Schweddy Balls, Alec Baldwin and One Million Moms
I went looking for Ben and Jerry's new flavor Schweddy Balls at the grocery store the other day and couldn't find it. I wonder if One Million Moms had anything to do with it? http://www.snlpolitics.com/ If you caught Alec Baldwin's opening monologue on Saturday Night Live this weekend, then you heard him refer to the idiotic campaign a group called, One Million Moms, has launched against Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream because the company is selling a seasonal flavor called, Schweddy Balls, in honor of the Pete Schweddy sketches they've done on the show over the years. Now, in the words of One Million Moms (who I suspect are numbered in something far less than millions based on the fact that they only have 36,000 Likes on their Facebook Page) but in their own words this, "vulgar new flavor has turned something as innocent as ice cream into something repulsive. Not exactly what you want a child asking for at the supermarket." Well, speaking from experience, I don't really see a lot of children asking for Schweddy Balls Ice cream when its competing with dozens of other flavors in much larger containers which are loaded down with every kind of candy bar and cookie combination known to man.But those Moms have still called for a letter writing campaign which has resulted in an astonishing 500 letters being written to Ben and Jerry's condemning Schweddy balls -- with another 500 letters coming in supporting Scweddy Balls. Which has resulted in Ben and Jerry's issuing a statement that ""It's a great flavor and our fans know it. It's flying off the shelves in a lot of places." Which must really be depressing for the Mom's who are only trying to fulfill the mission statement of their parent organization, " to motivate and equip citizens to change the culture to reflect Biblical truth." Well, as the Bible says, blessed are the Peacemakers, so would it kill Ben and Jerry's to release a few more biblically correct flavors like, "Nailed to the Hot Crossed Buns." Or "Sermon on the Chocolate Mount." I wonder what Jesus's favorite ice cream was. Probably vanilla.
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Teaching Sucks!!
http://www.britethorn.com We all call it the most important job in the world, but a lot of state and local governments seem to have very little respect of the Teaching Profession these days. Just look at Wisconsin. The economy went south because of what happened on Wall Street, but you don't see anyone from the Tea Party protesting outside the NY Stock Exchange. The Big Money Men got away with murder and now that a lot of people are out of jobs and state budgets are strapped as a result, polititians are looking for someone to turn into the bad guys, and they've settled on teachers and other government workers as the scapegoats. Rather than try and hep to fix things like our medical system to bring down costs (or what Republicans would call socialized medicine or Obamacare) the Republican Party has instead insisted on trying to use this crisis to bring down the government workers unions -- who overwhelmingly support Democrats. Political gain rather than actually trying to work to reach some compromises and improve our schools and our nation. Hey, fresh out of college Like children? Want to make the world a better place? Then how about a career in teaching! It's the most important job in the world And to do it you're going to have to give up everything in the world Falling pay Falling Benefits No unions and no respect! You'll have class sizes of 40, 50 or even 60 kids! Reading, Writing and Arithmetic are out and babysitting is in! So you can help to churn out the least educated, most illiterate generation of fast food workers in American history! And you'll be able to walk to work from the home even YOU can afford in a neighborhood with the worst schools and lowest property values in America. So head on over to Wisconsin, Indiana or New Jersey! We're open for business but closed for learning!
