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Pregnenolone: The Most Important Hormone You Haven’t Heard About, Part 1
To learn more about pregnenolone, please visit: https://www.hghprescription.com/nootropics-hgh/pregnenolone-the-most-important-hormone-you-havent-heard-about/ This video is a detailed overview of the hormone pregnenolone, the first of three videos. It covers what pregnenolone is and how our bodies use it, its vital functions and why it is rarely used for medical purposes compared to cortisone or cortisol.
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The Calming Benefits of L-Theanine
To learn more about L-Theanine, please visit: https://www.hghprescription.com/nootropics-hgh/the-calming-benefits-of-l-theanine/ This video is an overview of the amino acid, L-Theanine. Topics covered include what L-Theanine is and its effects on the body, its synergy with caffeine, the benefits and the correct dosage.
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The Side Effects of HGH Injections
To learn more about the side effects of HGH injections, please visit: https://www.hghinjection.com/effects-of-growth-hormone/hgh-side-effects A few of the side effects of HGH injections or HGH Replacement Therapy.
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The First Six Months of HGH Injections
To learn more about the first six months of HGH injections, please visit: https://www.hghinjection.com/effects-of-growth-hormone/hgh-the-first-six-months What happens to your body each month you're participating in HGH Injection Therapy up to six months, at which point, all of the benefits should be present.
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HGH Dosage
For more information about HGH injections, please visit: https://www.hghprescription.com/hormone-replacement-therapy/hgh-recommended-medical-dosage/ This video outlines how to take your Human Growth Hormone (HGH) injections. The time of day is discussed in detail, as well as the mandatory cycling of HGH in order to avoid adverse side effects.
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HGH Injections Will Burn Fat!
To learn more about HGH injections, please visit: https://www.hghinjection.com/hgh-diet-and-weight-loss-how-can-hgh-injections-help-me-lose-weight This video describes the weight loss and fat-burning power of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) including the facts about a case study and what you can expect in terms of actual pounds lost when undergoing HGH Replacement Therapy.
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How to Grow Back Your Hair with HGH
To learn more about HGH and healthy hair, please visit: https://www.hghinjection.com/effects-of-growth-hormone/hair-regrowth This video describes how HGH Injection Therapy can help grow back your hair after suffering from years of hair loss and/or greying.
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Benefits of Testosterone Creams
To learn more about the benefits of Testosterone creams, please visit: https://www.hghinjection.com/testosterone/testosterone-cream This video describes the benefits of using testosterone creams to restore healthy testosterone levels in the male body.
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DMAE: A Safe Way to Boost Your Brainpower
To learn more about DMAE, please visit: https://www.hghprescription.com/nootropics-hgh/dmae-a-safe-way-to-boost-your-brainpower/ This video is a complete overview of the cognitive enhancer, DMAE. Supplementing with DMAE is great for senior citizens who are experiencing "senior moments" or want to combat Alzheimer's Disease. Topics include: what DMAE is, the benefits of DMAE, how it works, the dosage and the side effects of DMAE.
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Testosterone Cypionate Information
To learn more about testosterone injections, please visit: https://www.sermorelin.me/testosterone-cypionate-information This video describes almost everything you need to know about Testosterone Cypionate injections. Topics discussed include: what Testosterone Cypionate is and its chemical composition, how to inject Testosterone Cypionate, the benefits of Testosterone Cypionate, the risks and side effects of Testosterone Cypionate and how it compares to other forms of Testosterone.
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Side Effects of Sermorelin You May Experience After Injection
To learn more about the side effects of Sermorelin Acetate, please visit: https://www.sermorelin.me/sermorelin-side-effects-immediately-after-injections This video discusses the rare symptoms that may occur when undergoing Sermorelin Acetate Hormone Replacement Therapy. Sermorelin Acetate is an analog of Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone and stimulates the body to release Growth Hormone on its own. Some side effects can occur, some in general and some specifically at the injection site.
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Pregnenolone: The Most Important Hormone You Haven’t Heard About, Part 3
To learn more about pregnenolone, please visit: https://www.hghprescription.com/nootropics-hgh/pregnenolone-the-most-important-hormone-you-havent-heard-about/ This video is part 3 of a series on pregnenolone, a naturally produced hormone. This video covers the research regarding pregnenolone by French researchers and dosage.
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What is Hypogonadism?
To learn more about hypogonadism, please visit: https://www.hghinjection.com/effects-of-growth-hormone/hypogonadism The basics of hypogonadism...
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Metformin: The First Effective Anti-Aging Drug?
