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The Pills r the truth
ALL THINGS HIPHOP (1 год назад)
haven't watched any NFL content since Kaep hasn't landed a job and even if he does I think I'm completely done with the NFL
darrell cook (1 год назад)
Shout To Brother Blue Pill!!!!
Yaway Israel (1 год назад)
Jay Dee (1 год назад)
Nah breh totally wrong. These players are taking wild shots and totally going the wrong way and in turn they are fucking up theirs and the owners money because they'd rather kneel than take real action at improving the communities of these 'oppressed' people. Fall back with that victim you can't speak shit. Everyone has to abide by rules at work. The NFL tried to play both sides and now it's biting them in the ass but the players are so confused they just act out thumbing their name at the flag when that same 'flag' has afforded them the right to make millions playing a meaningless game. Stop the bullshit. It's tiring.
Oneshot (1 год назад)
In the long run it's hurt the players if they lose their constituents then revenue goes down. So it will only hurt the players. NFL players have no end game and no reason for this meeting. Kapernick has a lawsuit against NFL. How would it be possible for him to be there. Would his lawyer recommend that?
Original DRose (1 год назад)
Each one teach one, same thing each one must be committed and consistent
Original DRose (1 год назад)
Very true, Blue Pill... What's the damn relevance of anyone even being attentive to, not just watching games, but, caring about the drama surrounding the issue whether players kneel or stand. There are waaaaaaay more relevant issues GLOBALLY taking precedence over this NFL BS.
Original DRose (1 год назад)
It backfired on the NFL. As long as the players abided to the NFL owner's demands of standing during the anthem, it was fine for Moors to stop watching/attending games, but, until once the players started kneeling in unity nor even came out on the field, during the anthem, ultimately pissed off the patriarch patriotic Europeans that watch/attend, thus, began to protest, hence, THEN, the NFL and owners felt the impact of viewership and ratings fall and NOW wish to compromise.
Peace Love (1 год назад)
My Brother the Blue Pillar Peace and Love
TruuRAIgReal AsItGets (1 год назад)
ou. so true. 💖💭
West Asian Levantine (1 год назад)
is baba beige?
Information for your Relations (1 год назад)
West Asian Levantine 😂😂😂😂
onliiine (1 год назад)
nlp fam
EL BOHIKE (1 год назад)
dudes that affected the most change died with nothing dudes today want to make mad money but not affecting shit really.
truth jackson (1 год назад)
Black people are done brother the pig faced enemy may have won this round so it seems.
EL BOHIKE (1 год назад)
consultation fees and the push back coming from the teachers.
EL BOHIKE (1 год назад)
the crazy thing is that the info is vage and for info to mobilize hommies want money to help them.
Supreme Chief (1 год назад)
Niemah Nu-Ra (1 год назад)
TOO MANY still BELIEVE in the EURO-ROMAN-GRECO way. What do people want to "build?" A "black" Rome? LOOK around you! You have been ROMANCED! You want to be entertained til you die. Still striving to have what The Beast has. The only thing they have is DEATH! Money is only power in the system of The Beast. It takes Belief in it for it to work. If you still for sale you eventually be bought.
IRONDREADSAINT (1 год назад)
I Live in Michigan, legal marijuana state, possibly to make 1 million in a season, can't get brothers or sisters to do shit but hair!!
Stanley Baptiste (1 год назад)

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