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Erectile Dysfunction: Oral Therapy Treatment Options
Dr. J. Francois Eid discusses the oral therapy options, or "pills", available to treat erectile dysfunction. To learn more about Dr. Eid's practice that specializes in erectile dysfunction, visit www.urologicalcare.com.
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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment: Penile Prosthesis Surgery
About 30 million American men are coping with erectile dysfunction. While oral medications and non-surgical alternatives can be effective erectile dysfunction treatments, for some men a penile prosthesis is the final solution for erectile dysfunction. In this clip, Dr. Drogo Montague of the Cleveland Clinic Glickman Urological and Kidney Institute narrates and animation of the surgical procedure for penile prosthesis. ➨ Visit Cleveland Clinic: http://bit.ly/XlxDfr ➨ Visit Health Hub from Cleveland Clinic: http://bit.ly/VBQ3nW ➨ Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/W0bJ0y ➨ Like Cleveland Clinic on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/WMFkul ➨ Follow Cleveland Clinic on Twitter: http://bit.ly/Uua1Gs ➨ Follow Cleveland Clinic on Google+: http://bit.ly/136vcTe ➨ Follow Cleveland Clinic on Instagram: http://bit.ly/12gMABx ➨ Connect with Cleveland Clinic on LinkedIn: http://linkd.in/120XfNs ➨ Follow Cleveland Clinic on Pinterest: http://bit.ly/11QqS3A
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Erectile Dysfunction: Treatment Options Beyond Pills
Dr. J. Francois Eid discusses the treatment options available for erectile dysfunction when oral therapy, or "pills", don't work. To learn more about Dr. Eid's practice that specializes in erectile dysfunction, visit www.urologicalcare.com.
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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options / David S. Harris, M.D. / Urologist
Dr. David Harris, MD, describes treatment options for Erectile Dysfunction. More video: http://bit.ly/1HNF87n Dr. Harris received his undergraduate education at the University of Illinois, Urbana. He attended Loyola University-Stritch School of Medicine in Chicago before traveling to Boston for his residency training. After completing three years of general surgery on Harvard's Surgical Service at the New England Deaconess Hospital, he received his urology training at the renowned Lahey Clinic. Dr. Harris brings over two decades of experience in urology practice to Specialists in Urology. While his experience extends across all areas of urology, he has particular expertise in prostatic diseases, men's voiding disorders, erectile dysfunction, low testosterone, kidney stone management, and urological cancers. He has had a special interest in minimally invasive kidney surgery designed to preserve renal tissue and reduce patient's postoperative pain and recovery time. This has included various laparoscopic procedures as well as the da Vinci robot. Dr. Harris is board certified as a diplomat of the American Board of Urology and is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He has repeatedly been honored by his peers with "Top Doctor" recognition. Dr. Harris practices at Specialists in Urology http://www.specialistsinurology.com/ 4571 Colonial Blvd Fort Myers, Florida 33966 Phone: 239-333-2050 Info@specialistsinurology.com Follow Dr. Harris on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1pI3KWH Or Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dr_DHarris More about Dr. Harris in this video: http://youtu.be/dyN2hoQ78F0 Social media support and video production provided by Amplification, Inc. http://amplificationinc.com/ social and digital media marketing company. Info@AmplificationInc.com
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Surgical Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction with Urologist Dr. French
http://bestdocsnetwork.com/dallas-and-fort-worth/dan-french/ Urologist Dr. French explains the option of surgical treatments for erectile dysfunctions. A penal implant is one option for patients who failed to see results with oral treatment. Surgery results in natural sexual experiences and has a high rate of satisfaction.
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Levitra Reviews
More Levitra Information: http://levitranet.com Levitra is the third oral medication for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction in men. Levitra was created by Bayer AG in 2003. Levitra has very few side effects. Vardenafil can be taken with alcohol and fatty meals. It is a fantastic ED option for men after 40 years old. Real Levitra Review (Testimonial). Best Levitra Reviews (Testimonials) 2015 Online. Levitra is called Vardenafil.
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Anabolic Steroids and Sex Drive, High or Low?
Low testosterone, High Testosterone, how does it affect your sex drive, strength, attitude and well being.. It changes as we age as quick as mid 20's. Listen and see
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Penile prosthesis - Video Learning - WizScience.com
A "penile prosthesis", or penile implant, is one of the oldest effective treatments for the condition of erectile dysfunction. The medical device which is surgically implanted within the corpora cavernosa of the penis during a surgical procedure, provides the highest levels of patient and partner satisfaction of all available treatment options. The device is indicated for use in men with organic or treatment-resistant impotence or erectile dysfunction that is the result of various physical conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, pelvic trauma, Peyronie's Disease, or as the result of prostate cancer treatments. Less commonly, a penile prosthesis may also be used in the final stage of plastic surgery phalloplasty to complete female to male gender reassignment surgery as well as during total phalloplasty for adult and child patients that need male genital modification. A penile implant is one treatment option available to individuals who are unable to achieve or maintain an erection adequate for successful sexual intercourse or penetration. Its primary use is for men with erectile dysfunction from vascular conditions , congenital anomalies, iatrogenic, accidental penile or pelvic trauma, Peyronie's disease, or as a result of prostate cancer treatments. This implant is normally considered when less invasive medical treatments such as oral medications , penile injections, or vacuum erection devices are unsuccessful, provide an unsatisfactory result, or are contraindicated. For example, many drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction are unsuitable for patients with heart problems and may interfere with other medications. Wiz Science™ is "the" learning channel for children and all ages. SUBSCRIBE TODAY Disclaimer: This video is for your information only. The author or publisher does not guarantee the accuracy of the content presented in this video. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Background Music: "The Place Inside" by Silent Partner (royalty-free) from YouTube Audio Library. This video uses material/images from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Penile+prosthesis, which is released under Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ . This video is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ . To reuse/adapt the content in your own work, you must comply with the license terms.
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WIKKON E100 System: shock wave treatment for Erectile Dysfunction
WIKKON (previous name Huikang) is the global leader of therapeutic shock wave and ultrasound.
