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How to Spin Back Dribble | Basketball

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Текстовые комментарии (299)
Aldrin Lou Dela Cruz (6 месяцев назад)
Ez show me the shamgod between the legs behind the back
John Thomas (1 год назад)
Weak.. I never liked that move, plus it never got no where on me.
lolitsjesus (1 год назад)
Theese people came to my school
RoyalBengal21 (1 год назад)
I had done that move many times where I learned from high school in NY. lol
Kenna_Fresh _ (1 год назад)
Wow all u did was do it u didnt even teach it or put it in slow motion wow a waste of my time
Prem Sharma Oficial (1 год назад)
Iris Joy macandog (2 года назад)
Nice tricks basketball
Fartun Hassan (2 года назад)
that guy who was copying the other guy he got lucky he didnt get punched
King Solowings (2 года назад)
to much acting not enough teaching
Braxton Stubbs (2 года назад)
he needs to check his ankles
Devon Lol (2 года назад)
Brenda Joy (2 года назад)
Han Solo (2 года назад)
cool actor
Felix Lamarche (2 года назад)
Hype move
Mountasser Billah BOUYEBLA (2 года назад)
daltons xD
eli boy (2 года назад)
not that much infermation
Dylan Mazza (2 года назад)
Kickgenius tmac crossover
Wiza (2 года назад)
Eko Setiawan (2 года назад)
good trick
DanTro Sys (2 года назад)
Can you please tell me which basketball to buy if I am an intermediate player? I want a basketball with a good grip and with awesome bounce. Can you please suggest me a good basketball within 10$ - 15$?
Love and Hurt (2 года назад)
It will cost around $18 to $19 tho
Love and Hurt (2 года назад)
Spalding Street Ball has a excellent grip and the bounce is average, but man palming it is so easy!
Danks (2 года назад)
This ain't soccer
Flesh Edits (2 года назад)
No such thing
RO-CZW (2 года назад)
I like the Harlem wizards one the guy in the middle came to my school and he did awesome skills
Varun Srinivasan (1 год назад)
Alfred bizoza (2 года назад)
cool I like it and I have got something from there
Alfredy2Live (2 года назад)
sup alfred
joshua vicente (2 года назад)
Them legs tho bro. You need to workout
Mikaella Magdangal (2 года назад)
"LITTLE GUY" hahahha
Zak (3 года назад)
Damn what a move
Basil Younas (3 года назад)
its a little tough to practice
Steve Mak (3 года назад)
there so funny
ELITE SPARTANS (3 года назад)
so easy
arun165 2.0 (3 года назад)
at 1:07 i thought their is a problem in my speakers ,so i plugged out and played it from first.
Aldrin Lou Dela Cruz (6 месяцев назад)
Kévin AVOGNON (3 года назад)
name of that move?
Kawawang POGI (2 года назад)
+Kévin AVOGNON TMAC Crossover
John Louie Paderanga (3 года назад)
Florence Barles (3 года назад)
i really love this move 👌it always gets a lot of feisty defenders
TRG 20k (3 года назад)
Step1) be black
Matthew S (3 года назад)
That's my local rec center in jersey
Stefan Bek (3 года назад)
Never skip leg day
Qualyn Hankerson (3 года назад)
John Mencarini (3 года назад)
Your not even teaching 😔how to do it
Ultimate Kami (3 года назад)
They are, just practice it
ERICK REYES (3 года назад)
Efren De Leon (3 года назад)
Annie Lim (3 года назад)
how to catching the ball!! im so hard to catch the ball
Suyipor (2 года назад)
+Annie Lim palm upwards, let the ball touch your forearm when you spin. you do it quick, or you are carrying. my experience :p
James DeCarlo (3 года назад)
This is why they play basketball and aren't actors
cherry anne lean iris (3 года назад)
gusto kong matutu nang spin sa basketball sana pumunta kau di 2 sa philippnies
lyhthegreat (3 года назад)
can only do moves like these once in awhile...
Bob Doee (3 года назад)
Modesto Ramirez (3 года назад)
john smoove (3 года назад)
this is so easy to do
SupaDupaMatt (4 года назад)
I dunno if it's good to do this in a game. But good for one on one
666atan (3 года назад)
At the park 4sure
Dillon Nott (4 года назад)
504jec (4 года назад)
I thought I started this move as a kid.I use to make all kind moves most of them where stupid tho lmao
Daniel Zimmerman (4 года назад)
bhosz rav (4 года назад)
Thanks Bro
Cahya Iradi (4 года назад)
This is Very_Very Cool
Mista _Wo (4 года назад)
What gym is this?
Amazing Deadpool (4 года назад)
fuck so cool
Aly P. (4 года назад)
If u do it fast enough, the ref won't see it as carry
Marcel Kakozi (4 года назад)
We'll dont watch them, if u dont like their tutorials
SidDaKidIII (3 года назад)
Steven Otto (4 года назад)
Next in slowmotion please
Fa Rid (4 года назад)
These guys are annoying
Amech And Kailez (4 года назад)
But they can knock it out of his hand cause you do not know whats going on in the back of you they can steal it
That the point so do it fast and boom
Lee Scott (4 года назад)
Always great videos. This is a hard move to master. I'd only do it to a defender who isn't confident.
