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How to Get Sponsors for an Event

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Watch more Business Skills videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/400062-How-to-Get-Sponsors-for-an-Event If money is tight and you need some outside help, follow these steps to contact the right people and increase your level of success. Step 1: Determine your audience Determine your audience. List corporations as well as small businesses that cater to a similar demographic. Step 2: Develop a marketing plan Compile information for a 20-second telephone pitch and a packet of printed marketing materials explaining your organization, goals, and the event. Tailor the information to each contact and emphasize how your event will help their company. Tip Contact a marketing or promotional company if you need assistance. Step 3: Give back Determine what you will give back to the company if they commit to sponsoring. Print and online advertisements with their logo and company information are attractive incentives. Include this information with the packet. Tip Develop different levels of sponsorship -- the more they give the better the return. Step 4: Follow up Call or e-mail all the companies you contacted two to three weeks after mailing the information. Make sure they received your packet and ask if they have any questions. Try to determine their level of interest. Step 5: Thank everyone Thank everyone you contacted. Send a thank you letter to everyone that contributed. Step 6: Fulfill your promises Fulfill all your promises to your sponsors. If they are happy with the success of your event they are more likely to sponsor your organization again in the future. Did You Know? The Coca-Cola company has sponsored the Olympics since the 1928 games in Amsterdam.
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Raajkar Beck (6 месяцев назад)
I need sponsorship for my new school if any body wants to help me please contact me 8134003167
Thetalkingchimp2000 (4 года назад)
hey guys and gals plz sub to me me and my friend made a bet that I could get 100 subs in 2 weeks if I do I get £100 or any more I get that kos (£1=1sub) please sub thanks love u all ❤❤
Funkyfreshjointz (6 лет назад)
@ADdadirector - probably for the same reason he's got his shirt out his pants & a tie on, having his sponsor meet him at his home "office" located in a corner under his stairs .... it's just a brief example, nothing more/ nothing less.
Johnny Robinson (6 лет назад)
If he has a laptop, why is he using a mouse?
Nikita Shrawagi (18 дней назад)
Johnny Robinson its easier
TheErkismed007 (7 лет назад)

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