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NoFap   When does the healing start
First flatline is the most important part of the process
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NoFap- Skin & Hair improvement
Fapping caused my skin to become incredibly oily and have patches in my beard. Now I have none. No its not a coincidence.
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NoFap Erection quality
No Fap and erection quality
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NoFap and becoming a chick magnet
You become a more attractive person because of your confidence and assertiveness.
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NoFap-Wet Dreams are a good sign
Think of it this way, I'm sure I can speak for 99.9% of us and say we didn't have any dreams while Masturbating let alone a wet dream.... I had my first wet dream about 36 days into my journey. Do not over think them. They are a positive
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NoFap and Rage/Aggressiveness
You will be more aggressive yes....But control it
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NoFap and how people treat you
Theres a huge difference to how people respond to you post PMO. It has way more to do with how you treat yourself and your assertion.
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NoFap and Social Skills
You become that centerpiece
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NoFap - Can you have sex?
Yes.... Sex is ok. Sex is great. Do it responsibly though
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NoFap  Being realistic
Expecting too much in a short amount of time will back fire! Worry about removing PMO from your life permanently and leave the cold showers and all that other stuff for later.
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NoFap  Voice and Posture
Stop looking down at the ground and STAND TALL
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Nofap and Social anxiety
Fortune favors the bold!!!
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How to know you have a problem.....
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NoFap and Things making sense now
Waiting until you're married is not a bad idea at all.
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NoFap -Flatline Headaches
On top of waking up incredibly tired, i had numerous tension headaches.
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NoFap- The gym
I have WAY more energy in the gym than before. I no longer "need" supplements such as pre workouts, beta alanine and all the extra nonsense. Save your money and go noFap.
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NoFap-Brain Fog
Fapping makes you weak...mentally and physically
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NoFap & My Flatline experience
The dreaded flatline, My lasted a little over 2 weeks. Keeping yourself busy and remembering the very bright light at the end of the tunnel is the most important part. DO NOT GO BACKWARDS
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NoFap -Yeah Another Flatline video
This is the most important part of the process
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NoFap and letting nature do the work
Allow nature to take its course.
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Being alpha vs acting alpha
Many people talk about being alpha when in fact they are acting alpha. Giving up PMO is the way the truly being and feeling Alpha .
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NoFap - Why your erectile Dysfunction meds aren't helping
Why you may doing more harm than good with medications like Viagra Cialis etc
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Nofap most noticable Benefits
What stood out the most (besides the sexual/Female attractions stuff)
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Get Nofap off your mind
What you fear will come to you
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NoFap-cant last long during sex anymore
I'd rather have a sensitive Tool than a limp one. PERIOD!
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NoFap and social circle
You will lose old "friends" and seek out liked minded people
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Nofap  possible reason why many relapse
Be careful!!!
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NoFap and Social media habits
Be mindful of what you do on social media
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NoFap PMO Confessions
Confessions of the old me. Glad he's gone!
Просмотров: 676 Leonard Banks
A somewhat elementary video but felt it was worth producing
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Nofap Has stopped my Migraines
I no longer suffer from debilitating migraines
Просмотров: 580 Leonard Banks
NoFap Growing Pains
I feel this video is necessary for the newer people. Flatine videos are very important
Просмотров: 1330 Leonard Banks
My problem with the "alpha" community
This video is MY OPINION of said communities discussed in the video Nofap gets real practical, life changing results.
Просмотров: 1005 Leonard Banks
NoFap - Wet Dreams
Don't panic. They are normal. You can't control them. I don't get them often but they typically happen after roughly 2 weeks without sex.
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NoFap  Two sides of deadly coin
Porn does the mental damage, Masturbation does the physical damage.
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NoFap- When i knew life was bad
The point I knew something was really wrong
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Nofap -Whats the point of playing where you can only lose?
Edging- Why play a game where the sole purpose is to lose?
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Its called NoFap Not NoSex
The cult like behavior needs to stop
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NoFap-Respecting yourself
Men- stop PMO for yourself first and foremost.
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NoFap  Vicious Cycle
Can't get it up / run to porn/ get it up/ girl comes back/ can't get it up and the cycle continues
Просмотров: 568 Leonard Banks
NoFap & Gratitude
The little things in life mean everything to me. I never really appreciated my health until now!
Просмотров: 398 Leonard Banks
NoFap Hardmode vs Soft mode
Lets not over complicate this
Просмотров: 1061 Leonard Banks
NoFap-Voice of Reason
No one knows you don't Masturbate....of course unless you tell them. The RESULTS of Nofap make you who you are supposed to be
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NoFap and Age
The sooner you stop watching porn and stop masturbating the better. DO NOT let age be a detriment.
Просмотров: 1221 Leonard Banks
NoFap Made me Human
NoFap Literally changed me as a human being
Просмотров: 1749 Leonard Banks
NoFap and irrational Fears
No longer am i worried about stupid things
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Remove the "challenge" from NoFap
At the end of every challenge there is a reward, be careful of relapsing.
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NoFap  Porn without Jerking off
Its just as bad fellas. NO PMO AT ALL.
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NoFap Chaser Effect?
Yes the chaser effect is very real, but it shouldn't cause you to relapse. Stay strong and remember you do not want to be that guy you used to be.
Просмотров: 462 Leonard Banks
NoFap and Higher Standards
You taste/standards WILL change
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