 Part 2
To learn more about Metformin, please visit: https://www.hghprescription.com/life-extension/metformin-first-effective-anti-aging-drug/ This video is a continuation of the informational video about Metformin, a potential anti-aging drug. Metformin carries the possiblity of curing several diseases, outlined in this video. Also covered are its side effects, the FDA's take on treating aging like a disease and the recommended dosage of Metformin.
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Modafinil: Is it the Real-Life NZT-48?
To learn more about Modafinil, please visit: https://www.hghprescription.com/nootropics-hgh/modafinil-is-it-the-real-life-nzt-48/ This video describes the basics of the nootropic called Modafinil and compares it to the fictional drug from the movie Limitless. The benefits, recommended dosage, side effects and ethics of use of Modafinil are also covered.
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How Much Does Sermorelin Acetate Cost and How Does It Compare to HGH Therapy?
To learn more about Sermorelin Acetate injections, please visit: https://www.sermorelin.me/much-sermorelin-acetate-cost-compare-hgh-therapy This video talks about Sermorelin Acetate replacement therapy and how it compares to Human Growth Hormone injection therapy. Cost is also discussed, as well as the benefits and drawbacks to using Sermorelin instead of HGH injections if you are trying to decide between the two hormone replacement therapies.
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To learn more about phosphatidylserine, please visit: https://www.hghprescription.com/nootropics-hgh/phosphatidylserine/ This video is an overview of the cognitive enhancer, phosphatidylserine. This nootropic can increase your ability to learn new things, develop bettery memory skills, retain new information and lower stress levels. This is especially beneficial to senior citizens who may be showing signs of memory loss or have Alzheimer's in their genetic line.
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Piracetam: The “Granddaddy” of all Smart Drugs
To learn more about Piracetam, please visit: https://www.hghprescription.com/nootropics-hgh/piracetam-the-granddaddy-of-all-smart-drugs/ This video is an overview of one of the most popular nootropics available on the market: Piracetam. Nootropics are beneficial for people looking to improve their brainpower and productiveness.
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What You Need to Know About Somatropin
To learn more about Somatropin, please visit: https://www.hghprescription.com/human-growth-hormone-injections/what-you-need-to-know-about-somatropin-humatrope/ This video describes the history and research regarding Somatropin, the bio-identical form of Growth Hormone (GH), also known as Human Growth Hormone (HGH).
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Metformin: The First Effective Anti-Aging Drug? Part 1
To learn more about Metformin, please visit: https://www.hghprescription.com/life-extension/metformin-first-effective-anti-aging-drug/ This video is about the possible anti-aging drug, Metformin. Part 1 covers what Metformin is, quotes about its use by doctors, how it works and its benefits.
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Take Your Brainpower to the Next Level with Noopept!
To learn more about Noopept, please visit: https://www.hghprescription.com/nootropics-hgh/take-your-brainpower-to-the-next-level-with-noopept/ This video is brief overview of nootropics, specifically, Noopept, which is supposed to be 1,000 more potent than the currently leading nootropic, Piracetam. This video describes the benefits of nootropics and some suggestions on how to stack them.
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The Miracle of the Human Growth Hormone Secretagogue Sermorelin
To learn more about Sermorelin Acetate injections, please visit: https://www.hghprescription.com/hormone-replacement-therapy/the-miracle-of-the-growth-hormone-secretagogue-sermorelin/ This video is all about the amazing secretagogue, Sermorelin Acetate. Sermorelin injections will mimic Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone in one's body and naturally increase levels of Growth Hormone. This video also tells why injections are the necessary way to use secretagogues and not nasal sprays or oral capsules. Side effects, the best dose, why you need to stay hydrated and how Sermorelin promotes weight loss is also included.
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What is Somatropin?
To learn more about Somatropin, please visit: https://www.hghinjection.com/types-of-hgh/somatropin This video defines Somatropin and its uses for hormone imbalance and Human Growth Hormone (HGH) deficiency treatment today.
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Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin
To learn more about SHBG and Testosterone, please visit: https://www.hghprescription.com/testosterone-therapy/sex-hormone-binding-globulin/ This video describes the link between Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin (SHBG) and Testosterone. These two molecules are intertwined in the body and their relationship is described in detail here. Topics include: what SHBG is, how the ratio between SHBG and Testosterone is also important to women, the causes of high levels of SHBG, the problems that low levels of SHBG can cause and an in depth description of the delicate balance between SHBG and Testosterone.
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Tesamorelin and Liver Health
To learn more about Tesamorelin, please visit: https://www.hghinjection.com/tesamorelin-shown-to-improve-liver-health-and-function This video describes the many benefits HIV/AIDS patients receive when taking Tesamorelin for their symptoms, including fatty liver disease.
