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Simon Le Bon and Dolores O'Riordan - Linger (Live)

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A really nice live version of the song done as a duet. I claim no copyright to this. I am only sharing it for those who may not have seen it before.
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Текстовые комментарии (56)
Willy Wasson (5 месяцев назад)
Awesome song, superb version 👌
walter kedziersky (1 год назад)
shes sooo cute
Thomas Edouard (2 года назад)
vocally simon is overcome by this woman
Scott (3 года назад)
Everything is Better with Simon
limxiaoming merman (4 года назад)
love the orchestra.........makes it more special......bothe simon and dolores flipflops their vocal ranges.........lovette!!!!!!!!!!
John Rappaport (5 лет назад)
I've listened to this man sing for 30 years and when he sings at 3:02, it is simply special. What a talent.
John Rappaport (5 лет назад)
The way he sings this song is for all times. Listen to him. It's so special.
bull shyt (6 лет назад)
somebody please re-up!
MissNovemberTuesday (6 лет назад)
That s beautiful.
Tindra456 (6 лет назад)
OMG that tone 4.38 - 4.41 I almost die!
MissNovemberTuesday (7 лет назад)
@sheplaysajag I haven't, but if I get a chance, I will go look. Thanx.
sheplaysajag (7 лет назад)
@MissNovemberTuesday Agreed on the strings. Did you see the recent version of Zombie she did with the Warsaw Symphony? My new favorite version. Second only to the MTV unplugged version-which also had strings.
Bawbster1 (7 лет назад)
@brchris69 Absolutely, I think any band with such a distinctive voice leading the way is always special. Duran Duran, STP, Led Zeppelin, The Tragically Hip - I could go on... each band with a distinct sound due to the lead singers voice.
Bawbster1 (7 лет назад)
@brchris69 they're both great singers, they compliment each other well.
claudia Le Bon (7 лет назад)
claudia Le Bon (7 лет назад)
GREAT SIMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MissNovemberTuesday (7 лет назад)
@PetShopMod I love strings! There is not any kind of music I can think of that is not improved by strings. I have heard strings in metal and techno and all sorts of styles and it is awesome every time.
PetShopMod (7 лет назад)
Apart from the wonderment of these angelic voices, a credit must be given to the violins. The strings get me EVERY time.
justinakennedy (7 лет назад)
Love love love this!! I liked this song before...but Simon takes it to another level for me!! Awesome!!
Eric Pacheco (7 лет назад)
@134579a alomejor estaba enferma wey jaja XD ... en esos tiempos andaba grave con la anorexia :S
JohnBlair429 (7 лет назад)
Although I like many of Simon's songs, I prefer the sound of Linger when Delores sings it alone. Again, no disrespect to Simon, who is also awesome.
silebon (7 лет назад)
2:40 he makes it sound like a Duran song 3:00 tipical live vocal moment for Le Bon Delores needed a duet because she didn't sing her own song with Pavarotti. She picked the right partner!
vanivanita (7 лет назад)
sorry to disagree with most people's comments. Though I admire both artists almost in the same way, they make a rather poor duet, their voices don't entirely mingle at times, i doubt they had much time to rehearse for she does not seem to contribute that much, she seems to be doing her thing, singing alone the same way she'd do it without him. Simon is doing an incredible, amazing job with the vocals!
Marcos Antonio da silva (8 лет назад)
134579a (8 лет назад)
Dolores O'Riordan tiene cara de enferma
medsmad (8 лет назад)
la caga el otro wey
orangewizard (8 лет назад)
Dolores is the only woman in the world that could go with that look,and still be soooo effin' HOTT!!!
Bloody useless (8 лет назад)
Interesting. Love both Simon Le Bon and Dolores O'Riordan
246MLG (8 лет назад)
cranberrieslover777: She over powered "the other guy" (LOL)! First, the other guy is the lead singer for Duran Duran who, is actually one of Dolores's music idols. Second, she'd over power Pavorotti, her voice is that strong.
Rubriht (8 лет назад)
"shaker" that is called))
Sheila Preisinger (8 лет назад)
Harmonie Pure !!!!
freespyrit (8 лет назад)
Beautiful. Her beauty and presence stuns me. ... seriously.
Karateckie (9 лет назад)
It's like a maraca, but just a plastic egg filled with beads or something that makes a percussive noise when shaken.
bzzh8c (9 лет назад)
I really like her high notes from 4:26 on, and you tell from the glimpse of her smile when she finishes - she thought it was pretty good too. Years later she can still sing great.
hiegs (9 лет назад)
it is a musical instrument that he is holding
Paolo Opua (9 лет назад)
Simon Le Bon is Magic!!
Davide Erbo (9 лет назад)
Imprssioning how Le Bon's voice fits Dolores' one. The song gets a magic atmosphere, still more suspended
wrektime1 (9 лет назад)
one word .. PERFECT.
Johnny Kerb (9 лет назад)
she aint even trying and she could blow him away!!!!!
ranaprieta (9 лет назад)
He was an opera singer, mate. :(
U2oober (9 лет назад)
It's tradition to shake a pickled egg during special concerts. If the audience "boo's" then the egg shaker has every right to throw it into the audience.
U2oober (9 лет назад)
Perfect duo vocals here. Wish Dolores didn't shout in the middle of it.
Nik17days (9 лет назад)
love it but cant understand why simon is shaking a pickled egg!
silebon (9 лет назад)
I would love to see Dolores and Lebon doing The Reflex, Hungry Like The Wolf or other Duranie....
mirimont (9 лет назад)
me too:)
Lizzy Hardel (9 лет назад)
God I love Simon Lebon...I have for over a quarter of a century and I can't see that every changing.
nosorios (9 лет назад)
great both of them he has a wide range
MissNovemberTuesday (10 лет назад)
He just gets better. He does vocal warmups before each show and he sounds great every time I see him. I can't wait to go again. Will have to wait now for a listing of fall dates. :( It's so far away and I am having withdrawls now.
MissNovemberTuesday (10 лет назад)
I know. I love this better than OW with Pavarotti or Nightboat with Smashing Pumpkins, though that was damn cool.
omtara (10 лет назад)
Why didn't I ever marry Simon Le Bon? Dangit.
João Paulo Sabino de Moraes (11 лет назад)
is that an egg at simons´s hand?
chikiurs (11 лет назад)
This song is amazing, even Simon looks so hansomed, ggrrr!!! Ha ha ha!
Holly Cranfan (11 лет назад)
Yeah, that is how they met. Don gave the Crans a little bit more time to do a set so she was in love,lol
jean reinhart (11 лет назад)
i have read that Dolores married Duran Durans manager and also toured with them
vince navilo (11 лет назад)
Holly Cranfan (11 лет назад)
neat performance. Loved on the M6 interview that she used to fancy Simon Le Bon.lol

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