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Free with Purchase, Brand Name Items

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Most companies have free items they give away. These can be hats, bags, sports balls, or shirts. These items will end up in the thrifts stores because not everyone want them. However these free with purchase items are very unique and they have a market. I have 3 examples in the video. I'm not certain if the Lacoste tennis racket was a giveaway or not. But my point is to look for items with name brand labels on them. Make sure it wasn't a handmade object because those won't be authentic. Most bootleggers won't be making footballs. A lot of you probably know about this already. my goal is to get videos about unique things out. You may not learn something new with every video but I bet you will learn something from me. Subscribe to get new videos! View the Blog Post Facebook: https://fb.com/katiemariepatton Twitter: https://twitter.com/KatieMPatton Google+: http://google.com/+KatiePatton #katiepatton #ebay #facebook #makemoney
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Larry Lafferty (3 года назад)
Good info.
Dumpster Marcus (4 года назад)
Great Video!!
daveheel (4 года назад)
we are a brand name obsessed society.
Chris Corliss (4 года назад)
I've learned a bunch useful tips from the videos I've watched. The only one that didn't work for me was testing for sterling with makeup powder. I've made money from your tip about coffee warmers and their wattage especially Brookstone's model. I watched one video where you mentioned looking for boardgames at thrift stores which beforehand I payed no attention to, since then I sold one game called war in Europe for $175 and another called Passing the Bar for $75. The more knowledge I have on items to look for the better. Keep up the good work.
Katie Patton (4 года назад)
Thank you so much Chris! The make up video became more popular than I thought it would. Of course someone should always use professional tools to test for silver.
vicki carol (4 года назад)
Thanks Katie, I have been trying to get up enough nerve to start selling some of my items that I have been collecting over the years.  Now, I just have to do it , don't I?
yardsalejunkie1000 (4 года назад)
Great info Katie. I sold empty Chanel bottles before. It is all about the branding. Keep up the good work.
Katie Patton (4 года назад)
azure blue (4 года назад)
Hey there, can you give us some places you find great deals to resell. Are you doing this full time? Are you still in Ohio? What items do you find best to buy and resell? Are you single? Did you go to college, if so where and what degree did you graduate with? Are you happy? Do you gave children? What do you like to do? What dreams for the future do you have? Easy runnings, Azure
RubberWilbur (4 года назад)
Katie I have a question, why did you take down the Ice Bucket Challenge Video?  Is it because of perverted comments?  
Katie Patton (4 года назад)
+Brandon Kirk I didn't think it went well with my channel. plus people were complaining I didn't use more water. This isn't flashdance! lol
Teddy Rux (4 года назад)
Killer shirt. Totally agree. I've had good luck with old Time Life giveaway things. Remember those classic commercials? Ha
cooltoads (4 года назад)
Katie Patton (4 года назад)
Ecycle Nation (4 года назад)
Awesome Katie, Columbus here, didn't know you were a Buckeye.
Katie Patton (4 года назад)
Yep! I always het lost in Columbus. So many exits off of the highways.
MilkCap (4 года назад)
Tell us how you do.
pfcwar5150 (4 года назад)
+Katie Patton...I think he want s to know how much your raking in,....he thinks your a Millionaire....lol 
Katie Patton (4 года назад)
How I do what? Are you asking how I am doing?
Golden Finger Picker (4 года назад)
Flippin Profits (4 года назад)
Katie Patton (4 года назад)
Dayton Ohio ;)
Resale Living (4 года назад)
Building a brand. Good work.
Katie Patton (4 года назад)
Thank You!
Kurt Mason (4 года назад)
First to view and first to comment!!!!!!!!! Suck on that you monkeys!!!!!!!!!
Katie Patton (4 года назад)
Thanks Kurt!

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