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Urinary Retention Prostate Solution                                       empoweryourmasculinity.com
Victor was very fearful a couple of years ago when he was not able to urinate, a condition called urinary retention. With several treatments of Chinese based massages the blockages were gone and so was the problem with urinary retention. HE NO LONGER LIVED IN FEAR. That changes lives and families. For therapies concerning prostate and sexual health please write or call:www.empoweryourmasculinity.com
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EXTREME MASSAGE WITH FEET  # 2                                                  goodenergybreak.com
I am standing on his body with no help. It is very beneficial to connect with body and when you release the mind through body. You will better connect and find where there is imbalance. The body is good that way. This is important for everybody to be in tune however this is more urgent when you need to improve your athletic or artistic performance or to recover. Maintain the peaceful demeanour is helped through these decompression techniques This massage is very effective to teach us how to let go and let body to reshift itself. Experience is sometimes painful and you have no choice but to tune in. The client felt this wonderful heat in his pelvic area. It gets better. I am standing on Robbin with no bars with my full weight since he is capable and strong enough to receive my weight. For new clients I will not put my full weight we will work on your body tensions/tightness gradually. You will get benefits with this modality like no other! Please try and see for yourself 15.00 discount when you mention this video
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Lomi Lomi is an experience that can change you deeply at goodenergybreak.com
George's experience with Lomi Lomi Massage. George says that there is more contact and more feeling of energy. He feels healed. People are not really interested in stardom when they give their testimonial. So I respect their privacy. Lomi Lomi massage has helped also with pain /tension relief, depression and burn out of any sort. You will feel the difference since my touch is high energy. Have a good day and your are welcome to come to GOODENERGYBREAK.com
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Feels 20 years younger- energy massage & External Professional Prostate therapy
If you wish to peruse at www.empoweryourmasculinity.com and or goodenergybreak.com we have more info on self-healing body with body work Electrical technician aged 40 Never had a massage before. Had problems with; prostate-testes- and arms-hands and some sexual" tiredness". He came opened to change but without any expectations he got his body back..no more tensions, tingles and numbness in arms and hands less frequent urination at night (from 3 to 0); Much less pain or 0 pain in testes; Much more ENERGY; Less cravings ; No more depression. METHODOLOGY:non-intrusive acu- reflexology and energy scans. Clearing energies out, the body builds a clean slate to self-recover. FOR MORE INFO GO TO GOODENERGYBREAK.COM With energy-infused massage, you get results beyond the initial objective of the massage. Kirk feels 20 years young and is overall a happier person at home and work.
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Receive healing energy from touch- miracles happen with massage in Toronto-- goodenergybreak.com
Massage in Toronto. I am always amazed by how my clients receive the energy massage that helps the body self-heal .i am on a healing journey and found that there is a definite shift when there is massage & energy which takes away tension - it will provide restoration and rejuvenation to self heal. let it happen. whether you are in a possible burnout or in pain (physical or emotional) we help clear it out so that you can express your highest divinity and do what you can do best. We use different massage modalities: acupressure, reflexology, energy clearing and infusion. feel the difference! www.goodenergybreak.com or energychairmassage.com
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External Prostate Therapy is Effective                                    empoweryourmasculinity.com
Finished with the myths on prostate therapy! If you want long lasting results you should consider the HOLISTIC approach; external prostate massage therapy with c Chinese based modalities and reflexology (not erotic). We can offer relaxation and results- based therapies to get rid of prostate/bladder problems: reduce urinary frequency, urgency, dribble and retention within several weeks..www.empoweryourmasculinity.com THE RESULTS ARE SURPRISING AND LASTING! toronto, ontario. usa and world wide clients welcome too.
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Occupy your Body & Brain Fog is reduced with massage therapy-goodenergybreak.com
Brain fog on- get nothing done. Brain fog off- get your life back. There is a definite connection between mind and body and you should use your mind in a healthy way to promote well being. The healing process is becoming clearer and clearer with Jim.