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Treatment of erectile dysfunction with linear shockwaves. LSTC-ED technique
LSTC-ED Elvation Medical GMBH
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Watermelon Juice, 'Nature's Viagra,' May Act As A Natural Erectile Dysfunction Treatment
A cold slice of watermelon is devoured to satisfy our thirst and hunger during the warmer months, but the juicy fruit could even satisfy us in the bedroom in between the sheets. Coined as “nature’s Viagra” by Italian scientists, watermelon juice can provide a big benefit to men who suffer from mild to moderate erectile dysfunction. According to a study published in the journal Urology, citrulline — an amino acid found in high concentrations of watermelon — is found to improve blood flow to the penis without the side effects of Viagra. Made up of 92 percent water, a great source of vitamin C, and only 71 calories per serving, watermelon juice has become a fad that has attracted both weight-loss hopefuls and those who want to treat their impotence. "They may not want to eat them with the texture, but if they like the taste, the juice, if it becomes a health fad, then yeah anything to increase that market can be an increase ... a help to farmers," said Justin Lanier, Crisp County Extension Agent to WALB in Georgia. The strong demands for watermelon are benefitting the watermelon capital of the world. To investigate the potential erection-boosting properties of watermelon juice, a team of Italian researchers at the University of Foggia, observed the effect of oral L-citrulline supplementation on men who suffer from mild to moderate erectile dysfunction. Twenty-four men with a mean age of 57 who had an Erection Hardness Score (EHS) of 3 (score of 0 means “penis does not enlarge” and a score of 4 means “penis is completely hard and fully rigid”) were recruited for the study. These men received a placebo for one month and L-citrulline, 1.5 grams per deciliter, for another month. The male participant’s EHS, number of intercourses per month, treatment satisfaction, and adverse events were recorded. The researchers hypothesized if citrulline is known to increase the blood flow by relaxing the blood vessels, which is similar to what Viagra does, this could possibly prevent erectile dysfunction in men. The findings revealed there was a significant improvement in the EHS scale, since half of the men managed a score of four as a result of L-citrulline supplementation. The improvement in the EHS from 3 to 4 occurred in two of the 24 men when taking the placebo, and 12 of the 24 men when taking L-citrulline. Moreover, the researchers found the mean number of intercourses per month increased overall by the end of treatment. All patients who had an EHS improvement from three to four reported being very satisfied. “Although less effective than phosphodiesterase type-5 enzyme inhibitors, at least in the short term, L-citrulline supplementation has been proved to be safe and psychologically well accepted by patients,” the researchers concluded. However, it’s still a natural alternative treatment for mild and moderate erectile dysfunction in men who fear the drug's effects on the body. “Nature’s Viagra,” comes at a time when lots of men prefer not to take Viagra because it is expensive and also sometimes has unpleasant side effects, such as headaches. Watermelon is also easier on the stomach than L-arginine supplements because taking the pills can cause nausea and diarrhea. In 2008, a team of researchers at Texas A&M found ingredients in watermelon that deliver Viagra-like effects to the body’s blood vessels may even increase libido. “Arginine boosts nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessels, the same basic effect that Viagra has, to treat erectile dysfunction and maybe even prevent it,” said Dr. Bhimu Patil, director of Texas A&M’s Fruit and Vegetable Improvement Center in College Station, according to Science Daily. Although watermelon may not be as organ-specific as Viagra, it can give Viagra-like effects without the drug’s side effects. This may be good news for men who cannot safely take erectile dysfunction medications if they have heart problems, high or low blood pressure, a history of stroke, eye problems, severe liver disease, and kidney disease, says the Mayo Clinic. Men without a history of the health problems listed above can experience side effects such as headache, indigestion, and in rare cases, dizziness or fainting. Men, it’s time to raise your glass of watermelon juice.
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Viagra Reviews
More Viagra Reviews: http://www.viagral.com Compare Viagra vs Cialis here: http://www.cialisvsviagrareviews.com Viagra is the first oral medication for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction in men. Viagra was created by Pfizer Inc. in 1998. Today, Viagra is not the most popular solution for treating Impotence in men due to side effects. Real Viagra Review (Testimonial). Best Online Viagra (Sildenafil) Reviews (Testimonials) Only. 2015
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What Are Treatment Options for Male Impotence? - Jayram Krishnan, MD - Urologist
Treatment options for male impotence begins with oral medications, says Jayram Krishnan, MD, a urologist at Sunrise Hospital. In this video, he discusses other treatments that include injectible medications, suppositories and implants. Visit our website for more information: http://sunrisehospital.com/
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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment - Androstem Clinic
URL : http://www.androstemclinic.com Erectile Dysfunction is defined as the inability to achieve or sustain an erection. ED affects up to one third of men throughout their lives and has a negative impact on intimate relationships, quality of life and self-esteem. There is a breakthrough in Erectile Dysfunction Treatment that restores men’s sexual health, employing medical stem cell therapies to change your life forever. Founded by Dr. Edwin Chang, it is Androstem Clinic’s commitment and mission to ensure you achieve erection through stem cell methods that will optimise your sexual health. We have designed a medical protocol to deploy high numbers of fat cells; rich in stem cells and growth factors, into the body and penile muscles together with low intensity shock wave therapy to stimulate repair. Achieve improvement in mental arousal, physical arousal, orgasm and refractory period. Other benefits include improvements in various physical and psychological aspects. Say goodbye to erectile dysfunction. Your life begins again. Contact us at www.AndroStemClinic.com or email us at info@androstemclinic.com or call +603-5621-3323 勃起功能障碍 (ED) 被定义为在性交时阴茎无法勃起或维持勃起状态。有三分之一的男性终其一生受ED影响,并对亲密关系、生活品质及自尊心造成重大冲击。 目前在治疗勃起功能障碍的突破,恢复男性性健康,从业人员医疗的干细胞疗法来改变你的一生。 该公司由埃德温·张博士和他的医疗同事,这是Androstem诊所的任务,以确保我们的客户获得​​改善,通过干细胞的方法,他们的勃起,以优化他们的性健康。 我们设计了一项医疗方案,将富含干细胞和生长因子的大量脂肪细胞配合低能冲击波治疗注入身体及陰莖肌肉,借此刺激血管内皮修复和血管生成。 实现改善精神兴奋,生理唤醒,性高潮和不应期。其它益处包括改善在各种生理和心理方面。 告别阳痿。你的生活重新开始。 联系我们www.AndroStemClinic.com或info@androstemclinic.com给我们发电子邮件或拨打+603-5621-3323
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My Husband Has Erectile Dysfunction - Solution
My Husband Has Erectile Dysfunction, you can watch FREE video to cure this at http://101how.com/erectile-dysfunction-cures My husband can never seem to keep his erection when we make love. He starts out okay but then half way through, his penis just goes limp. He said he does not know why and like all men won't go to his GP to discuss his erection problem. So I search for some solution at internet and found the solution. Now he is so amazing !! LOL.. I hope this can help your man too, just click the link above :) Related search: My Husband Has Erectile Dysfunction, what to do when your husband has ed, how to cope with husbands ed, how can i help my husband with ed, my husband has ed. what can i do, what to do if your man has ed,
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Q & A Losing Erection with Condoms
I lose my erection with condoms! Help! So, whilst everyone is delighted to warn you about STD and unwanted pregnancy risks, NO ONE thought to tell you that condoms can make you lose your erection, or what you can do about it when you’re trying to be sexually responsible. Am I the only one who can’t keep it up with condoms? Condom-related erectile dysfunction is very common. It actually happens to more than half of the men while using condoms. But men are too shy to talk abou it, so they leave other men thinking they’re alone in this problem. Why do you lose your erection with condoms? It could be for different reasons.. Halting oral stimulation to put a condom on before switching to penetrative intercourse may result in a loss of erection due to abrupt lack of sensation. A simple solution: ask your partner to keep stimulating you orally or with the hand while you are busy opening the packet , or, stimulate yourself while you apply the condom. Wearing condoms that are too big or small may contribute to erection loss. Get the right size for you. Is the condom dulling penile sensation? If so, choose the thin ones, and you can also use lubricant inside and outside of the condom to maximize sensation. Are you feeling anxious? Exercise to destress. Worries about unplanned pregnancy? Consider talking to your partner about using an additional form of contraception. Are you using any medications or durgs that might be of negative effect on your sexual life? In fact, some medications used to treat anxiety and depression can reduce a person’s sex drive. Remember, sex takes many shapes and forms, and intercourse doesn’t have to be the main event. Relax, and enjoy the intimate moments, and don’t forget to have fun. It’s not a test. What can I do to get my erection back? Masturbate while putting on the condom and right afterwards, or ask your partner to keep stimulating you with the hand or mouth while you’re busy opening the condom packet. So it’s very important to stop separating the condom application time from the sexy time. Make it part of foreplay. The most important thing is to COMMUNICATE about it. Make it fun, laugh and talk to your partner so you can both work at maintaining your erection.
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Cure Erectile Dysfunction With This One Fruit! The Best Natural remedy .
