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If i don't get an Erection, she might spread rumors about me - Sexual Performance Anxiety

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Sexual Performance Anxiety:How Desire To Be Liked Is Leading Men Towards Psychological Erectile Dysfunction (Mental Impotence) by Leon Miklai Get 25%off this ebook by following this link: https://gumroad.com/l/GSgZL/25OFF ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Are you avoiding dating women within your social circle? Some men with sexual performance anxiety are avoiding dating women from their social circles. They are worried that if they can’t get an erection due to performance anxiety, a woman might tell about it to someone from their common circle, and the rumors might spread.. So, a man is afraid to be embarrassed and appear sexually incompetent not only in front of the woman, but in front of his whole social circle. And, if his performance anxiety was mild with women outside his circle, it becomes much stronger when he thinks about dating woman within his circle. A man may have a woman within his circle who he really likes, and he would love to have a relationship with her, but his performance anxiety stops him from having it. His fear of failure prevents him from being happy, it prevents him from realizing his desires. And it leaves him depressed and unfulfilled. When he is avoiding to have relationship with a woman due to his fear, he is not only losing an opportunity to have sex with her, he is limiting his freedom of action. He is basically enslaving himself to his fears and to possible “opinions” of the woman, and a circle, about the results of his actions. It’s not only about his sex life, it is also about his independence! Again, let’s say you like a woman within your circle. But you do not call her, you do not invite her out (limiting your actions) due to sexual performance anxiety. You would love to have sex with this woman, but you are Not trying to (limiting your actions) because you are worried what she may think of you(enslaved by her possible opinion about you), or what she could tell others( enslaved by their possible opinion about you), in case you couldn’t get an erection. So, it’s not only about sex. You are not letting yourself to do what you want and you are limiting yourself to express your true desires due to someone’s possible opinion about you. You are basically enslaving yourself to their opinions. Being a slave might feel a safer option. Slave doesn’t have any failures, and he also doesn’t have any accomplishments, because a slave doesn’t have his own will. And whenever he get to feel a certain desire, he immediately subdues it, as if he is afraid to reveal the true depth of this desire even to himself. And the most harsh thing about being a slave is that he doesn’t live his own life. He lives for others. He lives to get their good opinions about him, and avoid bad opinions. People’s opinions are his masters, and he serves them entirely. Being free is riskier. Riskier because there could be wins as well as loses. But a free person doesn’t pay much attention to neither of that, because what is truly valuable for him is a freedom of action. It is the ability to act independently, out of his own desires- that is the true freedom. A free person doesn’t subdues his desires, he acts to fulfill those desires. And he doesn’t let anyone’s opinion to stop him from pursuing what he wants. He doesn’t let anyone’s opinion to limit his actions, he doesn’t let anyone to enslave him. A free person always lives his own live. Slavery or Freedom You decide. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From a new ebook by Leon Miklai: Sexual Performance Anxiety. How desire to be liked is leading men towards Psychological Erectile Dysfunction. You can download the ebook here http://a.co/eCV0xgd
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