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finally she can sleep and work part time..after many years of sleepless nights with massage therapy
FINALLY SHE CAN SLEEP AFTER MANY YEARS OF SLEEPLESS NIGHTS! Part of the series " healing process" Leonar, a hairdresser, was not able to sleep for years among other things. Evidently was most of the time tired. After a few months of reflexology treatments from Joanna Recine, goodenergybreak.com, she can sleep, walk longer hours, work part time, relax better, be more positive and opened. She was not even able to relax on the massage table and now she can enjoy relaxing! What a shift.
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rmt testimonial on the power of massage to create inner joy and presence
FEELING PRESENT TO JOY (WITHOUT MEDITATION)! What does it mean to energize and heal different parts of us through body work? What happens when your body is re energized through body work? This is part of the body's "healing process" series. Marion, Rmt, explains her internal process when she receives an energy massage such as Lomi Lomi from Joanna Recine, at goodenergybreak.com. The energy flow is palpable and brings you in a clean slate, of greater presence and joy. How is this experience comparable? Hard to compare if you have not experienced it yet. You need to experience yourself in this deep flowing experience at least once in your life with an energy massage, lomi lomi... not like a "regular" massage.
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Improve your Sexual Health - No more Cialis-Viagra - Empower yourmasculinity.com
Victor learned that his body can self-heal with the right massage therapies. It has been 2 years now that he finished the Men's Health program,and he is doing well and being very active. After a couple of months of therapy of acupressure and reflexology you also can change the course of your life! What do you have to lose when the next 29 years are affected?. He was dependant on his Cialis drugs daily since the doctors told him so. However one day he ran out during the 3th therapy and found out the truth, it was working! You can get better and better from better health leading to sexual health incrementally. Men's health enhancement made easy with massage and lifestyle enhancements. Please call J. Recine at 416 6544325 for for a phone conversation.
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A massage - healing that lasts? Jen, rmt,discuses the attitude needed.- goodenergybreak.com
After 9 years of working with energy points, we have improved the whole process at Goodenergybreak.com on how to create sustainable results with a time-tested modality. jen, an rmt, is a very special person who also appreciates intuitive form of body work and her life turned around at all levels after her body was restored. JEN WAS LOOKING FOR A SOLUTION THAT WORKED AND WORKED FOR A LONG TIME. SHE WAS RIGHT. NOW- JEN HAS HOPE -- TO BE ABLE TO CONTINUE HER MASSAGE THERAPY CAREER! NO MORE -- (ANXIETY! BUT FREEDOM FROM PAIN (ARMS+ )AND INTERNAL TENSION! NO MORE PAIN IN HER ARMS AND BODY! MORE CLARITY AND PEACE. What does it mean to heal? How does it happen? What to do to get in the right healing mode? Joanna recine is the Licensed holistic practitioner, from goodenergybreak.com using chinese modalites with new programs & tools she invented in addition to chi and intuition. Jen looks very relaxed after her treatment in this space /sanctuary. Jen was worried that she would no longer be able to work many more years as a massage therapist due to her pain in arms + but now she is so healthy, pain-free and hopeful. "Being opened to what is and allowing the change to occur is the first step in the healing process. " Jen explains her healing process very well. Others can learn too! The self-healing process is not easy to explain because it is experential but the experience can be explained once done at least! We use a highly skilled body- mind technique incorporating 2500 year old young Chinese modalities, acu- reflexology, psychosynthesis and enerscan pinpointing areas of weakness (that a xray cannot often do). you can call us at 416 654 4325 (HEAL) - looking forward to being on your self-healing journey.
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bladder surgery even with catether- Let it flow with healing massage at goodenergybreak.com
Complication with post bladder surgery, male has difficulty urinating. Male in 70s after bladder surgery needing massage to relax urinary ducts due to catheter. He is experiencing progress from treatment and also with less testicular pain and men`s health. He is also massaging himself due to the threat of bacteria with anti inflammatory oils i give him. Therapeutic treatments performed by joanna from www.goodenergybreak.com
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had difficulty walking but now she dances- massage therapy
HAPPY TO JUST WALK Part of the series " Healing process" Shema had difficulty walking and offered this testimonial. She learned to listen to her body. The chiro was massaging her since her body was not able to receive chiro adjustments but we worked on her missing link, her knee, and something realigned! She was so happy when she was walking more easily that she danced. She just received an knee treatment and an enerscan from Joanna Recine at www.goodenergybreak.com to find her solution to her back problem which prevented her from walking normally.
