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Rediscover Sensuality: Enhance Your Ability to Orgasm!

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Sometimes all the foreplay in the world won't get you to orgasm. Things like stress, medications, and menopause can have a crippling impact on your libido. Can so-called enhancement creams help? Drop in on a candid and humorous excerpt from our 2nd Act Pure Romance party and learn new ways to achieve orgasm. Warning: Frank sex education talk. Subscribe now to get more 2ndAct.tv: http://bit.ly/1qNOjwy New episodes every week! Get more 2ndAct.tv: Follow 2ndAct.tv: http://Twitter.com/2ndActTV Like 2ndAct.tv: http://Facebook.com/2ndActTV IG: http://instagram.com/2ndacttv Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/2ndacttv/ Description: 2nd Act TV -- Digital TV for Baby Boomers -- debunks taboo topics associated with aging, and -- with an eye towards humor -- provides a platform for living with purpose and taking charge of our physical, emotional and sexual health. http://www.2ndact.tv #2ndacttv
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cherisnyder27 (3 года назад)
This was super helpful! Thank you!
2nd Act TV (3 года назад)
Thanks for your comment and share!  So glad the video was helpful !!

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