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Rainbow - I Surrender 1981

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I Surrender (Written by Russ Ballard) I Surrender - Rainbow (Album Difficult to Cure 1981) Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow Ritchie Blackmore - Guitar Joe Lynn Turner - Vocals Roger Glover - Bass Don Airey - Keyboards Bobby Rondinelli - Drums
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Текстовые комментарии (50)
Lauren Wallace (1 день назад)
Love Joe Lynn Turner!!
Blaire Ronzel (1 месяц назад)
This was the best lineup of Rainbow. Don Airey, Glover, Blackmore, Cozy Powell, Turner...
magno celestino (9 месяцев назад)
Que som do Caralho !!!!
Christian Bingmark (1 год назад)
Love Blackmore / purple / Rainbow. No matter what! Music is music guys/girls!!!
Simone Gianardi (1 год назад)
great drummer too.
Mans Saba (1 год назад)
Сука, SUPER!!!
John L (1 год назад)
JLT looks way different here, kind of a Mick Jagger vibe.
MrMaukka10 (1 год назад)
Putin. Trump. I will not surrender.
MrMaukka10 (1 год назад)
Mr Putin. Mr Trump. My troops will not surrender. We will rock all over you.
Сергей Козлов (1 год назад)
Майка престижная
daniel chung (1 год назад)
Ritchie. Always so happy. Keep smiling ritchie. It's not so bad being a guitar legend.
MrMaukka10 (1 год назад)
The final judgement is that some of the Western nations will not belly-up w/ Mr. Putin. No surrender.
Jedi Master (1 год назад)
m_killer 96 (1 год назад)
i agree master yoda
pegasus51505317 (1 год назад)
amen....he never gets the credit he deserves
Greg (1 год назад)
I surrender should be the national anthem of France since 1945
Eugeniy Dmitriev (5 месяцев назад)
google "The Battle of Bir Hakeim"
QuarrellaDeVil (1 год назад)
Rondinelli hits the high hat, and it sounds like a hand clap: What did they do to make that effect? Still wish that what little they did with this song with Bonnet would see the light of day.
Nicole Günther (2 года назад)
Mir geht ständig nach ein par Sekunden der Ton weg, aber mein Kopfhöhrersymbol ist an.Woran lkiegt das?
Nick Lutsevich (2 года назад)
Joe Lynn Turner слушал его с группой  в Севастополе в мае 2015 ,Супер!
Zheka Zheka (2 года назад)
три темы рейнбов челентано и хенсли свели меня и марьяшу в 1981 году
madometal (2 года назад)
Great song one of my fave rainbow hits ...man turner looks like a young don Dokken at times and the drummer looks a spitin' image of a young Bruce kulick of Kiss fame ....
Влад Омский (2 года назад)
Ты наилучший
DowntheGlen (2 года назад)
What about shutting the feck up?
MrMaukka10 (2 года назад)
Be careful. NATO is close to you. Predator will just sweep you away. Carefull. Some pros take guys out from 800 meters away. You stop - then a masive almost non-windy 20 grams will take 50% of you head away. Before you realise the culprit will be 100 miles (or 1) away.
GO5H4 (2 года назад)
Гнатив Сергей (2 года назад)
Слухаю плакаю ! ! !
Tani Veselinova (2 года назад)
велика песен
tubal1 (2 года назад)
Blackmore... what a pimp! :D
Samer Slik (2 года назад)
Ritchi and Joe together on stage .. what more do you expect !!!!
Roggiedodgie (3 года назад)
I know this is awful but I look at Don Airey and I immediately think "goober" but not in a bad way. He looks like he came straight out of a freshman high school science class. But looks aside, he deserves more accolades for being a tremendous rock n roller.
ana rainbow (2 года назад)
he looks just like my classmate from high school lol
David Topchiev (3 года назад)
Lol!!! Actually ur not far off!! Don is a classically trained pianist specializing in Chopin. Until he joined the Rock n Roll genre!! Has any other Keyboardist contributed to this music more than Don???? Don't think so!! He's played for everyone!! And has done some of the most memorable Intros and fillers and Solos for Rainbow, Ozzy, MSG, Sabbath......Cozy Powell Solo projects, Gary Moore.....goes on and on!! He's a Legend and a genius!!!
Michael Barnick (3 года назад)
By the way YES RITCHIE IS BITCHIE....But hey he still is THE MAN.
Michael Barnick (3 года назад)
Joe Lynn Turner....what a voice.
David Topchiev (3 года назад)
Underrated singer who had Huge shoes to fill and was unfortunately always looked down upon because of Dio!! My first introduction to Blackmores music was through Joe in High School!! I met Joe at a Dp concert in 96!!
Mario garcia (3 года назад)
all of ya are nerds  get a^own band live it up over the edge heroin coca killling rockin wimps
margus kiis (3 года назад)
Strange, at the beginning on the "poster" Cozy Powell is shown but here the next drummer Roninelly is playing.
margus kiis (1 год назад)
I know but I suppose the poster shows the line-up of the next song but it does not, accurately.
Michael Francis (1 год назад)
Cozy quit Rainbow after the Monsters of Rock concert on the down to earth tour in 1980. After Rainbow he played drums in Whitesnake, Emerson, Lake, and Powell and Black Sabbath and some soloalbums. Died in 1998
kentishtowncowboy (2 года назад)
+margus kiis Cozy Powell was the original drummer and an exceptional one, hence his inclusion in the group by Blackmore. Cozy died in a car crash. He like driving fast but was on an early mobile phone as he was driving and something must have happened, his last words being "Oh Shit". I'm not making that up, it was reported at the time. A great drummer.
Starline Starline (3 года назад)
dose ...dose .........
Mariana Yanova (3 года назад)
Joe is number 1!!!
David Topchiev (3 года назад)
Not only is Ritchie the best player there is.... But, He's also the Most Handsome , with Amazing Larger than life Presence. He even has the Nicest Fingers in the Business. He's just Amazing to listen and look at!
geoff 001 (3 года назад)
Its not Bonnet
madamejosse (3 года назад)
+David Topchiev Agree totally. Love Bonnet, but these belong to JLT , who is still going strong.
David Topchiev (3 года назад)
Dio and Bonnet are my Heros. But I don't think anyone else could have sung these 80s Rainbow Songs better than Joe. And I'm great full to him!
hooleeto (3 года назад)
este es el RB que se fue de Deep Purple porque la musica habia tomado un rumbo "comercial" FUNKY-BLUES.?
Gabriele 95 (4 года назад)
powerful voice , great song and cover
David Topchiev (3 года назад)

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