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Netflix "House of Cards" Reviewed: Episode10
Netflix's Original Streaming Series "House of Cards", Episode 10 Reviewed Subscribe here: www.youtube.com/user/britethorn The Netflix Original Political Drama "House of Cards" stars Kevin Spacey as Congressman Frank Underwood, the House Majority Whip. He is married to Clair Underwood, played by Robin Wright (best known as Princess Buttercup from "The Princess Bride." ) The two are a Washington D.C. power couple who are united in their quest for revenge on the newly elected democratic president who has broken his promise to make Frank his Secretary of State. Joining Frank Underwood on his quest for revenge are Congressman Peter Underwood (played by Corey Stoll), Zoe Barnes, and up and coming journalist (played by Kate Mara.) The show is based on a 1990 BBC series, "House of Cards," which was in turn based on a novel. The most unusual thing about the American 2013 version of "House of Cards" is that it was released by Netflix in its entirety on one day, Friday Feb. 1. This would be the first time that a drama of this size (13hrs), budget and quality has ever been released online on one day, which has lead to a lot of people "binge watching" the series in one day. A second season of "House of Cards," has already been ordered by Netflix. Episode 10 which begins with Frank getting an answer to the question : Who Lied? And boy does he not like the answer he gets. Clair has stabbed him in the back and has broken their iron clad unity, eventually fleeing to New York after Frank clumsily imagines that her actions have been directed by her hot flashes. And I have to like Clair for that. She can take just about anything Frank dumps on her -- gutting her foundation, infidelity, manipulating and destroying innocent peoples lives -- but calling her a stupid woman to her face, that she will not continence. Yes, there was a lot going on in the episode -- which could have been called damage control -- as Frank faces rebellion on all fronts: Clair, Zoe, and Peter Russo -- and meets that rebellion with an action I just didn't see coming. When Frank's chief of staff forcefully derails Peter Russo off the road to sobriety, after bringing him into AA as his sponsor -- well that was really harsh. Sure the guy is Frank's hatchet man, but that sort of betrayal is pretty hard to swallow and leaves me wanting to go back through the previous episode to see if there is a scene where the guy is having a drink: maybe he's faking his alcoholism, just as I think he's faking any sense of compassion for the prostitute he's rehabilitating, and who he uses as a tool to crush Peter Russo's rebellion. And now that Peter has been crushed, what do they plan on doing with him? Do they actually want him to win the Governor's race, or is there some other twisted scheme playing out here? Well, with only three episodes left and Frank's timetable accelerated, we're finally going to find out how all these threads will find themselves woven together: The secretary of state, the Chief of staff, Peter Russo, Remmy the lobbyist, the Vice President. And then of course all those other characters who've been drawn into the gravitational pull of Frank's scheme: the prostitute, Zoe's new lover, Janine the reporter and Peter Russo's girlfriend. These are all the cards of which the house has been built, now the question is will the house stand, or will it fall.
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Darth Vader's iPhone (HD)
Darth Vader''s iPhone: The Force is clearly with Apple's iPhone. http://www.britethorn.com Voice by Chip Bradley. Written and create by John Kramer. A long time ago in a cellular network far,far away. . . Yes, I know that Darth Vader is missing both his hands, but at the time I shot this I didn't feel like cutting a hole in the fingertip of a glove to shoot this -- mostly because I was borrowing a pair of my wife's Isotoner gloves. The R2D2 app is no longer available from the iTunes store. My guess is that it was being sold without the permission of George Lucas, so the nice legal people probably sent a death destroyer out against the company who made the app.
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The Amazing Unicycle Girl!
Prepare yourself to be amazed at the skills of The Amazing Unicycle Girl! Welcome to out Mother's Day film, a family and Mother's Day Friendly video of one of my friends showing off her amazing skills with a unicycle -- and having a lot of fun with our friends doing it. She shows that unicyclists can go one on one playing basketball -- but she sets a bad example using her cell phone while riding down the street -- definitely not the sort of behavior we'd like to see emulated. And there was absolutely no texting done while riding her vehicle during the shoot! Just having fun on a beautiful day in a local schoolyard. A unicycle is a human-powered, single-track vehicle with one wheel. Unicycles resemble bicycles, but are less complex. Unicycles have a few key parts: * the wheel (which includes the tire, tube, rim, spokes, hub and axle) * the cranks * pedals * fork-style frame * seatpost * saddle (the seat of the unicycle) The wheel usually looks like a bicycle wheel with a special hub designed so the axle is a fixed part of the hub. This means the rotation of the cranks directly controls the rotation of the wheel (called direct drive). The frame sits on top of the axle bearings, while the cranks attach to the ends of the axle. The seatpost links the frame to the saddle. The many different types of unicycles can include: * freestyle unicycles * trials unicycles * MUnis * giraffes * long distance unicycles Each type has special components unique to that type of unicycle. htt://www.britethorn.com
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Raise The F***ing Debt Ceiling! (Parody)
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Om Nom Nom Bengal Kitty
http://www.britethorn.com Say how to our new kitten, Sonic. He'll be appearing in a series I'm working on called, Political Animals (if I can get him to cooperate -- not an easy task where kittens are concerned!) We gave him a big of egg yolk on a plate this morning after my wife and i finished our breakfast, and he made some of the most interesting noises I've ever heard from a cat or kitten. Pretty cute stuff! He really pus a new spin on meowing. A real om nom nom kitty.