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Regain prostate health with external prostate massage - empoweryourmasculinity.com
Naturally and effectively get rid of urinary symptoms due to enlarged prostate. Within 5-6 weeks, you can :sleep well and urinate less frequently. Therapeutically done at clinic with acu-reflexology treatments, special oils and supplements(if needed) Your body can recover naturally. External means not intrusive and we use traditional ancient time tested methods not parlour work! Please call us or write to us at goodenergbreak.com 416 6544325 for further questions.
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Connect with your old friend, BODYand feel joy and wellbeing-LOMI LOMI
LOMI LOMI helps connect you to your body, temple. And in that space you feel very good but in a very special way, way beyond skin shift my friend. And the more you are aware in your real life, the more you will experience a lift. ********************** You can peruse goodenergybreak.com. The only way to see changes at the body and mind level is when you do it. And now we are talking about LOMI LOMI. It rejuvenates and refeshes you but most of all it resets you like a new clock. You will need to do it when you (you don't even know this) are overthinking and overworrying etc and feel like something very wrong is going on when you simply need at times to give your brain a break and something will open up....joy, clarity and beauty This client only had 30 minutes and it is simply magical what happens when a conncection is made with your TEMPLE. Please call me 416 6544325 Joanna or browse www.goodenergybreak.com and would be happy to be of assistance to improve your quality of life.
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LOMI LOMI MASSAGE -FORE ARM DANCE - toronto                       goodenergybreak.com
LOMI LOMI MASSAGE IS DIFFERENT. IT CLEARS AND ENERGIZES AT ANOTHER LEVEL. Francis felt very relaxed with his Lomi Lomi experience but also experienced warm currents in his abdominal area. At www.goodenergybreak.com, we offer different modalities depending on the needs. However Lomi is always very appreciated for making you feel a special comforting bliss that often lasts. Sportive clients often like this better then rmt muscle work with a smooth natural elongation of muscles. No need for pain to release tension or muscular tension. EXCELLENT way to elongate your muscles and clear your mind, a very different experience and an experience not just a massage,. Toronto Canada
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You may not know what to expect from an enhanced sexual health therapy because you may feel stuck there but when you experience you will see a lighter and more energetic man! This massage life enhancement therapy will help you get stronger health and sexual health at every week incrementally to reach your goal. This natural therapy will change the course of your life as soon as you get started. Isn't it nice to know that you do not need pharmaceutical drugs and you have all that it takes a body that can self-heal when prompted and given time. Please call to chat with us and browse empoweryourmasculinity.com
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Extreme MASSAGE WITH FEET  at                                         GOODENERGYBREAK.COM
Some clients like rob, a martial art teacher, loves extreme massage to help him let go and Jello down. His first session hurt him a bit but after 5 sessions it was much easier and the work was deep and relaxing. Sportive or fighter/martial arts will definitely like this decompression which is used very powerfully in martial arts schools. It is important in this type of massage to breathe when it hurts. It can help you loosen up like nothing else. Please call us or write, we enjoy this very physical modality. I was not holding on to anything but standing on his body!
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Enhance your life and sexual life with massage therapy that heals
Please peruse Empoweryourmasculinity.com for more info. When you wake up your body, it is incredible how much more clear, agile & alive you become. Mind and body is rejuvenated , and you perceive life differently & vibrating at a higher level. He is a totally different person rejuvenated from head to feet and all systems including physical and sexual. We use common sense acu - reflex pressure + approach to helping the chi and blood to move to enliven & self-heal. By connecting to the body, the body is allowed to self-heal. TUNING TO THE BODY TO SELF_HEAL is experential and extremely effective to enhance health and sexual health. We help you connect to your body to receive "electricity". If you are interested in sexual health you can peruse www.empoweryourmasculinity.com and write to me or call me. Some of his benefits: Depression alleviated Moods are balanced Arm is mobile with no longer tingled and numb Was able to sleep Physical and mental strength Clearer and more positive mind Much more energy Sexual vigour He is a new man.
