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Heroin Addiction, How Difficult Was It To Beat?

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Monica explains how hard it was for her to beat heroin addiction. For more information on addiction visit http://www.empowher.com/condition/addictions.
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Xattack21 1 (11 месяцев назад)
Only 1% of all heroin addicts stays clean, is that true? I´m sure is more than that. Any opinions here?
steve b (2 года назад)
She is still an addict.
Zachary Landers (3 года назад)
How to beat my addiction. World of warcraft. Lots and lots of world of warcraft. Or League of Legends either way keep your mind occupied
Jena Jackson (4 года назад)
What can I do right at this very min to feel better. ? This is killing me! ! I can't sleep. My nose is running. Restless legs like crazy! It's so horrible.
riseabove (3 года назад)
+Jena Jackson Just another wk and your ins kicks in.You can also ask doc for coupons,so most of your scripts will basically be free.And the med has a blocker in it,so if you take any opiate,it will have zero effect on you.Knowing this,you wont be blowing money on H,oxys,roxies,tabs etc..You will have zero withdrawls,and should be clean in 4-6 mos of treatment,and be off the subs.Good luck.And you can do it,I know.
Jena Jackson (3 года назад)
A few years ago I went to the methadone clinic and was on that for three years. A year and a half I stayed at My highest dose and it took me a year and a half to slowely taper down safely. While I was on that I did great. I loved it and I was on that because of oxys. I stayed clean for a few years and then discovered the other stuff. I haven't had insurance to get back on any program but my insurance kicks in the beginning of Dec so I plan on doing something I'm just not sure what right now.
riseabove (3 года назад)
Jena I know coz I been there,the watery eyes,sniffles,night sweats,aching all over.The day I started Suboxone is the day I didnt need anymore.Withdrawls go away,but no high at all.And it doesnt nod you out like methadone.I havent used in a year,and I tapering off Suboxone.I feel super healthy,and love being active.That is what you can do now.Find a suboxone Dr.
pali prince (5 лет назад)
god bless u. U are a strong women
Ronald de Rooij (5 лет назад)
remarkable video. So she must have lived with her heroine using husband while sober for 10 years ? Hard to believe. And in the mean time switching addictions? No, this I do not believe. This is a story made up if you ask me.
lecktmich Amarsch (5 лет назад)
How difficult is it, to "Beat" a heroin addiction? It is VERY difficult to beat, because in the reality of most cases, its not realy YOU, who wants to beat it, its your sourrounding that forces the wish upon you, you could beat it, while all the time you long for that next dose and to be left in peace! THATS how difficult it is to "beat" a heroin addicition!!
MIKEBENJ (5 лет назад)
I agree, it gave me my life back for a while BUT became a bandaid to when ever I wanted to get high a couple times a week...No Methadone, No subs, do it with nothing my friends..As hard as it is, its worth it.
j0nnyism (6 лет назад)
Giving up drugs and coming onto religion is dumb. All you are doing is replacing one crutch with another. Just show some guts and quit without replacing drugs with the most corrosive drug of them all; religious servitude. Unless, of course if youre happy taking d
PurePessimism (6 лет назад)
@BikerMama8101 Oh praise jesus our Lord and God! He's the one who got me off the opiates! No, it wasn't it was you but you put your belief that you should have had in yourself into religion when you should have had belief in yourself only. Religion is only a re-inforcer to help addicts come off and gives a feeling of a being who is magically always around who loves and cares who wants you to kick to stuff. It's only part brainwashing and part belief in a religion that is ridiculus
PurePessimism (6 лет назад)
@BlakBlocAtak That is fucking mad. Methadone sounds like the fucking devil but I've heard pretty bad things about subutex
Christopher Hogan (7 лет назад)
niclaz300, she is NOT ugly. She is a wonderful person who like most former addicts, found that a drug could mask the emotional/physical/spiritual pain that she was experiencing. Until you heal this the real disease, you can't overcome the addiction. It's like trying to quit scratching without healing the itch. But when you finally do, you discover that the drug, while providing temporary relief, was actually prolonging the pain. I'm a gay man and even I know she's beautiful.
rockbay79 (7 лет назад)
It take a lot of guts to do this.
bloodfire jah (7 лет назад)
bloodfire jah (7 лет назад)
This woman's chattin shit. I reckon it's a week long rattle of the gear and yeah the first 3 days are the worst but it's still a week of cluckin and then you don't feel right for 3 weeks after that. Everyone's body chemistry is different, still. If you're young or relatively healthy then obviously your rattle won't be as bad or last as long cause you're body re-generates faster than someone who's had a 10-15 year habit and has been living in the street.
Louise M-D (7 лет назад)
professionals who r addicts get good d-tox with nutritional therapy to rebuild your nerves-magnesium/calcium-every 2 hours=no cramps from d tox-all poor pple get is medical "poisoning"- of methodone etc--to bump us off for good-much needed magnesium gets neglected while paid docs-students doing research get rich off our mothers pain& lack of mothers' pay-the grandmothers are where?sufferings-for HOPE read iroquois women by spittal- but easy solutions=no profits for docs etc
Ian Howard (7 лет назад)
There is a drug that is naturally occuring called Ibogaine. It can end withdrawals within an hour and cravings for long periods of time. The catch is you have to go through an intense psychedelic experience that lasts a couple days. It looks like about 30% of junkies that do this stay clean AND HAPPY for long periods of time. I did it 3 years ago and have been clean ever since with very little craving. This is not maintenance like Methadone or Suboxone. Contact me with ?'s ianroots29@gmail.com
blank man (7 лет назад)
i know i pretty much know everthing bout oppiates
blank man (8 лет назад)
So true

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