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Holeproof Underdaks 'Packed Lunch' 1994

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This highly successful TV campaign was one in a long series of amusing TVCs for the Australian men's underwear brand 'Underdaks' and was based around a theme that endured for almost 30 years: 'One day, you're gonna get caught with your pants down'. Shot in 1994 for release in Australia & NZ for Pacific Dunlop's 'Pacific Brands', it was created by Simon Collins, co-founder and Creative Executive of Collins Gartrell, during his time at Campaign Palace, a groundbreaking Australian ad agency, when John Poulakakis was Managing Director and Randal Glennon in charge of Client Services. Temporarily banned from Australian TV after a later-dismissed complaint to the Advertising Standards Council made because of one of the taglines, 'He's probably gay', it was later featured in a number of overseas TV shows on amusing commercials from around the world. The two other taglines were: 'Nice luggage' and 'One day, I'm going to get lucky'. The commercial and another well-known one from Holeproof starring Toneya Bird and an echidna also featured in 'The Gruen Transfer', a TV show discussing TV advertising, on the national broadcaster, ABC TV, on June 4th, 2008. The term 'himbo' became part of the common vernacular during this time and the concept behind the expression likely provided some inspiration for this ad, though the growing emphasis culturally on men's fashion was a major consideration. The 'himbo' is played by Jason Stewart, who was with Vivien's Models at the time, but is now represented by Duke Actors' Management, Sydney. This video is no longer 'age restricted' due to its being present unrestricted on other channels.
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