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Syrian scruffing

Еще от: vectishams1
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Basil is scuffed for a tooth check
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TMCLUB4FUN (6 месяцев назад)
The problem: my Syrian hamster that much fat on him :(
Fluffy Unicorn (1 год назад)
.. Sometimes I wish it was that easy with a wiggly roborovski :D
TuuliThea (2 года назад)
THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH for this video!!! My hamster pouched a cherry seed and I struggled with him for a while before finding your video!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
Ruby M (2 года назад)
2 things, One, does this work if you have a Djungarian Dwarf hamster? And two, I'm afraid my hamster will bit me as he always has been a biting hamster... Thanks for your help x
LinkClank (1 год назад)
I just thought you didn't have a domestic hamster but i checked what it was and found out it was a domestic hamster
OhItsLulu (3 года назад)
Your syrian is so big! I can't wait for my little Raspberry to grow!
skinny jason (5 лет назад)
gutterglitterxx (5 лет назад)
You make it look so easy! Thanks for this video. Hopefully I'll get up the nerve to do it myself.

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