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Untreated Endometrial Cancer, What Are The Long-Term Risk Factors?

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Dr. Magtibay recalls the long-term risk factors associated with untreated endometrial cancer.
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Kenzie Backlin (3 года назад)
My friend passed away from stage 4 uterine cancer and it was this cancer last month still hurts
cassie liveshere (3 года назад)
You explain so well.I have my op on Tuesday stage 2 thank you your videos are helping me understand more..
cassie liveshere (3 года назад)
Thank you for explaining so well and thank you for these videos..
EmpowHER (6 лет назад)
@carrela1 Hi, I'm so sorry to hear that. WIthout more information, it is hard to answer. Cancer really varies from each individual case. Please log onto EmpowHER.com to ask a health question, learn more about this and other conditions, and connect with others. Best.
sraphael (6 лет назад)
My mother has just had an endometrial polyp removed and it's gone to pathology to be analyzed for any cancerous cells. I'm very worried about my mother's cancer risk. She's had uncontrollable uterine bleeding, to the point where it can only be stopped by progesterone tablets, indicating high estrogen levels. She has endometrial hyperplasia and a long standing history of endometreosis. Her father had benign colon polyps and her mother had breast cancer.
carrela1 (8 лет назад)
Thank you for this information. For reasons I won't go into, my mother refuses to get treatment for her uterine cancer and won't even have it staged. Do you know what kind of a time frame we're looking at from when it began, to when it can start to spread?

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