Michael Greger M.D talks about the underlying causes of Erectile dysfunction and how water melon is the perfect cure for this condition that ruins so many men's lives. With three quarters of men with heat disease having erectile dysfunction, Michael investigated further and found a link between eating water melon and reduced penis issues. How to make a water melon potion for ED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lk5JWVK4rjc Best article on this : http://www.medicaldaily.com/watermelon-juice-natures-viagra-may-act-natural-erectile-dysfunction-treatment-279498 Michael Gregers Website : http://nutritionfacts.org/
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Erectile Dysfunction - Admitting the problem
The first step in treating Erectile Dysfunction is admitting there is a problem to your Doctor. MDforMen office is designed to make men feel more at ease and comfortable. TV's playing sports channels. A highly trained, sensitive, sympathetic, confidential, and supportive staff whose concern is your well being. And, of course, the best range of options to give you the help you deserve. All designed to make you feel more at home. And to help you get this burden off your back. MDforMen serving the Southwest from Albuquerque, NM mdformen.com Call now: 505 433 4665
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ED1000 Revolutionary Shockwave Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction
Medispec's new non-invasive, painless Erectile Dysfunction solution treats the actual cause of the problem. Using low-intensity acoustic shock waves, similar to . Medispec's new non-invasive, painless Erectile Dysfunction solution treats the actual cause of the problem. Using low-intensity acoustic shock waves, similar. Treating the Cause of Your Erectile Dysfunction According to the National Institutes of Health, approximately 5% of 40-year-old men and between 15% and 25% .
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Belgium - Authorisation of Viagra
T/I: 10:56:08 The European Union on Tuesday (15/9) authorized the sale of the anti-impotence drug Viagra throughout the 15-nation EU and the drug is expected to be available in 50 countries by the end of this year. SHOWS: 15/9, BRUSSELS GV of press conference; English SOT V. Micati, Chairman of Pfizer Corporation: "Today represents our first opportunity here in Europe to comment in detail on Viagra, and frankly there is the opportunity to put the sensational headlines aside, and concentrate on the real essence of this story, the medical facts and the benefits to patients and partners of the first pill to treat erectile dysfunction"; English SOT Dr Montorsi, medical expert for Pfizer: "Erectile dysfunction is defined as the persistent inability for a man to either achieve or maintain an erection, which is sufficient to have satisfactory sexual intercourse." Cutaway of press; Montorsi continues SOT: "Oral medication was almost nothing until Viagra came on stage. Now, as you will hear, this new oral pill, no doubt, has demonstrated in very well controlled multi-centre studies that it is effective in the majority of cases of erectile dysfunction"; Pills being manufactured; Various shots of Viagra pill in production; Production line; Pills being sprayed blue; 1.34 You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/46ba012848c1f8eb9ebd32d4b2998e94 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Last Longer in Bed Without Viagra | Erection Enhancers
How to Enhance your Erection - http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/sex/buyers-guide/erection-enhancers-explained/ Erectile dysfunction and impotence are the plague of many a man's penis, and with so many 'wonder drugs' flooding the market we've come up with this handy guide to help you decide which ones will help you have better sex. Viagra has been hailed by millions as the original Little Blue Pill. But how much do we really know about this pill which has been flying off the shelves for over a decade? Like most drugs, there are natural alternatives found in nature to the chemicals used to create Viagra, but most people are unaware of these other choices and continue to seek out Viagra. This guide takes a look at alternatives that could be just as effective without the health implications or growing price tag of Viagra.
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Coffee and erectile dysfunction
Dr. Joe - Creating Harmony Between Alternative and Traditional Medicine
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ED1000 Revolutionary Shockwave Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction
Medispec's new non-invasive, painless Erectile Dysfunction solution treats the actual cause of the problem. Using low-intensity acoustic shock waves, similar to . Medispec's new non-invasive, painless Erectile Dysfunction solution treats the actual cause of the problem. Using low-intensity acoustic shock waves, similar. Medispec's new non-invasive, painless Erectile Dysfunction solution treats the actual cause of the problem. Using low-intensity acoustic shock waves, similar to . Treating the Cause of Your Erectile Dysfunction According to the National Institutes of Health, approximately 5% of 40-year-old men and between 15% and 25% .
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♥ My Natural Viagra Recipe {DIY} ♥ For Conscious Men ♥
Here's my natural viagra recipe because no man should ever put that that damn blue pill in his mouth! Healthy diet is the first step to heal impotence, erectile dysfunction and weak stamina. BUY HIGH QUALITY RAW MACA http://mytinysecrets.com/rawmaca SIGN UP FOR - PENIS MAGIC COURSE http://www.mytinysecrets.com/magicpeniscourse ------------------- ♥ Subscribe! http://tinyurl.com/SubscribeMyTinySec... ♥ My Twitter: http://twitter.com/mytinysecrets ♥ My Facebook: http://facebook.com/tinytinysecrets ♥ My Instagram: https://instagram.com/adinamytinysecrets/ ♥ My Blog: http://mytinysecrets.com/ ------------------- Or subscribe to my newsletter {on my blog}. http://mytinysecrets.com/ THE RECIPE 1/4 Organic Watermelon 1/2 Beetroot 1/2 pinch cayenne pepper 1 teaspoon Maca 3-4 Pumpkin Seeds I am sooo grateful to have you with me on this journey throughout life. My deepest gratitude to my wonderful little family, my amazing team and my guardians. I am sending you all my love. Much love ♥, Adina My Tiny Secrets
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Erectile Dysfunction, Common and Treatable Process of Aging
http://advancedurologists.com/advanced-prostate-cancer-institute-florida/erectile-dysfunction Erectile dysfunction (impotence) is very common that it affects approximately 30 million men Advanced Urology Specialists 12109 CR 103 Oxford, Florida 34484 Phone: (352) 351-0029 Advanced Urology Specialists – Leesburg Office 616 North Palmetto Street Leesburg, Florida 34478 USA Phone: (352) 877–2888 http://advancedurologists.com advancedurologyspecialist@gmail.com Follow Us on Google+: https://plus.google.com/118135136629021497776/about?hl=en Like Us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AdvancedUrologySpecialists Follow Us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AdvanceUrology Follow Us on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/AdvanceUrology https://youtu.be/CK9pMeUqViQ
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Sexual Performance Anxiety - How To Stay Hard During Sex
http://romancedictionary.com/sex -- Sexual performance anxiety - how to stay hard during sex. Sex is supposed to be exciting and pleasurable, and most men spend a great deal of time and energy seeking it out. Yet, when it comes down to the moment, it is not unusual for a guy to feel anxious and worried - will he be able to perform? Is he doing it right? Is his partner enjoying him- or herself? When these concerns turn into obtrusive thoughts that interfere constantly with a man's ability to perform, or even cause him to avoid sex altogether, he may be experiencing sexual performance anxiety. The cycle of worry and inability to perform can be difficult to break, but with the right treatment, in combination with a healthy approach to penis care, men can overcome their anxiety and go on to enjoy a healthy and fulfilling sex life. What causes sexual performance anxiety? There are many different factors that can lead to anxiety about one's sexual performance. These can include: - Worry about the ability to please a partner; - Body image issues such as worrying that one is too fat or unattractive; - Relationship problems; - Concerns about penis size; - Fears about premature or delayed ejaculation; - Previous experience with erectile dysfunction or other performance problems; - Generalized anxiety The sexual response is not only physical; the emotions and a man's overall state of mind also play a very important role. Feeling anxious and worried during moments of intimacy with a partner are likely to interfere with this response, leading to an inability to enjoy the moment, to be attentive or to perform well. What can men - and their partners - do to reduce sexual performance anxiety? It can be difficult to seek help for problems related to sexual performance; few men really relish the idea of talking to a professional about their perceived failure to perform. However, a medical professional can provide helpful information, as well as recommendations for treatment. In most cases, they have seen similar problems many times. Before recommending a plan for treatment, a physician may run a variety of tests to determine whether an underlying physical or mental health problem, or a medication that a man may be taking, is causing the performance issue. After ruling out or confirming these possibilities, some treatment options available include: - Medications for erectile dysfunction; - Counseling therapy to help men deal with any psychological issues; - Couples therapy; - Techniques for preventing premature ejaculation One major problem guys face during sex is staying hard. This is very common and it seems as if the only solution out there are drugs. The fact is there are natural tips to stay hard during sex that work just as good and often times much better than drugs. You definitely should employ these stay hard tips first before going the drug route. Check these out: Limit, avoid, or adjust alcohol. If this is a factor during sex (meaning if you usually drink before or during sex) then you definitely want to adjust your use to find out if this could be the problem. Now notice I didn't say what so many "experts" will tell you, that is to STOP your alcohol use altogether. 99% of you guys won't listen, let alone adhere to that advice. And you actually don't have to because it is possible to simply adjust your amount or the type of alcohol you are drinking and this can turn things around. If you are doing straight shots for example, try switching to mixed drinks. The fact is heavy alcohol can effect your ability to stay hard, so cutting back or adjusting some can make a huge difference. Experiment and see if there is a more healthier level that will help in the bedroom. Herbs. Yes, there are herbs out there that do work for staying hard. Some actually work too well so be careful and test out the dosage amount before hand. Most male pill products will contain a variety of herbs. Keep an eye out for the ones that contain yohimbine bark as this is a good one for the purposes of maintaining hard erections. Don't think about sports during sex. Why would any guy do this? Because they want to last longer during sex and they heard that if you think about sports you will delay your ejaculation. Now, the truth is, this actually does work for preventing premature ejaculation to some degree. But the problem is the obvious. If you are having sex and you are thinking about tight ends and linebackers, then guess what genius? You are going to lose your erection! A much better way to tackle premature ejaculation issues is by doing kegel training. These are exercises designed to strengthen the muscles responsible for ejaculation control.