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Meet Ed who had ED-  empoweryourmasculinity.com & IMPROVE MENS HEALTH IN 2 MONTHS AND LESS
Many seek a natural improvement to mens health. Many do not find the right natural solutions for men's health or erectile dysfunctions. The secret? Health produces sexual health. Why give you more problems when we can simplify? And if you heard what doctors prescribe to men recently. You would thing it is stone age: injections, pumps, blue pill and these solutions are not long term solutions??Successfully using rejuvenating body therapies since 9 years..at empoweryourmasculinity.. where self healing occurs deeply, gently, incrementally and for good! call me to chat about your particular ED problem. thanks j recine goodenergybreak@gmail.com
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Body's innate capacity to heal- After shoulder accident-  goodenergybreak.com
Ashly came to see me, after an accident that hurt her shoulder. we were at a show thus she took a short 25 min chair massage. However she felt the difference after this short massage based her physical relief from pain..She knows the difference since has gone to chiro 3 x wk for about 1 month but had not experienced much change . After phone call 1 week later, she is overall better and her pain is lessened to the point of changing her frequency. Another person who can live a quality life because her body is healthy and supple, Se can focus on doing her landscaping business. Please try it and see what energy does deeply. Let your body self-heal with my assistance. 416 6544325 www.goodenergybreak.com
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Change your Atmosphere                                                  thecosmictree.com
Listen to "bliss" music with cleansing natural incense burning; experience something different. I used self - igniting charcoal with Frankincense and herbs. Do you smell the natural aroma? Natural incense was used by ancestors for love, peace, spiritual uplifting and protection. An average size home will smell good with a few resins..the scent will stay for a couple of days and with no chemicals! let me know what you need, we have also have the Jesus INCENSE and other metaphysical formulas including cleansing aura bath oils www.thecosmictree.com
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Get clear faster with massage-                       goodenergybreak.com
Fatima speaks in French and Portuguese and some English. Her right arm was hurting for days..and after the massage same day her pain was gone..and as she continued the treatments, she got more benefits ...as she said..she is connecting with herself better and getting clear. Great Fatima!
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Get freedom with de compression- Foot to body Massage: www.goodenergybreak.com
Why should you live with a tense body? Often the body is holding in different places but we do not know that? You can help your body and mind to let go with this xtreme de compression techniques with the use of feet instead of hands. If you feel like your body has wear and tear from office or technical jobs. Perhaps you have problems with wrists, arms, neck, shoulder, back, that never seem to go away, It is time to try a foot to body de compression massage. It releases all tensions and pains very effectively. Doug felt the connections in his hip and his jaw when we working on his shoulder and also in trigger areas that connect. Doug felt the tension leave feeling renewed and freed in the upper torso but also in the waist and hips. As we do this decompression, we find out where the body is holding in other places that we do not suspect. Doug's neck connected with jaw problems and he felt the energy move freely through the body and meridians! So he knows that I am not making it up but the body is telling the truth. Your body will let go tensions whether you have well built body and athlete, martial artist or performer or a sport enthousiast you will benefit and your body will re align naturally and be freed.
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Street musicians who uplift me - Kensington market
From "depression to expression" series. Looking for life on the streets to uplift my spirits. Great music on the street at kensington market pedestrian sunday
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You can rejuvenate with your body's intrinsic capacity to self-heal and have lasting positive effects on body and mind. Larry did not like the effects of VIAGRA pills and now is healthier, happier and more active. He explains that he was pleasantly surprised with such good results he had never experienced in his whole life. He does not need the pill, he is the pill. Also browse empoweryourmasculinity.com for more info on men's natural therapies.
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Helping the mind through body-- chair energy massage.com
Massage that heals body & mind! Healing the body is a process that requires right brain thinking..writing about it require left brain. Thus the best is for you to experience directly the restorative massage and then you know.When you partner with body, body helps you and has wonderful capacities of restoration and mind follows.
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Tuning into body to accelerate your self-healing. It is an experience of allowing your body to heal.
Part of the series " how your body speaks to you and heals itself" Many do not know how the body actually heals at a physical and energetic level. This is one man's success with the healing process and being aware of it. ACU Body treatments for post back surgery due to sciatica This man explains how his body heals to improve circulation and flexibility caused by several back surgeries. Massage therapy done by joanna at www.goodenergybreak.com
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From depression to expression series Streets that uplift me in my daily search for joy enjoy the break dance..aren't they cute
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july 30th 2012 078
woman with big live hat walking on the street in kensington Sunday pedestrian event 2012 from depression to expression series! finding what is happy on the streets with my camera is part of my process to help me bring joy in my life and others.
