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Exposed Skin Care Review
I wanted to do a review for people who have problematic skin like acne or break out frequently and though id suggest the product that has worked for me. Ive tried alllll other products from neutrogena to clinique and none have worked for me like this product has. Subscribe to my channel or visit my blog at www.jaymelendez.com To order this product please go to www.exposedskincare.com
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My 3 month old baby saying I love you too
Teaching her how to talk
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Unboxing my bodybuilding.com purchase! Follow Me On... Instagram: @_JayMelendez_ Twitter: @Xx0Juicy0xX Facebook: www.facebook.com/XxJayMelendezxX BodySpace: @Juicy21
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Do sex pills work?
Jay takes a sex pill. Does it work?? Lol
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ShoeDazzle Review
I ordered my first pair of shoes from shoedazzle.com and must say I am very happy with the quality for the price of the shoe. Click on this link to sign up you and I both will get style points! http://www.shoedazzle.com/invite/120cqbyr69 Dont forget to please Subscribe to my channel thanks!
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Amor Us WSP Eyelash Review
I was looking for reviews about this eyelash brand and couldn't find anything so decided to make one.
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Wet and Wild Mini Beauty Haul
I hope you guys enjoyed my mini beauty hall! Don't forget to follow my Instagram @_JayMelendez_
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My mini Macys Haul
I wanted to share these two items that I purchased. I am excited to they the Philosophy Purity cleanser! Im also excited to try my Anastasia eyeshadow palette. Il post a tutorial soon! xoxo
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16 weeks pregnant update!!
Hi guys!! Its thursday and as promised here is my weekly update. I am 16 weeks pregnant. Please subscribe to my channel!
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Chicago Cut Steakhouse MANNEQUIN CHALLENGE
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SnapChat Fun (Gym Time)
Short clip of snaps before my workout!
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My 6 month old baby looking for her pacifier she is too smart!
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Amor us eye lashes
Hi guys I wanted to show you how I look with my amazing lashes by Amor Us! They are great wispies! I am so happy with the quality of them!
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ShoeDazzle Review #2
These are the 2nd pair of shoes I ordered from shoedazzle! I love them :)
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