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Tribute to 'Jumping Jack'Lalanne age 95: Lifestyle, Exercise, Happiness

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G'day Champions, Remember to get Your FREE Book: "3 Simple Steps that can Save Your Life" HERE: http://bit.ly/2BgsY8Z Remember to 'Like' our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HealthAndFitnessOver40/ Jack Lalanne, the 'Godfather of Fitness' shares words of wisdom on a life of health, fitness, exercise and happiness from his TV show the 'Jack Lalanne Show', which ran for 34 years, his contributions to the health and fitness techniques over the past 50 years and his thoughts on a long life as he celebrated his 95th birthday. This video is a brief tribute to a man who has had a significant impact on health, fitness and longevity the world over and even had an exercise, the 'Jumping Jack' named after him. Notice: All of the research, discussion and information is presented for information purposes only, to increase knowledge and awareness related to risk factors associated with various lifestyle related diseases and/or illnesses. Use of the information provided is at the sole choice and risk of the reader and should not be adopted without first consulting your health professional.
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