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How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction | Psychology of Sex

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Like these Sex and Dating lessons !!! Check out the official app http://apple.co/1P27qdO Watch more How to Understand Sex videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/501382-How-to-Treat-Erectile-Dysfunction-Psychology-of-Sex So the most important thing I want you to get is that absolutely all forms of erectile dysfunction are treatable. There is a variety of treatment strategies available. The most user friendly, in a sense, and preferred ones are the oral medications. We call them the PDE5 inhibitors. So that is your Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. And I think one of the biggest distinctions in them is that Cialis has a long half life. We call it "the weekender." The reason I, as a sex therapist, prefer working with clients on Cialis is that it helps have more spontaneity. When you already notice that you're having problems with your arousal erection and then have to stop to think, OK am I going to feel like having sex in an hour. That pressure, like, OK this is supposed to happen, creates a little bit of a performance demand that I think in some ways isn't optimal for helping to relax and get back to that place of confidence knowing that when you're in the moment, of course you're going to get aroused by the sensation and stimulation you're experiencing with your partner. There's also injection therapy, and Caverject would be one of them but there are many different kinds of combinations that you can try. A urologist will work with you to find the one that works best. And then there's something called MUSE, which is a pellet basically that is inserted into the urethra. And then there are vacuum constrictive devices. And, ultimately, if all else fails there is penile implants. It's important that you speak to a urologist and really determine through an assessment what's causing your erectile dysfunction, which of these treatment options makes sense for you. And in saying this I can tell you to try, try again, because any time you often try a first treatment you're doing what we call spectatoring, which is observing how is this going, and that quality and process of wondering what's going on in your body ,in addition to what you want to have happen in your body may impact the effectiveness of whatever treatment strategy you're trying. So, I always say try, try again, and just know that as you relax ultimately in time you're going to be having erections that you can count on.
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Suff (6 лет назад)
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