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Bill Maher, I'm Not: Black Friday
Now that we're done giving Thanks, I think we should take a moment to point out some things that need changing about the holidays. http://www.britethorn.com
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Blago Does Disney
Rod Blagojevich goes to Disney World. Will Gov. Rod Blagojevich go to jail in Illinois. Sentencing hearing is coming up soon! http://www.britethorn.com
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BP Oil Commercial Spoof
http://www.britethorn.com Can there be any doubt in anyone's mind that BP (British Petroleum) is currently at work on a new ad campaign to try and convince the public that they actually care about the environment and have a conscience about the environmental nightmare they let loose along the Gulf Coast? BP is a British global energy company that is also the third largest global energy company and the 4th largest company in the world. As a multinational oil company ("oil major") BP is the UK's largest corporation, with its headquarters in St James's, City of Westminster, London. BP America's headquarters is in the Two Westlake Park in the Energy Corridor area of Houston. The company is among the largest private sector energy corporations in the world, and one of the six "supermajors" (vertically integrated private sector oil exploration, natural gas, and petroleum product marketing companies).[5] The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index. The company has been convicted of two felonies for environmental crimes, including one felony for which BP pleaded guilty in connection with the Texas City refinery explosion in 2005 that caused 15 deaths, injured 180 people, and forced thousands of nearby residents to remain sheltered in their homes. On 20 April 2010, the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded off the Gulf of Mexico,[42] resulting in excess of 200,000 gallons of oil (approx. 5,000 barrels) leaking every single day after a blow-out preventer designed to stop oil from flowing out during an emergency failed to activate. The spill was expected to continue until the blow-out preventer could be activated or another containment method implemented. Though 115 workers were evacuated from the site, eleven missing workers were presumed dead. On 28 April 2010, the US Coast Guard set fire to some sequestered portions of oil which had leaked from the uncapped well located five thousand feet below the Gulf of Mexico. On 29 April 2010, the economic impact from the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig explosion on Gulf Coast shrimpers led to a suit naming BP as well as Transocean and Halliburton as co-defendants. Two similar lawsuits were filed in U.S. District Courts in New Orleans and the adjacent Gulf state of Alabama on 28 and 29 April, respectively, accusing the companies of negligence
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Meet The Flash: Super Hero Parody
http://www.britethorn.com Join the Night League! Every Tuesday is SUPER TUESDAY on Britethorn. Check back every Tuesday for an original Super Hero video! Starring Brian Hoolahan as The Flash, the Fastest Man Alive. With Bob Hespen as Superman, the Man of Steel. The Night League is a series of short comedic films parodying the DC Comics characters in The Justice League. To date we're seen appearances by the series anchors, Superman and Batman, with The Flash, Green Lantern, Robin, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow and even The Specter popping up (at least in the credits.)
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Canadian Healthcare Nightmare?
I asked Canadians if they'd trade their Healthcare System for the one we use in the USA, and here's what they had to say . . . http://www.britethorn.com This is a follow-up to a video I posted a bit over a year ago which you can see here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Diegd-6ilj0
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House Of Cards Reviewed: Episode 11
House of Cards: Chapter 11 Reviewed. Subscribe Here: www.youtube.com/user/britethorn The Netflix Original Political Drama "House of Cards" stars Kevin Spacey as Congressman Frank Underwood, the House Majority Whip. He is married to Clair Underwood, played by Robin Wright (best known as Princess Buttercup from "The Princess Bride." ) The two are a Washington D.C. power couple who are united in their quest for revenge on the newly elected democratic president who has broken his promise to make Frank his Secretary of State. Joining Frank Underwood on his quest for revenge are Congressman Peter Underwood (played by Corey Stoll), Zoe Barnes, and up and coming journalist (played by Kate Mara.) The show is based on a 1990 BBC series, "House of Cards," which was in turn based on a novel. The most unusual thing about the American 2013 version of "House of Cards" is that it was released by Netflix in its entirety on one day, Friday Feb. 1. This would be the first time that a drama of this size (13hrs), budget and quality has ever been released online on one day, which has lead to a lot of people "binge watching" the series in one day. A second season of "House of Cards," has already been ordered by Netflix.
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The Big Three Detroit Stooges Ask For A Bailout
The Big Three were back before congress today looking for a Bailout http://www.britethorn.com
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Meet Rick Perry: GOP Story #1
For those of you who don't know much about Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Woody from the Toy Story Films, has graciously volunteered his time to portray the Governor of Texas in this educational spoof of Rick Perry (and the Toy Story Films." http://www.britethorn.com Now here are some facts about the so called "Texas Miracled from the Washington Post: "Consider the Texas that Perry holds up to the rest of the nation for admiration. It has the fourth-highest poverty rate of any state. It tied with Mississippi last year for the highest percentage of workers in minimum-wage jobs. It ranks first in adults without high school diplomas. Twenty-six percent of Texans have no health insurance — the highest percentage of medically uninsured residents of any state. It leads the nation in the percentage of children who lack medical insurance. Texas has an inordinate number of employers who provide no insurance to their workers, partly because insurance rates are high, thanks to an absence of regulations. Perry seems quite comfortable with the state's lagging performance in what we might term the pursuit-of-happiness index. Consider his indifference toward education: In 2008, the state comptroller found that 12 percent of Texans lacked high school diplomas and that the level would rise to 30 percent by 2040 unless the state's commitment to education was considerably increased. This year, though, when confronted with a $27 billion budget deficit, Perry did not raise taxes but instead slashed $4 billion from K-12 schools. In this regard, the equation of Perry with China's leaders is unfair to China: The Chinese understand that the better educated their people become, the more high-skill and high-compensating jobs their nation will attain.