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Causes and Solutions of Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
Men in their 40s can begin experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED). Dr. Vishu Lammata, cardiologist on the Methodist Health System medical staff, talks about the symptoms and what can contribute to this vascular condition. He also explains that the best approach to treatment can be as simple as exercise and diet, depending on the patient.
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ED Reverser (Erectile Dysfunction Cure) Review
http://www.topbusinessforums.com/erectile-mastery.html or Cilck here: http://startainsurancecla.wix.com/fitness-bootcamp Check out my ED Reverser Review and discover how you can get rock hard erections on command again.  http://greatitems22.wix.com/small-bra... ED (Erectile Dysfunction) happens to many men more than you may think. Max Millers ED Reverser program is specifically designed to help men who are suffering from this horrible, but more common than you might think, embarrassing moment. Max reveals how to safely, naturally and permanently cure your (ED) erectile dysfunction using an ancient secret passed down from generations of old. This program reveals that by dieting and exercising the effected member you can safely and permanently cure your ED without having to go through painful surgery, taking pills or using pumps. By stimulating proper blood circulation which is necessary to induce a normal erection. By exerting a curative, restorative effect of the reproductive system. Clearing your energy chancels to increase proper blood flow to balance your body's entire system, to relive stress and anxiety as well as balancing your body's entire hormonal axis. Max Miller's ED Reverser program is totally natural and has been tested and verified to have zero side affects. No more pumps and no more harmful drugs whether taken orally or intravenously. The ED Reverser program is a complete guide that's guaranteed to work for you and comes with a 100 percent no questions asked money back guarantee. This program is completely digital only so you may need to print it out if you would like to take it elsewhere. This program comes with 3 additional items. One, her best lover ever book, Conquering premature ejaculation and the ways to fix it in the real world and a Porn Star's sex secret how to perform like a pro in the bedroom. Thank you for checking out my ED Reverser (Erectile Dysfunction Cure) Review
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4 Supplements for Men over 30
In this short video I cover the top 4 Supplements for Men over 30. This isn't and exhaustive list. I didn't focus on training but rather I focus on Optimizing your daily performance both in the gym and in other spots around your house! More about me - http://bit.ly/1LZNMeT The Woodmaker Shake Recipe: 1 Scoop Biotrust Low Carb Protein - http://bit.ly/1OZtAjZ 1 cup watermelon chunks 4 large strawberries or a slice of pineapple 1 cup water 6 cubes of ice -more if you want it thicker, less if you want it thinner Great resource for Vitamin D - http://bit.ly/1lEPnSN Studies from all the smart dudes in the world that I am grateful to for finding this stuff out.. 1. The Journal of Physiology, Oct 1 2011, 589:4777-4786, "Vitamin D insufficiency is associated with impaired vascular endothelial and smooth muscle function and hypertension in young rats" 2 - Mol Endocrinol, 2014 Jan, 28 -1:53-64, "Vitamin d is a regulator of endothelial nitric oxide synthase and arterial stiffness in mice" 3. - Circulation, 1997, 96:1755-1760, "Active Serum Vitamin D Levels Are Inversely Correlated With Coronary Calcification" 4 - Nature Reviews Cardiology, Oct 2009, 6:621-630, "Vitamin D status and arterial hypertension: a systematic review" 5 -The Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, May 2004, 89-90:387–392, "Vitamin D: a negative endocrine regulator of the renin–angiotensin system and blood pressure" 6 - Urology, Jan 2011, 77 -1:119-22, "Oral L-citrulline supplementation improves erection hardness in men with mild erectile dysfunction" 7 -BJU Int, 1999 Feb, 83-3:269-73, "Effect of oral administration of high-dose nitric oxide donor L-arginine in men with organic erectile dysfunction: results of a double blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study" 8 -Journal of Chromatography A, Jun 2005, 1078 -1-2 :196-200, "Determination of citrulline in rind" 9 - Nutrition, Mar 2007, 23 3:261–266, "Watermelon consumption increases plasma arginine concentrations in adults" 10 - PNAS, Sep 20 2005, 102-38:13681-13686, "L-citrulline and L-arginine supplementation retards the progression of high-cholesterol-diet-induced atherosclerosis in rabbits" 11 - Br J Clin Pharma, 2008, 65:51-59, "Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties of oral L-citrulline and L-arginine: impact on nitric oxide metabolism" 12 - Horm Metab Res, 2011 Mar, 43-3:223-5, Epub 2010 Dec 10, "Effect of vitamin D supplementation on testosterone levels in men
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Dr. Trombley Explains What is Erectile Dysfunction - Physicians E.D. Center
Erectile Dysfunction is diagnosed when a man has an inability to achieve and or maintain an erection for satisfying sex on a regular basis. Physicians E.D. Center and it's staff of discrete and certified physicians help their patients identify the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction and how to best treat impotence in a way that's unique to the individual. You don’t have to choose between great sex and your health. To learn more about what causes erectile dysfunction or what types of alternative therapies are available contact the individuals at Physicians E.D. Center or visit us at http://www.physiciansed.com/
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Bill Would Restrict Erectile Dysfunction Drugs in SC
Rep. Mia McLeod, D-Columbia, says she filed the bill because of growing frustration with anti-abortion bills filed every year.
