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How to Make a Cigarette Disappear | Magic Card Flourishes

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Like these Magic lessons !!! Check out the official app http://apple.co/1L2R6LR Watch more Card Flourishes & Sleight of Hand videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/515134-How-to-Make-a-Cigarette-Disappear-Magic-Card-Flourishes Hi. I'm Mike Patrick and this is how to make a cigarette disappear. I'll show you two different ways of doing this. One, is to take the cigarette. Make it vanish and reappear like this. And the other one is to take the cigarette burn on the floor and you can immediately get it back like this. These are two slightly different techniques. What you would do is you have the cigarette and you're going to essentially do this kind of action as you take it into your other hand. As soon as this hand screens the cigarette, you allow the thumb, the middle finger is going to pull in and it pivots around the thumb like this. When this goes like this, disappears and in the continuing action you can bring this hand to your mouth and make the cigarette reappear. You can do this while it's lit to makes it a little bit more impressive. Make sure you don't hit your head and burn yourself. Cigarettes are extremely hot. Disappears. Reappears like this. The other way, and when you're throwing on the floor, and you don't actually throw the cigarette on the floor, what you do is you hold it as if you're holding a cigarette normally in between the index and middle fingers. You come in, and almost like a thimble vanish, you clip the tail end of the cigarette with your thumb and you open your hand like this. But you do it as you throw the cigarette. So, you apparently throw it on the ground. Step. Then you can immediately simply reach back in and reclip the cigarette and make it reappear. This is very easy to do while it's lit and makes the most sense because why else would you step a cigarette out. You do this, throw on the ground, stomp on it, reproduce, and continue on with whatever you were doing. Those are two ways of making a cigarette vanish and reappear.
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Scott Ponciroli (4 месяца назад)
There was a little thin paper back called Lloyd's # 7 ? The Boulton hand slide and I have never seen it again it's more advanced then any of this magic do you know if it or any body that does ? I would love to get my hand on that book one more time . Thanks
CoolAsFreya (7 месяцев назад)
He really violently stamps out the cigarette lmao
It's_Magic 2003 (10 месяцев назад)
1:40 He flashed the cigarette
Loke Petersson (11 месяцев назад)
How to make a cigarette disappear? Smoke it!
JusticXcess (1 год назад)
he is so bad...
GHOSTDINI MAGIC TV (1 год назад)
He Flashed
Sai Kiran (1 год назад)
Super magic hero
Teo Peo (2 года назад)
he looks like a satanist
Teo Peo (1 год назад)
hobo fosho I am
hobo fosho (1 год назад)
you seem like a scientologist
TheNylon100 (2 года назад)
But it doesn't really disappear. So...you don't have super powers or something.
Michael Vincent Paña (2 года назад)
Jordan Wasy (2 года назад)
like yo mama boi
Karthik Sriram (2 года назад)
Am I the only one who saw the cigarette while he was performing? 1:40
Francis Runzel (13 дней назад)
Am I the only one that realizes it's a how to video so he's not trying to really hide it so we can see what he's doing?
Jacob Daller (1 год назад)
Karthik Sriram I
Ryan H. (2 года назад)
that was bad
andre tok (2 года назад)
i can make cigarette disappear with my lips in 5 mintues.
Orion MUZIC (1 год назад)
aboulabs lmaooo
RareCaandy (1 год назад)
with your lungs*
aboulabs (2 года назад)
5 minutes? too slow
Tony Montana (2 года назад)
Hè is a Magician that needs a little more practice.
Suchada Mongkolchaipak (2 года назад)
do you smoke?
Caidan Ali (3 года назад)
that first was was absolute wank
Wolf J Flywheel (3 года назад)
No one will see a cigarette hit the ground though...
DylanSteeze (1 год назад)
you wont find a whole cigarette on the floor
Kung Fu (3 года назад)
+Kung Fu That way the bystanders brain will put two and two together
Kung Fu (3 года назад)
Do it when its nearly ran out and then stand on one thats already on the floor
tyvan osley (3 года назад)
JDragon (3 года назад)
Do u smoke?
NG Ginke (3 года назад)
Smoke is Good...!!!!
Nate zigler (3 года назад)
Cool trick post more!
Zaza Sulaberidze (3 года назад)
MyOliviaLife (3 года назад)
It does not look like it is comming out of your mouth
Lolmaster (3 года назад)
+Olivia Foley thats not the trick^^
Sergio Enriquez (3 года назад)
Firoz Rafic (3 года назад)
if u read this u will die in five years. to undo this curse send this to 5 other vids
Firoz Rafic (3 года назад)
+iamurdad38 its not true
da man (3 года назад)
Firoz Rafic (3 года назад)
i am gonna report u
matin fanaei (4 года назад)
Y do u have to do it with a cigarette
SerAlgernop BlitzKrieger (4 года назад)
Because it's cigarette magic. Why teach cigarette magic with, well... Not cigarettes? Don't want to do it, don't learn it.
Me (4 года назад)
do you smoke
Rayaan Rahman (4 года назад)
Remember smoking is bad.
da man (3 года назад)
Gthealpha1 (4 года назад)
EmptyDude111 (4 года назад)
How to make a cigarette disappear: Step one; light it. Step 2; Put it in ur mouth. Step 3; Smoke it til it gone. LMFAO
Loke Petersson (11 месяцев назад)
EmptyDude111 you put it in your mouth before lighting it
Rok Dragar (3 года назад)
But the filter still stays tho
squidy boss (3 года назад)
Yay that what I was thinking lol
Dankest Elf (4 года назад)
remember kids, smoking is cool.
da man (3 года назад)
Really? 😞
Haydar alkhafaji (3 года назад)
Tip:member smoke
Death (4 года назад)
Death (3 года назад)
+da man​ why not?
da man (3 года назад)
Why is your name death wth
a7md50 (4 года назад)
LOGO HAWJ (4 года назад)
You forgot the third way, you SMOKE IT! Poof! Gone!
LOGO HAWJ (4 года назад)
Hey, I don't smoke, I feel bad for you son, i got 99 problems but a ciggarette isn't one.
Twski ///M (4 года назад)
your lung also is gone
MrAd206 (4 года назад)
ohh ohohoh!! ahahaha! ahaAHAHAH!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! youre so not funny.
Ruslan (4 года назад)
I have plastic cigarette. Hope that my cigarette is good for this trick)
any name (4 года назад)
omg this is so stupid
Nick Conville (4 года назад)
Great little bar trick to try
Alka Linee (4 года назад)
hehe 64 views
metalicbaer (3 года назад)
+Mythological 149,000
Shaun Lickliter (4 года назад)
Sami Navaid (4 года назад)
Benjamin Suba (4 года назад)
Manuel Cassavius (4 года назад)
Im going to make you disappear both of you

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