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Democrat/Republican XI: Surge Directed by Jeff Hadick Written and Edited by John T. Kramer Aaron Sjoholm as "Democrat" Shawn Girvan as "Republican" Music by Chad Krueger
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Cat Sneezing 15 Times in a Row
http://www.britethorn.com This is a recording of our Bengal Cat, Mithril, setting a new world record for kitty sneezing. Or, at least, I think its a new world's record for cat sneezing. I did a bit of searching on YouTube and Google, but I could only come up with a another cat that sneezed 14 times (which is pretty impressive) but no cat that sneezed 15 times in a row as did out Cat. So we're claiming the world record until someone out there sets us straight on the matter. In case you're worried about our cat, he's in fine health and only does this kind of sneezing during the winter. He has a lung infection when he was a kitten which left some scarring in his lunges and a bit more prone to colds and sneezing. But we take him to the vet on a regular basis and she assures us that he is in fine health. The one problem with his sneezing is that he sprays projectile snot which has has to be cleaned up. I wasn't kidding when I said he needed a bath at the end of the video. Oh well, that's why nature gave cats tongues with built in Scrubbing Bubbles! In case you're wondering, the young cat watching the Master Sneezer is also a Bengal. His name is Sonic, and you can see him here when he was a kitten: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkU0RHT45S4
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Democrat/Republican VII: Christmas
Democrat and Republican exchange Christmas Gifts.
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Crooked Whiskers Syndrome
http://www.britethorn.com Crooked Whiskers Syndrome affects countless kitty-cats around the world Please help the Crooked Whiskers Foundation by hitting the SUBSCRIBE button above. Each new subscription will result in a generous contribution by this channel to the Crooked Whiskers Foundation. Also known as "tactile hairs" or vibrissae, whiskers are the long, thick, flexible hairs ­on a cat's face. These hairs are located in horizontal rows on the whisker pad, the puffy area between the top corners of your cat's mouth and the outer edges of his nose. Whiskers, like hair and nails, do fall out and are replaced. But whiskers are different from the cat's body hair in a few ways: * Whiskers should never be cut or trimmed (we'll discuss why later). * Whiskers are two to three times thicker than the cat's hair. * Whiskers are rooted very deep in the cat's face, in an area rich in nerves and blood vessels. In addition to having the long tactile hairs on their cheeks, cats also have shorter ones above their eyebrows, on their chin and on the back of their front legs. Since we are most familiar with facial whiskers, let's look at what they are good for: * Navigation * Mood indication * Measuring an opening Whiskers help the cat feel his way around. Whiskers are so sensitive that they can detect the slightest directional change in a breeze. At night, for example, this helps a cat slink its way through a room and not bump into anything. How? The air currents in the room change depending on where pieces of furniture are located. As the cat walks through the room and approaches the couch, he'll know which direction to turn based on the change in air current around the couch.
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Keep It Zipped: Don't Ask, Don't Tell
http://www.britethorn.com Two on air personal from the Tea Party Network air their grievances against the US Senate for having voted to repeal DADT, "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." Starring Bev Baily and Andrew Thorp. Written by Andrew Thorp and John Kramer. Congratulations to the US Government for finally ending a policy, "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," which all but ordered Gay and Lesbian armed service personal to lie to their government about who they were.