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5 Reasons Vegans are Better at Sex
The title explains it all. "Once assumed to be a problem primarily rooted in the psyche, ED is now understood to frequently have a physiological basis" (http://www.karger.com/Article/Pdf/354931) The link between Ed and heart disease study following nearly 13,000 men found that if you go to the doctor to treat your ED, you are twice as likely to have a heart attack in the future. http://www.nature.com/ijir/journal/v16/n4/pdf/3901174a.pdf Ff you are over 40 with ED, you have a 50- fold increase of sudden death from a heart attack. (http://nutritionfacts.org/2014/05/20/pills-vs-diet-for-erectile-dysfunction/) 1 in 4 men under 40 have ED, half of which is considered 'Severe.' (http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/jsm.12179/abstract;jsessionid=C1069CF0998F858255467C8380FD9176.d02t01) "almost all persons have aortic fatty streaks by age 10" 10 year old children in Texas. (http://www.atherosclerosis-journal.com/article/S0368-1319(69)80020-7/abstract) Cholesterol levels of vegans are way lower than vegetarians and way way lower than omnivores: http://www.veganhealth.org/articles/dxmarkers Diabetic Neuropathy and clogged blood vessels: (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22608666) However, put people on a plant-based diet who have had this pain for years and watch it go away. Complete relief of the SDPN pain occurred in 17 of the 21 patients in 4 to 16 days. drop in total Cholesterol by 13 points in 2 weeks. (http://informahealthcare.com/doi/abs/10.3109/13590849409003592?journalCode=cjne) “[m]en peddling on a stationary bicycle until muscle failure lasted an average of 114 minutes on a mixed meat and vegetable diet, 57 minutes on a high-meat diet, and a whopping 167 minutes on a strict vegetarian diet.” http://www.peta.org/living/for-men/impotence/#ixzz2w28UO8OY "Increasing saturated fat intake by 5% of total calories at the expense of carbohydrates was associated with a 38% lower total count." http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3329193/pdf/des065.pdf saturated fat is directly correlated with sperm quality: http://ajcn.nutrition.org/content/early/2012/12/23/ajcn.112.042432.full.pdf+html Sperm quality is highly correlated to antioxidant intake. (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3843991/pdf/nihms519402.pdf)
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Herpes, Gatekeeping, Erectile Dysfunction, and Other Random Stuff
The Psychology In Seattle Podcast. Hosted by Dr. Kirk Honda. Episode: Dr. Kirk Honda talks with Humberto and Omid about herpes, gatekeeping the therapy profession, erectile dysfunction, and other random stuff.. Music by Bread Knife Incident. July 29, 2015.
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Canker Sore Treatment in Hindi - मुंह के छालों के घरेलू नुस्खे Chalo ka ilaj by Sachin Goyal
Canker sore treatment in Hindi. मुंह के छालों के घरेलू नुस्खे हिंदी में देखिये. Watch chalo ka ilaj by Sachin Goyal. This youtube tutorial of canker sore problem and mouth ulcer in Hindi gives you some easy DIY health tips and gharelu nuskhe to cure canker sore and mouth ulcer forever at home which is an essential and important step for healthy life. Every home remedy gives in this video by Sachin Goyal for the treatment of canker sore and mouth ulcer removes oral infection, cures constipation and other reasons of canker sore by simple kitchen tips. It is not feasible to go to doctor or health clinic every time for small health problems because clinical visits take your lot of time and are generally expensive too. So watch these health tips in Hindi and try to spare some time daily for oral hygiene to cure mouth ulcers and canker sores which paves way for healthy life! Print canker sore remedies @ http://goo.gl/JsPXwd. Watch canker sore remedies video in English @ http://goo.gl/EGWchz. Subscribe us to watch our health tips in Hindi for headache, eyesight problems, cold and cough remedies, yellow teeth cleaning to turn them in white teeth, tooth ache, tonsils, ear problems and insomnia. You will also find health tips in Hindi at our channel for detoxification of body, lungs cleansing, cholesterol control, sugar control, thyroid treatment at home, chest pain, stomach gas, stomach pain, liver problems, indigestion, constipation, piles, fistula, lose motions, and to improve immunity. Health tips in Hindi are also available at our channel for irregular period, cramps, infertility, male health problems, impotence, hernia, kidney stone and urine infection. We also share health tips in Hindi for knee pain, joint pain, arthritis, back pain, wrist pain and other rheumatic pain. Watch Next Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0_I7d_sgfU&index=1&list=PLGvBnXHP-lBfB72eo9Rx1o-Qn-kSuHyTZ&t=0s Watch complete series of Health Tips in Hindi by Sachin Goyal: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGvBnXHP-lBcyPhWLdIdbUIu-T6_96dTn -------------------------- Watch More Health Tips in Hindi (and in Urdu) by home made solutions gharelu nuskhe by Sachin Goyal and Sonia Goyal at jaipurthepinkcity (jaipur the pink city) channel at: https://goo.gl/D1xZd1 -------------------------- डिस्क्लेमर: इस विडियो में बताई गयी जानकारी केवल शिक्षा के उद्देश्य से दी गयी है. इसके इस्तेमाल और उससे होने वाले प्रभाव के लिये आप खुद ज़िम्मेदार हैं.
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Why You Should Not Use Anesthetic Gel for Premature Ejaculation (Hindi)
Watch to find out the reasons why you should avoid anesthetic gels, spray's or oils to treat premature ejaculation (शिग्रपतन ), these include lack of sensation etc.
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Pfizer Corporate Headquarters -- A Video Tour -- filmed on Sunday June 21, 2015
Pfizer, Inc. /ˈfaɪzər/ is an American multinational pharmaceutical corporation headquartered in New York City, New York, with its research headquarters in Groton, Connecticut. It is among one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies by revenues. Pfizer develops and produces medicines and vaccines for a wide range of medical disciplines, including immunology, oncology, cardiology, diabetology/endocrinology, and neurology. Pfizer's products include the blockbuster drug Lipitor (atorvastatin), used to lower LDL blood cholesterol; Lyrica (pregabalin for neuropathic pain/fibromyalgia); Diflucan (fluconazole), an oral antifungal medication; Zithromax (azithromycin), an antibiotic; Viagra (sildenafil, for erectile dysfunction); and Celebrex/Celebra (celecoxib), an anti-inflammatory drug. Pfizer was founded by cousins Charles Pfizer and Charles F. Erhart in New York City in 1849 as a manufacturer of fine chemicals. Pfizer's discovery of Terramycin (oxytetracycline) in 1950 put it on a path towards becoming a research-based pharmaceutical company. Pfizer has made numerous acquisitions, including Warner–Lambert in 2000, Pharmacia in 2003 and Wyeth in 2009. The Wyeth acquisition was the largest of the three at US$68 billion. Pfizer is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, and its shares have been a component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average since April 2004. In September 2009, Pfizer pleaded guilty to the illegal marketing of the arthritis drug Bextra for uses unapproved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and agreed to a $2.3 billion settlement, the largest health care fraud settlement at that time. Pfizer also paid the U.S. government $1.3 billion in criminal fines related to the "off-label" marketing of Bextra, the largest monetary penalty ever rendered for any crime. Called a repeat offender by prosecutors, this was Pfizer's fourth such settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice in the previous ten years.