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OCCUPY YOUR BODY AND HEAL with massage therapy              goodenergybreak.com
AWARENESS IS THE STARTING POINT FOR A SUCCESFUL AND HEALTHY LIFE. This is about what we don't know until we go raise our body consciousness. Jim was not aware that he was in his own way and in his head 100% of the time and not allowing new ideas or the body any space to manoeuver and self-heal. For the mind intensives, we help you go back home and connect with the body.
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Massage techniques versus real results from restorative energy massage - goodenergybreak.com
Massage is not just a bunch of techniques to look good. There are many schools that teach techniques and alot of them but they don't explain the healing process nor do they attempt to get results. Alot of techniques alot of money but the clients do not get to feel the results they probably should be getting.
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The body is more intelligent then the mind                        www.goodenergybreak.com
What is healing? Physical, mental and spiritual shifts occur. Open up to healing and feel. Massage is probably the greatest secret weapon to be illuminated and empty the mind to see more and do more of what you are best at Have a blessed day.
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Empower your masculinity.com  -massage
When you rejuvenate your body, mind and sexuality holistically, you will be pleasantly surprised. One man's experience who went from a life of go work, come home to going to gym, walking, enthusiastic, hopeful and having good sex. For more information www.empoweryourmasculinity.com or call us at 416 6544325
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FREEDOM of body & mind with decompression- Foot to Body massage- www.goodenergybreak.com
Doug was complaining of feeling stuck in his shoulders. We tried softer modalities that got rid of pain and tingles but NOW WE HAD TO GO DEEPER. This type of massage has been very effective with well- built, athletic and performer's body who need their body for work..because this deep work reshuffles the body and re equilibrates where there is tension and pull..during the massage itself You will feel the energy move through meredians and the tensions leave! It is truly a delight to give and to receive even though he may look like he is having pain he felt better then he has in years. WHEN YOU MENTION THIS UTUBE YOU WILL GET 15.00 DISCOUNT ON YOUR NEXT FOOT TO BODY MASSAGE AT CLINIC..IF YOU NEED MOBILE SERVICE PLEASE ASK FOR INFO..PLEASE CALL 416 6544325 TO BOOK AN APPT
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Energy chair massage has relieved his shoulder pain in minutues energychairmassage.com
WHEN MASSAGE IS MORE THEN JUST TECHNIQUES. Manny was just in a hurry and in a hurry to get his back snapped..but he found surrender better...He describes what happens when you are seeking change in your life but are not sure whether you should choose limited past solutions with short term solutions or be opened. He discovered by letting go that other viable healing methods bring long lasting change rather then his old snapping the back techniques. 10 min chair massage was able to take away pain from upper shoulder for good. Take care with quality time will help your body restore! Not just a technique but a life changing process which bring you form left brain to right brain activities.
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ChairEnergyMassage.com -let 20 minutes meaningfully inspire you! TORONTO.
EXPERIENCE a shift, dressed, on a chair within 20 minutes massage! While in Guelph, I met the lady in (video )senior care specialist who told me that she had never experienced my kind of energy touch ever in her city! Something happens when you receive an energy massage and it happens also on a CHAIR MASSAGE. Experience the difference from a standard massage, it moves the chi and uplifts you from your daily chores and worries. Please contact us to enhance healthy Zen in life and at work. ChairEnergyMassage. com therapeutically yours jr jr
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Lomi Lomi massage, massaged out Anxiety! goodenergybreak.com
Get back your old self! What happens when your body gets reconnected. Joy of life, more social, better sleep, passion for life, wellbeing. This male, 35 years old, is a happier well adjusted individual more in tune with himself and the surroundings. I invite to receive Lomi lomi massage to reboot physically and emotionally. Probably less painful and complicated then doing psychotherapy. You have nothing to lose, whether you have pains, tensions or in a burn out and not feeling whole. Get the chi to move powerfully and change your existence. you can call me at 416 6544325 for a reboot.
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