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The Politics of Avatar
One of the best movies I've ever seen, and which sent me home with more to think about than I had been expecting. http://www.britethorn.com
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TED Talks: Why YOU Should Boycott Them
TED Talks is afraid that posting venture capitalist Nick Hanauer's TED Talk will offend too many people. http://www.britethorn.com http://www.facebook.com/BritethornMedia Someone posted a link to the video. You can see it here until it gets pulled: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=iv&v=bBx2Y5HhplI&src_vid=E6DzBwCPqeE&annotation_id=annotation_629481 You can read the full text of Nick Hanauer's TED Talk here: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-12-01/raise-taxes-on-the-rich-to-reward-job-creators-commentary-by-nick-hanauer.html From the Washington Post: TED describes itself as "a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading." In case that was unclear, their statement of purpose is just four lean words: "Our mission: Spreading ideas." But as Seattle venture capitalist Nick Hanauer has learned, that mission comes with an unwritten caveat: "Unless the ideas might offend one party or the other." In November, Hanauer wrote a column for Bloomberg View taking direct aim at the conventional wisdom on taxation and job creation. "I'm a very rich person," he wrote. "As an entrepreneur and venture capitalist, I've started or helped get off the ground dozens of companies in industries including manufacturing, retail, medical services, the Internet and software. I founded the Internet media company aQuantive Inc., which was acquired by Microsoft Corp. in 2007 for $6.4 billion. I was also the first non-family investor in Amazon.com Inc." "Even so, I've never been a 'job creator.' I can start a business based on a great idea, and initially hire dozens or hundreds of people. But if no one can afford to buy what I have to sell, my business will soon fail and all those jobs will evaporate." "That's why I can say with confidence that rich people don't create jobs, nor do businesses, large or small. What does lead to more employment is the feedback loop between customers and businesses. And only consumers can set in motion a virtuous cycle that allows companies to survive and thrive and business owners to hire. An ordinary middle-class consumer is far more of a job creator than I ever have been or ever will be." And for that reason, Hanauer said, taxes on the rich would create jobs. "It is mathematically impossible to invest enough in our economy and our country to sustain the middle class (our customers) without taxing the top 1 percent at reasonable levels again. Shifting the burden from the 99 percent to the 1 percent is the surest and best way to get our consumer-based economy rolling again." In March, Hanauer was asked to give a TED talk on the subject. The talk went well. "I want to put this talk out into the world!" one excited TED official told Hanauer. But as the National Journal's Jim Tankersley reports, Hanauer's talk never quite made it out into the world. In an e-mail to Hanauer, Chris Anderson, director of TED, wrote that he wouldn't post the talk because "it would be unquestionably regarded as out and out political. We're in the middle of an election year in the US. Your argument comes down firmly on the side of one party."
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Sketchers and Kim Kardashian
http://www.britethorn.com Imagine my surprise while watching the Superbowl to discover that Sketchers Shoes was using the Queen of Reality TV Bimbodom as a celebrity endorser for their shoes. Well the Superbowl's now a couple of weeks in the past, but I'm still bothered by something I saw in one of the big SUPERBOWL COMMERCIALS that aired that night. It was for Sketchers shoes and it employed Reality TV and Amateur Porn star Kim Kardashian as a celebrity endorser for the product. Granted that she's hot and has a killer body, but it struck me at the time that there was something wrong with a Bimbo being used to sell shoes (and I'm guessing that the target audience was young women.) I don't recall Nike, or Reebok or Asics or any other big shoe company every employing a male version of Kim Kardashian. When shoe companies pitch to men, they always use famous athletes like Tiger Words or Brett Favre -- oops! I guess those two have more in common with Kim than one might at first have thought -- but they choose those men for their prowess in their chosen sport -- not because they are especially hot (although that certainly doesn't hurt.) And when those two strayed into Kim's neck of the woods (sex) they both saw their endorsement deals dry up. Danika Patrick is an interesting case. A famous NASCAR driver who is competitive with the best in the sport, she gets all sorts of endorsement deals which trade upon her good looks, but rarely do much to reference her skill as a driver. She's basically becoming a hot celebrity who does commercials for GoDaddy and the like,with littler attention given to her role as a race car driver. But even with all that, she absolutely earned those commercial endorsements by being really good at what she does. As opposed to Kim Kardashian who's a classic case of someone without any talent (other than her looks) clawing her way to celebrity status. So why would a shoe company want to use her for endorsements? Why would younger women want to buy shoes so they can be like Kim? I guess because she's the ulitmate fantasy for a lot of women: hot, famous, dating top Athletes and Rap Stars. Too bad she got where she is without the slightest hint of talent in anything other than looking good in an amateur porn video.
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Pool Flirt
Ms. Pretending the be Bad at Pool http://www.britethorn.com Directed By Aaron Sjoholm Written By John T. Kramer Music by Mike Descoteaux Sung by Megan Gilbert Voice Over by Chip Bradley Starring Amber Ruffin, Mathew Griffo, Darwin Smith, Sherman Edwards, Denise Swindel, Chip Bradley and Brian Henning. Thanks to Mike and Dorothy Conway, the Charleston Saloon and all our other friends who helped put these films together. You guys all ROCK!
