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Savage Rehab - Kassiopi

Еще от: Moogli
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This is about as smooth as you get.... fluid guitar loop and a humming bassline. Yummy. Forthcoming Spearhead Records this year! Watch this space :)
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Текстовые комментарии (45)
Stefan Kachaunov (7 месяцев назад)
This shit is the lick. I've been listening to it on loop under all conditions under any circumstances and it.just.fits.
Martina (2 года назад)
...tears flowing down my face ...SAD BEAUTY
Raining Colours (3 года назад)
so pure...
joshdw (5 лет назад)
Will this song ever get released?
lololmatt (5 лет назад)
Grab ASS (6 лет назад)
which anime movie pic is this?
Tictak (6 лет назад)
Where's the artwork from?
aircraft interiors (6 лет назад)
Someone does have a 320 ?! pls answer i have a gig soon.
L.T. G. (6 лет назад)
@michiel2047 Thanks for the music, here are two in return: Anotsu - Man on the Run Anotsu - Still Alive
L.T. G. (7 лет назад)
Are there more songs like this??? Anyone???
Shketri (7 лет назад)
skitomwoage (7 лет назад)
very nice tune!
JanSokkenvlam (8 лет назад)
SAVAGE REHAB (8 лет назад)
BAHR (8 лет назад)
pixiv is a great place for art right =) nice tune
Matt B (8 лет назад)
whoever disliked this is clearly not listening, this is love making to my ears!
Jesse (8 лет назад)
Love it :D
Tobias Heinrichs (8 лет назад)
this is liquid like real liquid water <3
DnB-Merchant (8 лет назад)
such a chillin tune no other word to describe
carlos chaudhari (8 лет назад)
i dnt like it i love it!!
Costan Iulian (8 лет назад)
@17tumba You can say that again, its just too good
Ella Sopp (8 лет назад)
such a nice progressive build, lost in this one guys, fantasticness
Rayko St (8 лет назад)
what a beauty!!!
Sebastian SAB (8 лет назад)
damn i love that guitar :D
nosafespace (8 лет назад)
yup, very good
It Mek (8 лет назад)
Nicee tuneee to relax to after a bus driver doesn't stop for you lol
harout34 (8 лет назад)
ddnbbuddy (8 лет назад)
Nice tune nice artwork :)
LaRochelleElectronic (8 лет назад)
Moog You Have Dont It AGAIN!!!!
ZaleZR (8 лет назад)
Savage rehab always amaze me with their smooth and calm tunes!
KongraDNB (8 лет назад)
Wow! This one's amazing! Made my day! anychance of a 'free' download? :D
Puzzle (8 лет назад)
dubloads (8 лет назад)
Yeah Moog is really back again :D Lovely tune again! love the violin on this one
James Bergin (8 лет назад)
awesome song, what is the picture background though, it's equally awesome. great choice to go with the song, the whole things great :)
Sergei Fedotov (8 лет назад)
it is soooo nice song O_O
MrG13haze (8 лет назад)
yea man feelin this !! ;)
Forethought Music (8 лет назад)
Fucking love it, I need this!
vinni (8 лет назад)
chilled.. :) me likey
xXKyotachiXx (8 лет назад)
This deserves love !
MrSuicideSheep (8 лет назад)
I have to agree with your 'Yummy'.
Mauro Bringolf (8 лет назад)
chiiiilled =D=D
D-REN (8 лет назад)
savage rehab never fail to impress
compleed (8 лет назад)
Leto Atreidis (8 лет назад)
Just beautiful
Qualiity00 (8 лет назад)
Lovley track !

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