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Indonesia's Widodo Sends 'Clear Message' to China
Indonesia's President Joko Widodo traveled to islands in the South China Sea June 22 to enforce its sovereignty in the region
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Victoria's Secret Ad Features First Full-Blooded Filipina Model
Janine Tugonon becomes Victoria's Secret first full-blooded Filipina model in their latest ad
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Fake Cracking Glass Walkway in China Scares Tour Guide
A video of a glass walkway in China "cracking" under a man's feet has gone viral on social media.
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Philippine Economy Is the Fastest Growing in Asia
The Philippines Statistics Authority announced Thursday, Nov. 17, that the Philippines grew by 7.1 percent in the third quarter, its fastest rate since 2013
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2.8M Senior Filipino Citizens to Receive Monthly Pensions
A total of 2.8 million senior citizens in need are set to receive monthly pensions worth P500 this year—more than double the number of beneficiaries last year
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Pepper X: World's Hottest Pepper?
“Smokin’” Ed Currie told First We Feast magazine his newest creation, the 3-million-Scoville-heat-unit Pepper X, could take the top spot as world's hottest chili pepper.
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Blogger Accidentally Poisons Herself in Viral Video
A Chinese blogger accidentally poisoned herself after eating Agave Americana which she thought was aloe vera
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Cayetano Slams UN Human Rights Chief
Philippine Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano has criticized the United Nations human rights chief for his report on the Philippines.
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New Zealand Town Launches Recruitment Campaign to Address Job, Housing Surplus
Kaitangata, a town of 800, has already received more than 10,000 inquiries from around the world
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Whoops – Facebook Accidentally Declares War in Philippines
In what was meant to be an Independence Day greeting for Filipinos, Facebook accidentally declared that the country was at war on June 12
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2 Contestants on Australia's 'The Bachelor' Fall in Love
Megan Marx and Tiffany Scanlon signed up for Australia's "The Bachelor" to find love and they did but not with who you'd expect
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Manila Subway Project Ready for Final Approval
A $7 billion subway project in Metro Manila is ready for President Duterte's final approval.
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Cat Wins National Hero Dog Award
The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles awarded its prestigious "Hero Dog" award this year to a cat named Tara
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Japan Mulls Investing in Philippine ICT Tower
Japan might invest in a planned 612-meter tower in Quezon City
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Forgotten Attic Space Found at Winchester Mystery House in CA
A previously undiscovered room was recently found at the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, Calif.
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Meet the World's 1st Robotic Lawyer, ROSS
One of the largest law firms in the U.S., BakerHostetler, says it will use an "AI lawyer" built upon IBM's Watson to help in its bankruptcy division
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Drowning Elephant Rescued at Sea
An elephant that was swept out to sea by a current was rescued by the Sri Lankan navy July 11
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Manila to Re-Open Former U.S. Base for Philippine Military's Use
The Subic Bay Military Base will soon be used by the Philippine Armed Forces to station its new fighter jets and frigates
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5-Year-Old Girl with Terminal Illness Dies on Her Terms in WA State
Julianna Snow, a little girl who sparked debate about terminal illness in children, died June 14 at her home in Washington state
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Underwater Cable to Stretch from Philippines to U.S.
A group of international telecommunication companies plan to build an underwater cable from Indonesia and the Philippines to Hawaii, California and Guam
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NYC Getting New Subway Cars
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo unveils plans for roomier trains that will have open passageways between cars
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14 German Universities Offer Sanskrit Courses
Sanskrit is one of the world's oldest languages and is considered a mother language
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Can Stem Cells Bring 'Dead' Back to Life?
