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John McCain: Is the You Tube on The Google???

Еще от: newmac
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McCain is indeed aware of the Internets and The Google and like all seniors; can perhaps one day too; send an email online or purchase Viagra
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dericdesmond (10 лет назад)
hahahahaha The google
newmac (10 лет назад)
If you have a mouse; you can use your wrist or nose to click it. Or your wrist. I guess if he is that disabled, and can't write at all; he should not be running for President of the United States. They need to be able to sign bills, and even read them sometimes. Another lame tatic by the republithugs.
123GiantPanda (10 лет назад)
RACHID TAHRI (10 лет назад)
Mccain Invented "The Google"

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