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Women and HGH
To learn more about women and HGH, please visit: https://www.hghinjection.com/effects-of-growth-hormone/women-and-hgh How women can benefit physically and emotionally from HGH Replacement Therapy, especially when undergoing menopause.
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Sermorelin for Body Building – How Can Sermorelin Help You Gain Muscle Mass?
To learn more about Sermorelin Acetate, please visit: https://www.sermorelin.me/sermorelin-for-body-building-how-can-sermorelin-help-you-gain-muscle-mass This video describes how people who haven't been able to gain muscle mass for years may be able to turn that around with Sermorelin Acetate injections -- given that they are suffering from HGH deficiency. We do not prescribe Sermorelin Acetate injections solely for the purpose of bodybuilding, however.
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What is Norditropin (Human Growth Hormone)?
To learn more about Norditropin, please visit: https://www.hghinjection.com/types-of-hgh/norditropin This video describes Norditropin, a bio-identical form of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) produced using recombinant-DNA technology. It has 191 amino acids in its molecular sequence which is identical to pituitary-produced HGH.
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L-Arginine: The Key to Both Heart Health and Sexual Health
To learn more about L-arginine, please visit: https://www.hghprescription.com/men-and-womens-health/l-arginine-the-key-to-both-heart-health-and-sexual-health/ This video is about the amino acid L-arginine. It is known for increasing heart health, by increasing blood flow. This mean it is also an effective supplement to counteract erectile dysfunction in men. In this video, studies are discussed looking at the efficacy of taking L-arginine for this purpose.
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What is Jintropin?
To learn more about Jintropin, please visit: https://www.hghinjection.com/types-of-hgh/jintropin A description about the brand of HGH called Jintropin that is produced in China but illegal for use in the United States.
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What are the Benefits of HGH Injections?
To learn more about the benefits of HGH injections, please visit: https://www.hghinjection.com/what-are-the-benefits-of-hgh-injections This video describes all of the amazing benefits of HGH injections for persons displaying a clinical need to Human Growth Hormone, or HGH Deficiency.
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Brands of HGH
To learn more about HGH brands, please visit: https://www.hghinjection.com/types-of-hgh A list of the most popular and well-known brands, or types, of Human Growth Hormone available on the market today.
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Guide to Injectable HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy Somatropin
To learn more about Somatropin injections, please visit: https://www.hghprescription.com/human-growth-hormone-injections/a-guide-to-hgh-hormone-replacement-therapy/ This video is an overview of HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy (HGH-HRT) using bio-identical HGH, or Somatropin. A testimonial: “I feel BRAND NEW! I’ve seen what aging and illness can do to rob people of a healthy, happy life, and I have long been determined to fight these twin monsters. I have tried many ideas and approaches. Some had more success than others. But nothing I have tried has worked like HGH. I can only wonder why everyone doesn’t know about this stuff.” Rocky W., Delray Beach, FL.
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Learn the Link Between Diabetes and Growth Hormone
To learn more about diabetes and Growth Hormone, please visit: https://www.hghprescription.com/hgh-medical-guide/learn-link-diabetes-growth-hormone/ This video is an overview of what diabetes is and why so many people are being diagnosed with this terrible disease. It also talks about the link between Growth Hormone and diabetes. It has been noted that many diabetics concurrently have low Growth Hormone levels.
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Can You Improve Your Sex Life With Tadalafil (Cialis) -- a Guide, Part 1
To learn more about Tadalafil (Cialis), please visit: https://www.testosterone.me/tadalafil-cialis-guide
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What is Genotropin?
To learn more about Genotropin, please visit: https://www.hghinjection.com/types-of-hgh/genotropin This video describes the HGH brand of Genotropin and how it helps individuals who have an HGH deficiency.
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What is Omnitrope (Somatropin)?
To learn more about Omnitrope, please visit: https://www.hghinjection.com/types-of-hgh/omnitrope This video describes the use, dosages and effects of Omnitrope, a bio-identical form of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) available from Sandoz. This hormone is mainly used for children and adults who are suffering from HGH Deficiency.
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Sermorelin Acetate for Growth Hormone Deficiency
To learn more about Sermorelin Acetate, please visit: https://www.hghinjection.com/types-of-hgh/sermorelin-injections-for-hgh-deficiency The advantages of Sermorelin Acetate injections over direct Bio-Identical HGH injections.
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How to Buy HGH Injections
To learn more about buying HGH injections, please visit: https://www.hghinjection.com/what-is-hgh-therapy/how-to-buy-hgh-injections This video describes the RIGHT way to obtain Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and the simple steps to take.
