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DEVO Performing Beautiful World @ the Grove in Anaheim

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A short clip with Jihad Jerry out front singing this classic DEVO song! 27 Oktober 2006.
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brw9284 (8 лет назад)
bob 2 should be playing a steinberger not a judas priest / motley crue bass...
MissNovemberTuesday (9 лет назад)
They still wear the hats sometimes and they sold them @ the shows as well.
MissNovemberTuesday (9 лет назад)
Simple typo. And they are really fun in concert. Aquabats??
Charles Harper (10 лет назад)
Jihad Jerry is actually Gerald Casale the Bass Guitar/Synth Player, vocalist, and one of the founding members DEVO! It just another of the many projects he is invollved in.
tvtower (11 лет назад)
Ive just found out their touring the UK this summer! Great Ive never seen them live. I didn't even know they were still together.
Ariel Maria (11 лет назад)
MissNovemberTuesday (11 лет назад)
You are probably in some of my shots. I was also in line very early. We may have spoken outside.
MissNovemberTuesday (11 лет назад)
Where were you? I was center stage front of the second tier. I also got some GREAT shots. (Send me your e-mail addy if you want me to send some to you.) Bow Wow Wow was really good that night, too.
Ariel Maria (11 лет назад)
I would give anything to see them...
Nick Baxter (11 лет назад)
they sound fair sick live

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