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what is average penis size? does penis size matters?

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Turi Molha (4 месяца назад)
I really did not want to write this review as it is personal, All I am saying is ProlargentSize WORKS YES!!!
George Baklessis (4 месяца назад)
Personally ... as a man and a man with various sexual experiences i find that wemen that had sex with men with small,medium penises and small to average find my penis to fill them up whole and thats a sensation they liked.Mine is 9,2 inches witch is considered big but also had the luck to be girthy. I had a lot of girls tell me that it hurt them a lot even using lubricant but only at first..then they had a reallt good time with it.....others that they filled them up really good and really didnt know that feeling existed because they allways had medium and lower penis sizes.I think that penis size does matter but wemen are caring,loving and goodnatured and will never make a man with a smaller penis feel bad... its bad luck to have a small or very small penis but thats the reality even if it sucks..even with girls that ive chatted that before we had sex told me that size doesnt matter for them...when we have sex they usually cum in ways they never new existed and harder..and also have longer orgasms....that doesnt mean that they wont be pleased with a smaller cock..its just..that bigger is better and it gives more to a girl.......also lenght and girth vs anatomy of a vagina has to be taken into consideration... this is all depending on the shape and depth and also the walls of the vagina..that vary from woman to woman and depending also on the race in some cases....also there are also so many accessories to help men with smaller dongs...but to be 100% real and accurate.... its not the same... to see a man perform by its own with his large or big penis and someone that just needs pills,creams.dildos and strapons...because in reality if sex toys stopped existing you would be left with a hefty small penis and no help..so yes penis size matters..if you have it...take care of it....if you dont... its a bummer but nothing cant be done..except spending lots of cash in sexual help or surgery witch most of the times does more damage than good and its not that big of a diference in size...treat your girl right.... cook for her...take care of her...spoon and hug her often..tale trips to see the world..be emotionally there for her...be eager to please her,treat her the way she is supposed to be treated and trust me then size doesnt matter....if you have everything its even better if you dont..you can do your best and guess what... girls are not shallow like us...they have depth...and not the one that youre thinking :)

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