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The Chris Norton Story - Mayo Clinic

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It wasn't supposed to happen. A freak accident during a college football game leaves a player paralyzed. Doctors gave him a 3-percent chance of regaining any movement in his arms or legs. But Chris Norton didn't let that stop him. With incredible perseverance, a positive attitude and the refusal to give up, Chris has made amazing progress. And he's still part of the football team, inspiring his teammate to be their best. To learn more, visit http://mayocl.in/2zie4yZ
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vivi (5 лет назад)
He came to my school :) Stay Strong!
scott day (6 лет назад)
hey buddy you did work for everything, ever since ive known you from elementary school to now college you've always overcome obstacles and ive always looked up to you for that, when i heard you got injured i was shocked, we werent really that close exept for seeing each other at school or church, so i didnt really see my importance in coming to visit you, but ive prayed as well as the whole church and town on your recovery just another lesson that miracles do come true.~your buddy scott day
Fred Ellenburg (7 лет назад)
Stay in there young man. I broke my c-2 about three years ago. My injury was not as bad as yours. However, I stayed in the neck collar for 14 weeks. I know some of your thinking. I will pray for you. Have faith in God and your medical staff and in yourself.

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