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To learn more about Aniracetam, please visit: https://www.hghprescription.com/nootropics-hgh/aniracetam/ This video is a quick overview of Aniracetam, a nootropic and cognitive enhancer. Topics include the abilities of Aniracetam, how it works, the recommended dosage and its safety profile.
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The Importance of Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin (SHBG) for Healthy Testosterone Levels
To learn more about SHBG, please visit: https://www.testosterone.me/importance-sex-hormone-binding-globulin-shbg-healthy-testosterone-levels This video is an in-depth description of Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin and Testosterone and how they react with each other in the human body. Everybody needs both of these molecules in their body but if SHBG levels become too high, it can cause Testosterone levels to be decreased, and sometimes dramatically. If your SHBG levels are elevated, which can be tested via a blood test, this would suggest that your Testosterone deficiency could be due to several factors, including depression, anxiety and/or stress. SHBG also affects both men and women differently -- watch to learn more!
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What is Humatrope?
To learn more about Humatrope, please visit: https://www.hghinjection.com/types-of-hgh/humatrope A description of the brand of HGH called Humatrope by Eli Lilly & Company.
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Long-Distance Runners and Testosterone, Part 1
To learn more about Testosterone, please visit: https://www.hghprescription.com/hormone-replacement-therapy-and-fitness-exercise/long-distance-runners-and-testosterone/ This video is part 1 -- the beginning of a series of videos looking at the correlation between long-distance runners and their testosterone concentrations. This first segments discusses the idea that long-distance runners are great lovers and top-quality mates for females, the study conducted by researchers looking at this correlation and the finger (digit) ratio that may suggest high levels of prenatal testosterone.
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What You Need to Know About Testosterone Replacement Therapy
To learn more about Testosterone Replacement Therapy, please visit: https://www.hghinjection.com/all-about-testosterone-therapy This video describes the benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy including the differences between injections, patches, creams and implants. It also describes the different testosterone injections available including: 1. Testosterone Enanthate 2. Testosterone Cypionate 3. Testosterone Propionate 4. Testosterone Phenylpropionate 5. Testosterone Decanoate
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Preventing Infertility and Testicular Shrinkage with HCG Injections
To learn more about HCG injections and fertility, please visit: https://www.testosterone.me/preventing-infertility-testicular-shrinkage-hcg-injections The scope of this video is how men can prevent testicular shrinkage which is a normal process that happens as men get older but a situation that can be delayed with proper interventions. One amazing scientific advancement can help remediate this issue in men: HCG injections. HCG is a hormone produced by women during pregnancy but scientists have found that it has major potential for helping men who are overweight/obese lose weight quicker and easier as HCG is known to significantly reduce hunger pangs -- the main reason people fall off their diets! Watch the video to learn more about how HCG injections may help you lose the weight you've never been able to lose.
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Sermorelin FAQ: How to Buy Sermorelin Injections Online, Part 1
To learn more about Sermorelin Acetate injections, please visit: https://www.sermorelin.me/buy-sermorelin-injections-online This video answers all of the questions that are asked the most about Sermorelin Acetate therapy. Sermorelin can be prescribed in place of HGH injections in most cases, but now always. There are differences between the two treatments. Part 1 talks about the difference in cost, why the benefits of Sermorelin injections are the same as HGH injections, if Sermorelin Acetate actually works or not, the benefits of Sermorelin Acetate based off of patient reviews, how the therapy works and why you should not buy sublingual Sermorelin Acetate.
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New Study Says: The Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy Outweigh The Risks
To learn more about Testosterone injections, please visit: https://www.hghprescription.com/testosterone-therapy/new-study-says-the-benefits-of-testosterone-replacement-therapy-outweigh-the-risks/ This video discusses a study investigating the benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) and whether they outweigh the potential risks that have been mostly brought to light by the FDA.
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HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin)
To learn more about HCG, please visit: https://www.hghinjection.com/human-chorionic-gonadotropin-hcg This video describes the origins of HCG, how it interacts with Testosterone, the HCG diet and HCG's effects on women.
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Fasting Increases HGH Levels!
To learn more about increasing HGH via fasting, please visit: https://www.hghinjection.com/boosting-human-growth-hormone-fasting This video describes the how and why intermittent fasting increases natural Human Growth Hormone (HGH) levels in the body.
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Natesto: FDA-Approved Nasal Testosterone Gel
To learn more about Natesto, please visit: https://www.testosterone.me/natesto-fda-approved-nasal-testosterone-gel This video is all about a new Testosterone therapy in gel form: Natesto. This form has some benefits compared to other forms, including: no need for needles/injections and significantly less risk of others getting in contact with the hormone. Contact our clinic if you believe you are suffering from Testosterone deficiency.
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