U.S. biotech firm Bioquark recently got approval to move forward with its ReAnima Project, in which it will try to reverse brain death in patients on life support
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Old Vietnam-era Warplanes Go Back to Work Above Skies of Iraq, Syria
The U.S. military is currently testing the maneuverability and cost of the OV-10 Bronco, a Vietnam-era warplane that's now seeing combat in the fight against ISIS
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Sword Made of Meteoric Iron Goes on Display in Tokyo
The 'Sword of Heaven' — a katana blade forged from a piece of the Gibeon meteorite — is now on public display at the Chiba Institute of Technology in Tokyo
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Filipinos Learn Spanish in Heart of Manila
Instituto Cervantes in Manila is a world-wide non-profit organization dedicated to teaching Spanish and Latin-American culture
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NBA's Antetokounmpo Brothers Report For Mandatory Military Service in Greece
Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Milwaukee Bucks and his brother Thanasis of the NBA D-League may seek deferment of their service until May 2017
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400-Year-Old Dress Recovered from Shipwreck Belonged to Lady in Waiting of British Queen
Jean Kerr, a lady-in-waiting, was carrying out a secret mission to sell the crown jewels when the royal fleet sank
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NYC Smart Trash Cans Provide WiFi
A pilot program is launched in New York City to have trash cans equipped to become WiFi hotspots
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New Dubai Tower to be World's Tallest Building
Dubai has plans to build a tower that will surpass Burj Khalifa as the world's tallest building
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Abandoned Mansion for Sale in Texas
A 46-bedroom mansion is for sale in Manvel, Texas, and also boasts 26 full bathrooms, an indoor swimming pool, and a nine-car garage— but with some work it could become a 70-bedroom home
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Officers Arrest 120 in Largest Gang Bust in NYC History
Nearly 1,000 law enforcement officers arrested 120 members of two rival Bronx street gangs in multiple pre-dawn raids
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Man Paddle Boards Across Atlantic Ocean Unassisted
South African Chris Bertish set a Guinness World Record Thursday, March 9th when he successfully crossed the Atlantic Ocean on a paddle board unassisted and unsupported.
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Dubai to Smash 5 Records with Meydan One
Dubai's latest and greatest building project, Meydan One, is expected to break five world records when it's completed in 2020
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The World's Most Helpful Dog
A German Shepherd named Baron is winning over the Internet with videos of him doing chores around the house
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WATCH: Oregon's Lost Lake Disappears
Once a year, a lake in Oregon's Mount Hood National Forest disappears through a mysterious hole
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Mysterious New 'Model 401' Prototype Aircraft Takes Flight for First Time
Scaled Composites, a subsidiary of Northrop Grumman, flew its mysterious, new Model 401 experimental aircraft for the first time on Oct. 11.
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Thai Factory Worker Transformed on Season 3 Premiere of 'Let Me In Thailand'
On Nov. 19, the season 3 premiere of "Let Me In Thailand" featured 22-year-old Noppajit Monlin.
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Philippines Break Ground on 'World's First Resort Airport'
The Philippines wants to strengthen its reputation as a major tourist destination with a brand new world-class international airport in Cebu
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Gatorade Leaps into Digital Fitness Market with Smart Water Bottle
Gatorade announced a high-tech water bottle that measures your actual sweat loss and adjusts the nutrients in your water accordingly
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Scientists Make Chicken Embryos With Dinosaur Faces
Researchers tweaked the cells of chicken embryos to give them noses that resembled a dinosaur's rather than a beak
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Louisiana Man Cashes in 45 Years Worth of Pennies
A Louisiana man who has been collecting pennies for the past 45 years has finally brought them in to be counted at the bank.
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Philippines Sets New World Record for Largest Coin Mosaic
A money transfer company in the Philippines created a record-breaking coin mosaic that measures over 250 meters
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Funeral Held for Slain Family of 8
Hundreds of mourners gathered for a funeral held in Minnesota for 8 slain Texas family members
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Guide Dog Jumps in Front of Bus to Save Blind Owner
A guide dog in Brewster, New York is being called a hero, after he jumped in front of a mini school bus to protect his owner
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Young Girl 'Chooses Heaven' Over Going To The Hospital For Incurable Disease
5-year-old Julianna Snow lives in Oregon with her family and suffers from Charcot-Marie-Tooth diease, which is incurable, Julianna wants to go to heaven instead of the hospital next time she gets sick
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Tectonic Plates are Moving Australia and its GPS Coordinates
Tectonic plates are moving below Australia which means the country is moving a few inches north each year, affecting the country's GPS coordinates
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Forecasts: Above 6% Growth for Philippine Economy in 2017
The Philippines is projected to outperform neighboring major economies in the next three years, as global banks and lending institutions raised their forecasts on the archipelago’s economic performance.
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Baby Koala Clings to Mom During Operation
The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital shared heartwarming pictures of a baby koala holding onto his mom as she underwent life-saving surgery
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Japan Loses Major Contract to China to Build High Speed Rail
Japan announced it lost a contract to China to build a high speed railway in Indonesia
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