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Is Menopause killing your Libido? Boosting Testosterone in Women

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Is a loss of sex drive normal as we age? No, according to bioidentical hormone and anti-aging specialist Dr. Laurie Blanscet. Hormonal imbalances and low testosterone are to blame for the physiological loss of libido in women (and men). Join Silke Jones in studio for a discussion on "putting the gas back in the tank" and avoid becoming a Gray Divorce statistic due to loss of intimacy. Subscribe now to get more 2ndAct.tv: http://bit.ly/1qNOjwy New episodes every week! Get more 2ndAct.tv: Follow 2ndAct.tv: http://Twitter.com/2ndActTV Like 2ndAct.tv: http://Facebook.com/2ndActTV IG: http://instagram.com/2ndacttv Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/2ndacttv/ Description: 2nd Act TV -- Digital TV for Baby Boomers -- debunks taboo topics associated with aging, and -- with an eye towards humor -- provides a platform for living with purpose and taking charge of our physical, emotional and sexual health. http://www.2ndact.tv #2ndacttv
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Mickale (1 месяц назад)
Yea great give women testosterone! Women are already moody, aggressive and psychotic, TRT will make them go postal!
2nd Act TV (1 месяц назад)
You have NO IDEA what you are talking about. Educate yourself on HRT therapy and the role testosterone plays in the overall picture before leaving any additional stupid and uninformed comments!
Butt Luva (11 месяцев назад)
My wife is going through menopause, it SUCKS! All she does is complain about everything. I'm ready to get divorced!
JohnnyRock2000 (1 год назад)
Things like this must be talked about clearly and directly. Testosterone will increase female sex drive! It will make you REALLY want sex. It's a healthy drive and not a casual thing. It will send you out the door EXPECTING sex. It will make you pace the floor asking yourself why you aren't getting fucked! It will make you hungry, horny for sex! It will make you the sexiest woman in the room. HOT! That said - listen to the case detail. I know a woman....Age 56 - a mother, wife etc. until she cut loose at age 43 and spent 15 yrs of so with many younger guys. lOVED THE GUYS. Loves - loves SEX. When her LIBIDO started to diminish, it was a big deal....She got testosterone shots in her buttocks every 2 months or so. Her sex drive?? As she says - like a teenager again. She's driven - hot, horny and loves being that way. Goes to a specific singles club (professionals) that she likes - eventually she finds a guy she likes - and it's ON. Usually for 6mths or a year. People move on or whatever - and back to the club. Her sex partners in life = 75 . She's assured, assertive, happy, horny and feminine. Strong and independent.
Ruby Welch (1 год назад)
JohnnyRock2000 this is good to know.
Linda McDonald (2 года назад)
I'm ready to start on bio-identicals, including testosterone! I think husband needs some too! ;)
Drug Free Menopause Remedies (3 года назад)
Wow.. have heard of this but never knew it to be very possible.. Natural ways to increase testosterone without the pill is very viable. Thanks for the video
Khalid Hassan (3 года назад)
Thanks for sharing this information. I like working out, but Ive been feeling a bit depressed and tired lately. *Vunatias Testosterone Handbook* is the perfect compromise for me. Great course! :)
mykasiurka (3 года назад)
very good video....shows there are natural ways to increase testosterone without always having to take a pill. But if you want FAST results I can only recommend again *Vunatias Testosterone Handbook*. This course makes you a monsert :-D

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