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New Quit Smoking with Natural Oral Caplets PH 1300885808
My Total Makeover -- www.mdcosmedicalsolutions.com.au By Sydney CBD, Wahroonga & Canberra MD Cosmedical Solutions - PH: 1300 885 808 Welcome to MD Cosmedical Solutions Cosmetic Clinics -- Australia's Leading Aesthetic Clinics (Sydney CBD & Wahroonga) specializing in non surgical facelifts (ie Thermage CPT, Promoitalia Threadlifts), laser skin tightening (Fraxel Repair CO2 Laser & Thermage CPT), laser skin resurfacing (fraxel restore dual laser), laser vein treatments, ultrasonic body sculpting, mesotherapy cellulite treatments, dermal fillers, wrinkle injections & laser tattoo removal. Sydney Thermage Sydney, Sydney Thermage CPT, Sydney Fraxel Sydney, Sydney Fraxel Laser Sydney, Fraxel CO2 Laser Sydney, Fractional CO2 Laser Sydney, Boost your Skin Sydney, Botox Sydney, Dysport Sydney, Restylane Sydney, Laser Clinics Sydney, Promoitalia Thread Lifts Neck Lifts Sydney, Sydney Thread Lifts Sydney, Sydney Face Lifts Sydney, Mini Face Lift Sydney, Liquid Facelift Sydney, Acne Treatment Sydney, Acne Scar Treatment Sydney, Stretch Marks Treatment Sydney, Pigment Treatment Sydney, Melasma Treatment Sydney, wrinkles treatment Sydney, Thread Lift Contour Sydney, Dermapen Sydney, Botomedix, Hanna St Christopher, Tummy Tuck Sydney, Bat Ears Otoplasty Sydney, Blepheroplasty Sydney Facelift Fraxel Sydney Melbourne Canberra Fraxel Newcastle Wollongong Gosford Fraxel laser Sydney Thermalaze Sydney Thermage Melbourne Perth Brisbane Sunshine Coast Thermage Canberra Coffs Harbour Adelaide Fraxel restore Sydney Fractional laser Sydney Fraxel Repair Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Elos alternative Radiofrequency skin tightening RF treatment Botomedix Liposculpture Sydney Fraxel co2 laser Sydney Wrinkle reduction Sydney Thermage CPT Tighten skin Sydney Skin tightening Non surgical facelift Tummy tuck Sydney Fractional laser Sydney Acne Scar Treatment Sydney Scar Treatment Scar Reduction Breaking deals Bella Cosmedica Sydney Stretch marks reduction Stretch marks laser Reduce stretch marks Sydney Pregnancy stretch marks Treatment Melasma treatment Sydney Sydney Pigment Treatment Fraxel Laser Essentially Bare Cosmetic Clinics Dermatology Clinics Sydney Dermatologists Sydney Pigment treatment Sydney Botox doctors clinics Sydney Dysport doctors Sydney Wrinkle treatment Sydney Lip Augmentation Sydney Hyperhidrosis treatment Sydney Sydney Rosacea Treatment Excessive sweating injection treatment Sydney Hyperhidrosis Treatment Specialists Sydney Excessive sweating treatment Botox excessive sweating injections Vein treatment Laser vein treatment Sydney Mesotherapy Sydney Sydney Lipodissolve Cellulite treatment Sydney Ultrasonic contour Sydney Fat freeze Fat removal Sydney Lip lines Acne Laser Treatment Sydney Acne scars laser treatment Sydney Sydney acne scar laser Sydney acne scar fraxel treatment Australia Sydney Laser Clinics Sydney Laser Clinics Liquid Facelift Sydney Fat reduction Sydney Liposuction alternatives Sydney Body contouring Sydney Cosmetic clinics Sydney Hairhouse Warehouse Sydney Shaver Shopping Sydney Facial Rejuvenation Clinics IPL Sydney Intense Pulse Light Sydney Laser hair removal Sydney Sydney Tatt2away Sydney Tattoo laser Sydney Dermapen Sydney Dermaroller Sydney Skin laser Sydney Laser skin treatment Sydney Cosmetic competition Australia Rosacea treatment Sydney Stretch marks causes Stretch Marks Treatment Sydney Pregnancy Stretch Marks Treatment Sydney Stretch Marks Treatment Melbourne Stretch Marks Treatment Canberra Radiofrequency Skin Tightening Sydney Hand Rejuvenation Fraxel Sydney Neck Skin Repair Fraxel Laser Cosmetic Clinic Beauty Makeover Competition Sydney Restylane Treatment sydney Hair regrowth laser Sydney Eye Rejuvenation Treatments Sydney Tear Trough Fillers Sydney Ultrasonic contour Thermalaze Treatments Sydney Sydney Stretch Marks Treatment Liposuction Alternatives Sydney Sydney Liposuction Alternatives Jowel Lift tightening Sydney Stretch Marks laser Sydney Stretch Marks Reduction Sydney Breast lifts Sydney Sydney Breast Lifts Fraxel Repair Skin Tightening Sydney Cellulite reduction Treatments Sydney Cellulite treatment Sydney Cellulite removal Sydney Causes of cellulite Sydney Cellulite before after Sydney Liquid facelift Sydney Cheek augmentation Sydney Skin Tightening Treatments Sydney Body Tightening treatment Sydney Arms skin Tightening Sydney Neck lift tightening Sydney Tummy Tuck Sydney Melbourne Canberra Tatt2away Sydney Laser tattoo removal Sydney Laser Tattoo Removal Sydney Canberra Swim Suit models Weight lifting Weight training Personal trainers Wedding Planners Sydney Modeling Agency Human Growth Hormone HGH Sydney Wedding Receptions Wedding Dresses Erectile Dysfunction Balding treatments Sydney Rogaine alternatives Today Show - Fraxel stretch marks, acne scars, self harm scars treatment Sydney
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CPAP Alternatives We’ve Got You Covered!
http://www.apneatreatmentcenter.com/ CPAP Alternatives? We’ve Got You Covered! There are many alternatives to CPAP! Those are new, effective, and proven alternative treatments for sleep apnea. A. WHAT IS SLEEP APNEA? A condition that causes episodes of momentary breathing stoppage as well as shallow breathing. B. TYPES OF SLEEP APNEA 1) Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA): occurs when your upper airway becomes blocked or when it collapses. 2) Central Sleep Apnea (CSA): occurs when the “breathing control center” within your brain is not functioning correctly. Your breathing muscles do not receive the proper signals. This causes your breathing to stop for short periods of time. C. SLEEP APNEA CAUSES 1) Causes of obstructive sleep apnea are most commonly weak muscles and/or excessive flab in the upper airway which blocks your upper airway when you sleep. 2) Causes of central sleep apnea are typically a malfunctioning of brain signals which results in your brain failing to “tell” your body to breathe. D. SLEEP APNEA SYMPTOMS i. Frequently occurring episodes of loud snoring, mixed with quiet periods when breathing stops) lasting 10 secs or more. This can happen more than 100 times each night. ii. Constant tiredness and daytime drowsiness/sleeping iii. Memory and concentration difficulties iv. Frequent headaches: especially in the mornings v. Lack of a social life because of extreme fatigue vi. Depression and mood changes vii. Weight gain due to lack of energy for exercise viii. High blood pressure ix. Impotence or erectile dysfunction in men E. SLEEP APNEA SIDE EFFECTS a. Coronary artery disease b. Congestive heart failure c. Heart attack d. Stroke e. Brain damage f. Elevated glucose levels g. Nocturia h. Acid reflux i. Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder or ADHD in children j. Sleep deprived partners F. HOW TO DIAGNOSE SLEEP APNEA There are a number of sleep apnea tests that can show you how to diagnose sleep apnea. Those are: 1. Sleep Apnea Quiz 2. Sleep Apnea Test At Home 3. Sleep Study G. SLEEP APNEA TREATMENTS 1. HOME REMEDIES FOR SLEEP APNEA - Mouth and Throat Exercises - Singing Therapy - Didgeridoo Therapy - Positional Therapy - Herbal Remedies - Yoga Breathing Exercises - Sleep Hygiene - Buteyko Breathing Technique - Acupuncture Therapy - Weight Loss - Diet: Foods to Eat/Foods to Avoid - Allergy Treatment & Nasal Irrigation - Lifestyle Changes: Stop smoking and drinking alcohol 2. SLEEP APNEA DEVICES - Nasal Strips - Sleep Apnea Pillows - Bumper Belts - Chin Straps - Mouth-Guards/Mouthpieces - Oral Appliances - Provent Therapy - Winx Sleep Therapy System 3. SLEEP APNEA SURGERY - Upper Airway Stimulation (Inspire) - Tonsillectomy - Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP) - Uvulopalatoplasty/LAUP - Pillar Procedure - Mandibular Maxillary Advancement - Hyoid Advancement - Radiofrequency Ablation - Tongue Advancement - Tracheostomy - Septoplasty - Nasal Valve Surgery with Rhinoplasty - Turbinectomy - Turbinoplasty - Bariatric Surgery http://www.apneatreatmentcenter.com/
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SomnoDent Reviews and Patient Testimonies: CPAP Alternative [SomnoMed Patient Journey]
