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A massage - healing that lasts? Jen, rmt,discuses the attitude needed.- goodenergybreak.com

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After 9 years of working with energy points, we have improved the whole process at Goodenergybreak.com on how to create sustainable results with a time-tested modality. jen, an rmt, is a very special person who also appreciates intuitive form of body work and her life turned around at all levels after her body was restored. JEN WAS LOOKING FOR A SOLUTION THAT WORKED AND WORKED FOR A LONG TIME. SHE WAS RIGHT. NOW- JEN HAS HOPE -- TO BE ABLE TO CONTINUE HER MASSAGE THERAPY CAREER! NO MORE -- (ANXIETY! BUT FREEDOM FROM PAIN (ARMS+ )AND INTERNAL TENSION! NO MORE PAIN IN HER ARMS AND BODY! MORE CLARITY AND PEACE. What does it mean to heal? How does it happen? What to do to get in the right healing mode? Joanna recine is the Licensed holistic practitioner, from goodenergybreak.com using chinese modalites with new programs & tools she invented in addition to chi and intuition. Jen looks very relaxed after her treatment in this space /sanctuary. Jen was worried that she would no longer be able to work many more years as a massage therapist due to her pain in arms + but now she is so healthy, pain-free and hopeful. "Being opened to what is and allowing the change to occur is the first step in the healing process. " Jen explains her healing process very well. Others can learn too! The self-healing process is not easy to explain because it is experential but the experience can be explained once done at least! We use a highly skilled body- mind technique incorporating 2500 year old young Chinese modalities, acu- reflexology, psychosynthesis and enerscan pinpointing areas of weakness (that a xray cannot often do). you can call us at 416 654 4325 (HEAL) - looking forward to being on your self-healing journey.
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