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EXTREME MASSAGE WITH FEET # 2 goodenergybreak.com

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I am standing on his body with no help. It is very beneficial to connect with body and when you release the mind through body. You will better connect and find where there is imbalance. The body is good that way. This is important for everybody to be in tune however this is more urgent when you need to improve your athletic or artistic performance or to recover. Maintain the peaceful demeanour is helped through these decompression techniques This massage is very effective to teach us how to let go and let body to reshift itself. Experience is sometimes painful and you have no choice but to tune in. The client felt this wonderful heat in his pelvic area. It gets better. I am standing on Robbin with no bars with my full weight since he is capable and strong enough to receive my weight. For new clients I will not put my full weight we will work on your body tensions/tightness gradually. You will get benefits with this modality like no other! Please try and see for yourself 15.00 discount when you mention this video
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