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Mr. Potato Head: Republican For President  (Commercial Parody)
http://www.britethorn.com Republican Commercial Parody I don't know about YOU, but I can't remember ever being so underwhelmed by a group of men (no women yet) running for President. Are you kidding me? Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty? They make George H W Bush look like Ronald Reagan. If the unthinkable were to happen and one of them, or Newt Gingrich (shudder) were to win we'd go into a national coma if we had to listen to them for four years. So come on Republicans. This really isn't fair to the country. If worse comes to worse, why not trot out John McCain for a second stab at the job the way the Democrats did with Adlai Stevenson going up against Eisenhower. The guy's a good soldier and will probably do it if you let him run with Joe Lieberman. THAT would really piss off Sarah Palin, which is something I think we can all agree we'd like to see. She sure is funny when she gets all angry! Trump Photo: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Donald_Trump_by_Gage_Skidmore.jpg Huckabee http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Huckabee-SF-CC-024.jpg Palin http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Sarah_Palin_Germany_3_Cropped_Lightened.JPG Newt http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Newt_Gingrich_by_Gage_Skidmore_retouched.jpg Mitt http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Laptopgov.JPG
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Oprah's Audience Hates Jay
94% of Oprah's audience Despise Jay Leno. http://www.britethorn.com And I hate Jay Leno too!Too bad about the way things eventually wound up, with Conan being forced to move to TBS while Jay Leno was allowed to return to his old time slot on late night NBC. I don't care about his ratings, but I think Leno is one of the worst talk show hosts and most mediocre stand-up comics working today.
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Mark Halperin Calls Obama a Dick
Today on Joe Scarborough's cable news morning program "Morning Joe," MSNBC senior political analyst Mark Halperin, co-author of the book "Game Change" which is the basis for the soon to be released major motion picture about the 2008 presidential campaign, called Halperin President Obama a "dick" on national television. He did not realize that the famous seven second delay was not functioning at Joe Scarborough had told him it was. Halperin, who also works as an editor for Time magazine, was discussing Obama's conduct in a press conference yesterday. During this discussion, he said that he "thought the President was a kind of a dick yesterday." Scarborough reacted, as you would expect, with uncomfortable laughter. A couple of hours later, MSNBC suspended Halperin indefinitely: Mark Halperin's comments this morning were completely inappropriate and unacceptable. We apologize to the President, The White House and all of our viewers. We strive for a high level of discourse and comments like these have no place on our air. Therefore, Mark will be suspended indefinitely from his role as an analyst. http://www.britethorn.com And personally, I thought President Obama was actually being kind of a Dick in his Press conference -- but then, sometimes you sort of want your President to be a Dick, cause it reminds people that he still has something between his legs.
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Sarah Palin Battle Hymn: Obama's Response
http://www.britethorn.com A member of the Tea Party Faithful, Tom Dempsey, posted a "music video" with a couple of old codgers singing their own goofy version of The Battle Hymn of the Republic, praising the quit-ingest Governor in the history of Alaska, Sarah Palin, the high heaven and beyond. Their lyrics and performance were so cheesy and out of tough with reality that the video has been picked up by sites like Huffington Post and Andrew Sullivan's Blog in The Atlantic. You can see the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhMepzqJvIw&feature=player_embedded#! It's even been written up in YouTube's own CitizenTube Blog! Well, I decided that a Democratic response to The Battle Hymn of Sarah Palin was called for, so here it is: She's a cold breeze from Alaska that's making us all sick. She used to be a Govenor, but when things got tough she quit A shrill voice from the north that's really raking in the dough Do you think the Founding Fathers would have had a Reality Show? (Chorus) Sarah Palin, she got labeled with Blood Guilt Sarah Palin's seen her poll numbers shrink and wilt Sarah Palin won't be stifled or shut down While Fox still pays her big bucks to play the Red State Clown Written and performed by John Kramer. Photos: Palin http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Palin1.JPG Alaska:http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:800x598-Carte-Alaska-R.jpg
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The Devil & Rush Limbaugh
Rush has VERY special guest on his show! http://www.britethorn.com
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Netflix "House Of Cards" Reviewed: Episode 2
