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Rugby Championship 2017 - All Blacks vs Springboks - As it happened - Daily News

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Rugby Championship 2017 - All Blacks vs Springboks - As it happened - Daily News. Steve Hansen, of course, saw this coming in his crystal ball. But surely not this soon, and not this decisively. Earlier in the week the All Blacks coach had urged us to have patience, and promised that his hot-and-cold All Blacks would flip the form switch when it mattered. He nigh on guaranteed it. Well, how about the first clash of the season against the old enemy Springboks at a full (30,021) QBE Stadium in Albany? This eight tries to nil, 57-0 clinical, record-breaking demolition of the South Africans was their best display of the season, without a shadow of doubt. More sustained than Sydney. More emphatic than the series opener against the British and Irish Lions. It was sublime and scintillating and sensational. Rugby of the highest quality – from one team at least. ====================================================================== ==== ►Subscribe to free channels (SUBCRIBE for free): https://goo.gl/t89DeZ Fanpage FB: https://goo.gl/jkxKZD Thanks for continuing with our channel. ====================================================================== ==== ►Copyright Our goal, when making a compilation, is not to steal someone's video. But, to share the best content and quality compilers. Yes, use some photos, short videos on the Internet ... If any owner of the clip, uses in our combination, has a copyright problem, feel free to contact us by personal message or add a title problem. We will delete the clip, the video or the agreement ... Thank you very much ... ====================================================================== ==== ►Price Price: You can send your video to us, helping you share the world. All the contact information through the account Email: dailynews8888@gmail.com
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Armand Crown (1 год назад)
Stupid computer generated verbiage, mate listen to what All Blacks Coach Hanson and Captain Reid said "the Boks were better than the scoreline", thats the premise you're missing. Kia kaha South Africa don't listen to these couch wankers! The Blacks were good but they are always going to be around that level - improving at every outing - not new not surprising. Get real, or get out.

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