Is fatigue interrupting your life? Are you getting enough sleep at night, but still feel tired during the day? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans are suffering from poor quality sleep and they don’t know why. Chronic fatigue can feel like it’s draining your quality of life away. As if that wasn’t bad enough it can also pose serious health risks long-term, including: Drug-resistant hypertension Obesity Erectile dysfunction Congestive heart failure Diabetes A common cause of chronic sleep deprivation is obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). When you have OSA, your airway closes repeatedly throughout the night. When this happens, it becomes impossible to breath. It’s at this point that your brain wakes you up so you can take a breath. This can happen without you remembering it or being aware it happened. Traditionally, the treatment for obstructive sleep apnea has been a CPAP machine. In recent years, Continuous Open Airway Therapy (COAT)TM – such as the SomnoDent – has entered the market as a CPAP alternative. These new COATTM devices give patient more control over their treatment options and – ultimately – their lives. How does the SomnoDent work? SomnoDent products fit inside your mouth at night, and gently pull your jaw forward. This open your airways allowing you to sleep – and breath – easier. But how do patients feel about the SomnoDent? We asked some of our long-term customers to share their thoughts about how this treatment worked for them. These SomnoDent reviews give you an inside peak at what it’s like to use the SomnoDent. Many of these patient testimonials come from individuals who have been using the device to treat their sleep apnea for years. For more, visit: https://somnomed.com/us/patients/patient-testimonies/
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Guys Answer Boner Questions Girls Are Too Afraid To Ask
Guys just wanna feel sexy. Check out more awesome BuzzFeedBlue videos! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedblue MUSIC Fornicary Gentlemen Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Jolly Nice Friends Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Get Down To It Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. STILLS Young sexy muscular man posing Zurijeta / Getty Images Tally foto-ruhrgebiet / Getty Images Young man doing yoga exercise on beach Michael Reh/Fuse / Getty Images Afro-american man wearing a sport outfit isolated on white background shipfactory / Getty Images Unzip jeans shakzu / Getty Images Man taking his own picture with his smart phone feedough / Getty Images An elderly woman smiles up at the camera as she hold a tray of cookies Photodisc / Getty Images GET MORE BUZZFEED: www.buzzfeed.com www.buzzfeed.com/video www.buzzfeed.com/videoteam www.youtube.com/buzzfeedvideo www.youtube.com/buzzfeedyellow www.youtube.com/buzzfeedblue www.youtube.com/buzzfeedviolet www.youtube.com/buzzfeed BUZZFEED BLUE Tasty short, fun, inspiring, funny, interesting videos from BuzzFeed. From incredible science facts to amazing how-to's and DIYs, BuzzFeed Blue will entertain, educate, spark conversation about all the little things that matter in life. Bite-size knowledge for a big world. Just like BuzzFeedVideo, but more blue.
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Early Symptoms Diabetes
http://tinyurl.com/400ri3q48d8 how to take medication for diabetes how to cure diabetes in 30 days and how to treat diabetes without meds, how to treat uncontrolled diabetes, how to reverse diabetes using food Early Symptoms Diabetes how to cure diabetes in a natural way, how to cure erectile dysfunction diabetes, how to cure diabetes in ayurveda, how to cure pre diabetes, how to treat uncontrolled diabetes symptoms of diabetes in men, symptoms of diabetes in women, symptoms of diabetes type 2, symptoms of diabetes in children, symptoms of diabetes in hindi, what are symptoms of diabetes, sign and symptoms of diabetes, early symptoms of diabetes, symptoms of diabetes in men, symptoms of diabetes type 1, symptoms of diabetes in women, symptoms of diabetes type 2, symptoms of diabetes in children, symptoms of diabetes in hindi, symptoms of diabetes in men, symptoms of diabetes in women, symptoms of diabetes in children, symptoms of diabetes in hindi, symptoms of diabetes type 1, symptoms of diabetes type 1 ,detoxification,Dr. Morse,Dr. Robert Morse,ND,regeneration,sugar,candida,diab­etes,protein,acid,alkaline,Zucker,Krankh­eit,Gesundheit,Medizin,Forschung,Blutzuc­ker,zu hoher Blutzucker,M\u00fcdigkeit,Harndrang,Metf­ormin,Insulin,Pankreas,vegan,pflanzliche Ern\u00e4hrung,tierische Produkte,Zivilisationserkrankung,Alfredo Halpern,diabetes tipo 1,diabetes tipo 2,type 1 and 2 dm,glucose,Mellitus,D.M.,Diabetic,Checki­ng,your,blood,sugars,Answered,Patient,He­alth,Answers,TV,male,nurse,mendoza,juven­ile,diabetic,health,American,Association­,Basics,What,Is,Diabetes?,Nursemendoza,m­ellitus,type I,type 1,type II,type 2,type 1 diabetes,type 2 diabetes,metformin,autoimmune,biochemist­ry,pathophysiology of diabetes,physiology,pathophysiology,lect­ure,usmle,nclex,ccrn,salud,medicina,tema­s de salud,la diabetes,mayo clinic,clinica mayo,vidaysalud,vida y salud,dra aliza,doctora aliza,resistencia a la insulina,insulina,regina castro,diabetico,sintomas de la diabetes,azucar en la sangre,glucosa en la sangre,que es diabetes,tratamiento diabetes,control diabetes,medicamentos diabetes,sobre diabetes,how to cure diabetes,natural diabetes cure,natural cures for diabetes,type 2 diabetes cure,diabetes natural cure,natural cure for diabetes,cures for diabetes,cure for type 2 diabetes,cure for diabetes type 2,diabetes cure type 2,diabetes cures,cure diabetes naturally,diabetic cure,can diabetes be cured,how to cure diabetes naturally,diabetes type 2 cure,diabetes 2 cure,cure to diabetes,type 1 diabetes natural treatment,anima\u00e7\u00e3o,educativa,s­angue,prote\u00ednas,muta\u00e7\u00e3o,g­ordura,sa\u00fade,glicose,causas,consequ­\u00eancias,Paulo Naoum,Alia Naoum,Birdo,hypoglycemia,gestational diabetes,adult-onset diabetes,diabetes treatment,diabetes symptoms,blood sugar levels,insulin-dependent,different diabetes types,health plaza,healthchannel,healtht tv,medicine,body,medical,illness,sick,he­althcare,Type 1 Diabetes (Disease Or Medical Condition),jdrf,type 1 diabetic,Diabetes Mellitus (Disease Or Medical Condition),Type 2 Diabetes (Disease Or Medical Condition),doctors in training,lectures,online,COMLEX 1,COMLEX 2,COMLEX 3,Falcon USMLE,USMLE ALGORITHMS,USMLE STEP 3,Algorithms for the USMLE,USMLE VIDEO,USMLE VIDEOS,USMLE Step 2CK,USMLE Step 3,USMLE,First Aid USMLE,Kaplan USMLE,Medical Algorithms,Jijoe Joseph,Master the Boards,Archer USMLE,Premier USMLE,Usmle flow charts,usmleflowcharts,usmlesaver,Type 1 Diabetes,Type 2 Diabetes,adult onset diabetes,autoimmune disorder,excess body weight,high blood pressure,high cholesterol,low activity,metabolic syndrome,age,animation,low,funny,cure for diabetes,cure,literacy,what is diabetes,natural remedy,managing diabetes,remedy,nutrition,3d,Career Girls,Senior Researcher,Julia Greenstein Ph.D.,Harvard Medical School,Dana Farber Cancer Institute,Immerge Bio Therapeutics,Immulogic Pharmaceutical,yt:stretch=16:9,type 1 vs type 2,diabetes misconceptions,different types of diabetes,diabetes information,ginger vieira,living in progress,nucleus,media,art,acquired,anim­ate,animated,animations,arteriosclerosis­,arteriosclerotic,arterosclerosis,athero­sclerosis,atherosclerotic,athersclerosis­,beta,blindness,cells,control,damage,dis­ease,diseases,hyperglycemia,ketoacidosis­,ketosis,kidney,kidneys,needle,needles,n­erve,nerves,over,pancreatic,pump,pumps,r­enal,shot,syringe,syringes,type,weight,
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NuMale Medical Commercial | 866.205.8262 | NuMaleMedical.com
NuMale Medical Commercial - htttp://numalemedical.com Call 866.205.8262 for an appointment NuMale Medical is a large growing men's health clinic with clinics in the following areas: Albuquerque NM - 505-715-4547 Austin TX - 512-607-7595 Charlotte NC - 704-743-4774 Chicago IL - 847-354-4383 Denver CO - 303-848-3070 Green Bay WI - 920-785-6444 Las Vegas NV - 702-381-6550 Milwaukee WI - 414-751-8932 Omaha NE - 402-507-4717 Tampa FL - 813-513-9493 Tucson AZ - 520-582-9399 The Villages FL - 352-415-9558 NuMale Medical Center is a leading national provider of customized, comprehensive treatment for male sexual dysfunction and enhancement. NuMale helps men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED), low testosterone (Low-T), Premature ejaculation and low sex drive, utilizing a wide range of the most highly respected, FDA-approved treatments. NuMale’s innovative services include hormone replacement therapy, medical weight loss and NeoGraft hair restoration. Founded and led by accomplished physician Dr. Christopher Asandra, NuMale Medical Center has expanded rapidly since its founding in 2013, with twelve facilities nationwide and many more to come.