Review of Episode 2 of the groundbreaking, streamed Original Political Drama series "House of Cards" from Netflix. http://www.youtube.com/user/britethorn Check back every day (except Superbowl Sunday) for reviews of episodes 1 through 13 of Season one of "House of Cards," starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright. To my amusement, I've seen "House of Cards" described as a TV series everywhere from NPR to Wikipedia, when it is something entirely different. Its a Streaming series created for Netflix and is not Broadcast or on cable, but is being watching on smartphones, iPads, computers and on TV Monitors hooked up to XBoxs, Playstation 3's and other streaming devices. Its a new breed, and "House of Cards" is an amazingly good launch vehicle for it -- and I am delighted to say that episode two in the series is every bit as good as episode one. They put everything into this one: sex, drugs, booze, barbecue ribs, a madman, backstabbing, manipulation of the media as well as cameos by George Stephanopoulos and Donna Brazil-- And what do you think about that? Is it cool for journalists and Washington pundits to be blurring the lines of reality by appearing in a Political Drama like House of Cards? Nancy Pelosi poppping up on the series finale of 30 Rock -- a straight out comedy -- doesn't bother me so much, but when an ABC News anchor appears as himself and interviews a fictitious politician -- I don't know, its a little weird and as much of a product placement as all the Apple Logos in the show. But I'm loving the story they're telling here, the Machiavellian plot by Majority Whip Frank Underwood to get revenge on the new President who broke his promise to him -- and who has yet to interact with Kevin Spacey's character on the show -- and boy is that a scene I'm looking forward too. Just as I'm looking forward to the answer to questions like these: What was the purpose of Frank Underwood talking to the crazy guy outside the Capital? What exactly is Claire Underwood up to at her Non-profit? Now that she's on track to become Secrectary of State, how is Frank going to exert control over Sen Catherine Durrant? And here's the big one: What is Frank's ultimate goal? Netflix has announced that there will defintely be a Season Two of House of Cards, but the incredible speed with which events unfold in the series has me wondering if Frank is not only looking toward the destruction of the President, but of also taking up the position of Speaker of the House -- which would make for a pretty good storyline down the road. And no, I haven't watched the 1990 BBC series House of Cards series and I know that a lot of you out there have, so please try and keep spoilers out of the comments which I love to see you post down in the comments section below-- after you've given the video a thumbs up. I'll be back on Monday with my review of Episode three, once the madness of the Superbowl has abated. SoI'll see you back here then.
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If Cats Were Lobbyists
The Real Reason Harry Reid went for the Public Option. http://www.britethorn.com Voices by Chip Bradley, Lisa Smith and John Kramer
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Republican iPhone  (HD)
You put an iPhone in the hands of a Republican and here's what you get! http://www.britethorn.com Voice Over by Chip Bradley
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Michael Jackson iPhone
3G Tribute to the King of Pop Michael Jackson, Rest in Peace http://www.britethorn.com
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iRan Phone
SMS Messaging, Smart Phones, Tweeting, Facebook and YouTube have all helped do their part in allowing the Iranian people to stand up against the oppression of the government. http://www.britethorn.com
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There's A Kitten On The Stairs: Sarah Palin Attack Ad
http://www.britethorn.com There's a kitten on the stairs. Some people say the kitten is easy to see. Others don't see it at all. Some people say the kitten is tame. Others say it is vicious and dangerous. Since no one can really be sure who's right, isn't it smart not to turn your back on the kitten -- if there is a kitten. Sarah Palin. Think About it. Photo of Sarah Palin provided through Wikimedia commons and is attributed as such : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:SarahPalinRaleigh.jpg This political commercial is a tribute to the 1984 spot the Reagan campaign ran against Walter Mondale. It was called, "The Bear," and you can see the original here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NpwdcmjBgNA I chose to use my Bengal kitten, Sonic, as the "bear" because I think Sarah Palin is generally viewed by the public and the media as a harmless kitten, which I think nothing could be further from the truth. She's an enormously charismatic figure who has learned how to play the media, big politics game to perfection and is clearly becoming the dominant force in Republican Politics and the Tea Party Movement. The latest example of this predilection wood be what Palin herself has named "Boobgate." The blogosphere and media are all over a photo of her in a thin white top at the Belmont Stakes which seems to suggest that she might have had her chest enhanced. It's the kind of thing that makes her look cute, harmless and a victim, and which also keeps her in the national spotlight without actually having to do anything. And it helps her starpower grow. She's out there raising money for candidates, handing out endorsements, and building up a pile of IOU's which are going to be impossible to ignore as we get closer and closer to Iowa. She's one of the most famous people in America, she's got a lot of money, a platform on Fox, Twitter and Facebook and more charisma and media savvy than everyone in the Republican leadership combined. And it really scares me the way people are underestimating her as a threat.
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SNL Politics Reviewed: Obama's Back!