666atan (3 года назад)
*caugh* James Hardin *caugh caugh*
Chris Styles (4 года назад)
0:53 Dance Clown,Dance!  I coach basketball and if I were to see one of my players execute this crap I'd put him on the bench.  Never turn your back on your defender while attempting a behind the back dribble.  What a joke!
RenceVlogs (10 месяцев назад)
Chris Styles coach Chris is Right U can’t Just Do That Cuz The Defender Can easily get the ball
Synfrey Talisayon (1 год назад)
yeah you are a very good coach im 11 yrs old i practice all day night doing dribbling drills
Wilson Pena (3 года назад)
D Rose does this
POET GAWD (4 года назад)
If you guys stop acting like the kids that watch your videos aren't 5 and under then u would be good at this
Fjerid (4 года назад)
How short is that dude? kinda motivates me :D
Big_stackz100 (4 года назад)
Victor River (4 года назад)
he's 5'10''. Height doesn't matter, look at Rajon Rondo, or Chris Paul.
Angelo Diaz (4 года назад)
Papa Rudy (4 года назад)
very good move
JasonWrath (4 года назад)
this is not a good move haha 
Vonloi Generana (4 года назад)
vTramatic (4 года назад)
This moves a little hard. I've been practicing
Harrison Barker (4 года назад)
music is BAD
That Guy Shun (4 года назад)
how do u suppose to learn shit when they acting stupid
hasan lee (4 года назад)
Chris DiPaolo (4 года назад)
Jake Aasen (4 года назад)
Me and my friend hunter are trying to master this
MyAssStings (4 года назад)
kill yourselves.
Daniel Eliezer (4 года назад)
keep trying
Daniel Eliezer (4 года назад)
Use my other email please. (4 года назад)
1:13 If you listen closely, he said nigga.
Chris Styles (4 года назад)
so.......was that the first time you've heard the "nigga" ?  ...and for your information I believe he said, "I'm playing defense again"
Joshua Porter (4 года назад)
what??? he said again??? what is the point on your comment? I don't understand.
gloria moussa (4 года назад)
he said,again
Joshua Porter (4 года назад)
i only hear him saying " Im playing defence again cause-You sure??"
Melissa Graves (4 года назад)
well it taught me a little / a lot
sv_Jimmy (4 года назад)
Who would ever fall for that! Dumb move.
leroy harold (4 года назад)
your stupid
vendryck (4 года назад)
Very risky move, but like it, though.
Kevin Miller (4 года назад)
We'll how do I do it they don't show it I have to slow the video down to see how and it still Weird.😐
William Schumm (4 года назад)
On the dribble up pivot with the left foot while throwin' that right hand behind the back bounce, put the ball in your left hand. Once received in the left hand swing that bitch around to the front and do work. It takes a bit of practice but its def a move few will see coming!
The Official Paradox (4 года назад)
The professor does it best. Want to learn the move. Study what he does.
ethan (1 год назад)
The Official Paradox it comes out so fast when he does it
Savanah xo (4 года назад)
It's called th t-Mac I make cats fall in games with this
666atan (3 года назад)
Yea only the young cats will
Alli Davis (5 лет назад)
seems risky
Saucy Zie (5 лет назад)
wow thats awsome
Donald Lockett (5 лет назад)
Cats are late. We was doing that move back in the 90s.I seen it for the first time from Above The Rim. Cats everywhere here in Detroit was doing it. We called it the "Smitty" 
audraius (4 года назад)
same thing here cuzo, i was doing it in the mid 90s, i even told fools on certain plays that i was gonna do it, it had so many different speeds to it, you look up and you got an easy 12 points getting to the cup, its virtually ungaurdable!
Donald Lockett (5 лет назад)
Of course.
Chico 3K (5 лет назад)
but can you do it now
Brandon Brooks (5 лет назад)
this move actually does work, the video is just cheesy my friend stays in that backward stance and continues to dribble it backwards then explode to the rim.
Tallhairguy 17 (5 лет назад)
Know as the T mac
Jay Ruben (5 лет назад)
this was nice
TheLazyTownFan (5 лет назад)
Youtube "The Professor" and see how he uses it
TheLazyTownFan (5 лет назад)
What do you mean? He could be good as an Nba Rookie too.
koy (5 лет назад)
Nice.. My friends gonna be amazed with this new cool move. thanks man. by the way,I play 5on5 every afternoon with my friends. I just thought you ought to know
TheLazyTownFan (5 лет назад)
*Coughs* The Professor *Coughs* Youtube it.
Lance H (5 лет назад)
this move is really effective
Vanellope Von Sweetchz (5 лет назад)
Moves Like a JAGGER hahahah
Blaine Kim (5 лет назад)
In a real game the tall guy wouldnt fall for it but this video was funny and educational
TeBrexxinhooo (5 лет назад)
0:50 :DDD
Thealmostepicgamer (5 лет назад)
Its actually called the behind the back baseline
ChillZoneBoy (5 лет назад)
basketball is hard asf i suck at it lol
LBYINCHINA (5 лет назад)
useless move
ScubaShawnn (5 лет назад)
I prefer to use this when i am about to charge the net past the center
Karrem Nasr (5 лет назад)
its called elite guard training Google it
Long Live Entertainment (5 лет назад)
haha...he said "that's dangerous."
krissy f (5 лет назад)
The tall 1 is too funny

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