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2008 hz Sexual Dysfunctions - Isochronic [Brainwave Entrainment]
2008 hz Relief: Eczema (skin), Fibroma, Immune system stimulation, Impotence, Infertility, Influenza, Leukoplakia, Oral lesions, Orchitis, Osteomyelitis, Ovarian disorders (general), Pancreas (alternate), Pancreatic insufficiency, Parasites flukes pancreatic, Parasites hookworm, Pelvic inflammatory disease, Plantaria, Polyp (general), Prostate general problems, Prostatitus, Psoriasis, Pyorrhea, Sexual dysfunction, Sterility, Stomach disorders, Tuberculosis (secondary complications), Warts (general). Adrenal stimulant. Sexual Disorders see also 625 hz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hjstP6MRHg Sexual Dysfunctions, Sexual Disorders (Relief): 0.12 hz, 0.56 hz, 9.39, 20hz, 34.21hz, 53.77hz, 95hz, 73hz, 72hz, 124hz, 291.24hz, 381.61hz, 465hz, 502.36hz, 581.26hz, 600hz, 625hz, 638.19hz, 650hz, 666hz, 690hz 708.92hz, 802hz, 880hz, 727hz, 787hz, 2008hz, 2112 hz, 2127hz. 124 hz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yi8MsHmA5o0 9.39 hz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDA7nYLk2NQ 73 hz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9N2tMvQAvk0 291.24 hz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6gFe1wkjgA (good working one) 600 hz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6XlFTkRhFA 650 hz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQppMFuvIoI 666 hz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzfux-1vkB0 690 hz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58G0NYTOMT4 727 hz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4SCPRCWvw7A 787 hz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJ95dnwqRrY 800 hz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8em2Z5z4Qw 2008 hz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOCixPrUKJQ 2127 hz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzqC_tPCUp0 These freq. should also works as strenghtening (tonic, aphrodisiacum) Sexual Disorders psychological:: 0.12, 0.58, 38.00, 53.77 hz, 202.00, 390.61, 502.36, 581.26, 638.19, 708.92hz 0.12 hz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tp5cfOY29W8 38 hz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_JcxdtbpRM 53.77 + 581.26 hz (sexual dysfunctions, general+psychological): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KivIrArxbZM --------------------------- freq. lists: AFCAFL: http://www.electroherbalism.com/Bioelectronics/FrequenciesandAnecdotes/CAFL_allFrequenciesExperimental.htm Some spiritual and psychic frequencies: http://lunarsight.com/freq.htm Stimulating/Normalizing freq.: http://stenulson.net/althealth/stimfreq.htm Glossary and more links: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_cambio06b.htm More lists: http://www.royalrife.com/lists.html What is CAFL and some important information about the use of frequencies: http://www.electroherbalism.com/Bioelectronics/FrequenciesandAnecdotes/CAFL%20Mystery.pdf
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Can-Fite Announces Upcoming 2015 Clinical Milestones for its Pipeline of Drugs in 4 Indications
PETACH TIKVA, Israel, Jan. 6, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Can-Fite BioPharma Ltd. (NYSE MKT: CANF) (CFBI.TA), a biotechnology company advancing a pipeline of proprietary small molecule drugs that address cancer and inflammatory diseases, today announced its anticipated clinical milestones for calendar 2015. "We are looking forward to a very active year in terms of clinical developments and release of data from key trials including late stage studies for psoriasis," stated Can-Fite CEO Dr. Pnina Fishman. Q1 2015 Data release from Phase II/III psoriasis trial In the first quarter of 2015, Can-Fite plans to announce top line results from its Phase II/III trial of its lead drug candidate CF101 in the treatment of psoriasis. The Company completed enrollment of over 300 patients at 17 clinical centers in the U.S., Europe, and Israel. Previously announced interim results for the first 100 patients were positive. The psoriasis therapeutic market was worth $3.6 billion in 2010 and is forecast to grow to $6.7 billion by 2018, according to estimates of GlobalData. Q1 2015 Completion of commercial A3AR biomarker blood test kit In the first quarter of 2015, Can-Fite anticipates completion of its biomarker blood test kit for the A3 adenosine receptor (A3AR) as a biomarker to predict patient's response to CF101. The kit is designed to test A3AR expression levels prior to treatment with CF101, thereby predicting a patient's response to the drug and providing more personalized medicine. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued Can-Fite a patent for the utilization of A3AR as a biomarker to predict patients' response to CF101 in all autoimmune inflammatory indications. H2 2015 Data release from analysis of Phase II glaucoma trial During the first half of 2015, Can-Fite expects to announce results from its Phase II study of CF101 in the treatment of glaucoma. The 88 patient study is planned to be conducted in two European countries by Can-Fite's subsidiary OphthaliX Inc. (OPLI). The global glaucoma market was estimated by GlobalData to be worth approximately $3 billion in 2010 and CF101 is one of only a few oral drugs developed for glaucoma. The market currently consists primarily of generic eye drop drugs. Oral administration is expected to improve patient compliance. Q4 2015 Completion of patient enrollment for Phase II liver cancer trial By the end of 2015, Can-Fite anticipates completing enrollment of approximately 78 patients in its Phase II trial for its drug candidate CF102 in the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), the most common form of liver cancer. In December 2014, Can-Fite dosed its first patient in the randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled trial to be conducted in the U.S., Europe and Israel. CF102 has been granted Orphan Drug Status by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and it is also approved for Compassionate Use for Liver Cancer by Israel's Ministry of Health. According to Global Industry Analysts the global market for liver cancer is projected to exceed $2 billion by 2015. Q4 2015 Completion of a working plan for Phase I Sexual Dysfunction trial During 2015 Can-Fite, plans to implement a pre-clinical development program of its next generation drug CF602 for the indication of sexual dysfunction and develop a working plan to file an IND with the U.S. FDA for a Phase I study. In December 2014, Can-Fite received positive pre-clinical data from experimental animal models demonstrating that CF602 improved sexual dysfunction in a dose dependent manner. GlobalData estimates the value of the erectile dysfunction therapeutic market is approximately $2.7 billion with few drugs on the market which includes Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.
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