Eight episodes into Saturday Night Live's 37th Season, the Obama draught ended with Fred Armisen making his first appearance as the President this year, opening the show with an oval office address to the nation which left me wishing the draught has lasted an extra week. http://www.SNLPolitics.com http://www.britethorn.com Steve Buscemie (Boardwalk Empire) hosted. The sketch was built around a chart Obama revealed, listing the most powerful institutions in America, with the President being down somewhere far beneath the Congress and the NFL. I thought it was a reasonably clever bit, playing upon the President's current inability to get much of anything done in Washington, but rather than make me laugh it just left me feeling a bit depressed. The best political humor is, after all, generally built around the things which politicians do: their missteps, the stupid things which sometimes fall out of their mouths, and, of course, their scandals which was why I thought Keenan Thompson's appearance on Weekend update as Herman Cain was a far funnier bit that the show's opener. Cain's had nothing but bad luck and trouble following him for the past few weeks, so Keenan Thompson had to do little more than use Cain's own words to get the studio audience rolling in the aisles, and it left me wishing that they had used Herman Cain to open the show rather than Obama—or better yet, Grover Norquist, who was listed on Obama's chart at the second most powerful institution in America because he has put the grid into gridlock by cajoling nearly every Republican member of Congress into signing his pledge to NEVER raise taxes for any reason whatsoever. So the next time Fred Armisen puts on the Obama make-up, why not put him together with Jason Sudakis playing Grover Norquist? That'd be a meeting I think both Democrats and Republicans could find a lot to laugh at! And by the way, last week when SNL was off for Thanksgiving, I spent my time shooting this short film which tried to find some humor in the Penn State Scandal. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEUzaK2kpsU SNL will be back next week with Katy Perry hosting, and if there's politics in the show, I'll be back here with my review because SNLPolitics matter.
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SNL Reviewed: Seth Rogen Does Fart, Weed and Gay Jokes
Seth Rogen hosted Saturday Night Live for the third time with some help from his friends Zoey Deschanel, James Franco and Taylor Swift. Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Britethorn Facebook: Zeebox: http://zeebox.com/tv/rooms/44c0bbb4-cc45-11e2-541d-27a08d580d45# Links to the best sketches of the night: Opening Monologue http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/seth-rogen-journal-monologue/2772818 CNN Pregnancy Test: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/cnn-pregnancy-test/2772819 Monster Pals: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/monster-pals/2772823 Coachella Republicans: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/gop-at-coachella-cold-open/2772810 Blue River Dog Food: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/blue-river-dog-food/2772824 Well following the great hosting jobs of Louis CK and Ann Kendrick, Seth Rogen was unable to pull off a 3peat and instead presided over a show with some really stellar moments which were unfortunately overshadowed by some totally bad and forgettable sketches. The cold opener, with a group of New Republicans lead by Jeb Bush making their pitch to a crowd at Coachella was completely lacking anything resembling real wit -- although I did enjoy seeing Nasim Pedrad in drag playing Gov. Bobby Jindal with a very large chest. For his monologue, Seth Rogen did an uninspired number where he read from his journal so they could work in some cameos from James Franco, Zoey Deschanel and Taylor Swift for no particular reason, but which was a clear indication that the writers were pretty much tapped out for this show. Rogen next appeared in an utterly predictable, and slightly amusing sketch where a rascally little girl played by Nasim Pedrad ruins his "Just say no," lecture -- and which left me feeling as though this was an old Gilly sketch they found laying around that Kristen Wiig never got to do. Happily they moved on to the best comercial parody they've done in quite a while: The CNN Pregnancy Test which was brilliantly funny-- which is not the way I would describe Aidy Bryant's big sketch of the night which was totally predictable -- with the exception of the fart joke they threw in when there was nowhere else to go. But I did love the short film they did called Monster Pals, with Michael O'Brien and James Franco pulling off a very tender and silly triumph which left me wondering why it was Franco in the scene instead of Seth Rogen -- which brings us to the best live sketch of the night, where Cecily Strong completely overshadowed Seth Rogan in a commercial for Blue River Dog Food. And for that matter, the cutaways to the dog overshadowed Seth Rogen as well. Weekend Update was nothing special this week, with Kenan Thompson doing an annoying portrayal of David Ortiz while Vanessa Bayer returned as Jacob the Bar Mitzvah boy -- and I do have to say that I rather enjoyed Cecily Strong's attempt to stroke his ego. A really, really stupid gay scene - the kind I never thought I'd ever see again on TV -- was the weight which dragged the last third of the show down, only to be piled upon by a dumb nod at the Rev. Al Sharpton's dealings with the FBI, followed by a drawn out weed joke aimed at anyone watching the show high. And then there was Hobo Sperm which was a new low for the show, and left me joyful in the knowledge that we will have until May 3rd to recover when Spiderman Andrew Garfield hosts.
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